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Working with the Civil Society
By offering access to its community, Code4Romania supports NGOs in creating
the tools they need to:

Code4Romania aims to empower IT-savvy young professionals to create
digital tools that help solve societal problems.
We partner with NGOs and Public Institutions and we bring together a
community of volunteers to provide specific tech solutions for citizens.

Working with Public Institutions
The Romanian Public Institutions face major challenges in tapping the
potential of digital technologies. The real challenge is not simply
introducing digital technologies into public administrations, but:
1) Support creating a coherent set of policies for the use of digital

1) Get better access to, generate and harness public data, as key resources

Community IT Project
Managers will work on
breaking challenges down
into bite-sized chunks.
Volunteers can contribute
with coding, depending on
their availability and skills.

<Public Institutions
Civil Society>

for transparency, social innovation and economic growth;
2) Access new opportunities to collaborate with the government, businesses
and citizens through data-driven products;
3) Enable citizens to meaningfully engage in the public sphere.

We are looking for partners to create an ecosystem for chang e.
Submit your challenge or be part of solving one.

Use your skills as
a catalyst for change

For complex challenge that
imply a substantial amount
of resources.
Hackathons will provide
public institutions with a
framework for best working
solutions, that can be
implemented and
maintained in the long run.

<Public Institutions>

technologies in all areas and at all levels of the administration;
2) Improving the level of digital literacy in the public sector;
3) Integrating digital technologies for improving the public sector services,
resources, workflows, operations, methodologies and frameworks;
4 Using technology to actively shape public governance outcomes, and
not simply for supporting government processes.
This way, citizens and all relevant stakeholders are included in the policy-

Enabling public institutions
to host on flexible terms
tech experts selected from
the community, to work on
specific challenges.

<Public Institutions>
making process and have real ownership of the final outcomes of major
policy reforms.