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Kimi K VS Slutty Sonia: Things Are Going to Get Messy

Slutty Sonia pushed open the door to the entrance of school. It was the second week of first grade and a
fair deal of the excitement of starting a new school had worn off for Sonia. There hadn't been anyone
new who had come in from Kindergarten, so Sonia had kept all of her new friends, and the old
jealousies. She was a special child, in the sense that she was far more developed than anyone else in the
school. Sure she lived in a world where having breasts the size of coconuts by the time you were six
was normal, but for her it was like having two spherical microwaves on her chest. There had already
been a few incidents with buttons flying off and smashing a glass. Sonia was as big as most of the
teachers, if not bigger than some, and she felt that this made her entitled to more than she should be
allowed. Mainly adult stuff like alcohol, and sex. She was headstrong and didn't back down to people,
though to most of the students who were her friends she was nice and sweet. She had long hair that
went down to her butt, split up into two handlebar ponytails, the rest of her frame was usual for her age,
though she had an hour glass figure with hips bigger than average, but she was skinny and curvy rather
than fat. The bell rang and she made her way to the class, taking her seat in the third row. There had
always been an empty seat right next to her.*
Kimi K scowled as soon as she saw the blonde enter the classroom. Kimi was already in a bad enough
mood having to go to a school so far beneath her standing; her Daddy being one of the richest men in
the country; after the...incident at the prestigous boarding school forced her to transfer...and this was
the only school with any open slots. But to make matters worse, just when she had thought that she
might be able to find some comfort among her classmates...her SMALLER she was so
obviously their superior by virtue of her enormous, even by todays outrageous standards, JJ-Cup
breasts...SHE walked in. A pretty blonde with breasts that easily rivaled her own...or worse;
Slutty Sonia looks up as the teacher enters the room.* Now class, it's the start of the second week, and
we have a new arrival today. *She smiles, beaming. The teacher is wearing a brown woollen jumper
despite the heat of the ending summer. It doesn't hide the fact that she is completely stacked, but oddly
enough not as big as Sonia.* Please be warm and welcome to Miss Kimi K, who has joined us recently
and transferred from a prestigious school. We might not be as rich, but we make up for that with our
school spirit. Now Miss Kimi, why don't you tell us a bit about yourself? *The teacher smiles,
beckoning for Kimi to come to the front of her class. The bust size of this girl somewhat interests
Sonia, she is definately a lot bigger than the rest of her class mates, and she wondered if she was bigger
or smaller. She couldn't quite tell with all the clothes on*.
Kimi K gets up from her chair and walks to the front of the class, head held high, tight little bottom
making her pleated skirt swich with a particular, arrogant, gait. She turns on her heel to face the class,
her massive bust shuddering when she comes to a stop.
Kimi K: "Greetings. As the teacher has said, my name is Kimi," she says, her voice high pitched and
dripping with contempt, "And she is correct...all of you combined do not even come close to being
worth as much as I or my family, but not let that stand between us. It would be to your great
advantage to call me you friend, and I can alway use some commoners to show me around or carry my
books and such," Kimi shifts her gaze to Sonia, "And I know, from past experience, that some of your
will be jealous of my obvious BLESSINGS. Please don't treat me any differently just because I happen
to have the BIGGEST breasts in school. It's just a sign of my natural superiority over the struggling
peasants of the world." With that, Kimi curtsied and returned to her seat, making sure that her bust
grazed against Sonia's in challenge. *

Slutty Sonia glares daggers at Kimi. There is a clap of politeness here and there, but most of it the
students have taken in a bit of anger at someone who is so obviously stuck up their own ass. Though
being only six, most don't understand what had just been said. The teacher calls for silence, keeping an
eye on Kimi, and gets the class to take out their books. The lesson passes rather quickly with Sonia
shooting venemous glances here and there at Kimi's chest. She herself might think she was entitled to
alot because of her chest, but she wasn't so brazen about it. The bell rings signally the start of 15 minute
recess. The teacher is the first to leave the classroom though, as she heads off to get a cup of coffee,
leaving all the first years alone together to either hang out, go play in the playground or anything else.
There is a shuffling and mutter as students pack away belongings to go have some fun. Sonia gets out a
drink of juice and puts it on the table, piercing it with her straw. She is wearing her own short blue
skirt, though it doesn't have pleats, and a blue short sleeve skirt, with white lines along the rims and a
small red bow in the centre. It's had to have been custom made for her size*
Kimi K gets up to leave, and sees Sonia leave her juice box on the edge of her desk. Kimi casually
slings her book bag, and turns her pretty little nose up at Sonia again. As she swishes contemptuously
past the pretty blonde first grader, she grabs the box of juice and begins to sip at it. *
Slutty Sonia watches as Kimi sips the drink. She stands quickly, her chair making a loud scraping
noise, her torso turning to face Kimi* Hey, thats mine! *She shouts out loudly, making all of the
students still in the classroom look round at her. Sonia reaches out and grabs hold of the juice carton so
both girls are holding it. But she squeezes too hard in her anger and it explodes, covering Kimi in apple
juice. Sonia can't help but giggle, along with several of the other students, though she does get some of
the apple juice on her top which she doesn't notice*
Kimi K is mortified as her school uniform, her favorite from her old school, is soaked in sticky apple
juice. The white blouse under her red jacket turns transparent, sticking to her expansive crevase of
cleavage as the juice soaks in. Kimi's hair is also wet, her perfectly coifed blonde curls sticking to the
pale skin of her forehead. Kimi hears Sonia giggle at her misfortune, and feels a fire rise in her chest,
her pale breasts now flushed with anger.
Kimi K: " did that on purpose!" Kimi stutters, enraged, "Y-you common...poo-head!" *
Slutty Sonia has a big innocent smile on her face* Well you stole my drink. *She said, pushing Kimi
with her right hand into Kimis left tit, getting her hand slightly damp from the apple juice* So it's your
fault. *Each word is punctured by another light slap to Kimi's tits*. hey you have lots of money, so you
can get a new uniform, and get me a new drink as well.
Kimi K fumed at Sonia laying her dainty little hands on her enormous breasts. How dare the blonde
challenge her. How dare she touch her most prized possessions so callously. How dare she humiliate
her. How dare she tell her 'No.'
Kimi K: "I'm not going to pay for a uniform YOU ruined, or compensate you for a juice box YOu left
untended!" Kimi spit, jabbing Sonia in the chest with the sharp point of her manicured and painted
fingernail, "You're just jealous because you don't have the biggest breasts in school any more. I'm sorry
you're the SECOND bustiest girl in school now, but that's no excuse to ruin my first day and my
favorite uniform!" Kimi dug her finger painfully into the firm, but yielding, meat of Sonia's big tit for

Slutty Sonia lets out a cry as her breast indents from kimi's finger nails. She hadn't slapped her tits that
hard, but her hands come up in a slap to Kimi's face. The whole class is watching both of them now*
Owwwww! Get off my boobies! It's not my fault you are afraid that you aren't the biggest breasts here!
*Sonia whine out, and she turns from sweet to angry, reaching up to grab Kimi's hair and yank her to
Sonias right side* That was my juice, my mum got that for me! So get me another one!
Kimi K face stung from Sonia's hard slap. Kimi's face screwed up in pain as Sonia tugged on it, and her
feet skittered across the floor tryint o keep up.
Kimi K: "If you're so poor that you can only afford one juice box, then you should take better care of
it!" Kimi screeched, grabbing Sonia by the wrist that had her hair, and digging her sharp nails in. She
gave Sonia her own slap across the face, and grabbed for her blond hair, as they struggled between the
Slutty Sonia lets out a cry of pain!* We are not poor, but I only had one today! *She moans, and she
steps forwards. The two fat pairs of tits mash together between their struggling bodies. The flesh
expanding outwards slightly from the impact. The rubbing though feels really good to Sonia, who's
always had sensitive tits. Her wrist has little red marks on it and she is sure it'll start bleeding soon but
she keeps a firm grip, yanking at Kimi's hair. Tables get knocked in the widening circle. Her other hand
reaches up and grabs Sonia's right cheek, and pulls it too the side, punching it between thumb and
Kimi K groans in pain as Sonia pulls on her cheek, pinching her hard, and tugs at her hair. "L-let
gooooooo!" Kimi whines, slamming her massive chest into Sonia's with a wet 'CLAP'. Kimi reluctantly
releases Sonia's wrist and grabs her throat, pressing her fingers into the young girls tryachia and
squeezing. Kimi rubs her breasts against Sonia's as she chokes her, "How dare you lay your hands on
me! L-let go or I won't let go either!"
Slutty Sonia chokes, coughing hard.* No...You...Let...go *Sonia wheezes, locked in a stale mate as she
pulls Kimi's hair one way and her cheeks the other, stretching her face out. Several of the students are
cheering the girls on for their fight. Sonia top is getting damp from contact with Kimi's apple juice
soaked shirt. She would bite her, but the sheer size of their busts stop them getting close to each other*.
Kimi K's hair and cheek stretched painfully in opposite directions as the two busty blonde grade
schoolers struggled against each other, spinning violently around the classroom, knocking over chairs
and desks. "N-NEVER!" Kimi choked out. Her massive chest mashed against Sonia's, as she rubbed
her soaked blouse against the other girls. Sonia spun Kimi back against a fallen chair, and she tripped,
falling backwards and dragging Sonia down with her, unwilling to relinquish her grip on her rivals
slender wrists. They both fell to the floor with a loud 'THUD' and 'CLATTER'.
Slutty Sonia lands on top of Kimi, still chest to chest. The two huge balloons of fat squish painfully
between the two girls are the grade schoolers around cheer them on and a few students who are walking
past enter the classroom to see whats going on. Sonia tries to keep a firm grip on Kimi's hair, but the
fall loosens her grip and most of the hair slips through her fingers as Kimi pushes her bleeding wrist
away. Sonia still has a few strands of hair and yanks them out of Kimi's head*.
Kimi K feels a jolt of white hot pain rip through her scalp as Sonia yanks a few strands of her beautiful
blond hair from her head. "AAAAAAH!" Kimi cries out, releasing Sonia's wrist to grab her head, "T-

