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Take this handbook
with you to Washington, DC!

NEA Convention
July 2 – July 7

WEA Delegate Handbook

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Table of Contents
• NEA Convention Work Team Members and Information Sites ~ Page 1
• Tentative Schedule ~ Page 2
• Questions? ~ Page 3
• Delegate Website ~ Page 3
• NEA Headquarter Hotel ~ Page 4
• What to Wear and Group Dress Days ~ Page 4
• “Must Haves” Checklist ~ Page 5
• Travel to Washington, DC ~ Page 5
• Transportation from Airport to Our Hotels ~ Page 6
• Hotel Arrangements ~ Page 7
• Hotel Amenities ~ Page 8
• Coffee and Meals during NEA RA ~ Page 9
• Enjoy Washington, DC ~ Page 8
• Transportation between the NEA RA and Our Hotels ~ Page 10
• Frequently Asked Metro Questions ~ Page 10
• Guidelines and Transportation for Delegates with Physical Challenges ~ Page 13
• RA Seating Options for Physically Challenged Delegates ~ Page 14
• Wheelchairs, Electric Scooters, and Medical Supplies ~ Page 14
• Pre-Conference Information and Special Events ~ Page 15
• Daycare ~ Camp NEA ~ Page 16
• NEA Registration ~ Page 16
• Delegate Seating at the RA ~ Page 17
• State Contacts ~ Page 17
• Responsibilities of the State Contact ~ Page 17
• New Delegate Orientation ~ Page 18
• Welcome Delegate Reception ~ Page 18
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• Washington State Caucus ~ Page 18
• The NEA Representative Assembly ~ Page 19
• WiFi Access at Annual Meeting and RA ~ Page 19
• Parliamentary Procedures ~ Page 19
• Voting on the RA Floor ~ Page 20
• Voting at the Polls ~ Page 20
• States Compete for Championship Award ~ Page 21
• Special Interest Caucuses ~ Page 21
• NEA’s Community Service Outreach Projects ~ Page 22
• Donations ~ Page 23
• NEA Blood Drive ~ Page 24
• NEA Fund for Children and Public Education Political Action Fundraising at the
National Level and Frequently Asked Questions ~ Page 25
• Annual Meeting Offices and Phone Numbers ~ Page 27
• Post Offices ~ Liquor Store ~ Grocery Stores ~ Page 28
• Dining Options ~ Early Morning Breakfast Options Outside Our Hotels ~ Page 29
• NEA Shuttle Bus Routes, State Delegations’ Hotels, & Boarding Locations ~ Page 31
• Walking Directions from JW Marriott to the Convention Center ~ Page 33
• Walking Directions from JW Marriott to Metro Center Station ~ Page 34
• Metro Trip Planner website – Metro Route Options from Metro Center Station to the
Convention Center ~ Page 34
• Metro System Map ~ Page 36
• 2016 Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly Tentative Agenda and Event
Schedule ~ Page 37
• Safety Tips ~ Page 41
• Medical Information for Area ~ Page 42
• Emergency Procedures ~ Page 44
• Notes & Memories ~ Page 45
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The 2016 NEA Representative Assembly, the 154nd Annual Meeting, will be
held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.
Pre-conference and special events are in area hotels and various locations.
Our Washington delegation will be housed at the JW Marriott Washington
DC, located at 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue NW; Washington, DC 20004.
Some delegates will be housed at the W Washington Hotel, located at 515
15th Street NW.
All Washington delegation caucus meetings will be at the JW Marriott Hotel.

Work Team Members are:
Andrea Fuller, Co-Chairperson (
Pam Fuelling, Co-Chairperson (
Committee Members: Jeb Binns, Mary Clift, Mark Cole, Debra Hansen,
Lynn Maiorca, Lindsey Mead, Kit Raney, and Deborah Strayer.
Sharon Closson, WEA Staff Advisor (
This conference is the culmination of a year of planning at the local, state
and national level. A special thanks to the NEA Convention Work Team for
sharing their time, energy and talents.

Before the convention, if you need assistance or have questions,
contact Sharon Closson at or 509-324-2162.
During the convention, if you need assistance, please contact
Sharon Closson on her cell phone at 509-990-9516.
An electronic version of the delegate packet can be found on the
“delegate resources” page.

Tentative Schedule Delegates will be involved in many activities.m.-5:00 p. Registration and Exhibits – Convention Center. Human and Civil Rights Awards Dinner – Convention Center.m. Hall D-E 2|Page . July 1. including special interest caucus meetings. Welcome Delegate Dessert Reception –JW Marriott Hotel. game Read Across America at the Washington Nationals game – Nationals Park 6:00 p.m.m.m.-5:00 p.m.-3:15 p.m. Hall B 9:00 a. Monday Wear your Red.-1:00 p. Representative Assembly – Convention Center.-9:00 a. State Caucus Meeting – JW Marriott Hotel.m.m. Registration.-10:00 p. Lunch ~ on your own 1:00 p.-1:00 p. Salon III-IV 12:00 p.-3:00 p.m. campaigns and nonprofit fundraising.Convention Center 10:00 a.m. Look for the WEA Welcome Letter as you check into your hotel! July 2.-5:00 p. State Contact Meeting – JW Marriott Hotel. Level L2. Sunday No state caucus meeting 9:00 a. times and dates that follow represent a tentative schedule. as well as various activities with other delegates and family members. Open Hearings . Level 1 – Street Level 8:00 p.m.m. Many activities will be subject to change. Salon III-IV 10:00 a. Level L2.m.-6:00 p. 2nd State Caucus meeting – JW Marriott Hotel. Penn Avenue Terrace July 3.Delegates arrive at the J W Marriott Washington DC Hotel and the W Washington Hotel. Salon III-IV 3:15 p.m. Saturday 9:00 a.m.m.m. Room 102B inside the doors of the L Street Entrance.-9:30 a.m. Level 3 Ballroom ABC www.m. NEW Delegate Orientation – JW Marriott Hotel.m.nea.m. lower level. Salon III-IV 3:00 p. 1st State Caucus meeting – JW Marriott Hotel. Salon III-IV 10:30 a. White and Blue! 7:00 for tickets and other information July 4. Empowered Educators Day – Convention Center. Registration – bring photo id and credentials – Convention Center. Exhibits. lower level--Exhibits in Hall A & Registration in Hall B Delegate registration – Convention Center.m. Hall B Registration for delegates with physical challenges – Convention Center.m. Friday .m.m.-12:00 p. Room 146 ABC 1:35 p. but the events.m.-10:00 p.

