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Company Overview
Exord Online IT Limited is one of the Leading Internet and Intranet Service Provider in
Bangladesh. Exord Online can offer it’s clients the required level of services that have
stability, security, reliability and network coverage. Exord Online has a wide range of
solutions that meet customers every need for connectivity, enterprise automation and
presence on the World Wide Web.
exord Online is an Internet Service Provider company who provides internet services in a
limited area in Bangladesh. Exordonline is providing high speed broadband service for its

History of the Organization
This organization started in 2000 with the promise of good connectivity and excellent
services at the right price. They started with a simple dialup services and grew with the
technology to provide better and faster connectivity to their customers. Today they are
pioneering experts on the internet services domain.
In addition to the connectivity services, exord Online also sells routers, IP Phones and other
related products. This combination is essential for its corporate customers who look at exord
Online as their connection partner to the world. Their efficient service and reliability has put
Bangladesh in the global technology business strongly.

Vision, Mission
To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.

To build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional
customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology. To
provide reliable and cost effective services to our customers to improve their bottom line.

establishing a clear vision. The activity of leading a group of people or an organization or the ability to do this. Let’s try to find out the present standing of Exord . and is able to think and act creatively in difficult situations. Unlike management.2 Present Scenario Definitely there is no justification brooding on the past unless we utilize that experience inthe further course of time. regarded collectively.IN 2016 we have introduced the following services:  Video Conferencing solutions  Dynamic web creation and low cost web hosting solutions  Fiber Optics networks for all over Dhaka city BGP Solutions  Data connectivity Service. sharing that vision with others so that they will follow willingly. coordinating and balancing the conflicting interests of all members and stakeholders. knowledge and methods to realize that vision. Someone with great leadership skills today is Bill Gates who. providing the information.The act of inspiring subordinants to perform and engage in . 2. 5. and 4. leadership cannot be taught. 3. Leadership involves: 1. A leader steps up in times of crisis. Definition of leadership The individuals who are the leaders in an organization. despite early failures. with continued passion and innovation has driven Microsoft and the software industry to success. although it may be learned and enhanced through coaching or mentoring.

If the inputs are seen as used. Participative decisions are not unilateral. as with the autocrat. make suggestions and take actions.3 achieving a goal. The leaders and groups are acting as social unit. if the inputs are consistently rejected employees are likely to feel that their time has been wasted. employee are likely to fill as though they had a positive impact. Employees are informed about conditions affecting their jobs and encouraged to express their ideas. Banasree Dhaka 1219 .Consultative leaders approach one or more employees and ask them for inputs prior to making a decision. however. These leaders may then choose to use or ignore the information and advice received. Current Position  Name of the Person sabbir ahmed  Company EXord  Current position Managing director  Headquarters House # 27 Road # 05 Block # C (Ground Floor) Rampura . Participative leaders clearly decentralize authority. because they use inputs from followers and participation by them.

Initiating structure is regarded more useful then consideration . By this way coercive power is used. Applicable Theories of Leadership For leading a company a manager must need some traits and characteristics for example listening power.4 Analysis Leadership The summary of Leadership Leadership is the process by which an executive imaginatively directs. self-confidence tolerance for stress. guides and influences the work of others in attaining specified goals The Key to Leadership Manager practices a number of powers to motivate employee’s behavior and gets them to act in a certain way. maturity. They use performance appraisals and employees’ contribution to achieve organizational goal. Only the top manager posses this power. integrity and honesty to effective leadership. Coworkers respect admiration and loyalty has a very high impact to increase leadership quality of the managers at exord. intelligence. Every employee does not have reward power at exord. skills and expertise often help managers at exord to preside over other employees. Special knowledge. Almost all levels of employees have the power to complain and on the basis of the complain punishment is given. Legitimate power is distributed by the superiors to every level of employees up to a certain level. A reward giving committee is set to distribute rewards.

5 to lead employees of exord. High performance is appreciated at exord by giving attractive rewards. It is most effective when subordinates are highly trained and involved in their work. Every employee of exord from top to bottom feels that his or her job is important for the organization as well as themselves. So transformation leadership is appreciated at exord. but a manager must need to gives importance both on consideration and initiating structure. and cared about subordinates. Previous manager used to emphasize on trust. Leadership Style Supportive Leadership The leader makes work pleasant for the workers by showing concern for them and by being friendly and approachable. This realization motivates the employees to work harder for the betterment of the organization. Directive Leadership . respects. It is most effective in situations in which tasks and relationships are physically or psychologically challenging Participative Leadership The leader consults with his followers before making a decision on how to proceed.

