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South Dade Senior High

AUGUST 28, 2015

This time last year, the South Dade
Buccaneers’ football team was polishing
their rings as they walked around the halls
filled with excitement for the upcoming
season. After not even making the playoffs, the Bucs realized they have some
work to do.
“Obviously we didn’t achieve our goal,
we wanted to get into the playoffs to give
ourselves a chance. I think that we were
able to build from it and it actually set the
platform going into this season,” the
Bucs’ head coach, Nate Hudson said
when reflecting upon last season.
After learning the high of winning a
state championship in his second season
and the lows of not making the playoffs
the season after, fourth year coach
Hudson approaches this season level
headed as always.
“We want to take it one game at a time,
at the same time be healthy and give ourselves a chance. I want the guys to compete every play. We are going to have our
ups and downs, we just need to stay men- Juwon Hamilton (right) is expected to carry the brunt of the ground game for
tally focused, it’s important to me. The
South Dade in 2015.
challenge is to stay focused, but the goal
obviously is to give ourselves a chance
Cope] and we were thinking they had the
assertiveness that has become their
and get into the playoffs,” coach Hudson
DNA, formula and ingredients that we
strength according to their head coach.
lean on as captains,”
“We have a mental edge about ourselves
With being only a
said Hudson “Some of
that I like. Each day I come to practice to
couple of years
the other guys that can
see that this team is locked in and in
removed from wintaste it, they have a thirst tune.” coach Hudson said.
ning the ultimate
for it, Juwan Hamilton
“All of them. Politically, I understand
prize, South Dade
(a transfer running back
for us to get to the pinnacle, we have to
brings back a
from Coral Reef) is
take it one game at a time. I look forward 2014 Record: 7 - 3
strong core of
doing a great job for us,
to all of them. I think each game takes a
returning leaders
Ludavic ‘Zo’ Saintvil (a
character of their own and you’re going to
and a couple of
transfer quarterback
see guys rise to the occasion, and you’re
promising new
from Sunset) is doing a
going to see things that you have to feel
faces to their team.
great job, along with the out as a team. But right now, we are soleAug. 27 vs. Coral Reef
“If I had to tip my
supporting cast. I don’t
ly focused on Coral Reef.”
hat off, we have six
know where we would
All the piece are there for the
(Harris) - 7pm
young men that
be without them, I think
Buccaneer’s to win a district title and
were a part of the
that everyone has the
have a strong run in the playoffs, fueled
Sept. 4 @ Coral Gables
championship team
piece of the puzzle and
by a tough offense, a strong defense, and
(Tropical Park) - 4pm
(James Wiggins,
Ludavic ‘Zo’ Saintvil
Boman Swanson,
Buccaneers can return to championship
Wyatt Swanson,
Being around this team, form.
Sept. 11 vs. Miami Norland
Lee Lindor, Michael Davis, and Cameron
there was an aura of discipline and


2015 Schedule

(Harris) - 7:30pm

Sept. 18 vs. Palmetto
(Harris) - 7:30pm
Sept. 25 vs. Northwestern
(Harris) - 7:30pm
Oct. 2 vs. Southridge
(Harris) - 7:30pm
Oct. 8 @ Ferguson
(Tropical Park) - 7pm
Oct. 15 @ Killian
(Tropical Park) - 7pm
Oct. 30 @ Homestead
(Harris) “The Centennial
Cup” - 7:30pm

South Dade head coach Nate Hudson talks to his players during a recent practice session.

Nov. 6 @ North Miami Beach
(North Miami) - 7:30pm