Delegates may choose from among the contents of the complete delegate packet and download to their tablet. DC. 3|Page . Hall D-E NEA GLBT Caucus Robert Birle Dinner – Renaissance Downtown Hotel http://www. State Caucus Meeting – J W Marriott Hotel.washingtonea. Hall D-E Voting time 10:00 a.July 6 July 6.m.) http://saveourschoolsmarch.-Adjourn Group Dress Day! Wear a RED (for public education) shirt! State Caucus Meeting – JW Marriott Hotel. however.m.m. Salon III-IV Representative Assembly – Convention (http://ra. *Ex Officio delegates with limited voting rights may only vote for amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws on July 6.m.m.m.-6:00 p.m.-6:00 p. 10:00 a. check our web site at https://www. Hall D-E July 8. Questions? Contact • Andrea Fuller via email at sultanpresident@washingtonea. Salon III-IV Representative Assembly – Convention Center.-9:00 a.m.-midnight Washington’s delegation and Washington Ex-Officio Delegates’ voting – Convention Center ~ Hall B. Thursday 7:00 a. State Caucus Meeting – JW Marriott Hotel. 6:00 p.July 5.m. will not provide expenses to attend.-9:00 for tickets and other information July 7. smartphone or laptop in advance of travel to Washington.nea. we post ~~~~~~~~~~ For the most up-to-date information.m.-9:00 to provide a one-stop shopping venue for RA delegates.m. Friday Return home with many good memories! Travel safely! July 8. Saturday Save Our Schools rally and march at the Lincoln Memorial (Please note that WEA encourages support. When new information is received. Salon III-IV 10:00 • Sharon Closson via email at sclosson@washingtonea. as soon as it’s available for posting.m. 10:00 a. July 5 .) The site will contain the entire 2016 delegate registration packet in electronic format.nea-glbtcdinner. (No password is necessary to access this at her office 1-509-324-2162 or cell phone 1-509-990-9516 Delegate Website A delegate website has been set up on nea. Tuesday Group Dress Day! Wear your Washington team gear -SEAHAWKS or other favorite Washington team gear! 7:00 a. Wednesday 7:00 a.m. Representative Assembly – Convention Center.

and more. Please note that the convention center is air conditioned. ~~~~~~~~~~ Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly Tentative Agenda The tentative NW. Washington Convention Center. NBI forms. 4|Page .washingtonea. Most delegates dress casually for the RA sessions. July 3. can be found at the back of this handbook. NEA Headquarter Hotel The NEA Headquarters Hotel is the Marriott to place your order before RA! The NEA Convention Work Team designed this shirt which is available from the WEA Store for $16. Wear red for public education! The WEA Store has red gear! Check out to place your order. attire ranges from dresses and suits.Green delegate participants should build out document libraries in advance to have everything at their digital fingertips prior to the opening gavel. The site will also include links to all of the forms and everything they need for the RA. such as NBI Checklist. current at the time of printing this handbook. proposed amendments. on July 5 wear their SEAHAWKS or other Washington team gear. What to Wear On the convention floor. to casual jeans and shorts and sandals. July 4. and on July 7 wear their red shirt. located at 901 Massachusetts Avenue.nea. Updated agenda will be posted at http://ra. daily issues of RA Today. It is walking distance from the Walter E. we are asking WEA delegates to wear their red-white-blue. Contact Brooke Mattox-Ball (bmattox@washingtonea. and July 7 are group shirt days! This year on July 4. elections. July 5. so bring a sweater or jacket! Dress for the Human and Civil Rights Awards Dinner on Sunday. is formal.

34 miles away. State Delegates making and personally paying for their airfare are encouraged to shop for roundtrip fares priced at no more than $750.“Must Haves” Checklist -This handbook -Good walking shoes -Delegate registration materials and credentials card (mailed by NEA in midJune) -Delegate packet ~ or download from delegate website -Hotel reservation confirmation -Picture ID (required for registration) -Sweater or jacket (for convention center) -Be prepared and aware that restaurant prices and taxi fares are high. Travel time from the airport to these hotels is approximately 30 minutes. There are two airport shuttle options available from the Ronald Reagan 5|Page . DC by July 1 and depart on July 8. Local delegates need to coordinate with their local association or UniServ staff regarding travel reservations and payment arrangements. depending upon traffic conditions. Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI). Plan to arrive in Washington. 26. There are three area airports in DC—Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD). You may spend more $ than planned. white and blue clothing to wear on July 4 -Seahawks/Washington team gear to wear on July 5 -Red shirt to wear for group dress on July 7 -Money and membership forms for NEA Fund for Children and Public Education and “at home” fundraising efforts in collection envelope -Money for State Contact Silent Auction (see page 17) -If you received an expense check for your lodging. -Money for transportation to and from the airport to the hotel -Money for your meals. sight-seeing. Travel to Washington. Transportation from the airport is accessible outside baggage claim. you will be required to pay for your room at check out. State Delegates will receive an email on how to contact the WEA Travel Agent to have their airfare directly billed to WEA.5 miles away. Ask your local association or UniServ council to clarify before you go. souvenir purchases and other fun -Red. Transportation from the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) Airport to our hotels Neither the JW Marriott Hotel nor the W Washington Hotel provide airport shuttle service. DC The nearest airport to our hotels and the convention is the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA).

To access shared ride services. with sufficient time to get through security and to your airline’s departure gate in time for your flight. call 1-800-258-3826 and press 1 for dispatch or 2 for reservations. One-way taxi fare is approximately $20. depending upon traffic time. Check-in 24 hours in advance via the airline’s website. For your return trip to the airport.Washington National Airport. Taxi fare to/from the airport to our hotel is about $20 plus tip. For more information. Travel time between the airport and the hotel is approximately 30 minutes. Arrive at the airport early. • Supreme Airport Shuttle (yellow vans) door-to-door some services suggest pick up at the hotel 2-3 hours before flight departure times. please call 1-800-590-0000 or visit Don’t wait until you get to the airport! Be prepared for long airport security lines. Allow additional time for long security lines at the airport. • SuperShuttle (blue vans) door-to-door service. proceed to the baggage claim area. supershuttle. For information or to schedule service. • For taxi service: Go outside to the doorman who will direct a taxi to pick you up. Both services offer one-way and roundtrip shuttle. call 1800-BLUEVAN or go to supershuttle. 6|Page . • Shuttle service: Contact your shuttle service the day before departure (or sooner). After hours. To access shared ride Shuttles operate based on demand. supremeairportshuttle. Taxi service is available 24 hours. Transportation to the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport from hotels Neither the JW Marriott Hotel nor the W Washington Hotel provide airport shuttle Shuttles operate based on demand. proceed to the outside curb or contact a SuperShuttle representative. Be aware that for your returning flight.

Pets are allowed at the W Washington Hotel. however. 7|Page . Sharon Closson will make lodging arrangements for State Their room and tax will be paid by WEA.Hotel Arrangements Washington’s headquarter hotel is the: JW Marriott Washington DC 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. while others give delegates a check for their expenses and they are expected to use part of it to pay for lodging. Please confirm with your local association or UniServ in advance so you understand what is expected of not at the JW Marriott Both hotels are smoke-free facilities. or cash) to cover any incidental charges. Check-in time is 4:00 p. Unused deposit amounts will be credited back to that person upon check-out. When checking into the Some Washington delegates are staying at the: W Washington Hotel 515 15 Street NW. Washington. each person will be required to pay a $100 deposit fee (can be paid either by credit card. The hotel will contact individuals should their deposit amount on file fall below $50 and will require an additional amount to bring the deposit level back up to $100. If you choose to have a single room instead. Most delegates are expected to room with another delegate to save money. Some local associations pay for their Local Delegates’ lodging directly with the hotel. single or double occupancy. Those choosing to have a single room will need to pay for half of the room and tax at check-out.m. DC 20004 1-202-393-2000 is the hotel’s main phone number website ~ http://www. If you are a State Delegate and you wish to lodge with a specific Local Delegate. debit card. State Delegates are expected to room with another delegate. State Delegates will find a link to the lodging request form on our WEA webpage at https://www. DC 20004 1-202-661-2400 is the hotel’s main phone number th website ~ http://www.washingtonea. Washington.85 per night). you will need to pay for half of the room and tax at check-out. Nightly rates per room are $199 + 14.wwashingtondc. based on double occupancy. indicate on your lodging request form that delegate’s name and the name of their local association.5% tax (approximately $227. and check-out time is noon.

