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BPA 130 Artisan Breads and Viennoiserie



Brioche is a pastry of French origin that is similar to a highly enriched bread,
and whose high egg and butter content give it a rich and tender crumb. It is “light
and slightly puffy, more or less fine, according to the proportion of butter and
eggs. It has a dark, golden, and flaky crust, frequently accentuated by an egg wash
applied after proofing.

Brioche is considered a Viennoiserie, in that it is made in the same basic
way as bread, but has the richer aspect of a pastry because of the extra addition
of eggs, butter, liquid (milk, water, cream, and sometimes brandy) and
occasionally a bit of sugar. Brioche, along with pain au lait and pain aux raisins –
which are commonly eaten at breakfast or as a snack – form a leavened subgroup
of Viennoiserie. Brioche is cooked with fruit or chocolate chips and served as a
pastry or as the basis of dessert with many locate variations in added ingredients,
fillings or toppings.

Brioche au tete or parisienne is the most classically recognized form. It is
formed and baked in fluted round, flared tin, a large ball of dough is placed on the
bottom and topped with a smaller ball of dough to form the head. Brioche
Nanterre is a loaf of brioche mad in a standard loaf pan. Instead of shaping two
places of dough and baking them together, two rows of small pieces of dough are
placed in the pan. Loaves are then proofed in the pan, fusing the pieces together,
During the baking process the balls of dough rise further and form an attractive

In France it developed as a sort of bread improved since antiquity by
generation of pastry – makers. With some butter, some eggs sugar coming later.
It developed from the blessed bread of the church which gradually became of
better quality, more and more costly, less and less bread until becoming savory

For the wealthy from the time of Louis XIV onwards… Butter, in widespread
us at least in the northern half of France, was the secret of making Brioches.
There is very famous quart, Queen Marie- Antoinette, wife of Louis XVI said “Let
them eat cake(Brioche)”, then who had no bread that time.


Now a day, Brioche is eaten with dessert or tea, but also has numerous
uses in cuisine. Individual Brioche serve as container for various chopped and
sauced stuffing, savory or sweet, as warm appetizers or intermediate courses.



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