Earned Value Project Management in 10 Easy Steps with Primavera Don McNatty, DRMcNatty & Associates There is much discussion today about “Earned Value” being a simple concept that has been unnecessarily complicated in implementation. In a recent paper titled “Implementing Earned Value in 10 Easy Steps”, noted Earned Value consultant Quentin W. Fleming discussed the essence of Earned Value in it’s simplest form. At the request of Quentin Fleming, Don McNatty developed this presentation to provide a hands-on “how to” • What is Earned Value perspective using the Primavera Project management? software suite of tools. Mr. McNatty • Benefits of EVPM has had much success with • Implementing EVPM in implementing project management 10 Easy Steps and control systems using a simple • Primavera as the philosophy of avoiding unnecessary foundation of your EVPM complication and using off-the-shelf system tools to provide cost effective solutions to business management • Implementation problems. Success using Earned Value Project Management does not have to be complex! See how to simply set up different methods for calculating earned value and how to apply these basic concepts to your projects.

Don McNatty has almost 40 years of construction and project management experience as a consultant, construction company owner, chief estimator, and construction project manager. He also has over 25 years of experience designing and implementing automated project management and control systems in a wide variety of environments. He developed one of the first project administration software packages used on local public works projects and was instrumental in the design of nationally marketed software for cost estimating, scheduling and cost control. Mr. McNatty regularly speaks to local universities and industry associations on project management system automation and “best practice” processes. He is certified by Primavera Systems on all current Primavera software products in the AEC environment and regularly designs and conducts training sessions for clients. He has hands-on experience in designing and implementing project control and integration solutions and has pioneered the deployment of remote access/web/internet-based project management systems for the past ten years. The DRMcNatty team has supported major projects worldwide since 1989.

Along with his wife, Linda McNatty, Don has built DRMcNatty & Associates, Inc. from an independent consulting firm into a 25+person software sales, managed services, training, implementation consulting and professional services firm in California, Nevada and Arizona.

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