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Exercises for the Basic

Business Agenda Course
by Andrew D. Miles

by Andrew D. Miles

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Basic Business Agenda
Exercises Content
Units 1 to 10
To be
Saying hello
Arriving at a
This, that, these &
Describing people
A & an
Arriving at a
Arriving at a hotel
There is & there are
To have
Talking about skills
Much & many
Checking stocks
At a restaurant
Units 11 to 20
Questions with do
Saxon genitive

Interviewing for a
To have
Describing a job
The time
Buying an
aeroplane ticket
Days of the week
Object pronouns
Checking in at an
Possessive pronouns
Much & many
Clearing customs
Units 21 to 30
Present continuous
Describing activities
Question words
Questions in present
Simple present
Object pronouns
Talking about
Going to
Organising a
The time

Telephoning Planning Interrogative & negative sentences Applying for a course Shall & will Booking Units 31 to 40 Adjectives & adverbs Writing a memorandum Banking expressions At a bank Frequency adverbs Describing jobs Clothes Adjective order Buying clothes Organising an agenda Present simple & present continuous Describing activities Directions How much & how many Imports & exports Business letters Writing a letter Units 41 to 50 Past of to be Interviewing Question & negatives with to be Writing a CV Questions & answers with do Asking questions Past of irregular verbs Writing a memo Figures Buying a house Arithmetic symbols Discussing a loan Past of irregular verbs Describing activities in past Question words How much & how many Shopping Do in affirmative sentences Possessive pronouns Asking for an estimate Units 51 to 60 Banking Question tags Expressing opinions Word order The company chart Shall & will Be able Asking for advice Telephoning Layout of a letter Writing a letter Phrasal verbs Pronunciation Talking about the past Compounds with any Following procedures Must Either & neither Giving instructions Saying no Refusing a proposal .

Kim: Hello.1. Hello. Kim: OK. Are you Daisy? Kim: No. A R E A B Y E D J L U U O Y U U U E H E R M N O O E H A A I Y A L I T N O T N L Y E A R R O O E R G R A O E H C E X P O R T E R W H E R E S F I N A N C E . I ______________ not Daisy. Alex: Are _______________ a receptionist? Kim: No. Kim: Are _______________ from the Financial Area? Alex: Yes. I'm not. Alex: Oh. Alex: _______________ Kim. I _______________ not. I'm Kim. Sorry! Where are you from? I am a receptionist. Bye Alex. Alex: B Kim: _______________ you Bob? Alex: No. I _______________ a secretary. I _______________ Alex. I _______________. I'm not. Please find words from unit 1. Alex: Oh! Kim: Are you a manager? Alex: No. Kim: I'm _______________ the Marketing Department. A EXERCISES WITH “TO BE” Please complete this conversation.

_______________________ 3. I am not. _______________________ 4. B 1. E S T C T U O ___________________________? I'm American. 2. Are you a receptionist? _______________________ R W E N A I P E H T A N N A T E H M K E N A R E E S S Y R E H E S S H Y O U A R E O Please write the questions: What's his name?. C U O Y H S M It's George Dougall.2. ___________________________? I'm not. No. Please answer the questions. 3. 4. EXERCISES WITH QUESTIONS Please find words from units one & two. Where are you from? What's your name? 2. I'm a secretary. . Are you from London? S I E I U B C C 1. ___________________________? They aren't secretaries.

pencils are near the computer. receptionist is American. EXERCISES WITH THIS & THAT” A Link the words.3. This books are near That telephone is near These envelope is far Those computers are far      . B Choose the correct option. diskettes are on my desk. 2. Link the drawings and the words. C These Those These Those This / / / / This That This That is are are is are is desks a file a room programs a pen pencils / These room is near my office. This These That Those This Those Example: 1. 4. managers are from London. 3.

4. ______________ name is Jill Pale. I my he his we Find the words. Peter Laker is ______________ Mary Lockwood is ______________ manager. EXERCISES WITH POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES A B Link the words. her our she their you C its they S M C O A W L D C it your W O E N P O S I U T D H E P L I R R R E I E L S H T R E R M Y I Y B Y I H N S O C O U R C T F I L A U T U U H A H P N N B O L I S E M T G A Y U N T R E U G L Y M Complete the sentences with some of these possessive adjectives. my your "This company is his very her its small. our your their name is financial manager and assistant.” . My name is Bob. I am the sales ______________ secretary is very good. Its Roberts Ltd.

You  computer  expensive _______________________________ 6. She  French  good Her French is 2. We  company  new _______________________________ pens are good. It  reception area  small _______________________________ 8. I  pens  cheap My 3. A a EXERCISES WITH “A” & “AN” Please write a or an in the blank spaces. 1.5. I  room  beautiful _______________________________ 7. an receptionist accountant a company ______ secretary ______ old program ______ ugly office ______ envelope ______ pen ______ computer ______ good curriculum ______ office ______ assistant B Please write sentences like the ones below. We  office  cold _______________________________ 4. cheap. She  boss  intelligent _______________________________ 9. They  secretaries  old _______________________________ 5. It  system  fast _______________________________ 10. .

6. on the third floor.. Y: Good evening. Please complete this conversation. A EXERCISE AT A HOTEL You're at a hotel in New York City. One double room or two single rooms. sir? Y: _________________________ R: Could I see your credit card. reservation. Match three elements. one two three tenth first fifth third fourth second 1 3 4 2 5 10 four five ten . R: Good evening. sir. please? R: Oh. R: Fine. yes. sir? R: You're welcome. Y: ________________________ B Y: ____________________ R: Goodbye.your room is number 307. sir? Y: ____________________ Y: _________________________ R: And your passport? Could I have your passport? R: With television. What nationality are you? We have a Y: _____________________ R: What's your name. Y: __________________________ Y: _____________________ R: Is the room for one night or two nights.. sir? Y: _____________________ Y: _________________________ R: And air conditioning? R: Right sir.

You can use words like: credit card. 1. toilet. meeting room. ___________________________________________________ 6.7. canteen. ___________________________________________________ 7. secretary. telephone. 3. there isn't and there aren't. T h e r e i s a c o m p u t e r n e a r t h e d o o r . ___________________________________________________ 8. B W E A T B E B U H I S H I X I A T S E G T L T H E R E E D A S M E M N I X T B G O S N E A L Y S I G S F Y M A O I I F A X E N Please think about your office and write sentences with there is. there are. fax. A EXERCISES WITH “THERE IS” Please find words from unit 7. telex. pencil. ___________________________________________________ 9. ___________________________________________________ 4. manager. ___________________________________________________ 5. glue. ___________________________________________________ 10. 2. copier. employee. T h e r e a r e n ' t a n y p e n s on my d e sk . ___________________________________________________ . robot. etc. envelope.

__________________________ 10. __________________________ 4. ___________________________ . ____________________________ 5. EXERCISES WITH VERBS A Please write the present form of these verbs. ____________________________ 9. to go Can I Please use some of these verbs to write short sentences with can: help  speak  read  write  go  type  build  see  charge  meet help you ? 2. to be to type to come to have I ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ You ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ He / she / it ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ We ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ You ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ They ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ B 1. __________________________ 8. Henry can't speak Dutch.8. __________________________ 6. 3. ____________________________ 7.

9. How much money is there in this box? There isn't any money in that box. computer  envelope  money  factory  diskette  coffee  dollar  whisky  paper  desk  water  glue M M B uch _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ any _____________ ____________ _____________ ____________ _____________ ____________ Please use some of the words above to write questions and answers using how much and how many. _______________________________________________? _______________________________________________ . 2. _______________________________________________? _______________________________________________ 4. 1. EXERCISES WITH “MUCH” & “MANY” A Please organise these words into two groups. _______________________________________________? _______________________________________________ 3.

.It's 37 pounds and 50 pence in total. This is a very good restaurant! W: Very good. There isn't any. there is some apple pie. What would you like for dessert? C: C: W: Sorry again! There isn't any ice cream. C: W: And to eat? C: W: Of course. please C: W: Here you are. sir / madam. W: Sorry. I ’ d like the menu. . Would you like some? C: G o o d e v e n i n g . immediately. W: Good evening. C: C: W: It's not expensive. EXERCISE AT THE RESTAURANT Imagine that you are a customer at an English restaurant and complete the conversation. sir / madam. There is only chicken or beef.10. but W: Thank you very much.. What would you like to drink? C: W: Fine.

This restaurant accepts all credit cards. California.H IGHLIGHTS 11 Interrogative & Negative Sentences with Do Do you recommend government bonds? No. ____________________________________________________________ F. Does she like risky investments? No. ____________________________________________________________ D. Does B. ____________________________________________________________ E.00 to 5. I don't. Giselle lives in LA. Alice live in Edmonton? My secretary works from 9. she doesn't. . They speak to their boss every morning. P RACTICE Please transform these sentences into questions. ____________________________________________________________ C.00. Jack and Clive prefer safe investments. A. Alice lives in Edmonton.

