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Mid Shore Community Mediation Center

Internship Program
Mid Shore Community Mediation Center
Mid Shore Community Mediation Center (MSCMC) is a non-profit organization committed to
providing fair, free and prompt conflict resolution services to residents and businesses of Talbot,
Dorchester and Caroline counties. Our services include mediation, group meeting facilitation,
IEP facilitation, and conflict management seminars.
Internship Opportunities
Mid Shore Community Mediation Center accepts internship applications on a rolling basis and
occasionally, for specific positions. Internships may be arranged in 3, 6, 9 or 12 month intervals;
on half, part or full-time schedules.
Half-Time = 10 hours/week
Part-Time = 20 hours/week
Full-Time = 40 hours/week
Each applicant must submit an internship application, three professional references, rsum and
an internship proposal. The internship proposal outlines the applicants interest in working with
Mid Shore Community Mediation Center and their ideal plan for their activities. This proposal
should be developed in collaboration with MSCMCs director.
Internship experiences at Mid Shore Community Mediation Center may be custom designed
according to the learning objectives of the intern and the needs of the mediation center. This
flexibility reflects Mid Shore Community Mediation Centers commitment to maximizing the
effectiveness of the internship experience.
Internships may focus on specific areas, or combinations of specific areas;

Intake & Case Management

Partnership Development
Research & Data Collection
Administrative Support
Program Design
Conflict Management Training
Quality Assurance

Special Program Assistance

Re-Entry Mediation
Elder Mediation
Family Court Referrals
States Attorneys Office Referrals
Publicity & Outreach
Fundraising & Grant Writing

Internship for Academic Credit

Internships with MSCMC may be eligible for academic credit. The MSCMC Internship
Coordinator will work with the applicant and their Academic Advisor to design and implement
an internship experience tailored to meet the requirements of their program of study.
Internship Eligibility Requirements

High School Diploma

Criminal Background Check
Reliable Transportation
Completion of Basic Mediation Training Course provided by Community Mediation
Maryland (may be completed during course of internship).

Internship Selection Process

Once the completed internship application and other required documentation is submitted,
MSCMC staff will begin the review process. Applicants will be notified within 30 days of
submission if they were awarded the position.
Getting Started
The applicant, the MSCMC Director, Internship Coordinator and Academic Advisor (if
applicable) must sign the Internship Agreement before the internship experience can begin.
The Intern and the Internship Coordinator will collaboratively draft a timeline outlining goals
and activities for the internship. This document, referred to as the Internship Map, will provide
specific details regarding the roles, responsibilities and expectations of the Intern. The Internship
Coordinator will conduct quarterly evaluations with the Intern regarding their performance and
will refer directly to the Internship Map for this purpose. It also serves to guide the Intern in their
day-to-day activities, goal-setting and time management.
Finishing Up
Each intern, upon the end of their internship experience, will prepare an exit essay which
describes the interns accomplishments, challenges and outlines the next steps or future action
plans relating to their area of work with the center.