that really hurt you mean little poo-head!" Kimi slaps Sonia hard across her pretty face with a loud
'SMACK', leaving a bright red welt.
Slutty Sonia rolls off to her left hand side, her face stinging badly, and there are the beginnings of tears
in her eyes, her hand holds onto Kimi's cheek and pulls her so that they are both facing each other on
the floor.* Ow ow ow! That was mean! *Sonia complains. Since she has rolled onto her left side, her
left hand is trapped underneath her massive boob, but she can still move the forearm about, and she
grabs a hold of Kimi's tit, squeezing the flesh underneath her fingers*.
*Kimi K Kimi feels Sonia's hand roughly squeezing her sensitive titflesh; kneading and digging her
nails in. Kimi can feel her rivals sharp nails trying to claw at her through her blouse. Panicing, Kimi
fumbles around, feeling the expansive surface of Sonia's large, firm, tits, and feels a telltale bump.
Kimi grabs it between her knuckles and squeezes, pinching Sonia's nipple hard and rolling it between
her fingers with savage abandon, "Leggoleggoleggo!" She hisses into Sonia's face, her perfect white
teeth grit in pain.
*Slutty Sonia fat nipple squishes painfully, and she lets out a huge ARRRRHHH, her head flinging
backwards in response. She can't wiggle back and is stuck in this position. Desperate, her knee comes
up and finds it's way inbetween Kimi's legs, making a wet slap sound as it connects with her pussy*
stop iiiittttttt! *Sonia wails out, tears in her eyes*.
Kimi K cries, "AAAAAAH! M-my pee-pee cunny!" as Sonia's hard little kneed hits her red pantied
crotch. Pain shoots up her spine, and she feels a strange flush of pleasure as well. Kimi fumbles around
under Sonia's othe breast, moving her hand under the heavy mass of tit, and finds her other nipple,
pinching and squeezing both of them as hard as she can. Kimi lashes out with her knee, trying to hit
Sonia in her pussy as well, "S-see how YOU like it!"
Slutty Sonia kicks and knees with her own feet, trying to hit Kimi again but at the same time stop her
from getting a hit into her pussy, she manages to hold her off for about 13 seconds before getting kneed
and she cries out again in pain, her pussy soaking over her panties from the sensation. Finally she lets
go of Kimi's cheek, only to slap her repeatedly in the same spot on her face.* leave my nipples alone!
*She whines, as the students around make 'helpful' suggestions about hair pulling, biting and other
actions to take. The noise however is sure to attract the teachers*.
Kimi K's face is stinging from the hard slaps, even as her knee finally connects with Sonia's soft pussy
with a satisfying, wet, 'TWAP!' Kimi's cheeks feel red and raw, burning hot from the repeated slaps.
Desperate, Kimi use's her grip on Sonia's nipples to roll her over so that she now has the top position.
Pinning Sonia down with her heavy chest, Kimi spits in her face, a fat, vicious, loggy, splattering on
her forehead, "Y-you're nothing to me! Nothing! I'm richer than you, bustier than you, and prettier than
you!" Kimi rambles, tears starting to streak down her red raw cheeks.
Kimi K begins to sob harder as Sonia punches her big tits, her dainty little fists sinking into Kimmi's
firm but yielding titflesh. "S-so what if I don't have any friends...I-I don't need friends! I'm rich and
pretty and Daddy gives me whatever I want!" Kimi cries, snot running down her nose, tears falling
from her eyes in big drops onto Sonia's face, "I'm a PRINCESS! A PRINCESS!" Kimi raises herself up
slightly, an unfamiliar wetness in her cunny as she grinds it into Sonia's similarly sopping skirted
crotch, and then drops quickly back down, slamming the heavy, dense, masses of her breasts into
Sonia's equally firm masses with a loud 'THUD!'

Slutty Sonia screams, letting out a gurgled cry as gravity helps Kimi's fist make their indents into her
precious boobs, leaving big blue and black marks on her flesh underneath her clothes*. OW! Leave
those alone! Your daddy could at least buy you a pair of big boobies instead of those small ones. *Sonia
cries out. Some of Kimis snot drips onto Sonias cheeks in their viscious little mellee. However a
booming adult voice comes out of the doorway* What is go...GET OFF THAT GIRL! *The teacher is
back from her break after hearing from some tell tale students there was a fight, and she moves to grab
Kimi and pull her off Sonia*.
Kimi K is jerked by the back of her shirt, forcibly dragged off of Sonia. Two of the students, looking
guilty, help Sonia up off the ground. Kimi is still sniffling and sobbing, but now she's playing it up, "Sshe attacked me, teacher! S-she said mean things about how she's jealous of my bigger boobies, and
threw juice on me! L-look at my blouse...I'm soaked! What am I going to do about the rest of the day?"
Kimi lied easily, looking up at the teacher with big, puppy dog, eyes, green and resplendent, "I c-can't
help having bigger boobies than her...I-I thought we could be friends, but she's so MEAN! A big jealous
Slutty Sonia stares a bit dumbfounded before piping up* She's lieing! She stole my drink from me and
then when she wouldn't give it back it got thrown over her! That was my ownly drink and she refuses to
get me another one! She thinks just 'cause she is from some rich family she can get away with
anything, she started all this, ask the students around here! *Sonia responds, getting up from the floor.
The teacher though isn't hearing any of it, and she grabs both girls by their ears.* You two, the
headmistress's office, now! *She drags both girls away, but stops at the door* The rest of you, this
room better be clean by the time I get back, or it's detention! *Sonia and Kimi are dragged by their ears
through the halls, their hair and uniforms a mess, and torn in some places. Sonia is making whimpering
noises from the pain in her ear, and every step makes her massive tits jiggle about, which hurt from the
punishment she's had*.
Kimi K and Sonia were dragged by the ear to the Headmistress' office to recieve their punishement.
Their parents were called, and as both girls clothes were ruined, they were going to be sent home for
the day. They were made to wait patiently outside the main office, sitting on two adjacent benches,
arms crossed under their huge breasts, pouting, in silence. Kimi fumed as she sat there, occasionally
glancing over at Sonia, who stuck out her tongue in childish insult when she caught her. Finally Kimi
made up her mind, "This isn't over. It's obvious that we can't be in the same school together, much less
the same class," Kimi started, calmly and rationally, "I hate you...I hate you more than I've hated
anyone else ever. We need to settle this, and we're going to come to my Daddy's mansion,
and we're going to finish our fight...but this time we're going to take it to the end. The VERY end."
Kimi stated coldly, with a seriousness beyond her eight years of age.
Slutty Sonia is seething with silent angry rage as she sits there. Each girl had been brought into the
office seperately and been yelled at loud enogh for the person outside to hear. Her face stang from the
slaps and her boobs hurt as they sat in silence until finally Kimi broke the silence, she listens, and
smiles as in the back of her mind she concocts a little plan to humiliate Kimi*. Fine, what are the rules?
I don't know where you live though. Are we going right after school? Or waiting until our parents take
us home and then meet up after? You could send your limo to mine since you're so rich. Make sure
you're in the limo when you pick me up. I am game for 'anything' if it means beating you!
Kimi K stood up, cupping her breasts and lifting them intimidatingly, "I'll have the limo pick you up
when you get home. Daddy is out of the country and I have the whoooooooole mansion to myself,"
Kimi said with smug arrogance, "I even have a special room just for such a thing. And I have some

special clothes you can wear. Since you can only afford one juice box, I wouldn't want you ruinning
your cheap, discount bargain basement, clothes."
Slutty Sonia stands up, walking over to Kimi, lifting her boobs up underneath her and pushing them
down against Kimi's again* Why am I wearing special clothes? What about you huh?! And my clothes
aren't bar...*The door opens, and the headmistress is there* Sit back down Sonia! *She barks, as Sonia's
parents appear down the hall. They tell Sonia off, grab her arm and drag her off, apologising to the
headmistress. Sonia glares at Kimi as she is forced down the corridor, out of the school and home.
When she gets there, she is grounded and has several of her toys taken away and banned from watching
tv. She strops around her room, even more angry than before at Kimi and how unfair it all was*.
Kimi K arrives home and is doted on by the mansion's staff. She takes a long, soothing, bubble bath,
and has her hair washed by on of the servents, and redone to it's usual curly perfection. She also has her
nails freshly manicured and painted, before she sends everyone away, except for the driver. "I'm going
to be having a...classmate, over tonight. We need to pick her up at her house," Kimi explains. She starts
making her plans for her fight with Sonia, as she looks in the mirror, and applies some of the lipstick
she stole from step-mother #2, and smacks her sexy little lips togther. She goes to her secret closet and
pick out a red garter and stocking set for herself, and a white and black one for Sonia, as well as
matching high heels. "I'm going to wreck her," Kimi says quietly to herself, as she looks at her secret
room with satisfaction. Her stomach is full of butterflies, she's so excited. It's been so long since she's
had a fight in the 'Play Room.' She gets dressed and gets into the back of the limo to pick up Sonia at
her house.
*Slutty Sonia might be angry, but she does her best. Her mum isn't without feeling and brings her up
some juice, as well as putting ice on her wounds. It's freezing, but helps the swelling go down
somewhat so Sonia is ready. Her mum though doesn't know what Sonia and Kimi had planned, and
Sonia drinks down some chicken soup with bread in her bedroom. She sneaks out though, stealing
some of her mums make up. She always liked playing dress up, especially since she was so well
endowed. Putting on purple lipstick, and slightly too thick dark blue eyeliner that makes her look slutty.
She changes out of her clothes into some tight fitting shorts, some white knee high socks, and a blue
tank top that matches her shorts. She doesn't have a clue what Kimi meant by having clothes for her,
but she wants to looking her sluttiest to show she is better. Her window is at the front of the house and
she looks out it until the black limo appears. Quietly she opens the door and dashes out, carrying her
shoes instead of putting them on. She has to sneak out the door and is tense in case her mum catches
her, and she heads to the black limo*.
Kimi K's driver opens the door for Sonia, stooping slightly out of respect, "The Young Miss is expect
you." Kimi watches as Sonia climbs into the back with her, taking the seat on the opposite end from
Kimi, who sits need the front window, which is rolled up and tinted, so that the driver cannot see them.
Kimi puffs out her cheeks in childish frustration to see that Sonia is wearing more make-up than her,
and regrets only putting on the ruby-red lipstick. Sonia looks so grown up and pretty that Kimi burns
with jealousy. "I should have known you're just a little tramp playing grown up with Mommy's makeup," Kimi says, trying to hid her jealousy, "You're not a natural beauty like me...I-I don't even need
make-up to be prettier than you," Kimi pouts.
Slutty Sonia sits down in the car near the door. It's incredibly plush inside, with leather seats and lights.
She couldn't see inside the car when she was outside, by she can see out well enough from here, she sits
on her hands a bit*. You aren't a natural beauty, or natural, or beautiful! *Sonia huffs as the car pulls
away. *She sticks her tongue out and glares, trying to calm herself down. It would be so easy to attack

Kimi now, but the driver might stop them.* What is the plan then? You said something about a special
*Kimi K fumes at Sonia's rudeness, "You're a rude guest...I guess that's to be expected of someone as
low born and classless as you," Kimi stuck out her own tongue with a childish 'Naaah', before
composing herself, "We're going to settle this thing between us...a fight to the finish! Only one of us is
going to go back to school after this," Kimi said, sitting back in her plush seat, and spreading out her
arms, her massive breasts pushing out from her chest, "And we're going to do it in the 'Play
Room'...that's where I settle all my business with jealous, smaller breasted, poo-poo headed girls like
Slutty Sonia can't sit still with Kimi, she winds her up so much, and moves so she is sat directly
opposite her, their knees close together* You are uptight with your head stuck up your own butt! You're
so rich, but won't even get me a replacement apple juice. I'm surprised you got it out of your hair!
*Sonia fumes as Kimi explains the situation to her, arms crossed under her chest angrily. In her
cleavage however she has a small vial of very powerful laxatives, she just needs to find a way to get it
into Kimi's drink so she can humiliate her while she is helpless.* I like the sound of to the finish, so
you won't back down or be able to escape when I win. Whats the rules of this? Anything goes? I want
to prove I've got better breasts than you!
Kimi K smiles, as she reaches down to open the mini-fridge, and takes out two bottles of expensive
looking apple juice, "F-ine. I knew you'd still be going on about the stupid juice, so I got us a little
something so we could toast to our fight," Kimmie says, a sly look in her eyes. She slides on of the
bottles towards Sonia, which has a small yellow sticker on the lid that hers does not. Before they
arrived, Kimi had spiked Sonia's juice with a powerful laxitive, "It'll be hard for her to MOVE much
less fight me whens he's fight stomach cramps and pooping herself," Kimi think's, impressed by her
own devilishness. She opens her bottle, and leaves it on the flat table of the arm rest. The limo hits a
bump, causing Kimi and Sonia's breasts to bounce in their laps heavily. Kimi almost spills her bottle of
juice, but manages to catch and right it, turning to the window to berate the driver, "Watch it, Jarvis!
You know I hate bumpy rides!"...leaving the opened bottle wide open to a scheming Sonia.
Slutty Sonia is completely unaware of Kimi's little ploy. Maybe both girls would of been friends with
how similar they think if they both didn't take such pride in their huge racks. Sonia isn't wearing a
seatbelt and gets knocked forwards onto her knees, her head by the flat table Kimi puts her juice on.
Quickly she pulls the little bottle out of her cleavage and pours the white sugary powder into Kimi's
drink. If anything it'll make the drink taste sweeter. She quickly stuffs the bottle into her cleavage again
and sits down, taking her drink and sipping it quickly to try hide how smug she is feeling.*
Kimi K turns back to Sonia, and sees the smug smile on her face, "What's SHE so smug about..." Kimi
thinks, as she sips her juice before continuing ot answer Sonia's question, "Anyways...yes, it's a fight to
the finish, no rules! And as for the 'Play Room''s a special room that nobody knows about but me,
where I solve all my 'problems' with girls like you," Kimi explains, her voice haughty and smug, "It's
filled with every kind of 'toy' you could imagine for a fight with a jealous meanie like you." Kimi leans
forward, her face close to Sonia's, looking deeply into her eyes, their cute little noses almost touching,
"I'm going to DESTROY you and your little tits, once...and for all."
Slutty Sonia eyes go wild as she imagines what possibly toys there could be there in some secret room
and she wonders for a moment if she is entering into a trap. Trap or not, Kimi will be suffering from the
laxatives soon and it'll give Sonia an edge in any foul play. She sips on her juice more, draining nearly

