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Paratelier build interior for a house from the wood it was cast inside

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Paratelier's concrete house recycles
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Most Loved /2014/08/04/house-in-palmela-portugal-paratelier(/mostloved/) concrete-cast-wooden-formwork/)

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4 August 2014 | 3 comments (

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12/08/2016 10:39 a.m. (mailto:?Subject=Paratelier's concrete house recycles external formwork inside& (http://www.Paratelier build interior for a house from the wood it was cast inside /tag/editors-picks/) ( /2016/08/07/lirongino-design-vibeat-listeningdevices-wearable-hearingimpaired-tactile-music/) ( /2016/08/07/friederbohaumilitzky-war-fortalents-design-furniturecomfort-germanybundeswehr-military-armedforces/) Frieder Bohaumilitzky designs furniture to bring comfort to the German military ( /2016/07/31/video-di-peng- 2 de 22 This concrete house ( Categories: Architecture ( /2016/08/02/wall-climbingmini-robots-constructioncarbon-fibre-universitystuttgart-achim-menges/) ( in the 12/08/2016 10:39 title=Paratelier%27s+concrete+house+recycles+external+formwork+inside&url=http /2016/08/07/lirongino-design-vibeat-listeningdevices-wearable-hearingimpaired-tactile-music/) Liron Gino designs Vibeat devices for deaf people to experience music ( Editors' picks (http://www. /pin/create/link/?url=http%3A%2F /2016/08/02/wall-climbingmini-robots-constructioncarbon-fibre-universitystuttgart-achim-menges/) Wall-climbing mini robots build "entirely new structures" from carbon fibre ( Slideshows ( Sign Up Be the first of your friends to like this Residential ( /2016/08/07/friederbohaumilitzky-war-fortalents-design-furniturecomfort-germanybundeswehr-military-armedforces/) Avava's tiny house represents "completely new way to do prefab" Rio 2016 motif is "first 3D logo in the history of the Olympics" says designer 10 of the best stadiums and venues from past Olympics World's largest aircraft leaves its hangar for first time Five of the best houses in California on Dezeen (http://www. %2Fstatic.dezeen..dezeen.

com/2013/10/17/townhouse-in-lisbon-by-arxportugal/) World Heritage The house's simple monolithic form references the solid walls of the Le Corbusier fortress and the geometric hipped roofs of the surrounding buildings.dezeen.dezeenwatchstore.c /brand/skagen/) ( /05/retreat-in-finca-aguy-mapaprefabricated-housemontevideo-uruguay/) Job of the week: architecture assistant at Bompas & Parr (https://www..dezeen. while the front door facing the square is set back slightly in an exaggerated tall and narrow opening.dezeen. practical and beautiful" (http://www.dezeen. while (http://www.paratelier. /08/olympic-gameslogo-designs-london-rio-tokyo/) Brexit crisis: latest news ( /2016/08/11/maisoncurutchet-le-corbusiermodernist-house-la-plataargentina-unseco-worldheritage-list/) Reader comment: "Clever. Portuguese town of Palmela by Lisbon office Paratelier was cast inside wooden panels that were then used to build its interior (+ slideshow).com /2016/07/27/sebiha-macitbucks-graduate-colourfulseating-stool-turkishcafe-culture/) http://www.dezeen. Latest watch: Hagen by Skagen (https://www. with views towards the medieval castle perched on top of a nearby hill.dezeen.Paratelier build interior for a house from the wood it was cast inside movie/) Di Peng recreates the experience of dementia with sense-distorting helmet (http://www.dezeenjobs. Related story: Townhouse in Lisbon by ARX Portugal ( /2016/08/11/maisoncurutchet-le-corbusiermodernist-house-la-plataargentina-unseco-worldheritage-list/) Le Corbusier's Maison Curutchet in Argentina has a tree at its centre ( /2016/08/09/le-corbusierimmeuble-molitor-housingparis-provides-residentssky-trees-steel-concreteunesco-world-heritage-list/) Le Corbusier's Immeuble Molitor provides residents 3 de 22 12/08/2016 10:39 ( /2016/07/31/video-di-pengdementia-experience-sensedistorting-helmet-centralsaint-martins-graduatemovie/) (http://www.dezeen. Most popular: best and worst Olympic logos since 1924 ( designed the property for a site on the end of a terrace in the centre of the /job/part-1-architecturalassistant-at-bompas-parr) Windows mounted flush with the facades are irregularly spaced around the Paratelier ( /2016/07/27/sebiha-macitbucks-graduate-colourfulseating-stool-turkishcafe-culture/) Sebiha Macit creates colourful seating based on Turkish cafe culture ( /tag/world-heritage-the ochre pigment added to the concrete evokes the colour of the archetypal le-corbusier/) tiled roofs.

