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Olivia Svacha: Teaching Philosophy

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“Teachers are what make all professions possible”
Teachers are truly the heart, soul, and pulse of every profession. Without teachers, there
would not be lawyers, doctors, engineers, scientists, etc. Therefore, behind every successful
individual is a passionate educator. The impact of a teacher is never-ending and empowering. I
became a part of secondary education due strongly to this concept. I want to take part in a
profession that is bigger than myself, because each individual is the result of several dedicated
“Education is more than facts and skills, it is a socializing experience that helps build society”
– Ira Shor
Teaching the word and the world should be present in every unit. Students should always
be able to make connections between the material and everyday life. From this, they will be able
to understand the implications of literature within the world. They will then be able to join
society with the knowledge to use their education in the world. Therefore, socially relevant
lessons will not only form interest in the topic, but will form the skill of making connections
between education and society. I believe this is key to student participation and higher education
within society. I hope to always incorporate social relevance in the classroom, because it is such
an important aspect of student development.
“The rose that grew from concrete.”
- Tupac Shakur
Individual students face many obstacles on a daily basis. The teacher may not know
everything a student is working through but he/she should always care. Amidst these obstacles,
students should still grow in education and knowledge through the help of the teacher.
Essentially, against all odds, the student should advance due to teacher assistance. I hope to
always keep a sense of empathy while teaching and embody the belief that students can always
succeed despite the obstacles they face.
“Seek 1 student out of the 99”
-David Kirkland
During any given day, a teacher interacts with over 100 students. Many students will be
eager and willing to learn. They may strive for academic success and teacher approval. In
opposition, there are also potentially disengaged or reluctant learners in the classroom. The
teacher who goes beyond accommodating only the eager learners will find more success as an
educator. I plan to reach both reluctant and eager learners through differentiation in the
classroom. Different lessons with creative activities are more inclined to welcome all types of
learners and encourage participation in the classroom.
To summarize, it is the job of every educator to teach all students. I plan to accomplish this
through using socially relevant material, making connections with students and differentiating
instruction to reach even the most reluctant learners. Through these methods, I hope to be an
empowering educator that is able to reach all students on different levels.
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