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Written By David Burton

In my mind, I am starting to believe that Hindus are one of the smartest races on the planet. Hence, I
have been studying Hindu astrology rather than housewife astrology. Sepharial went to India and
was the President of the Indian Astrological Association. Gann was also in India at the same time. As
you can see, Gann had a very holistic view, which is the same as the Hindus. They have Yoga
(exercise), Vastu (Feng Shui), Numerology, Palmistry, Astrology (Mundane, Medical, Horary, Astrometrology, Natal, Electional), Astronomy, Vedic Mathematics, Massage, Ayurveda oils, Herbs, Spices
and 300 Yogas (Omens) for the rules of life. No other religion has a holistic view of life like the
Hindus. This religion/race will be the strongest force when we come out of the depression. The time
cycles articles on the Hindu time periods show that you should be in cash and ready for the
depression. Later, I will write more on the thirteen families that control the world through the central
banking system. Currently, I am just using Hindu astrology, as it is way more accurate.

Over 30 years I have collected a number of rare horse racing and astrology books. I finally got hold
of a book I had been chasing for four years. Its called- X Raying Winners On Racing. I have all
the other books I had been chasing for years. You may be able to buy this book for a few thousand

dollars if you can find one. I could have one of the largest and rarest book collections on horse
racing around numerology and astrology, but of course, I wouldnt know that for sure. Good books
are extremely hard to get and I know it has taken me years to acquire them.
In the last article I did on horse racing, you will remember I predicted the favorite wouldnt win the
Melbourne Cup in 2014 and there would be some accident. Well two horses died, one of which was
the favorite. An overseas horse was predicted to win (winner from German. Even the horses winning
the second and third place came from overseas). The fifth house was the card winner, rule by
Mercury, which is, number five.
This article was written four months before the race, using Hindu Astrology. At the time of writing, I
didnt even know who was racing. When I did the numerology, it came up with the number 5. Before
the race, I also emailed a number of people stating that Number 5 would win before the race. This
proves Gann could predict horse racing and the Cuban Lottery, as he knew way more than I do, or
anyone else for that matter. In the 1996 July issue, I predicted the wheat peak in 2008,12 years in
advance. Wheat had never been that high in 700 years of data as it was in 2008 at $12.80 a bushel.
In the July 2011 issue I predicted that trouble would start in the markets around 2nd May 2012 and
top. The Stock Market, Soybeans, Dollar, Cotton and many other markets collapsed from this high
date, which was nine months in advance and not after the event. Astrologers today cant do this,
which is why they do Natal astrology. Gann didnt do Natal astrology, as you dont need to forecast a
natal chart for the common person. Natal astrology in the old days was only done for Kings, Queens
etc., and not the public. The common person doesnt have a future; they are just the STRAW MAN.
In fact most astrologers these days ask for donations when you go to their website, thats funny, I
just cant stop laughing.
As you know Gann spent some time in India with Sepharial in the early 1900s. Im sure he would
have picked up his horse racing astrology and numerology there, as they have been doing this for
thousands of years. At that time, only Hindus studied horse racing astrology/ numerology. Of course
Gann was very secretive because there is no need to give or sell knowledge of the Holy Grail.
Knowledge is power, so you never sell that. Gann wanted everyone to study and work hard. You
cant get any free lunches or steak knives from Gann or any of those ancient writers. You can start
studying Gann by buying all his books on his reading list (on my website). Thats your starting point.
The book has a chapter on Pakshi Sastra as applied to racing. Pakshi Sastra seems to have
been expounded by great Rishis such as Agastya and others. The day of 24 hours is divided into two
equal parts of 12 hours each, irrespective of the day being short or long according to the season.
The duration of the day of 12 hours is apportioned to five birds: Peacock (space), Hen (air), Crow
(fire), Hawk (earth) and Owl (water). Each of these is 1/5th of 12 hours or 144 minutes. Gann wasnt
using 144 as you see on blogs or chat groups. These five birds also have 5 states, which divide the
144 into parts. However, these parts arent equal.