1. Whose .H IGHLIGHTS Whose Whose are those pencils? 12 Saxon Genitive They're Sam's pencils. P RACTICE Please use the words below to write questions and answers.

Whose . passports Mr & Mrs Kember 2.

notepads the company 3. Whose .

Whose . computer Alexandra 4.

Whose . ideas Mark 5.

factory Sidney Rubber Company Q: Whose are those passports? A: They are Mr & Mrs Kember's Q: A: __________________________? Q: A: __________________________? Q: A: __________________________? Q: A: __________________________? __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ .

Well. P. Fine then.H IGHLIGHT 13 Can Can’t Can you speak French? Yes.M. can you speak and write Dutch? You ________________________________________________________ P. P. Complete the conversation.M. Can you travel abroad every week? You ________________________________________________________ P. Sit down. Can you write a business letter in English? You ________________________________________________________ P.M.M. Now.M. P RACTICE You're at an interview with a personnel manager. Can you type 100 words a minute? You ________________________________________________________ P. Can you begin work next month? You ________________________________________________________ .M. I can. OK. I see.M.M. please. Very good. I can't. How do you do? You Pleased to meet you. Can you use a computer? You ________________________________________________________ P. All right. Can you speak Italian? No. how much would you like to earn? You ________________________________________________________ P.

Have Does they he got have Does Has Has a small investment? two secretaries? . Have they got a factory? They haven't got a factory.H IGHLIGHT 14 Have B ritish E nglish American English They've got a factory. D They have a lot of work. Do they have a factory? They don't have a factory. P RACTICE Please transform these sentences into questions. B Keith O’Farrell has two secretaries. They have a factory. C Vicky has a computer on her desk. A Mary and Keith have a small investment. E Christina has a private jet.

15 9. Tomorrow at 2. Monday at 11.45 nine o'clock a quarter past nine half past nine a quarter to ten nine nine fifteen nine thirty nine forty-five P RACTICE Vicky has to organise George Dougall's agenda.00 9.H IGHLIGHTS 15 Days of the Week Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday The Time 9. Wednesday at noon there's a meeting with Anne Wilson.30. "Today. Please read George's note and fill in the gaps.25 p.15 I've got to travel to Birmingham. I'm playing tennis with Smith as well as on Thursday at 13. Friday at 9." D A Y Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday TIME ACTIVITY Twelve o’clock Play tennis with Smith .30 9.m.45 I have to visit the doctor.

9. 5. Ed can supply him with one. 7. They lost their folder. Please fill in the gaps. She'd like a diamond ring. 10. Her husband can buy ________ one. Timmy can sell you one. 3. We'd enjoy a holiday abroad. It needs to be painted.H IGHLIGHT 16 Object Pronouns I'd like a new book. George can buy me one. 2. P RACTICE 1. He wants a computer. Lynn can lend you one. I can't find my pencil. May and Lou need money. Is your boss going to let ________ go? We'd like a Jaguar and a BMW. 6. But the bank can't lend them any. 4. You need another car. Rick wants a bike. Is she going to get ________? . Could you bring ________ a bottle? But his father can't buy ________ one. Could you pass ________ that one? We're going to drink wine. Samantha wants a new dress. Is Mrs Grey going to help ________? Sandra needs an exciting new job. Bert can invite us. Doug can give her one. 8. This car must be painted. You want some holidays. Stan can find them one. Our mechanic's going to paint _______. Hugh can paint it. Could you buy ________ both? Bill needs a credit. You don't have an eraser.





Which one?
The small one.

Which ones?
The red ones.

The Time

ten past nine.
twenty past nine.
half past nine.
twenty to ten.
ten to ten.

nine ten.
nine twenty.
nine thirty.
nine forty.
nine fifty.




Please link
the three




Please choose
one or ones.

A. I'd like three of those.
Sorry, which one


B. I'm reading a book by De






C. This cabinet is just like the



D. How can you separate these



Bono. The one

got at home.

ones on


expenses from the other one



Possessive Pronouns








Jenny is going to install a new program at Adam & Eve Advertising
Company. Lucy—the company accountant—is showing her round.

Please fit these words into the gaps: my, mine, your, yours,
her, hers, their and theirs.


office. It only has a desk, a PC and a chair.


This is


Well, it’s very nice, Lucy. Are these ________ programs?


No. ________ are over there, next to the wall.


Ah, yes. Lotus Notes and Excel—I'm sure those are


Now, this is Sheila's department. That computer's ________.


Which one? The Compaq?


No. That one is Adam's. This is ________ computer.

yours !

And last of all, the creative team. Mark, Mary and Tracy.
This is ________ area.

Good. Thanks, Lucy.

This Sun workstation is ________.
You've been very kind!



How Much
How Many

How much wine have you got?


I haven't got much wine.

How many cigarettes have you got?

I haven't got many cigarettes.

A Little
A Few

I've got a little wine.
I've got a few cigarettes.


Andrea and Wendy are complaining about their job. Please
fill the gaps with much, many, a little or a few.


How many phone calls do you attend every morning, Wen?



I'm so busy answering the phone that I just

don't have __________ time for the really important work.


And the salary's low. I always have just __________ money.


Yes. And...tell __________ people are there at
your office?


Seven. But we only have one computer and __________ old
typewriters. Can you imagine that?


Yes I can. Remember we both work at the same company!

one thousand two thousand three thousand four thousand five thousand six thousand seven thousand eight thousand nine thousand .000 8.000 including VAT. Regards.000 7.000 9.000 5.000 6. but if you buy more than 100 units you could get a discount. Could you fax your answer today? I think this would be very good business for you. We can finance your order because we are interested in your market.000 P RACTICE 8 1         Please order the sentences to write a fax.000 4.H IGHLIGHT 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 Ten Twenty Thirty Forty Fifty Sixty Seventy Eighty Ninety 20 Numbers 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 one hundred two hundred three hundred four hundred five hundred six hundred seven hundred eight hundred nine hundred 1. I am sending you the description of our new machine.000 3. The cost is US$ 3. It is portable and light.000 2.

4 Cindy usually calls her boyfriend after lunch. ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ .HIGHLIGHT 21 Present Continuous I'm waiting for my boss. You aren't playing squash. at this time. He's having lunch. PRACTICE Please write these sentences again in present continuous while using the following expressions: now. We aren't checking collections. They're studying French. She isn't typing a contract. ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ 3 Nobody smokes in my office. He isn't having breakfast. You're playing tennis. They aren't studying English. just now. It's printing the invoices. You're writing a list. I'm not waiting for Jill. It isn't printing a report. You aren't writing a proposal. right now. She's typing some letters. You will need to make some changes in each sentence. 2 They don't always type letters in the morning. We're checking payments. 1 Henry doesn’t work on Project Beta. at the moment. 5 We never control invoices or payments.

When is your factory? By plane to Luton and then by bus.HIGHLIGHT 22 Question Words which who what where when why how whose PRACTICE Please match the three columns. What does your company do? It's that lawyer. Who truck needs a service? Because I leave work at 6 PM. How is waiting outside? Mine. Why can I go there? In Greenville. if it's available. Texas. Whose can't you come earlier? Model SX2. It makes an awful noise. Which is the next fair? We manufacture air filters. Where one do you want? At the end of September. Peter Wigg. .

STUDY Linda __________ at night because she dislikes noise. She __________ her shopping in the morning. GO Henry never _ _ goes to Paris without his secretary. I __________ French because it's easier than Spanish. They __________ by train from Birmingham to London. INVEST Burt __________ in shares because he enjoys taking risks. HAVE You __________ an appointment with Mr Cutts next week. .HIGHLIGHT 23 Banking Expressions open an account bear interest exceed an amount pay bank charges current account savings account personal account company account balance cheque average fee Simple Present I think You think He / She / It thinks We think You think They think PRACTICE Please put these verbs into the gaps. DO We don't __________ any business in Europe. Her husband does. Karla doesn't __________ her money. The firm doesn't __________ any agent in France.

__________ These folders are for he. D. Please cross off the wrong pronouns and write the correct ones in the space provided. A. __________ Please call Fred. US Them need a new representative. I. G. Him directs our department.HIGHLIGHT 24 Object Pronouns me you him her it us you PRACTICE them Some pronouns in the sentences below are right and some are wrong. __________ Are you going to look for it? __________ You never finish on time! What's wrong? __________ They always talk about I. I need him. J. It is the same for we. C. B. H. James Stone never sends her a fax. E. __________ . __________ Is that cup of coffee for she? __________ F.