half of it, sitting it down, she bends forwards more, her fat tits pointing to the ground so she can squish
her nose up against Kimi's, making it wrinkle slightly, and rests her forehead against hers, trying to
push her back like some sort of ram* You're the one who is going to be walking away with destroyed
tits. Since we are fighting for who has the better breasts, what is the rules on clothes? *The car stops as
the gates open up to allow them into Kimi's dads mansion, and then rolls on again*.
Kimi K pushes her forehead and nose against Sonia's, their heads pushing back and forth as they vied
for the superior position. "I picked out a nice, pretty, garter and stocking set and high heels for the both
of us...I hope you know how to walk in heels," Kimi growled at Sonia, staring her down, as the car
pulled up to the front steps of the massive, pointlessly oppulent, mansion. Mansion was something of a was really more of a huge and ostentacious, that it made Versailles look
understated. "We have arrived, Young Miss," the driver informed them. Kimi reluctantly pulled away
from Sonia, and exited the limo first, with a "Humph," as she lead Sonia into the house.
Kimi K huffs at Sonia, "Yes, I did, not that YOU should care," Kimi said combatively, as she lead the
wide-eyed Sonia through the mansion. "I've sent the staff home for the day so no one can interrupt's just you and me here." Kimi leads Sonia threw a series of hallways, past famous paintings and
works of art that they recognized from TV shows and stories about such things, abut didn't really
understand the value of. Finally, they reached an innocuous, white, door, inset into the wall. If you
hadn't been looking for it, you wouldn't have seen it. Kimi opened the door, and led Sonia into a dark
room. She turned on the lights, revealing the room. It was a large space, empty exept for a blue mat
floor that covered the entire space, much like the ones in gym class, and the walls were lined with
various tools and menacing looking weapons...whites, chains, hammers, nails, cordless drills,
everything you could possible imagine. Off to either side were small changing partitions. Kimi pointed
to one, "That's yours...get changed and meet me in the center of the room." Kimi commanded, before
slipping behind hers. Through the translucent screen, Sonia could make out Kimi's silhouette as she
undressed, and slid on her red lace garter, stockings, and heels.
Slutty Sonia huffs* Don't order me around! *She spouts, watching Kimi change through the silhouette,
however this is exactly what she wants though, and she goes behind the screen to find the clothes
waiting in scrunched up pile which Kimi obviously hadn't folded. She picks them up and inspects them,
before stipping off all of her clothes, and rolling up each stocking and the garter. Her nipples are the
size of shot glasses on her overly large boobs and there isn't any pubic or body hair on her. She slides
on the heels and tries to walk in them. It's slightly difficult on the spongey floor, but she is used to
walking in the 4 inch high heels. She steps out from behind the screen, completely naked except for the
black and white stockings, and black high heels. Kimi is already there and Sonia makes her way to the
centre of the ring. Her foot steps echoing in the room, her eyes darting to the various weapons,
butterflies in her stomach.* Whats the rules on using the weapon then? Want to start with those first?
Or are you afraid you can't go body to body with me without a weapon?
Kimi K stands before Sonia, massive breasts thrust out, hands on her hips. Her eyes widen as she sees
Sonia's naked breasts, and her big nipples, and she suddenly becomes self-conscious...her own nipples
are inverted, tucked away inside puffy, pink, areola. She considers this her one embarrassing flaw. "I-I
dont' have any problem going body to body with you...I'm going to crush your weak, floppy, boobies
with mine first! The weapons are open game if you're weak enough to need them...or if I want to have
some FUN with you after I beat you!"
*Slutty Sonia flicker over the hammer, that could do some serious damage, or a saw, or a small axe.*
Hah, You're the one with wrong nipples. Even my mommy doesn't have nipples like that! *Sonia

crouches a bit, legs spread,getting ready* How many people have you had down here to settle scores
with? *She asks, curious if she is getting herself in too deep. But she held her own well enough in the
classroom. Just remembering it is making her pussy wet again, and she wonders what the best plan of
attack is, tense as to who is going to make the first move and start off what is going to be a violent and
messy feud.* I don't need weapons! I have teeth, I can beat you! *Her stomach however gives a
grumble as the laxative is starting to kick in and she can't help but release a fart. She blushes instantly,
going red, hoping Kimi didn't notice*.
Kimi K's face goes red with embarrassment, and her hands dart to her nipples, self-consciously hiding
them, "T-they're nothing wrong with inverted nipples...i-it's better this way!" Kimi protested, flustered,
"T-they're protected like this!" Kimi sees Sonia getting into position, and quickly hunkers down into
her own stance, her massive breasts dangling and swaying beneath her. As they stare each other down,
Kimi suddenly feels a tight clenching in her stomach, and a loud gurgling sound. Her stomach tightens
and she starts to feel nauseous, "N-not now..." Kimi thinks, panicing. She steels herself and clenches
her exposed little bottom, and growls, charging at Sonia, tits first.
Slutty Sonia doesn't escape her ears that a gurgling sound is coming from Kimi instead of herself, and
she smiles to herself that the laxatives are taking effect, and is going to give her an advantage with
Kimi all embarrassed and struggling. Mentally, Sonia has steeled herself so that when it does happen, it
won't effect her and she'll just keep beating Kimi up and proving who is the better girl. She doesn't
counter charge though, and Kimi's breasts smack into hers with full force, and she is knocked back onto
the floor, landing on the padded matt. However it is too much for her ass and she expels the first of her
shit, firing it out so it covers Kimi's legs* Oh god! What...Whats going on?! *She blurts out
confusingly, she wasn't meant to be the one expelling filth. She quickly tries to get up off the
floor,kicking out blindly with her leg. The sharp point of her high heel making it dangerous for Kimi to
get near her.
Kimi K , surprised by Sonia's sudden expelling of foul smelling, liquid, poop, catches Sonia's flailing
heel in the pit of her stomach. There is a grumbling sound, and then a loud, sputtering, fart as Kimi
sprays shit from her cute little bum, as she staggers back. "Noooooooooo...w-what is happening to
meeeeeeee..." Kimi groans in embarrassment, clutching her unsettling stomach, poop sliding down her
long, slim, legs. She looks at Sonia, who laughs, and suddenly remembers her asking if she'd finished
her juice earlier, "...YOU!" Kimi shouts, rushing forward recklessly, slamming her massive breast into
Sonia's, and grabbing for her hair.
Slutty Sonia manages to get to her feet after her kick hits Kimi's stomach, scrabbling up, and she laughs
at her as she shits down her own leg, giggling evilly. However her own ass has started and doesn't
intend to stop, and a long thick log curls downwards onto the floor, not breaking at all, like it's a tube of
a hose.* Ugh, what have you done! *Sonia shouts, furious at Kimi, and suspecting that she has done
some foul play as well. She charges forwards at the same time as her, and both girls massive tits collide
together, though the nipples don't touch. Sonia grabs Kimi's hair, not stopping her from grabbing her
own, and they are both back face to face again like they were in the school* This is your fault! What
did you do to me?! *Sonia shouts in Kimi's face*.
Kimi K grits here teeth and growls at Sonia, as her stomach gurgles again, and she feels her anus
pucker and tighten; this time a thick log of poop, hard and solid, begins to painfully stretch out the tight
ring of her anus. Kimi tries to ignore the intense discomfort, and clenches, trying t pinch it off, as she
grinds her tits into Sonia's, trying to push the rival blonde's big boobs down and flatten them. She yanks
hard at Sonia's hair, and manages to yank out a few strands of her blonde hair. "HA!" she laughs in

triumph, and then horks up a big, viscous, wad of spit, and flings it into Sonia's eyes, "P-TOO!"
Slutty Sonia closes her eyes in reflex.* EWWWW *She wails. It is completely lost on her that eww
passed a long time ago as both girls are fighting while their asses constantly spew out shit. The massive
long log that Sonia is pushing out breaks off, instead replaced by her constantly dropping down smaller
ones. She wraps Kimi's hair around her knuckles and pulls it, and screams out as her hair is ripped out*
My beautiful hair! *She cries, moving back and fourth and side to side as they wrestle, glaring at Kimi
once she gets her eyes open again, her left hand scratches the top of Kimi's right tits, long fingernails
leaving long red marks on her skin*.
Kimi K throws Sonia's hair aside, and manages to jerk her own hair free. Sonia's scratches her tits,
leaving angry red marks. Kimi cries out, and screws up her face in anger. Kimi grabs a huge handful of
Sonia's boobs and lifts it up to her mouth, biting down hard into the tender flesh, as another log of shit
falls out of her butt, followed by a stream of yellowish diahrea.
Slutty Sonia lets out a scream, the biting it too much for Sonia and she pulls backwards hard, trying
desperately to get her tits away from the biting mouth before Kimi can bite through her flesh. Tears are
in her eyes for the second time that day, and her boobs haven't healed since their earlier match, so are
sensitive from where she was punched. Desperate Sonia scratches at Kimi's face. There wasn't any
rules in their fight, but she wanted to be the one to win. What was also weird was that her pussy was
still wet, and the combination of body contact, pain and everything else was confusing her brain into
believing she was horny rather than horrified. She has strands of Kimi's hair in her fingers that she's
managed to tear out, and let's it fall into the shit on the floor. With each step she takes, she can't help
but step in filth, the blue matt becoming brown*.
Kimi K Kimi growls viciously as she knaws on Sonia's big tits, sawing her teeth back and forth, trying
to break the skin. Kimi feels a strange, fluttering, sensation in her belly...different from the shit-cramps
she'd been experiencing, and reaching down to her tight little pussy, which was now engorged, her
mons puffy and her lips sticking out. She felt a wet trickle down her leg, different from the sliding of
shit. She ignored the pain coming from her scalp and pressed her advantage as she bit Sonia's massive
breasts, shoving her leg between Sonia's legs, feeling her wet cunny on her upper thigh.
Slutty Sonia wet pussy dribbles all over Kimi's leg, though she's lost control of her bladder now and is
pissing all over her knee and onto the layer of filth scattered over the floor.* OW OW OW, GET OFF!
*Sonia whines out, shouting desperately, though she knows she won't get any reprieve unless she forces
her off. Blinded with anger and pain, she hooks her fingers in Kimi's nose, and hoists them up, using
her right hand, digging her nails into her nose to try and force her head back and off. Her left hand
scratches over the top of Kimis right tit, leaving long trails of red marks*.
Kimi K relinquishes her bite on Sonia's big tits, leaving bloody teeth marks on her milky white flesh, as
Sonia hooks her nose and painfully drags her away. Kimi can feel her sharp nails cutting the interior of
her nasal cavity, and blood starts to trickle down to her upper lip. Sonia's sudden release of piss burns
her leg. The feeling of Sonia's piss makes Kimi's own pussy constrict and then release...a torrent of hot
yellow piss spraying against Sonia's cunt and lower belly. "AAAAAAH!" Kimi shouts as Sonia digs
into her nose and scratches the tops of her tits, "QUITE IIIIIIIIIIIT!" she whines. Kimi retailiates,
swinging both her arms out and then bringing them in on either side of Sonia's huge breasts,
hammering them as hard as her little fists can manage.
Slutty Sonia fingers retract from Kimi's nose as her boobs are struck, they are covered in blood and she

