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Coral Reef Senior High

Only two wins with
eight losses on your
record can be discouraging for a football
program, but for Coral
Reef their outlook
couldn’t be any
Last year, Former
Head Coach Billy
Rolle was looking to
develop the players
that he had due to
their lack of experience on the field.
After Rolle left, it
looks like new Head
Coach Javier Valdes is
enjoying the fruits of
that labor.
“I think that there’s a
nice talent base here. I
think there is a nice,
young squad with
some senior leadership, and I think that
the kids are buying
into the program. I
think that we can be

Harvey Clayton hauls in a
pass during practice.

AUGUST 28, 2015


very successful,”
coach Vades stated,
reflecting on how
his work at Mater
Academy is translating to Coral Reef.
Valdes believes in
a plethora of talent
to bring his school a
district title.
“Harvey Clayton Jr.
is probably our
biggest recruit and
he’s going to be
playing some receiver and DB
[Defensive Back].
On the offense we
have a deep backfield, we have a
three headed monster of Mehkai
Ervan who is a senLinemen Adrian Reid (55) and Keith Anderson battle each other during contact drills
ior, Jordan
during Coral Reef’s fall practices.
Donaldson who is a
sophomore and
nice, steady run game. Bryan Castro is the
Jabrille Campbell who is
leader of the offensive line. That guy is a
going to be a junior. Those
tough, tough kid who gets off the ball and
three are going to give us a
really gives us the meanness that we
need on the offensive line. “Coach
Valdes said. “On the defense we have
freak linebackers Colvin Alford, he’s
just all over the field, Brandon Rojas
(junior inside linebacker) and Randy
Shannon Jr who’s the brains of the
operation so to speak. Up front we
have Tomos Sloane and Adrian Reid
2014 Record: 2 - 8
who just give us a push off the ball
that’s going to help us in district play
and going into the future.”
While watching this team during
practice, this was a disciplined, well
mannered, and focused team. It’s one
of the highest marks that Coach Vales
Aug. 27 @ South Dade
sees in his team.
(Harris) - 7pm
“This is most prepared team, mentally and physically, that I’ve coached
in a while. They’re more ahead of my
Sept. 3 vs. Palmetto
two Mater teams. I had the luxury of
(Harris) - 7pm
getting these guys in February so
there’s certain amount of mental reps
that they took themselves that I didSept. 10 vs. Killian
n’t necessarily have the time at
(Harris) - 7pm
Mater. “Coach Valdes explained.
“Mentally we are about as focused
and understanding our assignment as
Sept. 18 @ Braddock - 4pm
we think we could be. I think they
are also in great shape, we’ve been
Sept. 25 @ Venice - 7:30pm
hitting the weight room hard and
conditioning. We’re just mentally
prepared, and we [have] great
Oct. 2 vs. Ferguson
strength and conditioning.”
(Southridge) - 7:30pm
Coach Valdes is taking a different
approach with this team. He is only
focusing on the district games since
Oct. 16 vs. Southwest Miami
they are the ones that get you to the
(Southridge) - 7:30pm
It’s obvious that this team is hopeful
to be a force to be reckoned with in
Oct. 22 @ Varela
their district to win the title.
(Southridge) - 7pm
However, Coach Valdes knows the
challenges of changing people’s
minds is going to be.
Oct. 30 vs. Belen
“It is what it is, let them be skepti(Southridge) - 7:30pm
cal, we are going to change their
mind when they watch us play.”
Nov. 5 vs. Hialeah
Valdes said.

2015 Schedule

(Southridge) - 7pm
Coral Reef players work on conditioning under the South Florida sun.

(305) 252-7533

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