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Atlas Common
Jailbreak Infinite Amber
Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPA
Founders All Day IPA

A pale, balanced beer. Crisp lager character with fruity ale notes. Refreshing drinkability. 5.1%
Hints of roast and caramel lead to a slightly sweet, semi-dry malt finish. Easy drinking 5.2%
Tart freshness of grapefruit complements the citrusy hop character of a classic IPA. 7%
Naturally brewed with a complex array of malts, grains & hops. Balanced for a clean finish. 4.7%


Austin EastCiders Original

A blend of American dessert apples and European bittersweets. Dry, light, fresh and fruity. 5%


Austin EastCiders Pineapple

Much like the Original, with a healthy dose of pineapple added for a sweeter taste. 5%


Brewer's Art Birdhouse

Starts off slightly hoppy, then a smooth transition to malts, with a nice hoppy return. 5%


DC Brau Pils

A straight forward pils. Earthy, noble hop aromas chased by cracker-like notes, malty finish. 4.6%


DC Brau PQ Porter

A robust porter that's almost a stout. Chocolate notes. Dry roasted finish.


Devils Backbone Gold Leaf Lager

Pale gold, light bodied with subtle fresh bready notes. Crisp, clean, bready. 4.5%


Anderson Blood Orange Gose

Tart, refreshing wheat ale. Tangy citrus notes complement champagne-like flavors.


Narragansett Lager

6 row malt, secret blend of Pacific hops, Iowa corn, Prohibition era lager strain, pure water. 5%


Jailbreak Feed The Monkey

Traditional notes of clove and banana mix with subtle citrus flavors. Balanced and complex. 6%


RAR Groove City

Complex, yet subtle. Faint sweetness, wheat, notes of banana and cloves on the finish. 5.2%


Steigl Radler

Grapefruit juice mixes with golden ale to create a tangy fruit flavor. Refreshing finish. 2.5%


Victory Golden Monkey

Strong and sensual. Herbal fruity notes, coriander on a sparkling, light body. 9.5%


Beer & a Shot Combos
No subsitutions, please

Regular Joe


Gold Leaf Lager + Evan Williams Single Barrel

Austin City Limits


Austin EastCiders Pineapple+ Goslings Dark Rum
El Radlero
Stiegl Radler + Espadin Mezcal

Frank Stallone
Blood Orange Gose + Pierre Farand 1840


Smoking Monkey


Golden Monkey + High West Campfire
Black Eagle
DC Brau PQ Porter + Eagle Rare 17 Yr

$10 Minimum on all credit card transactions. We're adults here. Start a tab, or just pay with cash.
All tabs left open at the end of the night are subject to a 20% gratuity.


Thanks for coming


Boring Rail Stuff -


Gin Rickey


Gold Rush


Bright, sweet, and tart.

Four Roses bourbon, honey syrup and lemon juice.


Pimm's Cup


A classic summer drink.

Pimm's #1, lemon juice, ginger ale, mint and cucumber.


Frisco Sour


Campfire Old Fashioned


For those who enjoy the basics.

A DC original.


Locally distilled Green Hat Gin, lime juice, soda water.

Old Overholt Rye, Benedictine, lemon juice and zest.

Our twist on a classic.

Happy Hour is
4 - 7.
Every Day!

Spicy, tart and smooth.

High West Campfire Whisky, simple syrup, bitters.

$2 off Rail drinks.
$3 Off Wines.
$2 Off Beers.


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Underwood Pinot Gris.

12 oz.

Peach, grapefruit, and pear


Underwood Pinot Noir.

12 oz.

Cherries, raspberries, and chocolate


Underwood Rose.

12 oz.

Strawberry, watermelon, and peach

$10 Minimum on all credit card transactions. We're adults here. Start a tab, or just pay with cash.
All tabs left open at the end of the night are subject to a 20% gratuity.

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