Space for one child’s crib. microwaves available upon request ~ quantity limited • Fitness gym and spa • FareWell kiosk to print airline boarding pass 8|Page . available for a fee in guest rooms Hotel Amenities ~ W Washington Hotel • • • • • • 2 blocks from JW Marriott Hotel Complimentary wifi in guest rooms Pets welcome In room safe Mini refrigerators/mini bar Business center • Larger refrigerators. please contact Sharon Closson and she will be happy to help answer these questions for you: sclosson@washingtonea. Also. To cancel reservations. it can take up to two weeks for their account to be refunded.JW Marriott Hotel at 1-202-393-2000…W Washington Hotel at 1-202-661-2400. coffee or 509-324-2162 before the conference or during the conference at 509-990-9516. Members can guarantee everything with a credit card and can switch to pay with a debit card upon check-out. Caution on Use of Debit Cards: The amount will be directly deducted from the person’s account versus a “reservation” on an amount if a debit card is used. • Hair dryer • Robe • Chair • Alarm clock • In room safe • Desk. USB port • Iron and ironing board • Room service 24 hours • Complimentary bottled water • 24 hour business center • Daily newspaper in lobby or in room upon request • Fitness center • Indoor pool and whirlpool • Coffee maker/tea • Mini refrigerator • 47 inch flat-screen TV • Concierge desk • Complimentary wireless in lobby and public areas.Cancellation or changes to hotel reservations must be made with the hotel 48 hours (2 days) prior to arrival to avoid payment of one night’s lodging. electrical outlet. call your hotel…. Hotel Amenities ~ JW Marriott Hotel • Rollaway beds are not permitted. If the debit card is used for the $100 incidentals charge. If you have any questions or problems with this. each person must check in with the hotel front desk upon arrival. to avoid billing errors. writing/work station..

just steps from the White House and near the National Mall. DC Dinner is a time to enjoy the city and the company of friends. You may bring coffee from your room to the caucus. The cost to provide each delegate with coffee service would be between $2. WEA is not responsible for the nutritional value.000 per day.000 and $ and start planning your trip today! Visit the Smithsonian! http://www. Lunch time is usually a short break at the convention center. The Metro is located a short walk away! For more information. This is the time to explore and get to know Washington. Enjoy Washington. food and drink must be provided by the hotel. they serve their own food. You may bring your lunch back into the caucus room to eat if you wish. accessible restaurants or delis near the convention center and hotel. As with most convention centers. Each year. Please check with your local association or UniServ council for details. Multiple breakfast options are available in the hotels and surrounding area. WEA believes this cost is excessive. Most Washington delegates receive an advance payment to cover the cost of their meals. DC! Our hotels are located in the heart of the city’s downtown district. Delegates will often dine in small groups and some councils set aside a night for members to have dinner together. visit https://washington.Coffee and Meals during NEA RA All hotels have similar rules regarding food and drink on their property. You will only have a short break on July 2 for lunch. old and new. Delegates often like to scout out easy. When hotel meeting rooms are used. taste or cost of food items provided at the convention 9|Page . delegates ask why WEA does not provide complimentary coffee service at our early morning caucus meetings.

Be sure to visit it. What happens if I lose my Metro pass? Delegates should keep passes in a safe place to avoid loss or theft. Frequently Asked Metro Questions When will I receive the Metro pass? At our first delegate caucus meeting at the JW Marriott Hotel on July 2. At many stations. The Metro station is about a block from the JW Marriott Hotel. Shuttle bus service will be provided to delegates registered as Physically Challenged and to all delegates requiring service for the bus transfer following the Joint Conference for Women & Minorities on July 1 and for the HCR Dinner on July 3. It closes every night at midnight. www. on weekdays. 10 | P a g e . timetables. It is gate-activated and becomes effective on the date it is first used. the last train departs before system closing time so it is important that you allow enough time to enter the system and board the train. When traveling late at night.wmata. NEA will provide complimentary Metro passes to each delegate. The pass furnished by NEA entitles riders to 7 days of unlimited usage.m. schedules. on weekends/holidays and 5:00 a.NEA Shuttle Buses ~ Our Hotels are a “Metro Only Hotel” Our delegates will use the Metro to go to the convention center and from the convention center to our hotels. Last train departure times are posted at each station kiosk. Please review the following information for details keeping in mind Metro’s hours and fares are subject to change. routes. be alert to planned closures and delays caused by Metro’s Maintenance Plan that went into effect June is a terrific resource for maps. Replacements may be purchased from Metro for the remaining days. July 2. and fares. be sure to check the scheduled departure time for the last train. Important note: Metro opens at 7:00 a. Also. The Metro web site.m. These passes will be distributed at our first caucus meeting at the JW Marriott Hotel on Saturday. Are there any restrictions on usage of the pass? No.

cfm NEA Shuttle Buses to Other Delegation Hotels (our hotels are “Metro only” hotels) NEA-hired shuttle buses provide complimentary transportation to and from NEA hotels and the convention center. 11 | P a g e . Metro is extremely crowded. use an app or sign up to receive Metro alerts https://wmat.m. The buses run throughout the day during the two pre-convention days. How will NEA manage crowds at the Metro station? Delegates who have difficulty with crowds should consider walking or taking a taxi. we suggest you take a taxi. as well as onto the shuttle buses. Fortunately. and state delegations staying at each of these hotels are at the back of this handbook. allowing delegates to register and visit the exhibits. an NEA delegate can ride any shuttle bus to visit another official NEA convention hotel or some part of the city that may be near one of those hotels. When delays or breakdowns occur. Metro generally responds to riders with instructions and information. On July 4th following the fireworks. The listing of the official NEA shuttle bus routes. Do you have suggestions to make travel on Metro easier? Yes. What happens if Metro breaks down or is otherwise delayed? Unfortunately. A delegate’s family may be registered at the convention center and receive a special badge that allows admittance into the exhibits and into the family section of the assembly hall.How will I take luggage to the convention center on the last day of the RA if I use Metro? If your bags are difficult to manage on Metro. or so when the fireworks display ends. the crowds typically start traveling to the Mall when the RA is in session and will not be on the trains until 10:00 p. delays and breakdowns are common so delegates who opt for Metro are forewarned about the need to be flexible. locations where to board the shuttles. and to all other official convention activities. With an official

 For Human and Civil Rights Awards Dinner only on Sunday.  First priority for seating on any bus route will go to delegates housed in hotels on that route. South Building ~ Room 102B on July 2-3.  Continuous shuttle service operates for the first two days only. limited shuttle bus service (see daily schedule for details)  Family members/guests of NEA delegates may ride the shuttle bus on a space-available basis.  Delegates requiring Physically Challenged Transportation Services must register ahead of time. July 3. in Hall D on July 4-7 12 | P a g e . South Building ~ Room 102A NEA Physically Challenged Transportation Office ~ 1-202-249-4018 ~ Convention Center.  The busing schedule follows the timing and locations of official functions only. NEA Shuttle Bus Office ~ 1-202-249-4020 ~ Convention Center.Shuttle Guidelines:  Busing is provided to delegates housed in official NEA hotels only.