How are we going to arrive to the factory? 3. This Siemens. A. She's going to interview new applicants. C D. By taxi. No. travel before the end of this week. Where are the new reps going today? 2. First to Bath and then to Bristol. Next Wednesday from 2 to 5 PM. Are you going to accept the offer or not? 7. invest some money in stocks. D E. A 6 tomorrow? B.HIGHLIGHT 25 Going to I'm going to You're going to He's going to She's going to It's going to be visit a client next week. a successful campaign. Nobody. start a new business in Colombia. Who's going to fix the computer? 4. H . present the product at 12. We're going to You're going to They're going to build passenger jets. The boss said we are going to buy an IBM. The other ones are too expensive. G H. Because Gatwick airport is blocked. PRACTICE Please match each question to its answer. I don't like it. B C. Which motor is the General Manager going to buy? 6. Why is the plane landing at Heathrow airport? 8. What's Wendy going to do 1. When are we going to have this meeting in Leeds? 5.00 PM. E F. F G. lose your money if you are not careful.

the parking lot is ________ the main block and can be reached by a lift from ________ the building or stairs from ________. "I know it's hard to imagine the factory layout ________ paper. and the lorry parking area ________ the warehouse. The office is placed ________the warehouse and the gates. so there's visual control on lorries moving ________ the delivery area. but later Sharon will give you a three-dimensional CAD presentation. we have a small garden with the company name & logo ________ of the building. First of all. please look here. Please fill the gaps with prepositions from the list above. Any questions?" . Then. Now.HIGHLIGHT Prepositions PRACTICE 26 outside inside towards between under on in front behind Bill Brick is describing a factory plan to some clients.

Well. Are you going to take it? PRACTICE Please order this dialogue.HIGHLIGHT The Time 5.15 5. Good morning.45 5. please. yes. please? May I speak to Georgette. May I speak to Alex. Which department does she work at? Could you tell me her extension number.50 5. I'm afraid her line's busy. 1 OK. Can I take a message? Accountancy. I'll put you through.55 five o'clock five five past five five o five ten past five five ten a quarter past five five fifteen half past five five thirty a quarter to six five forty-five ten to six five fifty five to six five fifty-five 27       Telephoning Collect call.05 5.10 5. I'm sorry but I don't know it. please. Hold on.30 5. Put him through. Hold on.00 5. Thanks. . Arrow & Co. Just tell her Maurice called.

rent. are going to open their European office in London. organise. import. expand. In a few months Riversoft's going to. invest.. First we're going to rent an office in Kensington.HIGHLIGHT 28 Going to They're going to open new offices in New York. sell. Then we're going to sign contracts with Bull and Amstrad. buy. sign. ________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ __________________ . PRACTICE Riversoft Inc. You’re going to be their new general manager. produce. manufacture.. Please make a list of the decisions you've made using “going to”. develop. export. market. You can use these verbs or you can look for other verbs in your book: open.

___________ Are Richard the new Institutional Relations boss? ___________ Mr Greenspan doesn’t hasn't a laser printer. can’t Smith don't understand Economics. G. Auxiliaries & Negative PRACTICE There's a mistake in each of these sentences. Samuelson does not can manage this company.HIGHLIGHT 29 Interrogative Do Do you like jazz? I don't enjoy music. H. Be Is Tim a geologist? He isn't. C. A. Please cross it off and write the correct form on the space provided. E. B. Do you have any cash? I don't have a cent. ___________ . Can you type? I can't. D. ___________ I don't may help you. ___________ Does Taylor going to speak at the conference? ___________ Has Peter have the best design team in Detroit? ___________ Mr Demming doesn't gives seminars on cash flow. Have Have you got any cash? I haven't got a penny. F.

__________ fire anybody. They won't forget anything. Christina Jones. But if __________ close the factory and we "If you start work tomorrow morning I promise I you persist on this strike __________ move we all our manufacturing operation to the plant in Brazil. She won't wear her pink hat. You will control the waiters. It will work perfectly well.” ________ start a profit-sharing . You will be in charge of the wine. He won't need a new suit. PRACTICE Sydney Rubber Co. I won't send any invitation. Please fill in the gaps using shall. will and won't. It won't break. ________ build a new canteen Rubber Company _________ Now. You won't serve the drinks. We shall bake the cake. They will sit by the window. You won't spend any money. She will play Pomp and Circumstance. The company's Chairwoman. don't worry. We won't arrive late. is now talking to the employees. He will hire the car.'s workers are on strike. the company and a crèche for young children.HIGHLIGHT 30 Shall & Will I shall make the reservations. Sydney also increase salaries based on productivity and we plan. if you decide to stop this strike.

. profitably business. The computer in general is quite good. but the programs.. Sydney Rubber Co. Samantha types more neat  neatly than Lucy. is a profitable  Machines series 22/2 are as quiet  wages. A B C D E Workers in developing countries don't get good  well The social security system doesn't work proper  properly.. quietly as series 22/5. _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 2 Please cross out the wrong word.HIGHLIGHT 31 Adjectives & Adverbs good well quiet quietly PRACTICE 1 Your company has received a new computer and your boss wants you to write a very short memo describing some advantages and disadvantages.

Please. Mr Peterson. Read Buy Henry Thomas at the Norfolk chequebook. Lovely.. how can I help you? 1 2 __ Fine. Ms Punt. Exchange rates. I need some information. Yes. pesetas only if I get a favourable branch. Please link the three columns. Please order this dialogue between Miles Peterson and Jessica Punt. Which currencies? Now. Jessica. head office to ask for Mr Wigg's currency. Meet Call 2 the new regulation on foreign exchange rate. French francs and yens. Hello. 1 __ OK.HIGHLIGHT 32 Banking Expressions to change money to cash a cheque exchange rate chequebook currency branch PRACTICE 1 Miles Peterson works at a bank. call me Jessica. What about? . Good morning. And call me Miles. He's written tomorrow's plans on his agenda. __ Right..Miles.

She __________ goes. She's analysing the habits of people she has interviewed. John Sulton drives a BMW. Charles Canson enjoys football. He __________ eats meat. Ginnie Walls is quite punctual. Use each word only once and remember there are several possible combinations. He __________ watches it. Ted Rye visits Linda once a month. . Please fill in the gaps with words from the list above. He __________ visits her. He _________ appears on TV.HIGHLIGHT 33 Frequency Adverbs always sometimes usually occasionally often rarely generally never PRACTICE Lindsay works at an employment agency. She __________ visits Hyde Park. Rod Lord is a journalist. Mary Dean goes to the cinema once a week. Annie Stepp lives in London. She __________ arrives late. But he __________ takes a bus. Adam Apple is a vegetarian.

organise them for her and write the numbers in words.HIGHLIGHTS Clothes jackets underwear blue jeans raincoats 34 trousers skirts suits sweaters T-shirts panties ties socks Adjective Order It's a long dark green woollen skirt. They're small light brown nylon socks. PRACTICE Margaret is writing a purchase order. 45  leather  brown  size 10  light  shoes ________________________________________________ 312  woollen  blue and white  pullovers  long ________________________________________________ 22  grey  dark  small  blouses  cotton _______________________________________________ . A B C D Please 221  dresses  polyester  pink  short Two hundred and twenty-one short pink polyester dresses. but her word-processing program doesn't work properly and it has disorganised all her phrases.

1 2 3 4 5 6 What time do you get to work? I usually arrive at the office before eight. What's the first thing you do when you arrive at your desk? ___________________________________________________ Do you work non-stop through the morning? ___________________________________________________ Who does your photocopies? ___________________________________________________ At what time do you have lunch? ___________________________________________________ Do you ever meet customers? ___________________________________________________ .HIGHLIGHT 35 Frequency Adverbs always generally seldom usually sometimes rarely PRACTICE often occasionally never Please answer these questions about yourself. Use an adverb of frequency in each answer.

F Motorway Inc. 6 because managers want to have a new product every year. D 2 due to the fact that American interest rates are high. but today they're talking about politics. B E Tecno Corp.. 4 as a consequence of problems with their engineers. She has some business information on her desk and she's looking for explanations...HIGHLIGHT 36 Simple Present & Present Continuous Christina and Trevor usually talk about work when they meet. E F .. Please link every piece of information with its corresponding explanation. A2 C Sydney Rubber Company's employees aren't working. B Japanese imports are increasing. 3 because the company doesn't want to increase their wages.. 5 because economists don't know how to control it.. are re-organising their technical department.. A The dollar is rising. C 1 thanks to a bilateral agreement with European exporters... PRACTICE Vivian is a financial adviser... D Inflation is growing again. are spending a lot on R & D..

Ex. PRACTICE A foreign client has visited your company and wants you to explain how he can get to the nearest airport. Leave the office through the main door and turn left there. Walk on for about ten minutes. Cross the hall and go up to the third door. 1__________________________________________________________ 2__________________________________________________________ 3__________________________________________________________ 4__________________________________________________________ 5__________________________________________________________ 6__________________________________________________________ 7__________________________________________________________ 8__________________________________________________________ . Divide your explanation into 8 simple steps. Walk along the corridor up to the second green gate.HIGHLIGHT 37 Directions Do you know where the quality control department is? Could you direct me to the quality control department? Leave the office through the front door. Turn right along the paved path.