These parts are:

F Food time 48 minutes
D Death time 30 minutes
S Sleep time 12 minutes
A Reigning time 18 minutes
W Walking time 36 minutes Total = 144 Minutes.
The writer of the book said this timing was taken from the Tamil manuscripts, which dated back to
about 300 B.C. This is a day count I havent seen before in this book related to horse racing. They
also have Numbers, Planets, Letters and Sounds related to the five elements even before any
astrology is involved.
The Owl is water, Numbers 3 10, and planets Mercury and Moon, which rules Wednesday and
Monday. The Hawk is earth, Numbers 5 2, and planets are Sun and Mars and rules Sunday and
Tuesday. The Crow is Fire, Numbers 1 9, planets- Jupiter and rules Thursday. The Hen is Air,
Numbers 6 4, planets are Venus and rules Friday. The Peacock is Space, Numbers 8 7, planets
are Saturn and day is Saturday. As can be seen, this is completely different to any astrology book
you would have and also dissimilar to what astrologers are teaching today. Did I mention housewife
astrologers? Sorry I forgot!
The 27 Naksatras or Lunar Mansions are 13 degrees 20 minutes each. These Naksatras are
also in Bird groups:
Owl: Aswani, Bharani, Krithika, Rohini, Mrigasira. 0 to 66-40 Numbers 3,10
Hawk: Ardra, Punarvasu, Pushyami, Aslesha, Magha, Pubba. 66-40 to 146-40 Numbers 5,2
Crow: Uttara, Hasta, Chitta, Swati, Visakha, Anuradha. 146-40 to 226-40 Numbers 1,9
Hen: Jyeshta, Mula, Purvashadha, Uttarashadha, Sravanam. 226-40 to 293-20 Numbers 6,4
Peacock: Dhanishta, Satabhiham, P.Bhadra, U.Bhadra, Revati. 293-20 to 360 Numbers 8,7
In the book the author has also put all the winners numbers, Barrier numbers and its percentage
when the moon is in the above 27 Naksatras.
The 2015 Melbourne cup has the moon at 12 degrees Cancer; based just on the Naksatras a
favorite would win. If you examine the table below, you will come up with 1 and 9 as the period.
Based on the book X Raying Winners, 1,7,4 (Indian races 1930s) based on the percentage of the
moon being in Punarvasu. Moon in Cancer is 2 and the Libra ingress chart on 17th October 2015
has moon in Cancer as well. These are only a couple of factors out of about 10 you need to do.
Looks like theres a problem with the race again this year, maybe some scandal with one of the
favorites. I havent done any study into the race at the time of writing, as I am busy with other
Also, the book Master Key of Races, by T.G.Butaney should mention the above Nakasatras and
whether it should be a favorite, fluke or a middleweight horse that will win.

There is another book called Biorhythms of Natal Moon: Mysteries of Panch Pakshi However, the
book has nothing to do with horse racing. It will simply give you an idea of how complex the Hindu
Tamil system is. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Thats why today they have dumbed
down astrology for the masses or the straw man in the debt trap (see straw man article, July/August
Issue 2014). If I go to a shopping center, I dont need to do a natal chart for a Mini-Hippo to work out
their future
An update on my article in January 2015 is where a made out Gann astrologer made many wrong

They still havent found the plane MH 370, using the wrong eclipse cycle. Most people know
it was a patient related inside job by one of the illuminates (the 13 riches families in the world). Same
as 9/11 and the Titanic insurance job.

S&P 500 has now lost $76,000 per contract as its up to 2115. As I said in that article, a Gann
uptrend is higher tops and higher bottoms, basic Gann.

Crude Oil has now lost $60,000 per contract, as its down to $45 a barrel. No website,
newsletter or software is doing pure Gann, they add stuff thats not related, so beware. Gann is way
too hard for these people, which is why they add stuff and make stuff up. These are also people that
call themselves Gann experts. They shouldnt be using his name at all. What a joke! There is no
Gann expert in the world and there never will be. Gann was his only expert.
This same person said I didnt know what I was doing. While that may be true, they will never know
what is going on in someone elses head. However, I never make losses like those and be that
All teachers look good in front of their students because the student is dumber than the teacher.
However, that doesnt mean the teacher knows anything. This is how you get inflated testmonials
with no contact details. I have never been to a workshop in my life, I never thought these Gann
people knew anything, instead I taught myself. You can do the same, if you are interested.
We are to start at sunrise but for this easy exercise we will start at 6:00 am, so you will have to bring
the numbers forward with an early sunrise or later with a late sunrise. You would know the sunrise is
only longer on 14th April and 17th October each year at 6:00 am.
The Peacock rules Saturday so start with 5 periods of 144 minutes therefore we have:
Peacock: FWASD, then we go 48,36,18,12 and 30 minutes. First 144 minutes.
Crow: WASDF, then we go 36,18,12,30 and 48 minutes. Second 144 minutes.
Hawk: ASDFW, then we go 18,12,30,48 and 36 minutes. Third 144 minutes.
Hen: SDFWA, then we go 12,30,48,36 and 18 minutes. Fourth 144 minutes
Owl: DFWAS, then we go 30,48,36,18 and 12 minutes. Firth 144 minutes