is able to pull away slightly so that their tits are no longer touching.* AH, ow my poor boobies! How
dare you touch them! *Sonia moans out loud as blood trickles from the deep bite wound, there are
visible teeth marks. She doesn't pay attention anymore to the fact her body is expelling far more than
her own body weight and she grits her teeth in anger. She charges forwards, head down, this time
aiming to headbutt Kimi in one of her fat tit. As she charges though, she is facing the ground, and
doesn't see where she is going, meaning Kimi might of moved out the way, or is charging her as well,
or anything*
Kimi K staggers back, her face bloody, her nose running, snot mixing with red blood and oozing pink.
She lets rip another explosive fart, sending a splatter of shit out of her flapping anus, as Sonia charges
her. Kimi is quick to side step, and kicks her leg out, tripping Sonia face first into the sloppy mess of
shit and piss below them, with a sickening 'SPLAT.'
Kimi K sees Sonia's distress and smiles devilishly, quickingly waddling over to her shit covered foe
and, careful not to slip in the stinking mess. Kimi kicks Sonia in the belly as she tries to stand,
knocking the wind out of her. As she's lying face first in the shitty muck and mire, Kimi kicks her over
onto her back, her massive shit-covered tits rising and falling with laboured breath as she sputters and
spits up watery poop. Straddles over her, her long, slim, legs on either side of Sonia's pretty face,
" look a mess, dahling," Kimi mocked, as she spread her tight cunny open, revealing her
urethra, "Let me help clean some of that off!" Kimi laughs as she starts to piss on Sonia's pretty face; an
vile, yellow, acidic stream splashing down on her rival.

Slutty Sonia gurgles and whimpers from the kick to her stomach, her mouth open in shock as Kimi
pisses on her. It goes right down her throat and up her nose, making her gag and cough. Her large tits
rub up against the back of Kimi's legs, getting filth on the stockings.* *Sonia slutters out,
having to gulp down the long unending stream of piss. Her back is covered in shit from being flipped
over. Angry her hands grab Kimi's ass, worming her fingers into her shit covered hole, and she pulls the
pissing cunny towards her mouth, lifting her head up, and bites down on Kimi's pussy lips. Her mouth
is open and the piss goes against her teeth, her nose pressed up just above the uretha so she has to smell
the strong acrid stream*.
Kimi K cries out in exasperated pain as Sonia shoved her fingers up her shit covered asshole, and
pushes her towards her mouth...and SCREAMS when she bites down on her pissing little cunny, her
teeth digging into Kimi's soft, sensitive, mound. The shock makes Kimi lose control of her bowls, and
she begins to shit against Sonia's fingers. The blockage causes her stomach to cramp and bloat
painfully, and she feels sick. Kimi lurches forward, and vomits onto the top of Sonia's head, some of it
splattering on the tops of her own massive tits as it falls between her cleavage to soak into Sonia's
blonde, shit covered, hair.
Slutty Sonia gets some of the vomit dripping off her fringe and onto her nose and where she is biting,
forcing her to smell the stomach acid. She doesn't hold back on biting, going harder and harder,
determined to bite through Kimi's pussy lips and ruin her down here forever. She fights down her own
feeling of being sick, wanting to use it later somehow to try humiliate her rival. She keeps forcing more
fingers into Kimi's asshole, getting three, then 4 digits inside, so just her thumb is out, painfully
stretching the hole open and bocking it with her hand*.
Kimi K , desperate, kicks out with her leg, bringing her hard knee up repeatedly into Sonia's lower jaw,

even though it drives her teeth deeper into the flesh of her sensitive, mangled, vagina,
"GET...OFF...OF...MY...PRETTY...PINK...PUSSY!" Kimi punctuates each word with another hard
kneed to Sonia's jaw, crying and gurgling, making a loud, vomity, burp, "B-UUUUUUUUURPPPPPPP!"
Slutty Sonia mouth is forced closed even more. The kicking rattling her mouth and head about. There is
a tense moment when her mouth is completely shut, the teeth firmly planted together, and she can feel
the teeth pushing down on each other just Kimi's pussy lip in the middle, when she involuntarily let's
go, her mouth springing open, and her head trying to dodge back to avoid an uncoming knee* STOP
PISSING ON ME! *She shouts out, her jaw in pain from the constant knees, and she uses her hands to
throw Kimi to her right, so she lands in the filth pile*.
Kimi K slides in the shitty muck, landing on her back. Her hand immediately reaches for her damaged
pussy, and comes back bloody...her tits are so huge they block her vision, and she can't see what
damage has been done, but there is both pain and numbness...and blood. So much blood. Tears streak
her face, as she looks around in a panic, trying to find Sonia, afraid of what else the viscious little cunt
will do to her while she's down, "Where...!?!" Kimi says, paniced, as she struggles to sit up.
Slutty Sonia is in just as bad a position as Kimi. Well maybe not as bad, but she manages to slide onto
her side. It's like being in an inflatable bouncy castle that has oil and water on the floor and walls, but
much more vile. She pounces on top of Kimi, so they are back tit to tit, with Sonia on top. However she
is rubbing her filthy breasts and body onto her, getting her as covered in shit as she is. Both of their hair
has turned from blonde to brown.* How did you like that! Now you can't use your ugly pussy no more!
*Sonia shouts in triump, her own pussy rubbing against the red blood, mixed with the brown of shit.*
Kimi K sobs as Sonia rubs her wet, shitty, pussy against her bloody gash, and stuggles against her,
trapped under the weight of not only her massive breasts, but Sonia's. Kimi looks at their pressed
together flesh, and gasps, "N-no!" she thinks to herself, sobbing harder, "S-she's...bigger than me!"
Kimi struggles harder, arching her back, trying to throw Sonia off...get her smaller boobs away from
Sonia's slightly larger ones, thrashing her shitty hair from side to side with a wet slapping sound, "GET
OFF OF MEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Kimi lashes out, punching Sonia square in nose, elliciting a gush of
blood as it breaks under her small, hard, fist.
Slutty Sonia nose drips blood and she rolls off of Kimi onto her other side, clutching her nose. It's
bleeding, just like she had made Kimi's bleed earlier, and there are tears in her eyes from how much it
hurts and the anger.* My noth! *She wails, while on her side, and her hands leave her nose to grab hold
of Kimi's fat boobies again, digging nails into them over her inverted nipples.* I HATE YOU SO
Kimi K sobs as well, grabbing Sonia's nipples in her hands and squeeze as hard as she can while
Sonia's nails dig at her hidden nipples, "I HATE YOU MOOOOOOOOOOORE!" Kimi roles and tugs
at Sonia's nipples, determined to pull them off, stretching them out, stratching at them, leaving red
trails. As the girls claw at each others breasts, Kimi starts to shit herself again, spraying poop out
behind her. She feels a torrent of piss coming, and tries to hold it in, the trickling, acidic, urine burning
her wounded cunt.
Slutty Sonia rolls with Kimi, both girls moving around the room end over end, still holding onto each
other nipples.* NO I HATE YOU MORE, I'M GOING TO SHIT ON YOUR FACE! *Sonia promises,
furious with her. With her left finger, she digs it into Kimi's inverted nipple, while with her right hand

she grabs a ball of the aerola flesh and yanks it out. She makes loud squeals of pain from everything
Kimi does to her own nipples as they bleed and get shit in the new wounds, but she refuses to let go
and stop abusing the inverted nipples.* ADMIT IT, I'M THE BETTER LOLI!
Kimi K rolls Sonia over onto her back, and while she's on top, she spits a bloody, shitty, loogy in her
shouts as Sonia rolls on top of her again, clawing, tugging, squeezing, and ripping at her bloodied
shouts, her mind on the verge of snapping. Finally her fingers find purchase, grabbing onto a loose fold
of skin she'd torn loose, and she digs her nails under one of Sonia's areola...and pulls.
Slutty Sonia Sonias scream intensifies, this is worse pain than when she was being bitten as Kimi's
finger worms it's way underneath, and she feels her precious tit being very badly destroyed. Her skin
and tit elongate, before it snaps, blood and fat flying out of the new hole in her aerola*. AH, MY
BEAUTIFUL TIT! *Sonia shouts out, she is crying, but her face is covered in filth now and it doesn't
show. The pain is too much though, and she throws up. Leaning up, and aiming it at Kimis face so it
goes over her hair and tits as well.*
Kimi K's face is splattered with Sonia's vomit, the pretty girl spraying a high pressure stream of bile in
her face, washing away the shit and blood and replacing it with the contents of her stomach...Kimi felt
sick as she smelt the sickly sweet applejuice that had given Sonia the shits. Kimi sat up and pushed
she still had the flesh she'd ripped from Sonia's boob. Kimi looked at the bloody stump of Sonia's
nipple, and at Sonia, the disgusting, foul mouthed (literally), vile girl that may have ruined her pretty
pussy forever, and had a sudden, deviant, impulse...a way to get revenge on her, and ensure her breasts
would never be better than hers...she popped te nipple in her mouth and began to chew it.
Slutty Sonia backs away, rolling backwards and getting onto her knees. Holding a hand over her nipple
as it leaks blood onto the floor and her tit. Both girls are completely coverted head to toe in shit, and
there really isn't a way to tell them apart, she sobs a tiny bit.* No don....*She says as she watches Kimi
swallow her precious body part. She won't ever get it back now, and the realisation of that is the tipping
straw for her mind now, as her eyes go wide and she licks her lips, chewing down the filth*. You think
you are grosser than me? You are a pampered rich poo face! You are too afraid to get your hands dirty!
*The irony of that sentence is completely lost on Sonia* I'm much better than you, and angrier, and
madder! *Sonia gets upto her feet, finding it slightly difficult with the high heels on the slippery floor*.
Kimi K smacks her lips exaggeratedly, rubbing it in for Sonia as she swallows the nipple. The truth is
that the blood and shit she'd eaten was making her feel nauseaus again, but she refused to vomit up
Sonia's nipple until she was sure it was digested, so she held it down, clenching her tiny belly as she
rose to face Sonia down, "I don't care what you are! You're mad? I'm LIVID!" Kimi counters, wiping
the vile bile from her face, and slicking back her shit covered hair, "Y-you ruined my pussy! How am I
supposed to find a husband now? How am I supposed to pee? You've RUINED MY LIFE! Now I'm
going to ruin YOURS!" Kimi stood unsteadily on her high heels, the two busty, bruised, and not beaten
girls staring each other down, waiting to see who made the next move. Kimi felt her stomach grumble,
and had an idea...she quickly spun around, and bent over, holding her ass cheeks open, and fired a
stream of yellowish-green diahrea at Sonia's face.
Slutty Sonia is moving forwards to get back at Kimi and hurt her when suddenly she is hit in the face
by the liquid diarrhoea. However rather than back down,her mouth opens and she gladly drinks it