D. _______________________________speaker. B. F. It prints silently.HIGHLIGHT 38 Adverbs good hard fast    well hard fast careful slow lucky    carefully slowly Luckily PRACTICE 1 Look at the example and complete the blank spaces. ____________________________workers. slow slowly lucky luckily careful carefully bad happy beautiful noisy successful . A. ________________________________driver. She's a perfect dancer. Nick drives carelessly. ___________________________________printer. _________________________transporters. Wendy dances perfectly. Please look at the examples at the top of each column. E. 2 Transform these adjectives into adverbs. Sam and Enid work hard. C. DHL transport goods fast. Anthony speaks well.

I studied metrical. And how ________ information can this program hold? Which program? Oh. G. how _______ people are coming? Seventy-five. How ________ bottles of water will these people drink? I can't know that! Let's put a bottle every five places. how ________ pencils shall we hand out? What do you think? Seventy-five. A. G. Please write much or many in the gaps. our new product. A. Ann's asking some questions. A. G. G. I'm afraid I don't know! . How _________ sheets of paper shall I leave in each place? Just three per place. Now. A. Then. A. G. Didn't you study that at school? No. Good. G. How ________ coffee have we got in the pots. Ann. but how ________ pints are there to a gallon? Eight. G. of course! Right. A. Sorry. A. Giselle? About four gallons I guess.HIGHLIGHT 39 How Much How Many How much wine? How much room? How many barrels? How many containers? PRACTICE Ann and Giselle are preparing their company's conference room for the presentation of a new computer program.

Lenny Stuart Hill. 40 To: Mo r te n Ra mb o ll     D a n is h W o o d E x p o r ts Br e d e v e j 7 D K .2 8 3 7 D K . beds and tables for a year.2 8 3 7 V ir u m D e n ma r k Message: "Thank Morten for his last fax. Please organise it and write the letter following his directions. Send him my regards. Tell him his prices are too high but there's a possibility for Danish furniture if he can finance exports of chairs." .HIGHLIGHT & PRACTICE Parts of a Business Letter Your boss. etc. has left a note with the following information.

E. I was the Chief Executive Officer at Exmouth Plc. Later.HIGHLIGHT 41 Past Tense of to Be I You He / she / it was were was We You They were were were PRACTICE 1 Please write was or were in the following sentences. This company _________ nearly bankrupt last year. G. F. 2 Please write was or were in the following paragraph. Silvia _________ away on holidays for six months. a very good E.O. so my wife and I decided to start our own business. Claire and Lynn _________ university students. a building company. We ______ very successful from the beginning and soon I ______ a C. again. Charles. A. The balance sheet _________ ready before lunch. Then I ______ unemployed for more than two months. so all the managing team ______ forced to leave office. Peter was salesperson. D. I _______ in charge of managing the business and reporting to the Board of Directors. C. All the managers _________ present at the meeting. Many years ago. They _________ in charge of sales last year. I _________ a manager but now I'm an assistant. but at my own company! . H. B. there _____ a very strong recession in England.

of course.  Interviewer How to meet you. 2. __________________________________________________ 3. Can you start work next month? How do you do? 2 1. Pleased workers are there under your responsibility? There is only years old. not  it  possible  was  to  finish  it. What studies do you have? I studied Business Administration. Yes. not  here. How many old are you? I am 22 one worker. ___________________________________________________ . I  yesterday  I was the manager at  the  at  factory was factory  was   the.ACTIVITIES 1 41 Please link these four columns. yesterday. __________________________________________________ 4. were  we  for  that  meeting  ready.  Applicant Please order these sentences.

Verb Assist Noun Assistant Meeting Manage Worker Manufacture Dismissal 4 You need an assistant at your job. Position Needed: Required _________________________ Experience _________________________ _________________________ Qualifications _________________________ Offered Salary Conditions _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ .ACTIVITIES 3 41 Please look at the words connected with interviewing in the list below and fill in the missing verbs or nouns. Please write an ad for the local press.

a good student. She's also the assistant President at the West Midlands Women’s Athletic Society. Ted Rye Ginnie Walls Personal Data: He's a single man in his forties. She’s also a keen athlete and swimmer.HIGHLIGHT 42 Negative Sentences with the Past of to Be I You He She It We You They wasn’t weren’t wasn’t wasn’t wasn’t weren’t weren’t weren’t here yesterday. a very good idea very successful with our new plan. my boss. Personal Data: She's a married. He's Scottish but has lived in Leeds since 1972. Education: Mrs Walls has a degree in Psychology and in Computer Science. He’s unemployed now. He can speak several languages. responsible for those mistakes. in charge of sales. READING Please read Anne's notes on these candidates for the post of sales manager at Riversoft's factory in Leeds. Work Experience: He was the England and Wales sales manager for Boo Shampoo until last year. Education: Mr Rye has a Marketing Degree and an MBA. . middle-aged woman. Work Experience: She currently works at Marks & Spencer in Birmingham. in Rome last September.

Then write some information about yourself and your background. Personal Data _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Education _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Work Experience _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ .ACTIVITIES 1 42 Please look at the previous page and read Anne's notes on the applicants.

are 2 . she. I You were He. 3 The boss and the secretary 1 All our staff present at the meeting.ACTIVITIES 2 42 Please complete this chart with the affirmative and negative forms of the present and past of verb to be. it is We aren’t You They 3 weren’t Please link and order the different elements of these sentences. Is James today? here was last night. as in the example. There are four sentences in total. were working Car manufacturers increasing production.

Just general questions. which. A: _______ did you leave for Las Vegas. what. I didn't. Now. What did you do after the party? We went to a disco. M: Nice to meet you. We had a meeting at the Flamingo hotel. A: Well. A: _______ do you do? I'm Dermot Star from Internal Auditing. Mr Steiner? M: On Friday morning. I travel a lot. when and where. A: Really? _______ did you go last week? M: To Las Vegas. I'm an auditor! . how. sir. Luke Steiner. _______ is that Alfa-Romeo parked over there? M: ______ one? Ah. tell me. Fill in the blanks with these words: who. PRACTICE Please read this conversation between an auditor and a manager.HIGHLIGHT 43 Questions & Answers with Did Did you go to Buffalo last year? Yes. may I ask you some questions? M: Yes. why. the red one. nothing important. It's mine. of course. We didn't do anything special. _______ are they about? A: Oh. I did. _______ did you go with? M: With my secretary. A: And. whose. _______ do you want to know all this? A: It's my job. No.

ACTIVITIES 1 43 You're a salesman at Britsoft. Now. Your boss is asking you some questions about your travelling expenses. when did you arrive to Orange County? _________________________________________________________________________________ 6 Why did you stay at the Hilton and not at the Holiday Inn? _______________________________________________________ 7 Did you go to San Francisco? _______________________________________________________ 8 What did the people at Microsoft say? _______________________________________________________ 9 Why did you spend more time at Malibu Beach than in Silicon Valley? _______________________________________________________ 10 Fine. Could you speak to Warren Bedford in Pasadena? _______________________________________________________ 4 Uhuh. Now. when exactly did you arrive back at the office? _______________________________________________________ . Then. 1 How many clients did you visit in your trip to California? I visited twenty-four companies. why did you fly first class instead of economy? _______________________________________________________ 5 OK. 2 How much did you spend in restaurant bills? _______________________________________________________ 3 All right.

I've come to __________ some questions about Mr Peterson. No. We used it until 2005. You had to switch on the engine and wait until tension was high enough. Pleased to __________ you. 3. I'm Police Officer Jones. It wasn't simple. Why? O. 2. When did / do you meet Lauren? C. 5. She’s much better now. We don't __________ where he is. Thanks. He usually catches the underground. F. Please read both these questions and answers. Sure. F. We __________ on Wednesday for coffee. How do you __________? How can I __________ you? O. No. 4.ACTIVITIES 2 A. Please read this dialogue and write in the missing verbs. He's disappeared. It was a cold. An Apple computer. How does / did the machine operate? D. You must (1) decide whether to use did or do in each question and (2) match each questions to its answer. She was quite a difficult person before. Does / Did Christina always behave the same way? E. At a convention in Nevada. Which computer did / do you use? 3 43 1. Then you connected the fan. O. Go ahead. When did you last __________ him? F. . Did / Does James generally travel to his job by car? B. rainy morning. Would you like to __________ down? O.

who will also receive a copy of this report. I'm sending you this memo as a summary of my investigation. The credit officer didn't check her credit history and there was no information regarding collateral guarantees in her credit folder or in our bank's computer files.HIGHLIGHT 44 Past of Irregular Verbs To be To go To have was / were went had To do To tell To sell did told sold PRACTICE Please translate the words written in bold type. Nevada. Miles Peterson authorised the loan operation although Ms Punt didn't supply proof of salary or other income. The audit was ordered by Lady Amanda Grey. Ms Punt was convicted for tax evasion and for fraud. memo __________ summary __________ audit __________ report __________ loan __________ proof __________ salary __________ income __________ folder __________ credit __________ instalment __________ tax __________ file __________ guarantee __________ asset __________ bankrupt shop_______________ mortgaged house _______________ . She didn't pay back any of the instalments. She didn't have a job and her only assets were a bankrupt shop and a mortgaged house in Reno.