.com/dezeen) (http://www.dezeen. Subscrib here ( /2016/08/07/le-corbusiercapitol-complex-unescoworld-heritage-listingchandigarh-india-benjaminhosking/) Le Corbusier's Chandigarh government buildings captured in new images by Benjamin Hosking (http://www.dezeen.dezeen.dezeen.dezeenbookofinterviews.dezeen. walls and built-in Subscribe (/newsletters/) Dezeen Mail Dezeen Daily (weekly newsletter) (daily update) Join The panels were subsequently cleaned and planed so they could be reused internally as (http://twitter.dezeen. with the grain of the wood creating a textured finish on the final . Dezeen Book of Interviews ( /t/r-7994510010D4F6922540EF23F30FEDED).com/) ( ( /2016/08/05/maisonla-roche-jeanneretle-corbusier-paris-residencefrance-house-villa/) Le Corbusier's Maison La Roche-Jeanneret was designed for his brother and a close friend ( /dezeen/) (http://dezeen.dezeenbookofintervie ( /2016/08/06/le-corbusierimmeuble-clarte-informedunite-d-habitation-designunesco-world-heritage-list/) Le Corbusier's Immeuble Clarté housing informed his Unité d'Habitation design (http://www.feedburner.dezeen. g The external concrete walls were cast inside pine /2016/08/05/maisonla-roche-jeanneretle-corbusier-paris-residencefrance-house-villa/) 4 de 22 Architecture (/architecture/) 12/08/2016 10:39 ( /2016/08/06/le-corbusierimmeuble-clarte-informedunite-d-habitation-designunesco-world-heritage-list/) Our book features 45 conversations with leading figures in architecture and design from around the world. rio-olympic-games-movie/) The best team uniforms from Rio's Olympic opening ceremony and a "giant flying bum" feature in this week's issue of Dezeen Mail (http://newsletter.dezeen.dezeen. Buy your copy today for just £8! (http://www.. Follow us (http://www.tumblr. The architects claim that 93 per cent of the wood has been reused in the project.Paratelier build interior for a house from the wood it was cast inside /2016/08/09/le-corbusierimmeuble-molitor-housingparis-provides-residentssky-trees-steel-concreteunesco-world-heritage-list/) /2016/08/07/le-corbusiercapitol-complex-unescoworld-heritage-listingchandigarh-india-benjaminhosking/) (http://www.

com/2014/08/04/house-in-palmela-portugal-parateli. leads to a staircase that ascends to the first floor. Cultural (/architecture/cultural) Education (/architecture/education/) Health (/architecture/health-architecture/) Hotels (/architecture/hotels-architecture/) Industrial (/architecture/industrial/) Infrastructure (/architecture/infrastructure/) Landscape/urbanism (/architecture/landscapeand-urbanism/) Offices (/architecture/offices-architecture/) Pavilions (/architecture/pavilions/) Public and leisure (/architecture/public-and-leisure/) Residential (/architecture/residential-architecture/) Skyscrapers (/architecture/skyscrapers) Interiors (/interiors/) A double-height entrance. ...m.dezeen. filled with natural light from patio doors and a window set in the end elevation. Exhibitions (/interiors/exhibitions) Health (/interiors/health-interiors/) Hotels (/interiors/hotels-interiors/) Offices (/interiors/offices-interiors/) Residential (/interiors/residential-interiors/) Restaurants and bars (/interiors/restaurantsand-bars/) Retail (/interiors/retail/) Salons and spas (/interiors/salons-and-spas/) Design (/design/) 12/08/2016 10:39 a.Paratelier build interior for a house from the wood it was cast inside 5 de 22 http://www.

