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Olivia Svacha

1055 Orion Rd.

Lake Orion MI , 48362

  586-719-6116

Michigan Provisional Teaching Certificate
English (BA) 6-12
Mathematics (EX) 6-12


Michigan State University - Bachelor of Arts and Letters Degree
Study Abroad - Dublin, Ireland
Armada High School - High School Diploma


Undergraduate and Teaching Experience
White Lake Middle School, White Lake, MI
 Lead teacher with a focus on 7 grade ELA and 8 grade Math
 Participated in 60 hours of professional development, new teacher meetings, PLC meetings,
department meetings, etc.
 Collaborated with a team and taught with two co-teachers in ELA and Math
Stevenson High School, Sterling Heights, MI
 Lead teacher with a focus on curriculum development and technology integration
 Implemented testing and data collection for teacher evaluation goals
 Delegated assignments and seating arrangements to achieve classroom management
Mason High School, Mason, MI
 Created and implemented creative lesson plans to ensure student involvement
 Assisted by aiding and clarifying information for students
 Observed effective teaching strategies
Sexton High School, Lansing, MI
 Evaluated effective teacher moves and classroom management techniques
 Tutored students in Algebra
 Used classroom monitoring to know when to interact with students

Spring, 2013

Eastern High School, Lansing, MI
 Contributed in the Advanced Path Program
 Motivated students through active tutoring and peer tutoring in a computer lab
 Accommodated students in several subjects such as English, Math, History and Science

Job Experience
Team Supervisor, Michigan State Library, East Lansing, MI
 Designed HTML pages for the Turfgrass Information Center website
 Tracked and set deadlines for progress
 Assisted in employee training
 Delegated tasks to members of the team


Student Cook, Brody Residence Halls, East Lansing, MI
 Prepared and served food at the Brody Cafeteria
 Explained cooking and cleaning procedures to new employees
 Adapted to different environments for varied tasks


Areas of Experience

Communication – Student and
Parent involvement for success,
Parent-Teacher Conferences
Lesson Plans – Connected with
Common Core to enhance
reading, writing and
speaking/listening skills

Technology - Word,
Excel, PowerPoint,
Prezi, Overhead
Projectors, Smartboards
Online Programs –
Newsela, Turnitin,
PowerSchool, Skyward

Language – English,
Spanish, Shakespeare,
Young Adult Literature,
Chicano and Irish studies
Mathematics – Geometry,
Statistics, Calculus, Linear

Paula Pantano
Instructor: Stevenson
(586) 797-2111

Natalie Moore
Instructor: White Lake
(248) 396-0931

Julie Bell
Professor: MSU
(269) 921-6741

Angela Jordan
Field Instructor: MSU
(313) 244-9516

Michael Schury
Supervisor: Turfgrass Info. Center
(517) 353-7209

Olivia Svacha    586-719-6116