2 3 4 5 ______________________________________________ I had a portable computer. ______________________________________________ Alex told me the whole story. The goods went to Paris to the problem. .ACTIVITIES 1 44 Please link these four columns. 1 Where did you go yesterday? I went to visit Mary. There are several combinations. The accountant did 1. Nobody was the answer when I started the computer. ______________________________________________ He sold it because it was too big for him. The manager told the workers units in just three days! This salesperson sold beside the monitor that salaries would not increase 2 Please ask questions for these answers.000 after the sale. so read every column before you start. The printer had the invoice via Rotterdam. ______________________________________________ I went to see an important client.

A client requests a credit to expand his factory. _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ . Please try to use some of the vocabulary from the previous activity..ACTIVITIES 3 44 You are a credit officer at the Grey & Grey Bank. From: ____________ To: _____________ Subject: _____________________________________ I'm writing to answer your request for . Please write a memorandum explaining why your bank will not grant him the loan..

Ten point five. Seventy-six thousand six hundred. Three hundred eight. Decimals 0 1.05 oh. Seventeen thousand three hundred and two.202 one hundred one hundred and forty-five.5  the correct spelling.HIGHLIGHT 45 Figures 100 145 1. Seventy-six thousand and six hundred.464 10.302 76.600 3.987. Three thousand four hundred sixty-four. nought. zero one point one one point oh five. Three thousand four hundred and sixty-four.1 1. Seventeen thousand and three hundred two.000 1.000 9. Ten and five.000. Three hundred and eight.550 1. one million nine million nine hundred and eightyseven thousand two hundred and two. one point zero five PRACTICE Please read these numbers and tick 308 17. one thousand one thousand five hundred and fifty. .

 Salesperson  so that comes out to a total of $ 910. we can’t Does is the interest rate? At least 10 %.308. but not property taxes. Please write these numbers.000. What must we pay in advance? No. 3. What is the price for the whole building? It’s $91.ACTIVITIES 1 Buyer 45 Please link these four columns. How much that include taxes? It includes VAT which works out to $91.000.804 ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ .941 ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ 1. Can you give us a loan? Now it’s 9% 2 but we think the G&G Bank could.000 per floor but we believe it will come down.454 ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ 178.

000 pounds plus VAT. A: ________________________________________________? B: It's exactly 4. Here it is. A: ________________________________________________ . A: ________________________________________________? B: It’s 250.ACTIVITIES 3 45 Please look at this dialogue between a real-estate salesman and his client. A: ________________________________________________? B: I think they'll be able to grant you a twelve year lease. Our bank can give you a mortgage for up to 75 % of the price. We can lend you up to this amount.500 must be paid cash. A: ________________________________________________? B: Yes. Fill in the missing lines. A: ________________________________________________? B: Cash. . A: ________________________________________________? B: Of course.500 pounds each. It is placed on the eighth floor. A: ________________________________________________? B: We work with the G&G Bank. A: ________________________________________________? B: 187. A: ________________________________________________? B: Monthly instalments would be around 2. A: Could you please show me a plan of the office? B: Certainly. The remaining 62.500 pounds. The bank can give you a lease if you prefer. You could talk to them. facing the park.000 square feet including the balcony.

01 £ 0. ten dollars fifty cents.34 twenty-two pounds and thirty-four pence. . Dollars & one dollar one cent two cents Pounds £1 £ 0. - minus 3-1=2 Three minus one equals two.HIGHLIGHTS 46 Mathematics + plus 8 + 3 = 11 Eight plus three equals eleven.50 2x3=6 Two times three equals six.02 one pound one penny two pence ten dollars and fifty cents. £ 22. x times ÷ divided by $£ $ 1 $ 0. twenty-two pounds thirty-four pence. 4÷2=2 Four divided by two equals two.02 $ 10.01 $ 0.

We've got a cash crisis. 4. d 9 2 Please write out the prices of these goods at a computer shop. 7 h.82 ________________________________________________________ CPU $ 1. In Bath. 7. 5. 1 2. Our Stratford and Sutton factories. Where is you company placed? d. Could I see your balance sheet? Who's responsible for the Sales Department? When do you need the money? 8. 2 3. 8 i. Printer £132 ________________________________________________________ Diskette $ 0. Do you have any other assets? 3 f.75 ________________________________________________________ . What collateral guarantees a. Sure. Right away. e. What's the rate? c. It's 11 %. 6 g.ACTIVITIES 1 46 Please match the questions to their replies. Here you are. Yes. 1. It was better last 5 year. can you offer us? Why do you need financing? b. We can offer you our 4 London office. How's business? 6. Dale Stewart Jr. 9.578 ________________________________________________________ Monitor £ 221 ________________________________________________________ Mouse $ 22.

000 pounds..000 pounds. Could you please tell me the exact __________.. how much must we pay every month? G: It's 250. Please fill in the gaps with the words below. B: Would that be the total __________? G: Yes. so there will be no problems. This figure __________ interest comes out to 275.liabilities..assets around worth 2.000 pounds plus 1 % __________.000.000. But 250..000.800 pounds each. please? B: Here they are. Here's the plan of the ___________. The interest ________ will be 9%. Your company has a very good___________. Including charges and __________ it would __________ monthly instalments of around 1.225. B: Then. It's __________ 250. Each word is used only once. performance equal loan premises balance times plan rate exactly rents expenses credit photocopies amount budget interest papers We need a __________ to buy an office in Kensington.000 is the limit of our __________! G: Could you show me both your __________ sheet and a _________ of the office.. I brought __________ of both with me. all the __________ seem to be in order..5..000 pounds. G: Thanks. B: Thanks.. B: G: B: . and as __________ are so high we've decided to buy. We are expanding. Let's have a look.ACTIVITIES 3 46 Adam Apple is asking his banker for a loan.000. G: Well. OK.



Past of Irregular Verbs


wake up

was / were
woke up




Please look at the list of verbs above and choose the 4 you find most
difficult to use. Then write one short sentence in past with each.





Please write the past of the verbs at the top of each
paragraph in the gaps.

spend take have fly drink wake up leave meet

Lorna is a sales representative at Riversoft Inc.

She sells
cost-control software
developed for the
building industry. Last Friday
she __________ an
appointment with a builder in Chicago. She __________
early and prepared
a simple breakfast.
Then she
__________ her house and __________a bus to the airport.
From there she __________ to Chicago, where she
__________ her client. She had a small hamburger and
__________ a Coke at Burger King. Lorna __________
the afternoon working on a program her client needed.





She __________ back to New York in the evening.

she __________ some
fish at the supermarket and
__________ it to her cat. Later, she invited her sister to
dinner. They __________ to the cinema afterwards.







Lorna __________ some letters and
__________ to her friend Lisa on the phone. Lisa invited
her for lunch. They __________ Chinese food, watched a
movie and __________ poetry to each other. Lorna
returned home at midnight and __________ until noon on





Please think about last week and write a report on what you did
at your job. If possible, use the verbs you learned in this unit.

o n d a y :


u e s d a y :


e d n e s d a y :


h u r s d a y :


r i d a y :

8. Whose________________________________________? The red Ferrari is Giselle's. 4. Why __________________________________________? Because bonds are a worse investment than shares. 7. How __________________________________________? The European economy is better now than last year. 2. Where__________________________________________? Henry travelled to Singapore last Wednesday. 1. 3. . The blue Rover is Anthony's. 6. Which_________________________________________? I think Milton Keynes is the best site for our new factory.HIGHLIGHT 48 Question Words What who whose how when why which where PRACTICE Please complete these questions. Who __________________________________________? I don't really know. 5. What do you think is the best decision? I think the best decision would be to name a new manager. When _________________________________________? Between seven and eight in the evening. but both Wendy and Andrea are efficient.

" .300. To obtain funds our company will __________ for a loan with the G&G bank.ACTIVITIES 1 48 Please look at these verbs and nouns: VERB NOUN VERB NOUN VERB NOUN supply research gain work supply research gain work develop invest improve appoint development investment improvement appointment organise reduce apply automate organisation reduction application automation 2 Now read Anthony Smith's speech about Riversoft's plans for next year and fill in the gaps with words from the list above. because we are planning to __________ costs and __________ productivity. At the same time we will __________ a new manager for our __________ and development department. "We will __________ $ 3.000 in robots in order to __________ our Leeds manufacturing plant.

R: ______________________________________________________? E: The compact disks were manufactured in Korea. R: _____________________________________________________? E: Our show in Hannover last week was very good." your new record and video ? E: I'm pleased with both the record and the video. R: _____________________________________________________? E: My opinion on Rob Lord is that he doesn't know a thing about music. The recording was made in New York and the video was filmed in London. a famous singer. R: _____________________________________________________? E: All the critics wrote very good reviews on the show. where we started our American tour.ACTIVITIES 3 R: 48 Imagine that you're a reporter interviewing Eric Gladstone. R: _____________________________________________________? E: Then we flew to Miami. R: Who made them ? E: EMI. He's the worst critic in the whole world! . Write the questions for his answers. R: _____________________________________________________? E: After that we spent a few days in Rotterdam. What's your opinion on "Steel Lover. R: _____________________________________________________? E: Because I have many fans in Miami.