Emergency Medical Area personnel will provide documentation which the delegate needs to present to personnel in the Physically Challenged office (for services) and at the Delegate Registration (to change voting location). Drop-off and pick-up locations will correspond to the dates and be convenient to the designated PC office location. This year. delegates who qualify for Physically Challenged Services must have filled out the Physically Challenged Delegates Request Form by June 1. The layout of the Walter E. you must submit only ONE of the following three choices: 1. On July 2-3. For those delegates who do not meet the above criteria. 2016 and registered on-site at PC Delegate Registration. eliminating the need for PC Delegates to make their way to General Registration. delegates who have been approved for physically challenged services consistently over the past 3 years will not have to submit documentation to receive services. 13 | P a g e .nea. Washington Convention Center. 2. Washington Convention Center necessitates two separate locations for the Office of Physically Challenged Services. • Routine delegate registrations that don’t require adjustments will be made at the PC office in Room 102B. On July 4-7. A valid state-issued vehicle registration card with Physically Challenged endorsement. Delegates should verify their preferred voting location upon registration at the Walter E.) Any injuries sustained at the Annual Meeting should be reported to Emergency Medical Services. To receive special services. they will be based in Room 102B on the L Street level of the convention center’s south building. • Voting for PC-Registered Delegates will take place in the PC Office area in Hall D. (Handicapped car placards are no longer 3.Guidelines for Delegates with Physical Challenges This information and links can be found at http://ra. A signed physician’s prescription form indicating the need for Physically Challenged Services dated within the past six months. • Handicapped car placards are not accepted as documentation to qualify for services. If an on-site injury requires special services or change in voting location. they will move to Hall D on the upper level of the north building. A signed letter dated within the past six months from your physician on his/her letterhead indicating the need for Physically Challenged Services.

Wheelchairs. but are not regular users of wheelchairs. Transportation is provided for official Annual Meeting events only and does not include airport transfers. NEA will make every effort to arrange floor seating if notified by June 1st.Transportation for Physically Challenged Delegates To receive transportation services. To comply with fire codes and accommodate the growing number of delegates in the Physically Challenged Seating area of the RA floor. or through their website at Once you make your seating decision. Additional seating will be available with chairs set theater style. 2016. To guarantee seating with our state delegation. NEA rents several wheelchairs for people who need a chair to navigate the Walter E. 2016. Electric Scooters. science. and Medical Supplies Physically Challenged delegates who own their own chairs are expected to bring their own equipment.lenoxmedicalsupply. by contacting Scooter Plus Rentals toll-free at (866) 474-4356. delegates who qualify for Physically Challenged Services must have filled out the online Physically Challenged Delegates Request Form and submitted it by June 1. 14 | P a g e . Washington Convention Center. Motorized wheelchairs or electric scooters can be rented. there will be one table between two delegates to share in the wheelchair and scooter accessible area. and politics. While it may not appear complicated. please stay with the decision. you must have submitted your request via the online Physically Challenged Delegates Request Form by June 1. at the delegate's expense. RA seating is a challenge combining skills in art. RA Seating Options for Physically Challenged Delegates Physically Challenged delegates have an option to be seated with their state delegations or in the Physically Challenged designated area.

Pre-Conference Information and Special Events There are many pre-conference activities and meetings. http://ra. Wednesday. Tuesday. June 29  NEA-Retired Annual Meeting – Washington Renaissance (June 29-30)  Student Leadership Conference – Hyatt Regency Capital Hill (June 29-July 2)  Ethnic Leaders – Washington Hilton Thursday and Friday. June 30-July 1  Joint Conference on Concerns of Minorities & Women – Washington Hilton Friday. will not provide expenses to attend. July 8  Save our Schools rally and march ~ Lincoln Memorial (Please note that WEA encourages support. 28. Check with your local association or UniServ council for scholarship information. July 6  NEA GLBT Caucus Robert Birle Dinner ~ Renaissance Downtown Saturday. Please visit the NEA web site for a full list and registration information.nea. July 2  Read Across America at the Washington Nationals game ~ Nationals Park Sunday. 29 and 30  National Council of Urban Education Associations Meeting – Mayflower Hotel Wednesday.) 15 | P a g e . however. June 27. Thursday. July 3  Human and Civil Rights Awards Dinner ~ Convention Please note that registration and lodging costs to attend these activities are not covered by WEA. Level 3 Ballroom ABC Wednesday. July 1  NEA Board of Directors Meeting – Marriott Marquis Saturday. Some popular events before and during NEA RA are: Monday.

NEA is not offering preregistration for families or guests. beginning Saturday.Daycare ~ Camp NEA NEA provides limited fee-based daycare for children of delegates. Because space is limited. or did not receive your badge/registration card before leaving home. During registration on July 2-3 any delegate not designated as “green” may indicate to NEA staff that they would like to do so.m. as well as onto the shuttle buses.nea. Delegates do not need to go through the delegate registration line. GREEN Delegates ~ All delegates are encouraged to visit http://ra. To which contain all official business documents of the NEA Representative Assembly as well as the RA program and other Annual Meeting information. Guests and a delegate’s family may register at the convention center and receive a special badge that allows admittance into the exhibits and into the family section of the assembly hall. Washington Convention Center. If you lost. to 5:00 p. delegates must have their photo ID and the badge/registration card (credentials) received from NEA. NEA is accepting reservations via website and http://ra. delegates must be marked in attendance. To be marked in attendance. A $10 fee will be assessed for each day that a registered camper does not show up for camp. Delegates that have requested to be “green” through local and state election reporting. register at one of the “Delegate Adjustment” counters at registration. please visit the NEA RA web site at https://www. 16 | P a g e .m. will see the letter “G” printed on the right side of their badge and receive a Green Delegate ribbon. July 2 at the Walter E.accentregister. Hall B. They must register at the convention center at the Non-Delegate kiosk computers where families and guests type in their name and the sponsor’s name/state affiliate. In order to be eligible to vote.nea. NEA registration staff at that counter will verify the sponsor’s status via their official badge and/or ID. need changes to. The sponsor’s presence is required to pick up the badge(s) at the Non-Delegate counters a few feet away. For additional information and registration link. registration staff must scan the delegate registration card. Materials are posted upon NEA Registration Delegate registration for the NEA RA 2016 will be from 9:00 a.

m. Seating will be alphabetical by state. The State Contact seats are presented for silent auction. etc.-11:30 a. Monies will be collected. • “Guest for a Day” seats in the front row with leadership will also be available for silent auction.  Speak at our caucus meeting about an issue from your NEA State Contact. Bids are limited to not more than three states per member. WEA Seating Options: • Aisle seats.m. • All other seating will be open for delegates. and the seat next to it. Responsibilities of a State Contact  Keep track of WEA’s positions on New Business Items. Resolutions. with the proceeds benefiting the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education. State Contacts A silent auction for NEA State Contact positions will be held on July 2 starting at 10:00 a. NEA Convention Work Team member. Successor delegates and guests. the winner pays the highest bid and waives the other two bids. meet with Mary Clift.-2:00 p. are set aside for State Contacts.m. Times may change and will be announced depending upon caucus schedule. Each delegate will receive a chair back cover to insert their name placard. due to budget considerations for state affiliates. and 1:00 p. There will be two possible bidding sessions: 10:00 a. on the form provided. If a member wins more than one bid. The beginning bid for each state will be $25 with $5 increments. have a designated seating area.m. 17 | P a g e . A winning bid will include an aisle seat and the seat beside it for a fellow delegate. and those two State Contact positions are awarded to the next highest bidder. NEA has discontinued the State Contact gift giving.m.Delegate Seating at the Representative Assembly NEA assigns where each state will be seated on the convention floor. as well as physically challenged delegates. for a brief orientation. Share our positions with your NEA State Contact. upon their request. If you are a first time State Contact.