down, moving closer still and not letting it stop her and jumping on Kimi's back, flattening her to the
ground and grabbing her hair, wrapping the filthy strands around her fingers and pulling her backwards
so Kimi's back has to arch, like she is riding her like a hod* Your pussy wasn't ever going to get used,
not with your flabby titties!*Sonia positions herself so she is sitting right on Kimi's butt, both girls
shitting onto each other and creating a huge pile behind them as she yanks on Kimi's hair*. I'm going to
bite off lots of bit of your spoilt body, daddy won't be able to buy them back for you!
Kimi K's back arched painfully, as Sonia cruely tugged on her hair. She could feel Sonia shitting on her
ass, and dripping shit onto her back. Kimi's massive breasts spilled out in front her her, sliding in the
shit, vomit, and piss pool they'd created. Her neck strained painfully as she failed trying to buck Sonia
off. Sonia's position was too strong...she had too much leverage, and Kimi had no way to reach her. She
steeled herself, fearful, as she waited to see what Sonia planned, "GRAAAAAAAH! GET OFF MY
BACK YOU SHITTING DEMON!" she commanded futily.
Slutty Sonia keeps hold of Kimi's hair in her hands, but she changes direction, her pull becoming a
push, and she slams Kimi's head down into the filth pile, eyes wide with malice* You want to try one
up me?! I'd like to see you try! Go on, eat the shit in front of you. *Sonia moves Kimi's head left and
right, rubbing it into the filth so some of it at least goes up her nose*
Kimi K stuggles to breath as Sonia drowns her in the vile pool of defacation. She feels it running up her
nose as she snorts desperately for air. Her tongue laps it up, as her mouth works to open and close,
gasping for oxygen. She flails her hand struggling to find purchase, but they slip in the poo and vomit.
She feels Sonia's massive breasts pressing down into her back, her one good nipple poking her
ruthlessly, the damaged nipple leaving bloody streaks. Kimi gurgles, on the verge of passing out,
"Don't..." she sputters, helpless.
Slutty Sonia pulls Kimi's head up, leaning closer so she can shout in her ear* DON'T WHAT? ADMIT
resting on either side of Kimi's back, they areso big that gravity forces them to the side,and they rest on
top of Kimi's own fat boobs. She rubs her cunny against Kimis butt, an involuntary action as she get
herself off, but also rubs shit from Kimi's ass into her pussy.* YOU RUINED MY TIT YOU MEANY
Kimi K gurgled, shit bubbles blowing from her mouth, as Sonia's bigger tits crushed down into hers,
grasping her thin frame between their overpoweringly heavy, firm, masses. She could feel Sonia's
undamaged cunny rubbing against her, feel her arousal, her own cunny still throbbing and oozing by
contrast. Kimi was in position to fight back against Sonia...she had every advantage. This made Kimi
feel strange...her stomach fluttering nervously, her oozing cunt flushing...her damaged nipples
engorging. Slowly, reluctantly, Kimi opened her mouth, "You..." she started, feeling Sonia's hand
tighten in her shitty blonde hair, "Your tits are bigger..." Kimi admitted with tears in her eyes, hoping to
placate Sonia somehow.
*Slutty Sonia leans backwards and lets go of Kimi's hair.* yes they are, you worthless piggy! I'm the
top moo cow here! *She cries out happily that she's beaten Kimi up, but she isn't done yet. Her butt
shifts back and she sits on Kimi's legs, stopping her escaping or twisting round, and grabs hand fulls of
shit, before ramming it into Kimi's pussy, far more than she's rubbing into herself. It is incredibly
painful for Kimi who's already had alot of pain there, but she just keeps pushing large thick logs in, the
bits that aren't stiff enough mash up around her legs* SAY YOU'RE A PIGGY!

Kimi K is trapped crying under Sonia and her massive breasts. She struggles helplessly as Sonia's
shoves logs shit into her damaged cunt, her belly expanding as the shit is forced into her, her stomach
bloating. Tears mix with the poop and vomit on her face, as she sobs like a little girl, "I-I..." the one
proud girl, desperate to get her cruel rival to relent, sacrifices her pride reluctantly, begrudgingly, "II'm...A PIGGY! A SHIT EATING PIGGY! OK!?! HAPPY!?!" Kimi cries, pounding her little fists
against the crap filled mat, kicking her slim, high heeled and stockinged legs in a tantrum.
Slutty Sonia stands up,the kicking of the high heels nearly hitting her back and she walks around Kimi,
smiling and gloating and teasing her*. Thats right piggy, now roll over on your back and oink for me!
*Sonia orders, kicking at Kimi's left tit with her foot, first with the toe, and then she lifts up and stabs
down on the fab tit with her high heel to urge Kimi to move onto her back*.
Kimi K flops weakly over on her back, breathing heavily, her massive breasts moving up and down
heavily on her chest, crushing her lungs under their weight, as Sonia stabs her sensitive, ruined, tits
with the spike of her sexy heels. Kimi sobs, scared, helpless, her arms feeling like wet noddles, her legs
shaking, as she looks up at Sonia, who suddenly seems so huge and intimidating to her...Kimi doesn't
know why she ever thought her breasts were's obvious that her J-Cups were not a good match
for Sonia's larger (insert cup size here) breasts. But still...she hasn't given up. Kimi determines that she
just needs to rest...recupperate, look for an opening. She'll power on through whatever vile, despicable,
humiliation Sonia has, and come out the other side the winner! Supressing her pride, Kimi complies
with Sonia's command, "O-oink..." she says softly.
Slutty Sonia moves so both her legs are either side of Kimi's face, so she gets a good view of her ass
above her, her torso facing towards Kimi's legs*. Oink louder! Good piggies eat the filth that they roll
around in! *She says, squatter downing and putting her ass over Kimi's face, the hole right over her
mouth, the cheeks squashing slightly over her cheeks as she pushes out more shit into her gob for her to
feast on*.
Kimi K's eyes widen in horror as Sonia's sexy little ass presses down onto her pretty face, her puckered
anus, red and raw from the acidy diahrea, pushes against her gaping maw, "SQUEEEEEEE!
SQUEEEEEEE! SQUEEEEEEEEE!" she squeals, pig-like, in protest, as Sonia lets loose a torrent of
shit directly into her mouth, her jaw working to break up and swallow it before it chokes her.
Slutty Sonia places her hands on Kimi's tits for support, she has to squeeze her arms in hard to get them
underneath her own boobs, and she rocks forwards and backwards, rubbing her filthy asshole all over
Kimi's nose, sliding around in the shit vomit and piss on the floor* Thats right piggy, get your tongue
up and lick me, I want you to pleasure your new 'mistress' *Sonia giggles, her tits bouncing up and
down as she slides. Her deformed nipple has stopped bleeding as much, and is only down to a trickle*.
Kimi K relucantly sticks out her tongue, tickling the trickling anus, as Sonia makes wet fart bubbles
that pop against Kimi's tongue. She cries and oinks for Sonia, and feels her breasts begin to swell and
engorge with pleasure, as Sonia rubs her superior tits against them. Her heavily damaged, but still
mostly intact, nipples being to become turgid and hard, the tiny pink buds peaking out from her puffy
nipple slits, as she licks up the shit from Sonia's pretty, tight, ass, "Oink Oink Oink!
Muuah...muuuah...OINK...muuah..." She grunts as she tearfully eats Sonia's commanding ass.
Slutty Sonia adjust her position, overcome by lust in the new scenario now she thinks she's won, and
slides back more so that her pussy is right on Kimi's lapping tongue, her asshole shitting onto Kimi's
forehead, covering it in a pile of filth the longer she stays there. She rubs Kimi's nipples gently to try

encourage the buds to come out, before simply grabbing them, pinching the buds hard and pulling
upwards forcefully* Awww, the piggy does have nipples instead of just boobie pussies! Well let's pull
them out their shells! *Sonia drools a little bit, enjoying the torment, her finger nails pinching the buds
rather hard so they won't get away from her slppery filth covered fingers*.
Kimi K's tongue does not stop working as Sonia shifts slightly moving her leaking ass away from
Kimi's shit filled mouth to replace it with her gushing, tight, little pussy. Kimi starts to sob harder as
she looks at Sonia's pretty pink pussy, and think about her ruined slit. Sonia's pussy drools excessive
amounts of piss and girl juice into Kimi's mouth, as shit continues to poor into her forehead, running
down into her eyes. Kimi laps her tongue submissively against Sonia's little girl cunt, and moans...her
juices taste so sweet and savour after being forced to eat a few liters of shit. She laps away at Sonia's
cunt, thirsty for the juice, sucking it all down her slender throat...until Sonia grabs her sensitive nipples,
and savagely pulls them out of the safty of her deeper tit.
Slutty Sonia keeps on pulling the fat nipples until they fully come out of Kimi's inverted boobs.* No
fair! I would of bitten these if they had been out! *Maybe Kimi was right when she said that her
inverted nipples meant they were protected*. So tell me, how many people have you bought down to
this room for these matches? Am I the first you've lost to? What did you do to the girls you beat?
*Sonia asks, getting up and moving to the wall, eyeing all the weapons. However her eyes settling on
two tools, a heavy duty stappler, with staples twice as big and three times as thick as the usual ones,
used to hold down tarpulin in gale force winds, and a nail gun*.
Kimi K gasps on the floor, still too weak to rise, though she tries to sit up...the massive weight of her
own breasts holding her down. She turns her head weakly to look at Sonia as she casually assesses her
collection of 'toys.' Kimi tries to distract her by keeping her talking, "I-I've least seven girls
down here..." she confesses, trying to roll over onto her side, "I've beaten and abused six of them...aand...killed one..." Kimi manages to flop weakly over onto her right, her right breast pummelling into
her own left breast with a loud, wet smack, and a wince of pain, "T-that's why I had to transfer to o-our a-avoid questions about what happened to her..." Kimi burped, a bubble of shit and pussy
juice popping from her mouth.
Slutty Sonia walks back to Kimi, she has the stappler in her right hand and the nail gun in her left*. Oh,
so I broke your winning streak huh? I do that, I have the biggest breasts in the school. You couldn't
have won! *Sonia gets on top of Kimi, sitting on her legs, balancing herself. She needs to be so far
back so she can bend over enough to see over her massive boobs.* Tell me what you did to the losers,
not just the won you killed.
Kimi K looked back and forth from the stapler to the nail gun, her eyes alight in terror, as she spoke
nervously, "I-I..." she stuttered, trying to move her legs and arms...but she was still so weak, "I-I turned
the ones that lived...into my slaves. I-I used them whenever I wanted. I pissed in their mouths, shit on
them and laughed...I made them pretend to be my friend around Daddy, then I'd beat them up and make
the pleasure me," Kimi confessed, becoming more excited as she thought about it, "But anyone can do
that...YOU could do that...what I did with the dead girl...the reason they'll never find her...never know
what I did..." Kimi was practically drooling now, saliva dripping from her mouth, "I had her stuffed and
preserved, like a big dolly for me to play with! I dress her up in pretty clothes, and have tea parties with
her, and tell her all my secrets...and beat up her little F-cups whenever I get mad or frustrated!" Kimi's
eyes were wide now, demented, manic, "And she's sitting right over there, watching everything!
Cheering me on!" Kimi motioned over to the dark corner of the room where a small, shapely silhouette
of a busty little girl in a white frilled dress could barely be made out.

