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Student handover notes - 7th May, 2016 (Saturday


Marcus @ 10

Beginner book - continue chapter/unit 4, looking over forte
and piano
'Wendy Whale' – song with 3 black keys
Did a review on past 3 units, so you're welcome to take
some time to look through that

Sarin @ 10:30

Reviewed dotted crotchet rhythms
'Dixie 21' + 'Chord rock' are her songs
Start the lesson with flashcard readings – focus on left

Kate @ 11

You can print out the following artists by doing a chord
search. Only choose 2-3 songs from either: Beegees,
Creedence Clearwater Revival, Led Zeppelin, Marvin Gaye,
Bread, The Carpenters, Neil Young, Elton John, The Eagles,
Fleetwood Mac, The Who. These are the choices to narrow
it down for you. For example, you might just go through
chords from Led Zeppelins 'No Quarter' + Fleetwood Mac's

Callum @ 11:30

Has to return to book but if he doesn't have it with him, let
him show you 'Rain' from the Halo ODST

Tobias @ 12

NEW! Just got him last week. Year 1 in school, beginner.
About to get him to buy John Thompson Book 1 which
Russell has in stock, so just ask Russ where they are kept.
You can begin at any point in the book if you like!
Check that he has did some drawings of crotchets, minims,

Sasha @ 12:30

Freyja @ 1

Having her grade 2 piano 4 leisure exam next week so
perhaps just tidy up some loose ends in her playing.
Otherwise, she knows her scales quite well, pieces are
generally good (though some are a little rushed) and general
knowledge is good too (maybe just reinforce some terms)
If you have aural books, go through a couple with her. If
not all good!
(p.s I'll try to organise an extra lesson with her during the
week before next saturday's case dad asks)
Sister of Sasha! Might be sick so continue chord topic she's
on in John Thompson book 3