The purpose of the caucus meetings is to discuss the issues and possibly take a position. You will receive an invitation when you check in at our first caucus meeting that same day. Ready and Going by 7:00 a.a small handbook that keeps one abreast of scheduled events). as well as issues on which the general body has taken action. American Fidelity. All caucus meetings will be held at the JW Marriott Hotel in Salon III-IV. There are no state caucus meetings on July 3. AON Hewitt.” The issues are the same as our own WEA RA: • Standing Rules: that govern the convention • Constitution and Bylaws Amendments: the ultimate rules that govern our association • Resolutions: the philosophical statements of the association . Many delegates mark our positions directly on the RA TODAY. Washington holds two caucus meetings -.m. each day ~ July 4.. Plus.m.” • New Business Items: that require some action by the association WEA attempts to stay ahead of the published schedule of the RA (which delegates receive upon registration . WEA also has hand held signs which post any caucus positions and are displayed during debate on the RA floor.m.! WEA holds its state caucus meetings at 7:00 a. and WEA are jointly sponsoring this reception.m.m.m. to 3:00 p. work 18 | P a g e . a new delegate orientation will be held. and NEA Directors -. transport.m.first from 10:00 a.“We believe.m. to 12 noon and the second from 1:00 p. Be sure to check in daily to register for the drawing! Welcome Delegate Reception A Welcome Delegate Dessert Reception is scheduled for July 2 from 8:00-10:00 p. The newspaper format is easy to handle. 5. We also hold a prize drawing during each caucus meeting for our new delegates.will remind the delegation of its collective position when each session begins. This is the time when delegates can comfortably question and debate the issues in the “privacy of our own room.the President. at the JW Marriott Hotel on the Penns Ave Terrace. 6 and 7. On July 2 at 9:00-9:30 a.New Delegate Orientation A new delegate orientation will take place July 2 at 9 a.. The leadership of WEA -. Bring the invitation with you for a complimentary beverage! Join us for some fun! Washington State Caucus ~ Up. shortly before our first state caucus meeting at the JW Marriott Hotel in Salon III-IV.. a daily publication that describes the issues to be considered. on July 2. Vice President.

proceed to any microphone where blank forms are available. please note there will be limitations within the convention center’s WiFi network on the RA floor. To speak to the assembly. so the paper is most helpful. laptops. The NEA Representative Assembly The annual NEA RA is a legislative and directive body consisting of some 9. s/he is allowed to speak for three minutes. However. It becomes a daily accumulative document. make a motion. If a delegate is speaking for the delegation (in accordance with the caucus position). Stay at the microphone in order to be recognized. WiFi Access at Annual Meeting and RA NEA continues to engage and work with convention hall and service providers that will provide us with the most up-to-date technology in support of the Annual Meeting and RA. please go to one of the floor microphones. If a delegate is speaking as an individual. or make an announcement during our caucus meetings. at the café and registration. In order to ask a question. WEA’s leadership will help any delegate with questions about speaking. After working in the state caucus room. 19 | P a g e . RA TODAY also prints feature stories about delegates. Complete the form and give it to the person staffing the phone. who will call the request into the chair. similar to our own WEA RA. delegates are encouraged to download their materials to their devices prior to arrival at the convention center.4 million members of the NEA. and other older devices may not be technically compatible with the convention center’s network may not be able to connect to WiFi. first-time delegates are surprised to discover the tiny working space they have on the assembly floor (their lap). To allow for maximum possible connectivity. which will include WiFi connectivity at the convention center.000+ elected representatives of the more than 3. the NEA Expo. please check your device’s compatibility and plan accordingly. To ensure a productive on-site experience. The RA is a democratic body and any delegate may speak to a matter before the assembly. s/he may speak for two minutes.with and read. and other areas in these vicinities—in particular older smart phones. so be sure to keep each RA edition. Parliamentary Procedures Parliamentary guidelines for NEA RA can be found in the handbook each delegate receives when registering at the convention center.

Voting at the Polls Voting for candidates for NEA office and proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws takes place by secret ballot in the voting booth. The most common means of voting on any matter is the simple voice vote. or roll call vote. doubt is raised about the decision of the chair. each state is given a specified time to vote. delegates need the following: • Delegate badge with smart card AND voting credential 20 | P a g e . responding by microphone to vote requests by state and tabulating the votes. Washington delegates’ designated voting time is 10:00 a. and noon. which results in a standing vote. New Business Items. Washington’s ExOfficio delegates with limited voting rights may only vote for amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws on July 6. a delegate may call for a roll call vote. all delegates vote for candidates for NEA office.Voting on the RA Floor There are three ways in which votes take place on the RA floor: voice vote. for any reason. even one delegate can call for division. On the second day of the RA. Issues considered on the floor are Standing Rules. If. between 8:30 a. On the following day. Resolutions. polling of each delegation by its leadership. delegates vote on proposed amendments to the NEA Constitution and Bylaws and on any runoff elections that may be necessary for candidates for office. standing vote. On voting days.m. A roll call vote can easily take close to an hour to complete. Approval by one-third of the body is required to use this procedure. To enter the voting area and receive a ballot. Voting day and location will be announced at our state caucus meeting. which involves the sealing of exits.m. If the question is still in doubt. and budget approval.

and a major award to benefit one of their schools. The membership fees vary for caucuses.States Compete for Championship Award at RA 2017 NEA Member Benefits is proud to announce a championship competition for all state delegations at this year's RA! Every delegate can help their state win the title. the trophy. New caucuses are created every year. A list of the current caucus meetings and their specific meeting dates is posted at the Convention Center and in the RA packet. these groups generally meet during lunch breaks to elect leaders. During the RA. a personal gift. Get rules and details at the NEA Member Benefits Champion Center as soon as you arrive at the convention! Special Interest Caucuses A caucus is a special interest group which meets to prepare issues which may influence NEA policy. determine policy. Delegates are encouraged to join and attend the caucuses of their choice. create New Business Items and/or Resolutions. and decide upon fundraisers. 21 | P a g e .

stuffed animals) to children staying at the Ronald McDonald House or to a children’s hospital in the Host City. Toiletries Drive: Delegates can collect or bring toiletries from home or their hotel and drop them off at the Food Bank Booth during the NEA RA. This has been an NEA tradition since the 1970’s! Each year delegates have the opportunity to VOLUNTEER part of their time by participating in organized activities that give back to the Host Community. Book Drive: Delegates can donate new and gently used books as well as story props (i. THIS YEAR A SPECIAL “VIRTUAL BOOK DRIVE’ (VBD) THROUGH “FIRST BOOK” WILL BE OPEN TO DELEGATES FOR $ DONATIONS: MAY . School Supplies & Art Supplies Drive: Delegates can donate needed supplies to children of the Host City. These toiletries will be given to local shelters and families in need in the Host City. The supplies will be donated to one or two local organizations for distribution. 22 | P a g e . State delegations are encouraged to be creative in their fundraising effort to support this cause. The NEA Community Outreach Committee plans volunteer opportunities for the two days before the NEA RA. These supplies can be dropped off at the Food Bank Booth during the NEA RA. delegates to the NEA RA have had the opportunity to participate in ongoing projects through DONATIONS that give back to the Host City. Each year since 1995. Items can be dropped off at the Food Bank Booth during the NEA .e. Food Drive: Delegates can drop off food and money at the Food Bank Booth during the NEA RA that will be donated to the Host City Food Bank. These opportunities may vary from city to city.SEPTEMBER.NEA’s Community Service Outreach Projects Note: All activities are generously arranged and sponsored by the NEA Community Outreach Caucus.RA. but in past years the following activities have been available.