Slutty Sonia spun around and looked in the dark corner. Her eyes adjusted and sure enough, there was a
girl. She was surprised she hadn't smelt her, but then again, you didn't smell stuffed animals. Sonia
spun round slowly, to face Kimi again*. You are a bad girl! It's god you challenged me. Obviously I am
an angel sent to teach you the error of your ways! *Obviously Sonia had been watching too many
cartoons. Quickly she puts the nail gun to Kimi's left nipple, forcing it downwards so it lines up with
the right nipple, and fires. There is a muffled BANG, not nearly as loud as a gunshot, and Kimis left
nipple gets pierced with the nail. It doesn't go all the way through though*.
Kimi K: howled wildly in pain, her strength suddenly back as she thrashed from side to side. The iron
nail stuck out slightly from her bleeding nipple hole, her nipple spike through the side...unable to
retract back into the safty of her areola...she'd never have to worry about the nipple inverting again!
Kimi' hands went to her throbbing tit, squeezing it, trying to force the nail out,
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" She screamed, eyes wild, mouth opening an closing stupidly.
Slutty Sonia rocks and wobbles at Kimi's sudden return of strength, though it's unsurprising since a
strong shot of pain was bound to fill her with adrenaline. She struggles and keeps having to push Kimi's
hands out of the way* I'm not done yet! You need to be punished for your sins! Since you pride
yourself on your tits, and your pride is what lead to you hurting people, your pride needs punishing!
*Sonia reasons in that young, black and white way of the world. After some struggle, she manages to
get the nail gun lined up on top of the same nipple, pointing downwards, and fires again. The nail
shoots in, sliding underneath. She drops the nail gun temporarily and actually pulls both nails out half
way, so it forms a holy cross shape in Kimi's nipple*
Kimi K sobs, chest heaving in jiggling fits, as her tit burning red and raw with pain, her nipples
bleeding profusely from her cruxafiction. Her sudden burst of strength leaves her exhausted, and all she
can do is sob and weakly slap at Sonia, repeating, "" Looking at the Doll in the
corner...she could swear it was smiling at her...enjoying her pain.
Slutty Sonia sits up a bit, lifting her filthy ass off of Kimis legs, and rolls her onto her back. Everytime
Kimi tries to remove the nails, she slaps at her hands* No, leave them alone! You deserve this for what
you've done to other people! *Working more quickly this time, Sonia makes two more shots with the
nail gun in Kimi's other nipple, so that it won't be inverting again anytime soon, and pulls them out a
bit so they form crosses*. Good, but now, you neeeeed to pray! *Sonia says, sitting up of of her
stomach and getting back onto her feet. She puts the nail gun down besides Kimi, but keeps hold of the
stapler, and kicks her*. Get on your knees and clasp your hands together, like you do in church!
Kimi K sits heavily on her knees, her tits dangling limply beneath her. Where once they where firm and
proud, they where now sagging more heavily, as they seeped blood and puss. She clasped her hands
together, resting them on her tits, looking up at Sonia, who stands above her wielding the staple gun
menacingly. Her breasts look even more massive and firm than they did before, as they seemingly
swelled with pride at her apparent victory. Even covered in shit, Sonia looked like a Goddess from
where Kimi now sat, looking up at her with tears in her eyes, "W-what do you want me to say?" She
sobbed pleadingly to her busty, young, filthy, vile Goddess of Vengeance.
Slutty Sonia walks around Kimi, waving the stapler around menacingly in case she decides to do
something stupid.* Pray to god for forgiveness for being a vile piggy, and for being so prideful of your
tiny boobies. *Sonia smiles, and she moves in front of Kimi, squating down, bending over and shoving
her filthy asshole near her face again, like it's some sort of alter for her to pray at*.

Kimi K looked at Sonia's angry red asshole...the one that she'd licked clean, and closed her eyes, tight.
Her hands clasped together hard, her tits quivered, as she prayed, "God..." she started, her voice unsure,
having never really believe in any God but her own wealth and the inherent superiority of her massive,
pre-teen, tits, "God...I...I beg your forgiviness." She stopped, thinking, "I beg forgiviness for the awful,
vile things I've done...the girls I've bully and abused...the girl I killed and turn into my plaything...andand...for-for challenging Sonia's bigger, better, Loli-tits..." Kimi cried, tears falling from her eyes as she
prayed at the alter of Sonia's shit covered little bum.
Slutty Sonia moves her ass backwards, shoving it in her face, rubbing the tiny pre teen butt over her
again.* Tell him you are a vile piggy, and you wish you weren't, and you don't want your titties
anymore! *Sonia order, enjoying the power rush, she hadn't felt anything like it and it was going
straight to her head. And there was no way she was going to ever give it up if she could help it*.
Kimi K's nose was pressed up into Sonia's vile smelling asshole, as she farted in Kimi's once pretty
face. The sulfer smell burned her eyes, as she cried, "I-I...God...I'm a vile piggy...and-and I wish I didn't
ahve my big 6 year old titties anymore...I-I don't deserve to have...such big...beautiful...breasts...on my
sexy l-little girl body..." Kimi intoned quietly. Sonia's cute pre-teen bum pushed up against her cheeks,
so tight and round...Kimi almost felt jealous of it. Her own words stung her, deep to her core...but
something about this-this...suplication, excited her. She had a plan, and she wanted to see it through.
She just needed to keep Sonia busy...
Slutty Sonia Sonia nods, and turns around so she is facing Kimi again, looking at her. She looks vile
covered in filth just like her rival*. Good, now you need to show god what a piggy you are, so he can
see it and right the wrong. So bend down and start eating all the poop on the floor. *Sonia gets up, and
moves around behind Kimi again. There is an evil smile on her face as she picks up more shit, and
starts forcing more logs into hr already full pussy* And you need to have more poop in this hole here!
Kimi K flopped foward onto her breasts, and raised her ass up high, rolling forward to get her mouth
close to the ground. She hesitantly reached out her tongue, and licked the matt..her pink tongue slidding
slooooooooooowly across the shitty floor, lapping up a scoop of vile, grotesque, slime as Sonia stuffed
her infected pussy with more logs of poop. Sonia was so focused on humiliating and abusing Kimi that
she didn't notice what Kimi had done...
Slutty Sonia is completely oblivious to what Kimi has gotten upto, believing that she has become
docile and been completely beaten.* Thats right, piggies eat filth and are full of it! *Sonia coos, as she
pinches Kimi's pussy lips together gently, her fingers touching the wound. Then quickly she brings the
stapler up, tilted to the side, and click, click, CLICK. Three clicks down her pussy lips length, and she
staples it shut, sealing the shit in her cunt*.
Kimi K screams and vomits up the shit she'd just eaten. Her legs kick, and her ass jumps up in the air.
She flips over so she can claw at her own pussy, trying to pull the staples out, but it's futile...she's
closed shut and full of shit. She howls in pain, her eyes roled up, her tongue lolling out of the side of
her mouth, her mind nearly broken.
Slutty Sonia backs away from Kimi, avoiding the kicking feet, though she takes one in her stomach that
makes her roll over a bit. Looking up groaning, she giigles* Hahaha, your belly is fat. Looks like the
piggy has a shit baby on the way! *Sonia passed caring much about anything quite a while back as she
sits and watches Kimi struggle with the staples with glee. They are much stronger, bigger and thicker

than the school ones, a pair of pliers would be needed to get them out at least, wielded by someone who
knew what they were doing*.
Kimi K arches her back, using her legs to prop herself up as she digs her nails under the staples, trying
to pry them out with no luck and increasing pain and frustration. She babbles wildly, beggging with
Sonia, "AAAAAAAH!!! Get-get-get them out! Get them out of me! I-I-I have to PEEEEEEEEEEE!"
Kimi screams, piss shooting in high pressure streams in all directions though the tight holes of her
stapled pussies, "I-I'll do anything! I-I'll eat you out! I-I'll suck your tits! I-I'll kiss you, admit you're
better, give you money, aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny-thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!" Kimi begged pitifully.
Slutty Sonia smiles widens.* Well if you'll do anything, you can do it first, and then I'll help get you
free. If you are a good girl! *Sonia explains. If there is one thing she wants, it's her nipple back, but by
now it's probably been digested. Sonia moves closer, and sits on her butt in front of Kimi, legs spread*
Well you said you'd eat me out. I want to know if you are any good, and my pussy needs cleaning of
Kimi K let her exhausted legs flop back down, her pussy aching and stinging from the piss. She rolled
up and looked to where Sonia lie, legs spread, awaiting her. "Just a little more..." Kimi thought tiredly,
"Just a little more..." she crawled on her arms, one over the other towards Sonia, who sat up, legs
spread, with her massive chest lying in her lap, beckoning Kimi forward, "Come on can do
it!" She coaxed and encouraged her, as she struggled forward, her ruined nipples dragging painfully
across the shitty floor. Finally she reach Sonia's gaping, soaking, shitty slit, and licked her lips...thirsty.
She slide forward the final inch, and attached her mouth to Sonia's slick cunt, and began to work, her
talented tongue dipping ind and out, lapping up the juice and shit.
Slutty Sonia lets out a sigh as Kimi's mouth latches onto her tender pussy. Her mind pretty much
broken by the fight and the smell, she eagerly bucks into Kimi's mouth. Her uretha right against her
nose and she pisses into it. hands wrapping around Kimi's hair and holding her head into her pussy so
she can't escape.* Oooh yes, thats so good! Lick it, get your tongue in!
Kimi K gags and coughs as Sonia forces her face harder against her pissy pussy, her hot urine stinging
her eyes, the vile taste of shit and girl juice in her mouth. Kimi laps away, sobbing, the staples in her
pussy irratating her, bleeding, her bladder aching painfully, unable to piss herself. The logs of shit that
Sonia had stuffed in her ass push out slowly as she shits herself again; reduced to a disgusting
farmhouse animal by her rival.
Slutty Sonia can feel herself enjoying it more and more and she grinds her face up against Kimi's with
disregard for safety, rubbing her clit on her node for pleasure as her pussy get's licked somewhat clean.
Though it's only a temporary cleanness, as every rub just means filth from Kimis face is transferred
back where she cleaned, a near never ending cycle. One of her hands leaves Kimis hair and grabs at her
remaining nipple, massaging and rubbing it as she moans herself to orgasm*
Kimi K feels Sonia's body shudder as her pussy gushes in her face, splashing her hot cum on Kimi's
shit covered face. Kimi feels her convulse and sees her opportunity. Reaching under her massive
breasts she feels the underside of her tit, where the flesh and ligements meet her rib cage; unnnoticed
by Sonia Kimi has two scars on her breasts...scars from the implants her Daddy had bought her to make
her pretty and popular. One of the scars has a fold in it...a pouch where Kimi has hidden a taser. She
keeps it on her person should she ever come close to losing a fight. Not only that, but Sonia never
noticed Kimi unhooking her garter belt...