If its a Wednesday, you start with the Owl and rotate to the peacock etc. Therefore at 1:12 P.M on a
Saturday you would be in the fourth 144 minute, so you would look at the Peacock and start with the
letter S.
It would go as follows:
P.M 1:12 to 1:24 P (S) Nos 8,7
1:24 to 1:54 C (D) Nos 1,9
1:54 to 2:42 H (F) Nos6, 4
2:42 to 3:18 H (W) Nos5, 2

3:18 to 3:36 O (A) Nos3, 10

The next 144 is still a Peacock (Saturday) but we rotate to the D in Crow. Therefore we go DFWAS.
As per the Tamil Method, the last number is taken when there are two digits. If its 19, then you take
9 as the number.
The Hindu New Year starts with Sun opposite the fixed star Spica, which is at 29 degrees 58
minutes. This is on 14th April each year. Ganns square of nine chart comes from India, an old tea
calculator, so you have to use Hindu astrology and numerology, which unlike most teachings doesnt
start on 21st March. You would notice that the chart Gann had started east on the west, (21st

March). Theres a Hindu reason for that, but I cant tell you. They were both on the 21st March back
around 297A.D, thats when they were last correct. Also do the ingress chart before the winter and
autumn carnivals as well as the new moon.
Those charts will give an idea of whether favorites or flukes will win races. The Hindu New Year for
2015 is 14th April and the Hindu Lunar Year is 20th March. This varies each year. So you are
running two calendars. This year the New Moon is a Solar Eclipse, so in Melbourne it seems there
will be strikes and problems with the working class or labour force.
Horse Racing Numbers and Birds
Time: F = 48 minutes, W = 36 minutes, A = 18 minutes, S = 12 minutes, D = 30 minutes.
Hawk = Sunday Nos 5, 2
Owl = Monday 3, 10
Hawk (A) = Tuesday 5, 2
Owl (A) = Wednesday 3, 10
Crow = Thursday 1,9
Hen = Friday 6, 4
Peacock = Saturday 8,7
Time Periods based on sunrise at
6:00 am 6:00 am to
8:24 am 8:24 am to 10:48 am
10:48 am to 1:12 pm
1:12 pm to 3:36 pm
3:36 pm to 6:00 pm
Example Sunday
6:00 am to 8:24 am starts at A
8:24 am to 10:44 am starts at S
10:44 am to 1:12 pm starts at D
1:12pm to 3:36 pm starts at F
3:36 pm to 6:00 pm starts at W
Another book, which has nothing to do with horse racing, has broken the Naks atras in the nine
different degrees for the nine planets (7 planets plus the two nodes). These seem to operate like the
planetary hours but they arent fixed hours, they are different degree lengths for the different planets.

I will cover these hours in a future article. In this book he talks about great Hindu astrologers that can
The king Vikramadditya had a famous Astrologer named Varah Mihir in his court. His actual name
was Mihir and Varah was the tile given to him by the king for his predictions. He predicted that the
prince would have an early death, specifying the date, time and cause of death. He predicted that a
wild boar would kill the prince. The king was surprised and made all arrangements so that no wild
animal enters the palace. On the predicted date, the whole palace was on full alert and nothing was
left to chance. The flag flying in the palace fell on the prince and the insignia of a boar attached to
the flag hit the prince causing immediate death.
This is what you call an astrologer. There is no western astrologer that can forecast like this today
because all the old knowledge is not in books, its handed down or you have to work it out by
yourself, like Im doing. I started to find out what Gann was doing, when I went to an Astrology
conference once. I havent since been back. I looked around and said to myself- whatever those
astrologers are doing, I need to do the opposite, and I have done so ever since. Gann said Do your
own study, stay out of debt otherwise you will stay a STRAWMAN

David Burton has been studying and using financial astrology and the methods of WD Gann since
1980. Visit, www. and
or email for more information.

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