They did agree to our plan. C ountable nouns: Possible questions    Have you got any diskettes? Have you got some diskettes? How many diskettes have you got? Possible answers       I have no diskettes. I have some money. I haven't got any diskettes. I have a few diskettes.HIGHLIGHT 49 Do in Affirmative Sentences We do have French bread. She does prefer Californian wine. Peter does understand you. I have some diskettes. . I have many diskettes. Questions & Answers with Countable & Uncountable Nouns U ncountable nouns: Possible questions $ $ $ Have you got any money? Have you got some money? How much money have you got? Possible answers $ $ $ $ $ $ I have no money. I haven't got any money. I have much money. I have a lot of diskettes. I have a little money. I have a lot of money.

W: Well. Wendy. W: Oh! And Giselle? How __________ did she pay for her dress? A: I don't know. W: But you're not fat! You're only __________ overweight! A: No. It has __________ artificial flowers and __________ natural flowers. I think you're drinking too __________ whisky. a few. Do you know how __________ he paid for it? A: Only __________ dollars. Because he didn't buy it.ACTIVITIES 1 49 Please fill the spaces with a little. But only __________ sandwiches and __________ beer. How __________ glasses did you say? I said I've only had three glasses. Andrea and Wendy are sitting near the dance floor: W: Anthony's looking very handsome in that suit. But it looks cheap.  Adam and Barbara are talking at Anthony and Giselle's wedding: B: A: B: A:  Adam. would you like some sandwiches and beer. Why do you say so? I've only had three glasses. much or many. Wendy. He hired it. I am very fat. so I suppose it wasn't expensive. I have too __________ pounds on me! . Andrea? A: OK. I'm on a diet and I can't drink or eat a lot.

Who said the V It isn’t a good idea to say that you think your boss is not clever. electronic contrary? prefer Industrial to Public Relations.ACTIVITIES 49 2 Please ask questions using how much or how many. please. IV Our company sell components. Mary live in Croydon and not in Hammersmith. 3 I Please insert a circle() for “do” or a tick ( ) for “does” in the appropriate place to show emphasis. b c d e ______________________________________________ Two litres and a half. a How many envelopes do you need? I need about twenty. III In my opinion. _____________________________________________ It's exactly 30 pounds and 50 pence. ______________________________________________ Just a few. II I  believe he is a teacher but I don’t think he’s a professor. _____________________________________________ There's very little glue. coffee Who machine repaired it? work . VI Cynthia Relations The today.

Mr Brick. if the structural calculations were wrong. Now. I was. But my team made no mistakes. our bridge collapsed last week and we're here to see who was responsible. Sid. But the mistake's not __________.. Bill Brick..'s headquarters. Bill: What do you say. Dan. Sue: What's the matter with you. you were in charge of construction work. Dan: Sharon and Kathy made the calculations. There's a meeting taking place at Motorway Inc. Dan? Are you crazy? I designed a very safe bridge. the company's president.HIGHLIGHT Mine 50 Possessive Pronouns yours PRACTICE his hers ours yours theirs Now please complete this conversation by using every possessive pronoun once. It is __________... Maybe the mistake was__________. We just followed Dan's instructions.. Responsibility is __________. is now talking to his employees. Now.. you're chief engineer. Sid. girls? Was the mistake __________? . OK. Bill: As you know. The bridge they were building in Portugal collapsed before it was finished. Dan: That's true. Bill: OK. Responsibility is not __________. He's the engineer. You say the mistake was not __________. Sue designed the bridge. Sid: Yes.

D. In each sentence there is a mistake. mine . B. These programmes are my and those are yours. C. Do not pay any attention to her or to he. E. F. Personal Object Pronouns Pronouns Possessive Possessive Adjectives Pronouns my you him hers its we yours them 2 Now look at the sentences below. A. Yours workers are not better than mine.PRACTICE 1 50 Please complete the chart below. I can’t understand why you didn’t come with they. Cross off the wrong word and replace it by one from the chart above. Not ours. G. Us cannot be responsible for their mistakes. Hers computers are made in Taiwan. Theirs machines are more expensive than ours.

What did he say about our program for developing countries? ___________________________________________________________________ . Could you fly to London. as you had planned? ___________________________________________________________________ 2. 1.ACTIVITIES 3 50 Please write the past or infinitive of these verbs Infinitive Past be Infinitive meet slept buy write fly read spoke said come gave go spend 4 ate drink took left have wake up Past think make did Alison Powell has just arrived from another international trip and her boss is asking her some questions. Athens and Moscow. Did you have time to meet the Secretary General of the United Nations? ___________________________________________________________________ 3. Please answer them using verbs from the list above.

Arrived at the hospital. Dined and danced with Bridget Oats. so he wrote down everything that happened to him. Injured my left hand with machine 22/2-5. Started trials on machines series 22/2. Returned from lunch.00 Arrived at the office. He had a very interesting day yesterday.30 16. A nurse called Bridget Oats cured my finger.10 16. . Received and attended to a visitor from Italy. Invited nurse Oats to dinner. Contacted supplier No 3456 and organised a meeting.05 11.00 10.55 12.10 16. Confirmed meeting with supplier.15 14.00 16.HIGHLIGHTS 51 Pronunciation of Verbs in Past Transferred ordered received arrived opened phoned lived confirmed Debited subtracted expected tested needed added attended landed PRACTICE This is a page from John Dunn's diary. Please read it in a loud voice and check your pronunciation of the verbs in past.00 19.40 17. Phoned my girlfriend and invited her to lunch. 8.

Opposite of Credit. Please write a short summary of what you did yesterday.30 and had breakfast immediately. Instruction to pay money or deliver goods. Then ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ .ACTIVITIES 1 51 Please look at the words in the list below and link both columns. Corroborate or ratify. Bank Transfer Confirm Debit Order Account 2 Statement of money received and paid. Establishment for custody of money. Send from one account to another. I got up at 7.

2 Granville Road. but it never ________. My name is Lindsay Arrow. What __________ it. madam. It __________ our mistake! Well. Not at all. If the video is lost. say they never __________ the video! Could we __________ the address once again. I __________ your company to send a packet with a demo video to Kowloon. Tracy. Ms Arrow. Ms Arrow? It's Tsui Inc. I __________ a problem with a delivery. will you refund my money? Of course. the details are all right. We __________ your credit card on 15 June. Hong Kong. Well. thank you very much... Kitty Delivery Services. Yes. Albion Plaza. Kowloon. So maybe there __________ a misunderstanding somewhere. Tracy Shaw speaking. Suite 222. Tracy. . Albion Plaza. Hong Kong. Don't __________madam. $ 223 for a person-to-person delivery in Kowloon. Could you __________ me your name and the delivery address? Certainly. madam? Well. Well.ACTIVITIES 3 T: C: T: C: T: C: T: C: T: C: T: C: T: C: T: 51 Please write in the missing verbs. Granville Road. We'll __________ Hong Kong and __________ them what happened. I __________ the packet to Tsui Inc. the problem is that the people at Tsui Inc.

could we? You can’t speak French. do you? He didn't have an accident. did she?  didn’t she? 5. could we?  couldn’t we? 6. can you? They won't interview Rick. will it?  won’t it? 2. can't you? They will visit the factory. had she?  hadn’t she? 4. did he? It wasn't your fault. They didn't profit from this operation. had she? We couldn't swim then. was it?  wasn’t it? . It wasn't our responsibility in the end. Mary Beth Jones can't type properly. You forgot to turn the printer off.HIGHLIGHTS 52 Question Tags You usually stay at the Savoy. We could organise another meeting. didn't he? She was going to hire a car. won't they? PRACTICE You don't like roast beef. don't you? He enjoyed himself. couldn't we? You can drive. wasn't she? It had already been arranged. 1. can she?  can’t she? 7. Sheila had started work late that morning. will they? Please cross off the wrong question tags. was it? She hadn't visited Glasgow. hadn't it? We could be wrong. didn’t they?  did they? 8. didn’t you?  forgot you? 3. The manager calculated overall costs. The Belgian economy won't grow this year.

_____________? I didn't—but Robin did! He crashed into a tree. In the end. Ginette and Robin returned from their honeymoon in England and Scotland last month. Now. _______________? No. _____________? Yes. You flew with Canadian. This was our first trip to England. ____________? No. _________? Yes. of course! You usually stay at a hotel near Marble Arch. I suppose it wasn't his fault. We soon got used to it. You would like to return to Great Britain. _____________? No.ACTIVITIES 1 52 Please write the missing question tags. Jack. We drove all the way north from London. _____________? Yes. We visited Scotland—and we loved it! You were going to hire a car. we arrived for dinner. a friend of hers. _____________? Yeah. You didn't have any trouble driving on the left. it wasn't. And the plane landed four hours behind schedule! But Robin's aunt was expecting you for tea. you didn't have any accident. J: G: J: G: J: G: J: G: J: G: J: G: J: G: J: G: J: G: J: G: Welcome back! You enjoyed yourselves in London. It's been the best holiday I've ever had! . __________? No. Now Ginette is at her office talking to Jack. Then you travelled to Wales. _______________? Of course I would.