Fashion (/design/fashion) Furniture (/design/furniture/) Graphics (/design/graphics/) Homeware (/design/homeware/) Installations (/design/installations) Lighting (/design/lighting/) Products (/design/products/) Transport (/design/transport/) Watches (/tag/watches-tag/) Technology (/technology/) Private areas including bedrooms and a bathroom located on the first floor are sandwiched between a circulation space containing the stairs on one side. 3D printing (/tag/3d-printing/) Apple (/tag/apple/) Gadgets (/tag/gadgets/) Robotics (/tag/robots/) Software (/tag/software/) Wearables (/tag/wearable-technology/) Opinion (/opinion/) Marcus Fairs (/tag/marcus-fairs) 12/08/2016 10:39 .m..dezeen. and a corridor and a terrace that runs along the length of the rear facade.Paratelier build interior for a house from the wood it was cast inside 6 de 22 http://www.

Paratelier build interior for a house from the wood it was cast inside 7 de 22 /category/events/2016/maison-objet-designtrade-fair-2016/) Milan 2016 ( /2016/clerkenwell-design-week-2016/) Design Indaba 2016 ( /events/2016/new-york-design-week-2016/) Northmodern 2016 ( /2016/london-design-festival-2016/) London Festival of Architecture 2016 ( /events/2016/world-architecture-festival-2016/) 2015 » (#1) 2014 » (#2) 2013 » (#3) More » (#) Movies (/features/movies/) 12/08/2016 10:39 /category/events/2016/graduate-shows-2016/) Inside 2016 ( /category/events/2016/stockholm-designweek-furniture-fair-2016/) Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 ( /2016/london-festival-of-architecture-2016/) Maison&Objet 2016 ( /2016/design-miami-basel-2016/) DesignMarch 2016 ( /2016/venice-architecture-biennale-2016/) WAF 2016 ( /events/2016/neocon-2016/) New York 2016 ( /category/events/2016/designmarch-2016/) Geneva Motor Show 2016 ( /events/2016/inside-festival-2016/) London Design Festival 2016 ( /category/events/2016/design-miami-2016/) Design Miami/Basel 2016 ( /events/2016/ces-2016-news-product-launches/) Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 ( /category/events/2016/northmodern-designfair-copenhagen-2016/) Stockholm 2016 (http://www.dezeen. which rise up from the floor and descend from the wall /2016/geneva-motor-show-2016/) Graduate shows 2016 (http://www.dezeen.dezeen. Justin McGuirk (/tag/justin-mcguirk) Mimi Zeiger (/tag/mimi-zeiger) Owen Hatherley (/tag/owen-hatherley) Aaron Betsky (/tag/aaron-betsky) Will Wiles (/tag/will-wiles) Reinier de Graaf (/tag/reinier-de-graaf) Lucas Verweij (/tag/lucas-verweij) Events A second flight of stairs continuing to the top floor is designed with open treads formed at the junction of vertical /category/events/2016/design-indaba-2016/) Design Miami 2016 (http://www.dezeen.dezeen.dezeen. .com/category /events/2016/milan-design-week-2016/) NeoCon 2016 (http://www. 2016 « (#0) CES 2016 (http://www.dezeen.

