To fly and have wings [Jrock Mutation Fanfic] 1979 August 16. Saitoh's 17th birthday.. Hideto's initiation.

[Story will end at the moment they leave for the ciggarette shop] ________________________________________ ___________________________ It's nineteen seventy nine, kiss tried to rule the airways as disco tried to overturn the dials, while the decade came to a close summertime never did. Around this time usually a bunch of teenagers randomly hung around the school yard to basically cause mischeif. Four of them, Hideto Matsumoto, Yuko Karashida, Saitoh Yashida and Ryo Kurasawa did most of the mischeif. They called it the summer of love, only for the sheer fact that Yuko and Saitoh were doing nothing more than constantly cooing and making out. Sitting around the back of the school, smoking ciggarettes and exchanging words over the current state of the world, all while Yuko sat in her half open school blouse making it hard for hideto, ryo and saitoh to pay attention to anything important. It's august, and the summer of love is coming to a close.. as we watch the preset events before two of the group dissapear from the school yard possibly forever. "Yuko, pass me the beer will you?" Saitoh asked as he lit a ciggarette trying to fend off his younger cousin trying to GET his ciggarettes. "Damn you punk will you QUIT trying to steal my ciggarettes?" he yelled as hideto climbed up his arm to grab the ciggarette and failing. Grabbing the beer handed to him by yuko, he opened it and smirked.. "If you behave to-chan i'll give you some of my beer." Hideto lit up like a christmas tree and sat back down next to Ryo and game of poker, constantly pulling back his long dark brown near black Occasionally looking back over to Yuko, he'd gulp and sigh .. knowing more than he deserved, or at least that's what he thought. Glaring at falling asleep in the middle of the poker game he walked over and sat cousin. finished a hair. Saitoh got Ryo for next to his

"Sai-san... can i ask you something?" Hideto asked with an innocent look on his face, knowing the answer already due to his nearly insane amount of psychic power. "Sure to-chan, what is it?" Saitoh said finishing the ciggarette and putting it out in the ground. "Can i..... Can i see your wings?" Hideto asked instead, he was going to make a remark on them being unsafe but he'd rather not try to undermine his cousin's authority right now. "Not right now, wait til we get back inside, i don't want to get caught out in the open with them" Saitoh smiled as he patted hideto on the head. "Sai-kun, show me your wings too.. " Yuko said in her 'husky' voice just to send shivers down Saitoh's spine. Saitoh laughed and smiled, "Baby, i'll take you FLYING one of these days." Yuko smiled and started to play with Saitoh's long blonde and orangish brown hair, admiring his shining yellow-gold eyes she placed her hand on his face. "Honey, every day with you is like flying." she said as she climbed onto his lap to kiss him. On that note, Hideto frowned as the Public Display started, and Yuko giggled and tapped Hideto on the nose.

"Aww is hi-chan jealous?" Yuko said patting Hideto on the nose and then running her fingers through his thick hair."You'll find someone eventually. [Happy] " She got off Saitoh's lap and sat back down on her tree stump. Saitoh grinned at Hideto and gave him a full beer bottle from the pack, and a thing of gum to cure the insatiable itch for something he couldn't have. Hideto blinked a few times at the beer and gum, and looked at saitoh with a confused face.. "Nani?" "Punk, it's about time you started your journey of growing up. Take your first beer and maybe someday i'll buy you your first case." Saitoh said handing the beer to Hideto, "But uh, you smoked your first pack already.. you scrounge the money to buy your next one." He laughed, he bought Hideto the really expensive kind right before summer started. "Scrounge? >> ... Mother would murder me if i used my allowance for that." Hideto replied. "You know what? Fine, because your going through initiation finally i will buy you a carton of the new kind that just came out that i think you'll like. Sevens something..." Saitoh said, little did he know that would be the brand his younger cousin would smoke for years to come. "YOU WILL?" Hideto lit up like the christmas tree at rockerfellar centre at this point. "Sai-SAN ARIGATOU!!" he practically glomped Saitoh in a fit of sheer joy. "Sure, in fact wake your buddy up, we'll leave right now!" Saitoh said patting Hideto on the head. "RYO!!!! BAKA NA!!! ... WAKE! UP!" Hideto screamed as he poked Ryo in the arm. "NAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIII?????????????? Ohitsyou." Ryo said blinking madly.. unsure what was going on he looked to Hideto who was STILL poking him in the arm. "You fell asleep again." Hideto said glaring at Ryo. Ryo rolled his eyes at Hideto and looked around, got up and went to the bathroom behind a tree in the school yard. Not very discreet, or polite. Once done he walked back over to everyone and smiled, sitting back down. "We're going to Initiate you and Hideto at the same time, you both get to become men today!" Saitoh grinned, he would rather hook them up with chicks from their class, but at summer time that was impossible. "Pack your bags kids, let's go to the smoke shop!" "WOW. YAY!" Ryo said as he looked at hideto and was still a bit confused. "Sai-kun, it's a holiday today.. most people are at the temple, i think it's safe to use your wings if you'd like." Yuko noted as she twirled Saitoh's hair in little curls. "Your right. I can only hold two of you, so unfortunatley Ryo's gonna have to walk." Saitoh said as he lit another ciggarette and stood up. The open space in the school yard made perfect take off area for flying. He got up and walked about ten yards from where they sat and sprung out his wings full span. "I'll carry tochan, Yuko your used to attaching to my back right?" He noted as he motioned for

Hideto to come over. "Mhmm. As long as i get to feel your ass honey i'm all fine!" Yuko giggled and pushed Hideto the whole ten yards out to Saitoh. "Go on, your cousin said he'd carry you!" Hideto grinned and ran to Saitoh's open arms and stopped in front of his wings.. "They're beautiful..." he said in awe of the metal wings on his cousin's back. "Come on i ain't got all day punk" Saitoh smiled, knowing that would get hideto going.. "AH! GOMEN!" Hideto said running around to the front to face Saitoh. "Now promise me no squirming?" Saitoh said.. "Hai. No squirming." Hideto said being practically swept off his feet before he could be told instructions. Saitoh gave hide a test run before having Yuko climb on, stopping dead middle of the air he held hideto out in front of him. " This is flying.. someday you'll understand the beauty of the sky from my point of view." Saitoh said clutching hideto back in his arms to make sure he was safe. " Now hold on tight we're gonna dive and get Yuko. " " AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! " Hideto felt like he was on a rollercoaster as his cousin dived back down to the ground, "I .. think i liked that!" "Remind me to buy you fae wings for christmas so you can run around the house imitating me just to annoy your parents." Saitoh said as he landed to pick Yuko up. " That's not funny.. I DONT imitate you anymore. " Hideto frowned and looked up to Saitoh while still in his arms. "No but you did when we were younger." Saitoh replied cringing a little bit when Yuko tugged a bit too hard on his left wing. "Be careful babe ok? I can't exactly go to a mechanic and go FIX ME." "No but your dad's a mechanic, he knows you have wings.. he fixed them last time you took too much weight." She held on tight trying to put her own weight on herself. Saitoh motioned for Ryo, noting that he wouldn't fly so fast so it would be easier for all of them. After that he was able to take off the ground and slowly fly off to the ciggarette shop.

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