Kimi pulls the taser from inside her breast, arming it as it slides out, and jams it into Sonia's vulnerable,
quaking, pussy, sending 50K volts through her body. As Sonia convulses, Kimi is quick to move on her,
wrapping the garter around her slim neck and pulling it tight, choking her, "Y-you-you..." Kimi
stammers, "Y-you ruined my pussy! I'm going to pay you back!"
Slutty Sonia shouts and squeals and falls over backwards, her massive melons flopping around
everywere. Her pussy feels like it is on fire as she convulses and spasms a bit. She finds herself face to
face with Kimi again, only this time her arms are somewhat too weak to move and she can't stop Kimi
from strangling her tighter and tighter, and she chokes and splutters.* Ahhh...stop...can't...breathe...
*Sonia pants out as finally her hands come up and she weakly grabs Kimi's wrists, but can only hold
them instead of trying to push her off*.
Kimi K's arms strain, her face scrunched up in effort, still weak from Sonia's abuse, as she slowly
lowers Sonia to the ground, her face turning purple from the strain of oxygen depravation, "Oh don't
worry..." Kimi hissed, "You don't need to just need to go asleep for a little while..." Kimi
felt Sonia sinking lower and lower to the ground, as she struggled to maintain her choke, pulling the
elastic band of her garter tight around her rivals supple, straining, neck.
Slutty Sonia blinks repeatedly, her face going more and more purple until finally her hands fall from
Kimi's wrists, landing on the sides of her neck. Eyes closed shut as she loses consciousness for the first
time in her life. She can't do anything, her right leg is bent with the knee facing out, her left leg straight,
and her face falls to the right side into the filth around her. Her ass though doesn't stop pumping out it's
unending stream of filth*.
Kimi K's aching arms release her choking grip on the garter belt, allowing Sonia to slip to the flithy
mat beneath her. Kimi collapses to her knees besides Sonia, breathing heavily. Kimi's eyes flutter
shut...and then open up. She has no idea how long she's been out, but checks to make sure that Sonia is
still asleep beside her. Through hazy eyes Kimi lashes Sonia's hands together with the slippery mess
that is her shit-covered garter belt, and staggers to her feet. She makes her way over the wall where all
the 'toys' are mounted and grabs a screwdriver. Wedging it painfully under the staples in her pussy, she
cries as she wedges them out, one by one, her bloody pussy opening and spilling out onto the floor,
releasing all the shit and piss she'd had bloating her belly. Sobbing, Kimi looks back at Sonia and feels
her blood boil, "N-now it's MY turn!" she whispers coldly.
Kimi grabs a vibrating egg and it's remote out of the 'toy chest', as well as a cone, like the one dogs
wear to keep from licking their wounds, and picks up the staple gun that Sonia had used on her. She
stumbles back to Sonia, and stands over her, "Wakey wakey," she hisses, letting a stream of piss fall
onto her face.
Slutty Sonia is dreaming, she's in a forest, there are pigs everywhere she goes and brambles, while
around her a shrill young laugh echoes. She stumbles about and can feel the pain of the brambles
cutting at her. Then it starts to rain. Her eyes open up wide as water goes into her nose and she shakes
her head back and fourth, trying to get out of the stream. Her hands come up to block it, and she
realises both of them are wrapped together* Oh god, hey, what the! *She says through chokes, trying to
stop the stream. She doesn't know how long she's been out. Ten minutes, 20, an hour? Her body aches
all over though, but she seems to have recovered her stamina a fair deal*. Oh god Kimi, what are you

Kimi K continues to piss on Sonia, laughing cruely, "Oh goody, the sleepy, shitty, baby finished her
nappy-wap!" Kimi teases, her stream finally ebbing to a trickle. Kimi kneels down beside Sonia,
reaching out with her soft hand and inserting her fingers into the deep, gaping, wound were she'd pulled
off Sonia's nipple, "I owe you some pay back for what you did to me...I'll show you the same mercy
you showed me." Kimi grins as she spreads the wound open, and shoves the vibrating egg inside it,
pushing it deep into the bloody, infected, hole. She then pushes the flesh together with her fingers, and
takes the staple...stapling the egg into her tit.
Slutty Sonia with her hands tied in front of her, she slaps and moans out hard at Kimi's fingers to try get
her to stop. But once she opens up her nipple her back arches, pushing her fat tits up, and she screams
out into the air, unable to focus as the vibrating egg is stapled inside her* NOOO,
getitoutgetitoutgetitout! *Sonia moans and begs. SHe brings her hands up to her face and desperately
tries to bite through the garter belt like an animal*.
Kimi K stands back up over Sonia and looks down at her disapprovingly, "Ah ah ah!" she tsks, raising
her heeled foot, and stabbing the blunt spike down hard into Sonia's breast, trying to puncture it, "No
biting! Be a gooooooooood giiiiiiiiiiiiirl!" Kimi cooes, using the remote to turn the vibrating egg up to
it's maximum setting, making her huge tit vibrate, stimulating he raw, throbbing, exposed nerve endings
Slutty Sonia wishes the pain would stop, but it just keeps going. This is a horrible way to wake up.* I
will make! *Sonia snarls through gritted teeth. Her mouth opens up in pain as the heel hits
her tit, a few inches above her areola, and goes right through her flesh like a pin into a pin cushion. She
feels sick and throws up onto her mouth again, her eyes crossing in pain and she blacks out again*.
Kimi K laughs as she pulls out her bloody heel, and lifts it again, stomping down on the tit again and
again, determined to ruin it, ultimately leaving three bloody, jagged, puncture holes before she's
satisfied. Sonia is out cold. Leaving the egg vibrating, Kim hunkers down next to her and lifts her head
up, attaching the cone to her neck. The white plastic one surrounds her head, up to just above her
forehead, leaving her face completely obscured. Kimi sits Sonia up and turns around, presenting her ass
and positioning it over the cone. With a soft grunt of effort, she starts to shit in the cone...first a solid,
thick, log...and then a stream of yellow muck.
Slutty Sonia wakes up again and the view is different. She is surrounded by white. Well, more grey.
Then it goes dark and she looks up blearily is unaware of what to make of the big pink moon floating
above her before the shit flies down. Memory flicks a card to her and she becomes painfully away of
how her tits feel. Reactively her hands come up to grab at the ass up front,try and stop the filth, but the
yellow muck just streams through to cover her face infresh shit. But it doesn't go anyehere, just piles up
to around her chin as she digs her little fingernails into Kimi's ass hard* Stop stop stop! I'm sorry I hurt
you! Please be the bigger girl and don't do this!
Kimi K ignores Sonia, even as she winces at her clawing, scratching nails, straining to keep her shit
steaming, "I-I AM the bigger girl!" she grunts, "Bigger than YOU!" Kimi's bum makes vile farting
sounds as more shit pours out freely, "I'm going to DROWN you in shit, you vile, dirty, piggy girl!"
Slutty Sonia widen in horror as she is being used as a human toilet bowl. Her feet flail about randomly
kicking out, but she is at the wrong angle and can't get herself up at all. her vibrating tit is also
exceptionally distracting. Desperate she plunges her fingers into Kimi's asshole, using them to block it
up. But it's too late, the filth pile is already up her chin, the smell creeping into her nose.* I'm not the

piggy, you are! Get off me!

Kimi K grabs her ass-cheeks, pulling them apart, trying to force out more shit, her stream becoming
thick again, solidifying back into a log, and then several small lumps, that drop into the cone with a
'PLOP!' Kimi stands up straight and turns around, looking into the shit-cone around Sonia's head,
disappointedly, "Oh POOP" she teases, "It's only up to your nose." Kimi spits into Sonia's face, the
greenish, wet, gob sliding down her forehead.
Slutty Sonia scratches fruitlessly at Kimi's legs. With it upto her nose, with every breath she has to
snort some of the vile mix of multi coloured filth in, causing her to choke and splutter unable to get a
decent breathe. Her mouth opening up from the choking it finds it's way into her gob and for the first
time in this fight, she is forced to swallow down some of the shit they've been wrestling in. Munching
on it hard she manges to clear enough away so she can breathe again.* Screw you! I can get through
this no problem!
Kimi K is staggered by Sonia's resiliance, and pouts, "Y-you're not so..." she pulled her foot back,
aiming the sharp tip of her shoe at Sonia's exposed snatch, and kicks it hard, the sharp of her toe
penetrating deep in between her vulnerable folds, "...TOUGH!" she shouts.
Slutty Sonia shouts out, her mouth opening up, but it's quickly filled again with crap as her head rocks
side to side with pain. She bends forwards, her tied arms coming to her sore pussy to cover it in. As she
does this though, she up tipping out the sludge from the cone onto her legs. However her head butts
forwards right into Kimi's outstretched leg, and Sonia throws her weight behind it to knock Kimi over*.
Kimi K falls, surprised by Sonia's sudden rebelliousness. She slids in the shit and piss and vomit and
gore that covers the mat with a soft 'THUD', and scrambles to get up. Sonia is still restrained, but she
can see that the garter belt is loosening from her struggles, still slick and slippery with shit. Kimi
panics, trying to stand up, take advantage, but keeps slipping in the muck.
Slutty Sonia not bothering to untie her garter belt, Sonia takes her chances and crawls over towards
Kimi. With her hands tied though it's an odd display, as she has to move both of them together, landing
on her elbows and pulling her forwards through the sludge, like some sort of worm. The cone is still
around her head, and she looks out from it with hate in her eyes.* I'm not letting you get away! *Sonia
shouts, jumping into Kimi and flattening on top of her. Their fat tits mesh together, and the one with the
vibrating egg sends secondary vibrations through the rest of their boobs. Sonias hands come up over
Kimi's head and slide underneath her back in a bear hug. However the cone stops her from being able
to see her opponent, and removes one of her weapons, her viscious biting teeth*.
Kimi K's arms are trapped by Sonia's crushing bear hug, and the cone drops shit in her face, as she
struggles to free herself. She rolls over, trying to get the top position, mashing her heavy breasts into
Sonia's. Their tits jiggle and vibrate form the little egg embedded in Sonia's tits, and Kimi moves her
knee between Sonia's leg, bringing it back and smashing it forward.
Slutty Sonia can't unwrap her arms and she is forced to take the knee in her delicate, already bleeding
pussy. Her legs kick around randomly without co-ordination as she holds both of them together.
Perhaps a double edged sword, but the nails prick slightly into her kin at an odd angle, another bit of
pain in her sea of pain.* I'm going to make you pay for this! You and your tiny titties! *The sound
comes out the top of the cone, and it would be almost comical. Sonias head thrashes around randomly
trying to throw the cone off with no success, and she can't see any of what is going around her, only the

