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Area Inspected Tower -5

1. Light and power distribution board (LPDB) are on wrong location.
Suggestion false ceiling is required
2. Distance between switch boards which are located at bed right and left side is not
proper due to shear wall and column.
Suggestion one switch board may be embedded in bed side table wooden work.
Switch board may be transferred to adjacent wall.
3. Box sizes 8 X 6 and 5 X 5 used which is not suitable for aesthetic look of flats
Suggestion keep where they are fitted and change in new flats.
4. Company of switches and face plates should be decided for several reasons such as
Metal boxes are already fitted in tower 5 and same box can house different
modules which depends on Switch Company.
Ex- 8 X 3 metal box can house 6 module, 7 module, 8 module depends on company
switch used and face plate.
Switch and face plate company must be decided so we can arrange our circuits in
installed metal boxes and minimum retrofitting is done.
5. Tower 5 different floors are built based on different drawings
Sample flats- different drawing and way
Floors up to 10th different drawing
Above 10th floor different drawing
So there is a huge difference in location of switch boards and lighting and power
circuits operation switches.
Some places AC has individual on/off switch below AC and at some places it is
operated from switch board located at bed side and sofa side.
6. Toilet mirror light and wash basin located on shear wall.
Suggestion for mirror light 1 inch pipe is provided when tile fitting work is carried
out so 1 inch margin should be provided
7. Some electrical conduit is damaged by plumbing workers and some switch boards
and junction board are filled and completely covered by cement.
Suggestion there should be a co-ordination between various working teams.
8. Low voltage conduit for video calling door phone and switch boards are not present
in tower 5.

9. Some switch boards are missing as per provided drawings.

10. Wall between toilet and dressing is removed in two three flats.
It should be decided whether wall is removed or retained in other flats so switch
board location and conduit route can be decided.
11. AC piping conduit route is not decided, it should be decided so that cable to outdoor
unit can be tied with AC pipes to the outdoor units.
12. Fan box and light points alignment is not as per drawing.
Suggestion how these are aligned should be discussed so that in future no cutting
and repairing is required.
13. In flats 3BD1 switch board in balcony is covered under service duct.
Suggestion its location should be changed to adjacent wall.
14. Power conduit is not done properly as shown in drawing. Light circuits and power
circuits both share same conduit.
Suggestion this point should be discussed with related authorities such as structure
consultant, electrical consultant so that next time better things can be done.
15. T.V switch board generally present as 1 switch board at 1500 mm and 1 switch board
at 600 mm. Here both present at 500 mm.
Suggestion point should be discussed and which practice is carried out in future
works, guidelines should be provided.
16. Low voltage conduits is missing at some points.
Suggestion chase cutting in wall is done to do LV conduiting.


Switch Board Company should be fixed at this moment with the discussion with
company vendors and with the help of electrical consultant, so rectification of light
circuits can be made in existing system. Metal boxes should be selected on this basis
and proper circuit operating planning can be planned and carried out.

All the above points should be discussed with relevant authorities and the final
decisions should be provided in written at site.

It should be made clear, which drawings are followed and up to which level
rectifications and repairing work is carried out and checked.

All decision should be taken as soon as possible so work and rectification can be
carried out keeping in mind most of work is done in tower 5 so even small changes
can cause a considerable loss in money and time, and delay in completion of work in
given time frame.