Ordered  transferred  debited  received  opened  expected  combined  attended  needed  phoned  visited  loved  rested  started  arrived  landed  postponed  invited 3 _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ Please fill in the gaps with verbs in past. The driver __________ us it was only a 15-minute ride from our hotel. It __________ into an ambulance! We __________ to wait for the police. according to the pronunciation of their last syllable (-ed). . So we __________ at our meeting late.ACTIVITIES 2 52 Please organise the verbs below into two columns. Last year my boss and I __________ on a business trip to New York. We __________ the hotel at 9 and __________ a taxi. We __________ an appointment at 10 at the World Trade Centre. but as we __________ crossing 5th Avenue the taxi __________ an accident.

 stock prices  reflect  usually  the economic situation  quite accurately.  should  never  invest in  shares  we  before a recession.  with his brother's money  shares  buy  at the New York exchange market  George  before the end of this week  is going to.  gives  Riversoft's Sales Manager  every morning  the General Manager  a report on sales and stock. 2. 1.HIGHLIGHTS 53 Word Order Adverb of time  subject  auxiliary verb  adverb  verb  direct object  indirect object of manner  adverb of place  adverb of time frequency  adverb In the future you will be able to play golf with your son at the club every day. 4. PRACTICE Please organise these sentences. 3. 5.  often  their own objectives  managers  set. .

General Manager Accounting Department Chief Media Chief Creative Department Chief Personnel Manager Clients' Accounts Director .ACTIVITIES 1 53 Please read about these two companies. the larger shareholder. with a vice-president at the head of each division. California. E. Adam Apple. is based in Silicon Valley. Eve Bronson. the minor stockholder. The corporation is organised into two large divisions. C. CHAIRMAN  PRESIDENT  SALES DIVISION  Vice-president for Sales  SALES AREA  Sales Manager   PRODUCTION DI V ISION  Vice-president for Production  MARKETING AREA  Marketing Manager  R & D AREA MANUFACTURING AREA R & D  Factory  Manager Manager A&B A DVERTISING C OMPANY Adam & Eve is a small. T ECNO C ORPORATION Tecno Corp. works both as the firm's Managing Director and Public Relations Official. is also the company's Chief Executive Officer. O. private company with only two partners. It belongs to Eton Oil Company and to Mr Trevor Cutts— Tecno's current Chairman of the Board.

First write a short description and then draw your company's chart. COMPANY NAME ________________________________________________________ COMPANY DESCRIPTION ________________________________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ COMPANY ORGANISATION CHART . and A&B Advertising Company as a model to describe your own company.ACTIVITIES 2 53 Please use the information on Tecno Corp.

Write all the things you would be able to do and the things you wouldn't be able to do. • They won't be able to pay back their credit. 3. 2. 4. PRACTICE Imagine that you were paid a $ 10. • She will be able to manage the problem • They won't sell their production. I would be able to travel round Europe but I wouldn't be able to travel round the world. 1.HIGHLIGHTS Will & Shall 54 Be Able to • I shall come out with George. 6. I wouldn't be able to take over a multinational corporation but __________________________________________________ I wouldn't be able to buy a Rolls-Royce but __________________________________________________ I wouldn't be able to start my own business but __________________________________________________ I would be able to spend three months at a school in US but __________________________________________________ I would be able to fly to New York on the Concorde but __________________________________________________ .000 Christmas bonus at your job. 5.

.ACTIVITIES 1 Please link each verb on the top with three words or expressions from the columns below. an engineer l. a process h. Please use the future tense (shall & will) to write a very short article on investments. a new line 2 54 hire   market   b. research e. E&E's shares are the worst investment.. You can use some of these verbs and nouns:  to go up  to go down  to go public  to build  to earn  gold  bond  recession  agreement  stock  share In my opinion. innovative services g. an assistant o. ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ . in bonds invest   c. take over step up     c e a. a department f. consumer products d. as. in shares j. production You're a journalist at The Wall Street Journal. workers n. in the stock market m. an organisation k. a company i.

3.ACTIVITIES 3 C 4 54 Please link these sentences. as soon as our new patent is approved. 1. as a result of higher salaries. unless productivity grows. 2. Consumption per head is rising A. We won't find a solution to our tax problems G. Please complete this chart with information concerning your company. 6. if we change our agency. in order to supply the market. 5. Advertising expenses will certainly decrease C. Company Name _______________________ Field ________________________________ Brand Names _________________________ Products _____________________________ Nationality ___________________________ Employees ___________________________ Market Share __________________________ . We must invest more in R & D B. until we hire a new consultant. 4. We must step up production by 5 % D. We won't be able to raise salaries F. to be able to market new products. Company value should increase E. 7.

She's on the phone now. Paul Lewis. Is that you. He's not in today. 398 96 12. She isn't at her desk right now. Young speaking. Karen? Is Maria May in? I'd like to contact Ruth. Extension 103. Good morning. His line's engaged. When connecting somebody  I'll connect you. Some other possible questions Could you spell that? Where could I reach him? Could I leave him a message? Do you know where she is? What's her extension number?  Can you wait please? Could you wait a moment?  Could you ask her to phone back? Pardon? Can you please repeat your name? Is he going to take long? When will they be back? .HIGHLIGHTS 55  Telephoning  When answering the phone Hello. Could you connect him? Could you put her through. Can I help you? Wesley Garage. please. Sydney Rubber Co. I'll put you through. When somebody's not available  I think he went out a minute ago. He's not available now. He's busy at the moment.  When asking for somebody May I speak to Chris? I'd like to talk to Andy. Could you put me through to Sid? Can you connect me with Cindy? I must get in touch with Ed. Hold the line. please? When asking somebody to hold on Hold on. please. They're at a meeting.

A. Wait. V. A. V. Speak.ACTIVITIES 1 V. Please use expressions from the list on the back of this page to write two short telephone dialogues. _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ . 2 55 In this dialogue there are expressions which are not suitable for a business telephone conversation. Please cross them off and replace them with the correct words. A. Who are you? What? Give me your name. V. I want to talk to Sid. I am John Jones.

Could you give him a message? Oh! Is he going to be long? Thank you sir. Johnny Henderson.ACTIVITIES 3 55 Please match these questions to their replies. Sorry. Could I leave a message? Smith. C. Pardon? Sorry. Can I help you? F. but Johnny's busy at the moment. please? No. H. My name's Legg. D. 4 1 Please put this dialogue in the right order. I need some paper. please. could you spell it? 223 May I speak to Guy. I. K. Could you put me through to Mr Henderson. E. I'll get a pen. Louis Leonard Legg. Would you like to hold on? . Do you want to speak to Talbot Henderson? Henderson and Son. Who's calling. Just a minute. sir? I don't know. J. but he's out. What's your extension number? A-T-K-I-N-S-O-N Who's calling? Sure. 2 3 4 5 6 7 E A. B. I said Smith. G. Sorry. please? Roy Finch from Glaxon. Of course. 8 9 10 11 H Yes. To his son. No.

to something nice something lost .HIGHLIGHTS 56 Letters Salutation Complimentary Close  Dear Sir Dear Madam  Yours faithfully  or Yours truly Dear Mr Jones Dear Ms Pat Boone  Yours sincerely Dear Elise  Yours Best regards or Kind regards or Regards  Two-word & Three-word Verbs Look forward to  go into  come back  look into  pay back  take over  hand over  lay off  break into  look for  pass through  hold on  put into. Pay attention to the blank spaces. PRACTICE Please link these columns. Look Take Lay Pass Look a worker the call forward for over off through a company.

H. . She believes Motorway Inc.00 Sue called.30 56 Vivian Walters is a financial consultant.50 Mark Stewart asked me to ________ ________ small high-tech companies. 12.ACTIVITIES 1 8.30 so we could go shopping together. 11. will have to ________ ________ more employees.25 George phoned back. I don't know what he's planning.15 Advised Christina Jones not to ________ any more money ________ her factory in Manaus. 11.C.00 Peter asked me to ________ my report _______ to Mary.. She wrote notes about everything on her diary. 9.. Told George not to ________ ________ stocks. a small family firm.35 Mummy came. This morning she's had eight phone calls and a visit. I repeated that he must ________ ________ safer investments. Please fill in the blank spaces with verbs from the list at the back of this page. are planning to ________ ________Boo Shampoo Ltd. I believe they won't be able to ________ it ________.15 Told Mrs Grey to deny a loan to the Sun Hotel Group.00 Phoned Malcolm to tell him that C. 9.. They're too risky in the current economic climate. I told her to ________ ________ to the office at 12. 12. 9. 9.

etc. 355/G). Yours sincerely. Computer Supplies Inc." ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ . "To Jenny Ferguson.ACTIVITIES 2 56 Your boss has written some notes for a letter you must type. 553/L for 80 laser printers. We also cancel order No. London W1.. It is not necessary to write the date or your company’s address. Follow the notes and write the letter using Unit 56 as a model. We haven't received the screens we ordered two months ago. Bud Camper. so we've decided to cancel the order (No. We will not pay for it. 8 Oxford Street.