Paratelier build interior for a house from the wood it was cast inside 8 de 22 http://www. with the bare concrete walls on one side facing the timber in which it was cast on the /category/jobs/architecture-jobs/) Interior design jobs (http://www.dezeenjobs.m. Dezeen Watch Store (http://www.dezeenjobs. Architecture movies (/tag/architecture-movies/) Design movies (/tag/design-movies/) Interiors movies (/tag/interiors-movies/) Interviews (/tag/interview-movies/) Talks (/tag/talks/) Dezeen Jobs ( /category/jobs/industrial-design-jobs/) Product design jobs (http://www. .com/category /jobs/assistant-jobs/) Internships ( 12/08/2016 10:39 a.dezeenjobs.dezeenjobs.dezeen. Architecture jobs ( /category/jobs/graphic-design-jobs/) Management jobs ( /jobs/internships-jobs/) Graphic design jobs (http://www.dezeenjobs.. along with a lounge area and a small desk space at the top of the stairs that looks out over the /category/jobs/management-jobs/) Sales jobs ( /jobs/design-jobs/) The stairwell offers evidence of the building's construction /category/jobs/interior-design-jobs/) Assistant jobs ( Design jobs ( /category/jobs/product-design-jobs/) The kitchen and dining space is situated on the second /jobs/sales-jobs/) Industrial design jobs (http://www.

and a skylight is incorporated above the stairwell to direct light down into the centre of the /shop/category/jaime-hayon-watches/) Michael Young (https://www. Stock ( /shop/category/mondaine/) Piet Hein Eek (https://www. Photography is by Leonardo Finotti (http://www. Defakto ( /form-us-with-love/) Instrmnt ( /15/video-interview-john-hokenike-the-nature-of-motionexhibition-milan-2016-movie/) () The kitchen cabinets and sections of the walls are also constructed from the repurposed wooden /shop/category/denis-guidone-watches/) Eone ( /brand/uniform-wares/) Movie: Nike's The Nature of Motion exhibition in Milan ( /shop/category/braun-watches/) David Ericsson ( and used with permission.dezeenwatchstore.dezeen. 12/08/2016 10:39 /brand/leff-amsterdam/) Ceilings on the top floor slope to follow the building's /shop/category/michael-young-2/) Mondaine (https://www. . enclosed by a railing made from the same rusted steel reinforcing bars used in the cast /stock/) Uniform Wares ( /shop/category/david-ericsson-watches/) Sliding doors at the rear of the space open onto a build interior for a house from the wood it was cast inside 9 de 22 /aark/) Braun (https://www. AARK ( /shop/category/instrmnt/) Jaime Hayon ( /defakto-watches/) Denis Guidone ( /shop/category/eone/) Form Us With Love (https://www.

dezeen.gif) First floor plan – click for larger image (http://static.dezeen.gif) New York's supertall towers "damage th… Diller Scofidio + Renfro co-founder Elizabet… Embed View on Twitter Archive 2016 « (#2016) January 2016 ( ( July 2016 ( June 2016 ( February 2016 (http://www.gif) 12/08/2016 10:39 . 1 friend likes this Tweets by @Dezeen Dezeen @Dezeen Reader comment: "I don't think the issue is the towers themselves" … Concept diagram – click for larger image ( /2016/02/) March 2016 ( May 2016 (http://www.Paratelier build interior for a house from the wood it was cast inside 10 de 22 2015 » (#2015) 2014 » (#2014) 2013 » (#2013) More » (#) Ground floor plan – click for larger image ( April 2016 ( August 2016 (http://www.

com/uploads/2014/08/House-in-Palmela-Portugalby-Paratelier_dezeen_4_1000. Second floor plan – click for larger image ( Section two – click for larger image (http://static.Paratelier build interior for a house from the wood it was cast inside 11 de 22 http://www.dezeen..dezeen. .com%2F2014%2F08%2F04%2Fhouse-in-palmela- 12/08/2016 10:39 a.php?u=http%3A%2F %2Fwww.gif) Section one – click for larger image ( (https://twitter.gif) ( /intent/tweet?via=dezeen&url=http%3A%2F