 Serve a Meal: Karen McInnis mcinn002@tc. Food Bank or other available activity: Cathy Savage csavage55@gmail. Ronald McDonald House: Lynda Currington Lynda. If no HFH opportunity is available. 
 Habitat for Humanity and Restore: Mary Kennedy Volunteers will work at a HFH Restore or build site. If the food bank in the host city is unavailable another activity will be chosen. build shelves. and/or organize playrooms. or whatever is Volunteers will work at a local food bank.Food Bank Booth: Junka Ezkai Je43@hotmail. or whatever is needed to be done at a local Ronald McDonald House. toiletries. sanitize. Contributions of school supplies. drill. mission. the committee will do their best to find some other outdoor activity for volunteers.umn. Volunteers may help clean. Volunteers may Volunteers may help clean.kyschools. staff. Many state associations and many causes near and dear to the hearts of educators use the RA to solicit donations — either directly or with sales of items that are usually impossible to pass up. food. Donations Delegates. Local Teacher Supply Store: Renee Beverly rbeverly_2000@yahoo. Delegates come home with wonderful gift items related to education and usually enough Tshirts to last for years. or other organization. and students in local schools in need. put up siding. are frequently surprised by the number of times they are asked for money. hammer. They may sort and organize food for distribution. and categorize teaching materials for Volunteers will man the booth during the RA to talk to delegates. plus collect and organize contributions. Volunteers will help prepare and serve a meal to underprivileged community members through a shelter. or whatever needs to be done. 23 | P a g e .currington@jefferson. and money will be donated to local organizations. especially those new to an RA. if one is available. move dirt. stock.

Convention Center. call 1-866-236-3276.m. July 2-3 10:00 a. Level 2.National Education Association Blood Drive Saturday and and search by sponsor code NEA DC to make your life saving donation! Eligibility questions. 24 | P a g e .m.redcrossblood. – 3:30 p. Hall A Please call 1-800-RED-CROSS or sign up online at www.

The kiosk is the greenest and most secure way for delegates to make credit card contributions. you are only allowed to donate $100 in cash at NEA RA. contact Stephen Miller. contact Pam Fuelling. Delegates are asked to make voluntary contributions to this fund vital to public education advocacy.NEA Fund for Children and Public Education Political Action Fundraising at the National Level WEA members have a long history of being members of NEA’s political action committee: NEA Fund for Children and Public Education. Give your collection envelope to Pam Fuelling at our first caucus meeting on July fundraising co-captain and co-chair of our NEA Convention Work Team. The main fundraising event for the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education happens each year at the Representative Assembly. Look for an information packet and collection envelope arriving in your US mail on fundraising for the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education. WEA Vice President (smiller@washingtonea. 25 | P a g e . Remember. If you have questions about political fundraising. NEA Fund Kiosks will be at the RA for delegates to make credit or debit card contributions. All this effort will be credited to you and to the Washington delegation. While at the RA or our caucus meetings. gather donations. Funds raised at our caucus silent auction and State Contact auction go toward the NEA-FCPE. and bring them with you to the RA. Most delegates try to raise some money for this fund before leaving for the RA in order to assist NEA in reaching the goal of $185 per delegate. Sign up new NEA Fund for Children and Public Education members from your district.

Send it to The NEA Fund. 4. What is The NEA Fund RA Kiosk? NEA Fund RA Kiosks are a way delegates can make instant and easy voluntary contributions to The NEA Fund. employer. Highest Dollar per Member Average for the 2015-16 Fundraising Year. EFT. address. How will State Affiliate totals be recognized? All contributions received during the 2015-16 fundraising year will be recognized and celebrated at the 2016 RA. Q. State RAs and other events. Total Dollars Raised by an Affiliate for the 2015-16 Fundraising Year. Will delegates still get credit for one time contributions collected from others? Yes. our credit system is still in place. Highest Average per RA Delegate for the 2015-16 Fundraising Year. Leadership Conferences. swipe their credit or debit card. What awards will be given at the 2016 RA? The four awards at the 2016 RA are: 1. Total Dollars Contributed by Delegates for the 2015-16 Fundraising Year. To receive credit you must collect the contribution and the name. occupation. Delegates will simply swipe their delegate ID. select an amount. as well as all funds contributed via Payroll Deduction. 2. Q. date and amount. bring it to RA or send within 30 days if it's $50 or under and within 10 days if it's over $50. Q. and receive printed receipts for RA captains and record keeping. 3. What "counts" toward a delegate's suggested voluntary contribution of $185? All contributions received by The NEA Fund after the end of the 2016 RA through the end of the RA this year. The top five state affiliates in each of the categories will be recognized daily.Fundraising FAQ’s Q. that are attributable to an individual delegate. (excluding funds raised in conjunction with the 2016 RA) will count toward that delegate's 2016 RA goal. 26 | P a g e . All funds collected at the 2016 RA. or Continuous Credit Card will also count equally toward the 2016 RA awards. Q.

www.cfm 27 | P a g e WEA Meeting Planner and State Coordinator ~ Cell phone 509-990-9516 ~ Delegate Website for everything 2016 NEA RA ~ • Use an app or sign up to receive Metro alerts Make travel on Metro easier: • Visit the Metro web site.July 2-3 Hall D – July 4-7 1-202-249-4005 1-202-249-4009 1-202-249-4025 1-202-249-4014 1-202-249-4011 204 C 1-202-249-4028 103 AB 102 B – July 2-3 Hall D – July 4-7 Hall B Hall B 102 A 1-202-249-4010 1-202-249-4019 1-202-249-4018 1-202-249-4021 1-202-249-4017 1-202-249-4020 Sharon Closson.Annual Meeting Offices at Convention Center Name Annual Meeting Campaigns & Elections/Center for Organizing Childcare Credentials Committee Office Elections Committee Office Emergency Medical Host Committee Information Booth Information Technology Services Office NEA Member Benefits Physically Challenged Services Production/Material Distribution Registration Shuttle Office Location 204 ABC Telephone 1-202-249-4003 202 A 1-202-249-4004 143 and 144 154 AB 140 AB 156 152 AB Hall B -.