7. _____________ must be responsible for these miscalculations. Theo's company installs gas turbines in different countries. So you can't find the chequebook! Have you looked________? 6. So he's been almost ______________ in the world. Is _______________ at your area pleased with their manager? 8. _______________ is worse than a stupid boss . I don't know _______________ about computers. 2. 3. _______________ understands this teacher. 1. 5. This office is a mess! You must do __________ about it now. 4.HIGHLIGHTS Pronunciation Telexed faxed looked walked 57 kissed picked searched talked asked checked worked packed Anybody Anyone Anything Anywhere anybody nobody somebody everybody anything nothing something everything anywhere nowhere somewhere everywhere anyone no one someone everyone PRACTICE Please fill the gaps with words from the list above.

 imports  the European Union 2. E.ACTIVITIES 1 A. __________ I never believed something he said. C. B. __________ Don’t do everything until I tell you. 3. 2 57 Please replace the words written in bold by either anything or nothing.  Jenny  work  sometimes at her office  with her boss  advises Vivian  her clients never  before an economic expansion to buy precious metals  when the computer is overloaded  always  this program  terribly slowly  runs . 1. __________ Please put these words in the right order.  from Russia  diamonds  usually developed countries  suffer  high unemployment levels  during a recession  starts  before 9 a.m. 5. __________ Do you have everything interesting in this shop? __________ I understand anything about marketing. 4. Something seems exciting when you’re bored. D.

Maureen is very pleased. However. However. She obtained her degree in Civil Engineering in 1985 and __________ to Australia that same year because a company __________ her a contract there. Maureen had to sell her shares to outside investors. her company soon __________financial problems when interest rates ____________ in the early nineties. At this moment. who now __________ Shanty Shacks Ltd. a friend of hers at Riversoft Inc. The loan was __________ and three years later she was the General Manager of Shanty Shacks Ltd. Therefore. .ACTIVITIES 3 57 Please complete this paragraph using the Simple Present or Simple Past form of the verbs from the list below. Maureen then visited her bank and __________ for a loan to __________ her own business. she immediately __________ Lorna Lynn. a low-cost constructor of wooden houses. Supply  ask  educate  start  live  get  travel  offer  contact  have  grant  arrive  control  contract  increase Maureen Windermere was __________ in England but now __________ in Perth. (the American company that __________ software programs for the construction business) and __________ their representation for Australia. But when she __________ in Australia the company that had __________ her went bankrupt and she was dismissed. Australia.

....... 3.................. 4.............................. 2......... 10... .. Shall we start our advertising campaign now? ........................ 9................................... isn't it? ......45 PM right for the meeting? ................ 6....... Your company's name is CGS................................ Do not repeat any answer but remember there are several possible combinations.............. Would you like to come out to dinner with me? ........ Have you understood my explanations? ................. Would you like to join us for this project? .......................... 5.............. Can you please tell Mary to type this report? ........... Is Thursday at 7...............HIGHLIGHTS 58 Pronunciation Looked checked searched watched telexed faxed closed kissed prepared ordered arrived received turned phoned controlled cancelled harmed confirmed agreed studied tested debited attended needed OK yeah of course excellent sure done Saying Yes Yes agreed right all right PRACTICE fine correct Please answer these questions with ten appropriate words or expressions from the list above........................ Have you closed all the doors? ....................... 8... 7.. Will project Gamma finance itself? .. Shall we interrupt work for a cup of coffee? .......................... 1...

f. Shall _____________________________________________? Excellent. 2 a. b. Would _______________________________ ____________? Right.ACTIVITIES 1 a. j. k. remembered arranged promoted planned wanted kissed specialised dismissed approved believed checked supplied directed guessed danced decreased invested improved reported landed organised reduced supposed calculated liked applied tried travelled provided analysed used produced phoned managed manufactured talked signed needed remained stayed rested automated launched rented confirmed walked returned happened Please write questions for these answers. e. g. 58 Please put a circle around the verb whose pronunciation in Simple Past differs from the rest. Will ______________________________________________? Certainly. c. e. Did ______________________________________________? Yeah. b. . Can ______________________________________________? Sure. Are ______________________________________________? Of course. c. d. h. i. d. f. l.

Noun Agreement Verb Organise Divide Postpone Retire Schedule Reserve Benefit Debit Order Discuss Noun Organisation Please read these lines on how to organise yourself before you make a speech. last of all. ___________ organise your material into sections. third. Use your dictionary if necessary. then. etc.) _______________ decide your objectives. . _______________ divide your speech into three or four chapters. _______________ search for the material you will need to back up your ideas.g. Then fill in the gaps with appropriate words (e. _______________ make sure you have everything ready before you start speaking..ACTIVITIES 3 Verb Agree Contract Finance Merge Research Propose Transfer Receive Contact Estimate 4 58 Please write the missing nouns in these columns.

I'll travel to Sydney __________ by plane____ by ship. They're both too inexperienced. will get the contract. b. In my opinion. I believe n e i t h e r Guy n o r Virginia are suitable for a managerial post. . you must __________ suspend ______ fire her.. PRACTICE 59 Neither & Either I have neither a suit nor a jacket. __________ Wendy _____ Andrea were absent on Monday. _____ Humber Inc. They both fulfil our standards. There’s no other way! e. Alexandra can __________ speak French _____ type. We must decide today. c. It was just a small mistake.. so we will not hire her. Please complete these sentences using neither.. They were both here. a.nor or either. so __________ Fox Ltd. f. You must either wear a suit or a jacket. d.or..HIGHLIGHTS Must You must wear a silk tie You must wear a T-shirt.

b. English either d. . Please give her some practical advice using must & mustn't. smoke or drink at your desk. You must leave after 6 but you mustn't arrive after 8. because they're both fifteen. You can also use some of these verbs: Arrive  smoke  speak  work  use  leave  knock  eat  interrupt  sign  deposit  phone  walk  drink  forget a. c. is the official language Spain nor  or France. a. __________________________________________________ ______________________________ f. at neither Wendy can either  neither go to France or  nor to Spain. c. You must never eat. b. Neither either Tim nor  or Sue are old enough to drive a car. __________________________________________________ ______________________________ d. __________________________________________________ ______________________________ 2 Please cross off the wrong words.ACTIVITIES 1 59 It's Linda's first day at work. I don't need either  neither Tim or  nor Sue. She hasn't got enough time for both countries. __________________________________________________ ______________________________ e.

Please write out the telephone dialogue. please call Mr Dougall from Britsoft. Kay: Sugar Cane Industries. You: Hello. about the things she must do today. It's me. _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ . What do you need me to do? You: First of all.ACTIVITIES 3 59 You are ill at home and you're now talking to your secretary. Kay: Oh. I can't go to work today because I've got a flu and a temperature. Kay. Kay. sorry to hear that. Kay Moss speaking.30 appointment with him. You must cancel my 9.

changing jobs now.000 per month suit you? ___________________________________________________________ Could you travel for at least two weeks a month? ___________________________________________________________ Would you be ready to move to Chicago? ___________________________________________________________ . now. PRACTICE You're being interviewed for a job at a travel agency. A B C D E Is your English good enough for this job? ___________________________________________________________ We need hard workers. • A new job is out of the question for me. now. Are you interested? ___________________________________________________________ Would a salary of US$ 1. change change change change change jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs now. now. Answer these questions using affirmative expressions (see Unit 58) or negative expressions (see the list above). now.HIGHLIGHT 60 Saying No • No • I'm not really keen on • I'm not interested in • • • • • It's impossible for me to I'm afraid I can't I'd rather not I won't I can't changing jobs now.

ACTIVITIES 1 Infinitive wake up drive spend take speak eat write give come leave 2 60 Please write the missing verbs. Past woke up Infinitive do make go meet fly drink buy sleep tell say Past did Please write the abbreviations of the expressions below in the crossword puzzle. Some answers are given as clues. M B Down Letter of Credit  Memorandum Company  Enclosed  Doctor Value Added Tax Research and Development As Soon As Possible International Monetary Fund A L T C E O Across  Long-term  Corporation  Road  Chief Executive Officer R D  Managing Director  Incorporated Be careful! The definitions and the  Curriculum Vitae  Limited  Master in Business Administration answers are not in the same order. .

Please answer her request politely.ACTIVITIES 3 60 Lindsay Arrow has sent you an e-mail offering you a job as a manager at the G&G bank. either accepting or rejecting her proposal _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ .

com www.englishphone.Andrew . Miles is the director of English for Business Barcelona. English for Business Madrid and English Phone English for Business Barcelona teaches English lessons to companies in the Barcelona www.madridenglish.barcelonaenglish. English Phone provides lessons by telephone to students who want to improve their oral communication skills www. English for Business Madrid teaches English lessons to companies in the Madrid area.

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