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Health Guarantee:

The purchaser has three business days from the time of receipt to have the puppy examined by a licensed
veterinarian. This is to allow the new owner time to have their vet examine the pup for a clean bill of
health.( I dont think the previous sentence is needed.) Failure to have the puppy examined by your vet
within this time period voids all guarantees. Should the licensed veterinarian find the puppy unfit for
purchase due to health, congenital or hereditary disorders only within the time period, the breeder will
exchange the puppy from the litter if possible. If no puppies are available, the purchaser can choose a
puppy from a future litter or receive a complete refund. Any return costs will be at the purchasers
expense. A written document from the veterinarian must be included explaining detailed medical issues
as to why the puppy is unfit for purchase. The guarantee is void if any injury occurs to the puppy under
new ownership.
Your puppy purchased from Hat Creek Kennel is guaranteed to be of hip dysplasia to an age of 24 months
after birth. To validate this guarantee:
Guarantee only applies to original owner. Guarantee is void if ownership is transferred.
The puppy/dog has not been bred.
The puppy/dog is not overweight (Determined by attending veterinarian.)
The puppy/dog has not been allowed to do an excessive amount of jumping (This will be hard to
quantify legally)
The puppy/dog must be fed quality foods such as Bil-Jac, Iams, Eukanuba, or Purina Large Breed.
The puppy/dog is not over 24 moths of age
Hip evaluations must be done by OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) and show that the hips are
moderately to severely dysplastic.
If your is shown to be dysplastic the owner has the following options.
Return the dog with all of the paperwork, sign ownership back over to Hat Creek Kennel for a full
Return the dog along with all of the paperwork and receive a replacement puppy from the current
litter or future litters.
If you choose to keep a dysplatic dog, we will give of the purchase price as a refund. You must
show paperwork that the dog has been neutered or spayed.
If dysplasia diagnosis is caused by environmental factors or poor nutrition, the guarantee will be
To Reserve Your Puppy:
Deposites are $100 and are non-refundable
Puppies can be taken to your new home at 8 weeks after birth unless a prior written arrangements
have been accepted by Hat Creek Kennel and the purchaser.
(Agreeing to take the puppies back may be a bad thing to offer on the web site.)
I, ___________________the purchaser of this puppy have read and agreed to all the items, conditions and
waivers of this contract.
Signed: __________________________

Witness: _________________________

Date: ___________________________
Puppy Sex: _______________________
ALL Puppies from Hat Creek Kennel are AKC Unlimited Registration