Post Offices Benjamin Franklin Post Office 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW ~ 1-202-523-2386 ~ open until 5:00 p.m.m. Trader Joe’s 1101 25th Street NW ~ 1-202-296-1921 ~ open 8:00 a.m. Press Liquors 527 14th Street NW #257 ~ 1-202-638-2080 ~ open until 9:30 p. to 10:00 p.m.m.m. Grocery Stores Whole Foods Market 1440 P Street NW ~ 1-202-332-4300 ~ open 7:00 a. Liquor Stores Central Liquor Store 625 E Street NW ~ 1-202-737-2800 ~ open until 9:00 p.m. Washington Wine & Liquor 1200 E Street NW ~ 1-202-737-7876 ~ open until 7:00 p.m.m.m. to 10:30 p. Giant Food 1400 7th Street NW ~ 1-202-238-0180 ~ open 6:00 a. US Post Office 800 K Street NW ~ 1-202-842-2309 ~ open until 5:00 p. to midnight 28 | P a g e .

lunch and dinner ~ open 6:00 a. Delivers freshly prepared. as well as freshly prepared salads. locally-inspired food to your room that celebrates wellness & sustainability • Open for breakfast. Astro Donuts & Fried Chicken 1308 G Street NW ~ 1-202-809-5565 ~ open 7:30 a.m. lunch and dinner ~ open 6:00 a. with casual evening dining and a welcoming restaurant atmosphere.m. • Open for dinner Chef's Market ~ satisfies both your appetite & passionate approach to food.m.Dining Options In JW Marriott Hotel: Starbucks • Open for breakfast.m. crafted with personalized care & packaged creatively for portability. seafood. to 5:30 p. to 8:00 p. 1331 Lounge ~ offers a taste of America.m.m. 29 | P a g e . to 6:00 p.m. to 5:00 p. lunch and dinner ~ 6:30 a. Panera Bread 1750 H Street NW ~ 1-202-772-2056 ~ open 6:00 a. Corner Bakery Café 529 14th Street NW ~ 1-202-662-7400 ~ open 7:00 a.m.m. Avenue Grill ~ offers excellent views of Pennsylvania Avenue.m.m. • Open for breakfast. Early morning breakfast options outside our hotels: Bruegger’s Bagels 505 9th Street NW ~ 1-202-393-1663 ~ open 5:30 a. McDonald’s 555 13th Street NW ~ 1-202-638-5933 ~ open 5:00 a. and steaks.m.

0. Open for lunch & dinner ~ Dress code Dress Jeans The Oceanaire Seafood Room ~ Seafood. Open for lunch & dinner ~ Dress code Smart Casual Intercontinental. 0. 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue 30 | P a g e . Open for lunch & dinner ~ Dress code Smart Casual Old Ebbitt Grill ~ Other. Open for lunch and dinner ~ Casual dress code Chef Geoff's ~ American. Open for breakfast.2 Miles ~ 1-202-347-2277 High-end chain offering seafood.4 Miles ~ 1-202-589-0060 Part of a small chain of upscale chophouses serving steaks & other classic fare in a clubby setting. 0. in Victorian-style digs.m. Open for lunch and dinner ~ Casual dress code Brasserie Beck ~ French. 0. Open for lunch & dinner ~ Dress code Dress Jeans McCormick & Schmick's Seafood & Steaks ~ American. The Willard Washington DC ~ 1-202-628-9100 1401 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Moe’s Southwest Grill ~ 1-202-393-0699 ~ open until 7:00 p.5 Miles ~ 1-202-639-9330 ~ Upscale steak & seafood chain known for its clubby environs & happy hour.More Options Nearby  Also ask the Conceirge Desk at your hotel and at the convention center for a recommendation and directions Bobby Van's Steakhouse ~ American.7 Miles ~ 1-202-659-3727 Posh old-world dining room delivering sophisticated Indian meals along with live piano tunes.7 Miles ~ 1-202-408-1717 Hip bar & restaurant featuring classics of Belgian cuisine & beer list with more than 100 varieties.2 Miles ~ 1-202-347-4800 Iconic tavern offering American meals. steaks & a deep wine list in sophisticated but lively environs. lunch & dinner ~ Dress code Casual The Hamilton ~ Other. 0. 0. Open for lunch & dinner ~ Dress code Dress Jeans Bombay Club ~ Indian. 0. including popular oyster specials. 0.1 Miles ~ 1-202-787-1000 Trendy American eatery with a late-night menu plus plenty of room for a live music space downstairs.3 Miles ~ 1-202-464-4461 Creative twists on American dishes in a classic space that's kid-friendly & has an active bar scene.

VA 22202 (Metro option • Westin Crystal City ~ Oregon. NW) 415 New Jersey Avenue NW.2016 NEA Shuttle Bus Routes Route & Color Hotel and State Delegation and Boarding Location 1 • Hilton Crystal City ~ Kansas. Ohio (24th Street entrance) 2660 Woodley Road NW. North Dakota. Washington. Utah. Washington. DC 20008 6 Pink • Washington Hilton ~ Illinois. DC 20001 3 Green • Fairmont Washington ~ Connecticut. Federal (curbside on M Street) 2401 M Street. Missouri (curbside on P Street. Tennessee. Alaska available) (curbside on South Eads Street) 1800 Jefferson Davis Highway. Pennsylvania. Massachusetts (curbside on T Street – Terrace Entrance) 1919 Connecticut Avenue NW. DC 20037 • Melrose Georgetown Hotel ~ Delaware (curbside on Pennsylvania Avenue. Louisiana (curbside in DeSales Street) 1227 Connecticut Avenue NW. Virginia. Wyoming. Maine (on Dupont Circle at New Hampshire Avenue. DC 20036 5 Orange (metro option available) • Washington Marriott Wardman Park ~ New Jersey. NW) 2430 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. DC 20036 • Hotel Palomar ~ New Hampshire. Washington. DC 20037 • Washington Marriott Georgetown ~ Maryland (curbside on 22d Street. Washington. DC 20009 7 Grey (Metro option available) • Omni Shoreham ~ Wisconsin. NW) 212 P Street NW. NW) 1500 New Hampshire Ave NW. South Dakota. Arlington. DC 20037 4 Yellow (Metro option available) • The Dupont Circle Hotel ~ Kentucky. Washington. Arlington. Washington. Nebraska. Washington. Washington. Washington. DC 20037 • Renaissance Mayflower Hotel ~ Arizona. Montana. Washington. Alabama Red (curbside on South Clark Street) 2399 Jefferson Davis Highway. DC 20008 31 | P a g e . New York (Parkview Entrance) 2500 Calvert Street NW. NW) 1221 22d Street NW. VA 22202 2 Blue • The Liaison Hotel ~ Indiana (curbside on New Jersey Avenue. Idaho.

North Carolina. Arkansas. DC 20036 Walking Hotels • Renaissance Washington ~ South Carolina. DC 20004 32 | P a g e . VA 22202 • Crystal City Marriott ~ Oklahoma. Washington. Michigan 1700 Jefferson Davis Highway. Minnesota (curbside on 16th Street. Hawaii 1999 Jefferson Davis Highway. Washington. Rhode Island. DC 20002 • Embassy Suites Convention Center ~ Nevada. New Mexico 900 10th Street NW. NEA Headquarter Hotel 901 Massachusetts Avenue NW. Washington. DC 20001 service) • Grand Hyatt Washington ~ Texas.8 Brown • Capital Hilton ~ Iowa. VA 22202 • JW Marriott ~ Washington  1331 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. Washington. Georgia 999 9th Street NW. Washington. Florida 1000 H Street NW. Vermont. (no shuttle Mississippi. Washington. DC 20001 • Marriott Marquis ~ California. Washington. West Virginia. Arlington. DC 20001 Metro Only • Crystal Gateway Marriott ~ Colorado. Arlington. DC 20004 • W Washington Hotel ~ Washington  515 15th Street NW. NW) 1001 16th Street NW.