Participative managers consult with their employees. The managers are not autocrats. This leadership style is the key component of their success within a short time period and in a very competitive market in Bangladesh. It is most effective when people are unsure about the task or when there is a lot of uncertainty within the environment. bringing them in on problems and decisions so that they work together as a team. such as sales Findings Exord follows directive leadership style. but neither are the managers who abandon their management responsibilities. such as technical. Participative managers still retain ultimate responsibility for the operation of their units. The organization provides an optimal level of job freedom towards the employees corresponding to their work. The motivating factors are external. or achievement environments. rewards such as money or grades. Achievement-oriented Leadership The leader sets challenging goals for her followers. expects them to perform at their highest level. There is a supportive work in environment. scientific. The employees of this organization can provide their opinions that are evaluated by the top managers with importance. and shows confidence in their ability to meet this expectation. or outside. so the employees can make decisions of their respective works. such as telling them what to do. how to perform a task. Motivation The nature of Motivation Extrinsic Motivation Extrinsic motivation refers to motivation that comes from outside an individual. The result is that employees feel a sense of involvement in group goals. but they have learned to share operating responsibility with those who perform the work.6 The leader informs her followers on what is expected of them. . It is most effective in professional work environments. The manager told what they expext to them and told them how to do their job. These rewards provide satisfaction and pleasure that the task itself may not provide. and scheduling and coordinating work.

for example. the reward would be a good grade on an assignment or in the class. Motivation mostly needed when the workers are low in their effort or performance. The rewards can be something as minor as a smiley face to something major like fame or fortune. Reward and Motivation Motivation is the process that account for an individual’s willingness to exert high levels of efforts to reach organizational goals. such as money or grades. Equity theory is also followed. difficult goals also affect motivation by helping the employees focus their inputs in the right direction. Intrinsic Motivation Intrinsic motivation refers to motivation that comes from inside an individual rather than from any externalor outside rewards. an extrinsically motivated person who dislikes math may work hard on a math equation because want the reward for completing it. In the case of a student. The motivation comes from the pleasure one gets from the task itself or from the sense of satisfaction incompletingor even working on a task. Perception about the result of the effort is often a basic concern of the employees. This is valence according to expectancy theory. Managers at exord are also concerned of which employee desires for which outcome. An intrinsically motivated person will work on a math equation. These difficult.7 An extrinsically motivated person will work on a task even when they have little interest in it because of the anticipated satisfaction they will get from some reward. For example. Managers care about the various levels of needs of the employees. The simplest and most intuitive approach to motivation is to satisfy an employee’s need. high goals motivate the employees to contribute more inputs to their jobs. conditioned by the efforts ability to satisfy some individuals need. These specific. So Goal Setting theory is followed by exord. So instrumentality is a higher priority here. Applicable Motivational Theory Expectancy theory is followed at exord. This is a common expectancy. Indirectly Need theory is followed at exord. One who provides more or better service gets more increment or bonus. exord gives a number of pay facilities to its employees to motivate them. It . because it is enjoyable. The goals set by the country office are very high and very difficult to achieve.

In the course of time it’s R & D team has developed and introduced many new technologies to meet the requirement of new millennium. Bijoy Online (BO) has started its operation in the year 2000 with the commitment of quality internet service at an affordable price. special offer. make them loyal to their job. In the year 2002 we have introduced in the market. promotion and many others way . In the year 2003 revolution in broadband has taken place when we have introduced wireless broadband which is jointly collaborated with Motorola canopy . and also keep them working at exord. Fastest Broadband internet service with ADSL& SDSL technology using 9mm drop ware which support around 5 to 7 km distance. At the time of commencement Bijoy Online started with Dialup internet service with the state of art technology. In the last 7 years Bijoy Online has introduced many new ideas and technologies to the internet industry. Conclusion Bijoy Online Ltd is one of the leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Bangladesh. It also gives two festivals bonuses each year. These high payments motivate the employees at exord highly. On clients demand we have introduced web hosting solution with virtual mail service in the year 2001 which has avail by many large corporate houses. The management leader of exord motivates their employers giving reward. In the year 2000 first we came up with stable dialup service equipped with 150 auto hunting lines including world class 3Com Total Control System.8 gives up to forty percent increment each year.

9 Reference sabbir ahmed Managing director of exord online limited   .

10 8.0 Appendix Visiting Card .