Walking Directions from JW Marriott to the Convention Center (approximately a 15 to18 minute walk) • • • • • Walk north on 14th Street NW toward F Street NW Turn right onto New York Avenue NW Turn slight left onto walkway Proceed northeast through Mount Vernon Square Turn right onto Mount Vernon Place NW 33 | P a g e .

Walking Directions from JW Marriott to Metro Center Station (approximately an 8 minute walk) Metro Center Station is near the JW Marriott. Walk a short distance S on 9th St NW Enter station using 9TH ST NW & G ST NW entrance RAIL DEPARTS FROM GALLERY PLACE CHINATOWN METRO STATION BOARD YELLOW LINE Rail towards FORT TOTTEN ARRIVE MT VERNON SQ/7TH ST-CONVENTION CENTER OPTION 2 ~ approximately 12 minute transit RAIL DEPARTS FROM METRO CENTER METRO STATION BOARD RED LINE Rail towards SILVER SPRING ARRIVE GALLERY PLACE CHINATOWN METRO STATION RAIL DEPARTS FROM GALLERY PLACE CHINATOWN METRO STATION BOARD GREEN LINE Rail towards GREENBELT ARRIVE MT VERNON SQ/7TH ST-CONVENTION CENTER 34 | P a g e • Walk north on 14th Street NW toward F Street NW • Walk F Street NW to 12th Street NW • Turn left onto 12th Street NW to G Street NW • Turn right onto G Street NW Metro Route Options from Metro Center Station to convention center: OPTION 1 ~ approximately 2 minute transit plus walk Walk 0. 3 blocks E on G St NW Turn sharp right on 9th St NW. Gallery Place Chinatown Station is at the convention center.31 mile E from METRO CENTER STATION to GALLERY PLACE CHINATOWN METRO STATION Walk approx. Use http://www. Both stations have more than one entrance and more than one exit.

35 | P a g e .40 mile N to WASHINGTON CONVENTION CENTER Exit station using 7TH ST NW & H ST NW exit Walk approx.OPTION 3 ~ approximately 2 minute transit plus walk RAIL DEPARTS FROM METRO CENTER METRO STATION BOARD RED LINE Rail towards GLENMONT ARRIVE GALLERY PLACE CHINATOWN METRO STATION  Walk 0. 4 blocks N on 7th St NW.

cfm? 36 | P a g e .com/rail/maps/map.Metro System Map ~ http://www.wmata.

37 | P a g e .

38 | P a g e .

39 | P a g e .

40 | P a g e .

populated area. use one in a well-lighted. ipad.  Travel in groups where possible.~ Safety Tips ~  Note emergency contact information on the reverse side of your name badge!  Exchange cell phone numbers with your NEA Delegate buddy.  Be aware of surroundings and other people.  Never leave laptops or other electronic devices unattended.  Carry purses close to your body and wallets in secure pockets.  Never flash sums of money or expensive items in public.  Beware of distractions set up by potential pickpockets on the street or in crowds.  When away from the RA events.  Carry money separately from credit cards. laptop.  Avoid poorly lighted areas. keep your valuables in a safe place where you can keep an eye on them at all times. etc. remove your credentials badge— your name tag.  Don’t place your purse on the back of your chair in public areas. Verify a visit by hotel personnel with the front desk.  When using an ATM.  Do not carry the little folder given to you when checking into the hotel. 41 | P a g e .  Remember to pack chargers for your cell phone. It holds your room key card with the name of the hotel and your room number!  Familiarize yourself with hotel’s evacuation plan & the closest exits from your room.  Never open your hotel room to a stranger. preferably in the company of other people.  Regardless of how secure a convention center environment may appear.  Use security locks when in your hotel room.  Use hotel safe deposit boxes for valuables.  Familiarize yourself with the emergency exits at the convention center.

6 miles) open 24 hours 900 23d Street NW.m. DC 20010 ~ 1-855-546-1686 Virginia Hospital Center 1701 North George Mason Drive. DC 20037 ~ 1-202-715-4000 MedStar Georgetown University Hospital (12. Washington. Arlington. 1325 14th Street NW ~ 1-202-332-8811 Walgreens (15 miles) ~ open until midnight 801 7th Street NW ~ 1-202-789-5345 42 | P a g e . Washington. DC 20011 ~ 1-202-726-0190 Pharmacies / Drug Stores CVS Pharmacy ~ open 24 hours 1275 Pennsylvania Avenue NW ~ 1-202-638-4583 CVS Pharmacy (15. VA 22205 ~ 1-703-558-5000 Sibley Memorial Hospital 5255 Loughboro Road NW ~ 1-202-537-4000 Children’s National Medical Center 111 Michigan Avenue NW. DC ~ 1-202-476-5000 Private Ambulance Service Life Star Response Ambulance Washington.7 miles) 3800 Reservoir Road NW ~ 1-855-633-0364 MedStar Washington Hospital Center (16.2 miles) open 24 hours 110 Irving Street NW. Washington.2 miles) ~ open 24 hours 400 Massachusetts Avenue NW ~ 1-202-289-2236 Walgreens ~ open until 6:00 p.Medical Information for Convention Center & Hotel Area Closest Hospitals George Washington University Hospital (13.

3 miles) 5215 Loughboro Road NW ~ 1-202-244-5792 DC Dental Society (14 miles) 2025 M Street NW.7 miles) 1766 Columbia Road NW ~ 1-202-483-0208 Medical Devices Lenox Medical Supply Scooter Rental Service (14.lenoxmedicalsupply.3 miles) 1922 Benning Road NE ~ 1-202-399-2244 Eyeglass Repair The Frame Mender-Eyeglass Frame Repair Centers (14.1 miles) 750 17th Street NW ~ 1-202-537-7000 Georgetown Optician (13.Dental Services DC Dental Spa – Emergency ~ (24 hours same day) 730 24th Street NW.2 miles) 1307 Wisconsin Avenue NW ~ 1-202-337-8237 Fashion Optical (14. Suite 800 ~ 1-202-367-1163 St Elmo Crawford DDS & Associates (17.8 miles) 1712 14th Street NW ~ 1-202-387-1960 New Hampshire Pharmacy and Medical Equipment 5001 New Hampshire Avenue NW ~ 1-202-726-3100 Scooter Plus Rentals ~ 1-866-474-4356 tollfree or at their website www. Suite #9 ~ 1-202-759-2434 Capital Dental at Sibley ( 43 | P a g e .

provide the closest microphone number and display the orange flag located at the podium to further assist responders in locating the emergency • For minor incidents / first aid. 1-202-249-4014 If you need to contact Sharon Closson.Emergency Information Delegtes are encouraged to complete the section “Delegate Emergency Contact Information” on the back of their delegate badge as soon as they receive their lanyards at registration. dial “3333” from a house phone or office phone or call 1-202-249-3333 from a cell phone • To report an emergency from the RA Floor. To report an emergency AT THE Walter E. use the red phones located at the entrance of the RA • For medical emergencies in the RA. contact NEA Emergency Medical. Room 156. stop anyone with a radio to report the emergency to Security and to the NEA Annual Meeting Office • If no one is available by radio. Washington Convention Center • First. WEA’s Meeting Planner Call her cell phone 1-509-990-9516 44 | P a g e .

NOTES & MEMORIES 45 | P a g e .

46 | P a g e .