brown walls of the inside of the cone, or if she looks up, the far end of the wall as she finds herself on
her back.*
Kimi K is panicing, still unable to free herself from Sonia. She feels the sharp, iron, nails flich painfully
at Sonia's skin, having forgetten to remove them in her haste. with her hands free, she reaches between
the massive crevasse of their tits, and pulls one of the nails from her nipples. Extracting the bloody iron
spike, she grips it in her bloodied fist, and begins to stab it repeatedly into Sonia's tits,
Slutty Sonia can't see whats going on, but she just shouts in pain as they roll around locked in filth. She
can't let go, her hands are stuck tied together, but the possibility either of them could work together to
get them out of that situation is slim to none* I CAN'T, YOU TIED ME UP! *Sonia screams back,
digging her nails as bet she can into Kimi's back. Furious, she rams her head forwards, using the cone
to headbutt Kimi. All it does is bang lightly and annoyingly against her face. However the garter has
recieved enough damage that it's slowly loosing it's structural integrity, but unable to see it, Sonia
doesn't take advantage to try and free herself*.
Kimi K felt Sonia's nailed racking her back, her sharp little nails digging into her flesh, drawing blood
as she tried to stripe the flesh from her back. Sonia futile attempted to headbutt her, the shit-cone
obscuring her view, as Kimi continued to stab and scrape at her tit with the iron nail, leaving blood pincushion holes and jagged, gaping, wounds. Kimi could feel Sonia's arms loosening, and knew she's get
her hands free soon. Wriggling down her rivals shit slicked body, Kimi opened her mouth and bite
down on Sonia's bleeding tit, taking a mouthful of bloody tit in her mouth and chewing...growling like
an angry dog.
Slutty Sonia arms rip open, the biting down was enough of a pain surge for her to finally tear through
the weakening garter belt. Rather than trying to take off the cone though, Sonia instantly worms her
way down between the fat tits and finds Kimi's nipples* STOP, YOU'RE HURTING ME! *She begs
out, before grabbing the nails still embedded in them, and yanking her arms out to the side hard. The
nails rip through the flesh. On the nipple where Kimi had already removed a nail, it splits it in half, on
the other, into quarters for blood and milk to squirt out. The force drags Kimi's huge tits to the side, so
Sonias own giant tits worm their way into the tight cleavage and her foes destroyed nipples point into
the open air*.
Kimi K screams as Sonia destroys her nipples, blood and milk gushing as her tits flop on either side of
Sonia's. Through tear streaked eyes, Kimi grit her teeth and put her hands on either side of her massive
breasts, pressing them together, crushing Sonia's tits between her huge, firm, breasts, painfully
compressing them together, even as the pressure forced more blood and milk from her own tits, "I-I'll
crush you! I'll CRUSH YOU!" she spits, compacting Sonia's bleeding, vibrating, breasts with her own.
Slutty Sonia wiggles about, trying to push Kimi away, one hand on her head, the other pushing on her
stomach. But the massive boobs act like a vice grip and she's stuck there as her own blood seeps
through all the many wounds, along with some of the fatty breast tissue.* Nuh uh! You couldn't crush a
bug, let alone my better boobies! *Sonia shouts out through the cone, the intense squeezing means the
vibrations of the egg shake the massive tits up even more*.
Kimi K punches the sides of her own tits, having the effect of painfully squeezing Sonia's own huge tits
tighter and tighter between her firm tits. She winces and grits her teeth with every punch, destermined
to flatten and crush her rivals breasts between hers; the ultimate victory. "My boobies are best! MINE

MINE MINE!" she cries, tears streaming though her scrunched up eyes, snot running down her nose, as
she tries to pop and flatten Sonia's tits.
Slutty Sonia boobies become slightly more flatter with each punch. However it is only because they are
popping up and under Kimi's own massive tits, stretching out vertically instead of horizontally like
deforming balloons.* No, mine are better! *Sonia pounds on top of her own breasts, trying to force
them back down, but not before her vibrating left boobie touches Kimi's face, bumping up against it my
a smooth sander* I'll out last you! You already said you were worthless, how dare you take it back, you
said it to god!
Kimi K spit back at Sonia, "I LIED!" Kimi opened her mouth, and bit down on Sonia's vibrating breast
as it reached her mouth, growling, "THERE IS NO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!" She chewed,
digging her sharp little teeth into Sonia's flesh, trying to break the skin and tear a chunk off.
Slutty Sonia punches Kimi in the nose from the pain, trying desperately not to let her ruin her already
destroyed and infected tits anymore* TAKE THAT BACK! *Sonia screams out, the cone vibrating. Her
little fists swinging at Kimi's stomach as well to try get her to let go*.
Kimi K's nose breaks, signaled by a gush of blood, and her mouth opens, as she rolls back off of Sonia,
holding her nose and cursing, "P-POO-POO FACE!" her stomach groans and grumbles, and she sprays
shit behind her as she falls back, splattering the underside of Sonia's bleeding breasts, as she lands in
the toxic, foul smelling, goo that covers the mat, sliding back.
Slutty Sonia tits come out from between Kimi with a fat wet splat, the filth their bodies are covered in
acting like a slimey lubricant. Finally she is free t pull off the cone, though Sonia is absolutely furious
at this point, and she makes a dash for the wall, slipping and sliding and going to her knees constantly*.
Kimi K struggles to her feet, standing unsteadily on her high heels, as she staggers as quick as she can
after Sonia, determined not to let her get to the 'Toy Chest.' Kimi kicks off her heels after falling again,
and grabs one, brandishing it like a weapon, as she chases after the slipping Sonia, holding the shoe so
that the menacing, blunt, spike of the heel can be used for gouging and tearing, "Oh you don't!" she
shouts, afraid of what Sonia might do to her if she gets a weapon.
Slutty Sonia slips again onto her knees, enough time for Kimi to catch up.* No no no! *She shouts out,
though this time, instead of waiting, she flips onto her back, and kicks out hard, lifting her leg high in
the air, and the heel pierces into Kimi's tit as she charges forwards. But her single leg can't hold the
weight, and is bent as Kimi falls onto it, getting trapped under her fat breasts* get off me you fat piggy!
*Sonia grabs hold of Kimi's hair, trying to yank her off her toppled body*.
Kimi K screams as Sonia's blunt heel painfully pierces her tit, sinking deep into her flesh, and
threatening to pierce the silicon bag underneath. Kimi panics, "Nononononononononononono!" fearing
that Sonia might burst her implant, even as she gushes blood from the gaping wound. Sonia's leg is
pinned under the heavy mass of Kimi's tit, as Kimi starts to hack away at Sonia's breast with the blunt
heel of her shoe, trying to hook and gouge at the wounds she'd made with the nail to rip them open
from small, leaking, puncture wounds into gaping crevasses.
Slutty Sonia screams out loud, there is just no getting away* STOP IT! LEAVE MY SUPERIOR
TITTIES ALONE! *Sonia was just a few meters away from the wall where there were plenty of
weapons for her to get her hands on, but not she is stuck with Kimi bearing down on top of her.

Frustrated and hurt, she bends forwards, her back arching,and grabs Kimi's hair with both hands, and
brings her face to hers, almost as if to kiss her, But her mouth opens up and she bites down hard on
Kimi's lower lip, but leaves her top lip exposed*
Kimi K shrieks in Sonia's face as the little girl bites her plump lower lip, digging her teeth into the soft
flesh, looking right into Kimi's pretty green eyes as she knaws at her lip. Kimi jerks back, only to cause
Sonia's teeth to dig in deeper, threatening to pull her lip off. Kimi's arms flail wildly, losing her grip on
the shoe, and she can taste the salty, copper, flavour of her own blood, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Slutty Sonia keeps a grip on Kimi's hair, though as she yanks back, Sonias head is yanked forwards,
like the two girls are dogs fighting over a scrap of meat. Determined not to let go until she's bitten
through it and taken it off, destroyed her foes foul mouth as best she can. Finally her teeth sink through
the flesh and connect, with only a few strands of muscle at the side of the mouth keeping the lip
connected, Sonia yanksher head back, while pulling Kimi's head with her hair away from her to rip it
Kimi K stomach drops and she feels nauseous as she hears the 'KLACK' of Sonia's teeth as they snap
together, tearing through her pretty, pink, lower lip. She tries to lean forward with Sonia as she shakes
her head and pulls back, but it's pointless...the savage little girl has ripped off her lower lip, clutching it
between her teeth like a dog with a squirrel. Kimi screams, and feels sick as her mouth fills with blood,
and vomits in Sonia's face, "BLEEEEEEEEAGH!"
Slutty Sonia can't get away from Kimi's face in time, and receives a full face of sick. Not that it's any
worse than what they've been eating and fighting in. Hungrily she gobbles down the filth ridden piece
of flesh with an audible gulp.* Ha, thats what you get! Now. Get. Off. My. Legs! *Each word is
punctuated with a slap at Kimi's head as she tries to shove her off*.
Kimi K falls weakly to the side, her stomach emptied, her legs weak, as blood and bile drip down her
damaged face. Tears fall as she sobs, and she lets loose a defeated fart of shit as she lands on her side,
"M-my lip...m-my pretty pretty Princess faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace..." she sobs.
Slutty Sonia her legs free, Sonia gives Kimi a kick in the tit for good measure, though her trapped legs
heel had managed to get in pretty deep anyway, all the way to the base.* You're no princess, you're a
stuck up runty piggy! *Sonia crawls over to the wall and her hands wrap around a double ended dildo
the size of her arm, along with some barbed wire, which she proceeds to wrap around it, leaving the
middle free so she can hold it without hurting herself, making an interesting looking club* I'm going to
make you suffer!
Kimi K looks up at Sonia as she advances on her, menacingly weilding the barb wire wrapped
dildo...even without the barbed wire, the dildo was a bitch-tamer far too big for her tiny, ravaged, cunt.
Kimi let out another shitty fart, as she scrambled back, her little hands not finding any purchase in the
sloppy mess that surrounded them, " please...I-I-I can pay you...give you a pony...anything!"
Slutty Sonia raises the club* It's too late for that! Look at my beautiful boobies! *Sonia doesn't know
any mercy now,and brings the dildo down on Kimi's tits, before raking it across them, leaving long
trailing marks.* I GAVE YOU MERCY AND YOU BETRAYED ME! *She shouts out, smashing in
Kimi's titties, not afraid to hit her hands*.

Kimi K screams as the sharp barbs of the dildo dig into her skin, ripping, rending, and tearing at it. She
tries to raise her hands in protest, but the savage dildo cuts her shit covered little hands as well as it cuts
tit, leaving her bloodied and defenseless. Kimi cries as Sonia savagely beats her, trying to push back
with her flailing little legs, her feet kicking up shit and gore at Sonia as she beats her without mercy.
Slutty Sonia pushes the leg out the way, beating them, eyes wide with anger and madness. Any body
part get's too close and it get's the club. She nicks herself a few times, but on where near as bad as what
she does to Kimi. Finally, her legs out the way, she gets down on her knees and guides the dildo tip into
Kimi's already destroyed pussy. She has to really worm and grind it in to get it to move through her
gaping hole, the barbed tips scratching, tugging and pulling at her inside*
Kimi K sprays piss onto the jagged, rusty, barb wired dildo as Sonia cruely forces it into her already
ravaged pussy. The sharp spikes rip and terror at Kimi's tender, virgin, insides, blood and piss seeping
out as she screams, her tongue rolling out of her bloody, lipless, mouth, drooling pink down the side of
her face as her eyes roll up. Her torso thrashes around, her ravaged tits flopping and leaking blood and
milk, as Sonia rapes her with savage abandon.
Slutty Sonia only forces it in half way in, before bending the dildo around, to shove the other half into
Kimi's ass. This time it's a much harder fit into the tiny hole, but eventually it opens up thanks to all of
the shitting that's happened. Glad of her work, she walks back to the wall, walking around and
examining stuff. Eventually her eyes land on a few items, some handcuffs, a medieval mace, and a
hand ax*
Kimi K screamed as the rusty barbs of the fat dildo dug and scratched at her anus, ripping jagged tears
into the brown covered seal, tearing it apart as Sonia forced it in. Kimi felt sick to her stomach as the
massive dildo agitated her intenstines, and vomited onto the floor, her arms becoming weak as she fell
face first into her own sick. She watched helplessly as Sonia, satisfied that both her holes were full and
sufficiently ruined, walked back to the 'Toy Chest' her cruel eyes twinkling as she considered the wide
array of weapons. Sobbing, Kimi vomitted again, helpless to stop her.
Slutty Sonia grabs Kimi's hands and forces them behind her back, before cuffing them together. She has
no idea where the key is, and amongst all the shit, it is probably lost, not that she cares.* My boobie
still hurts from the egg! *She cries out, and in anger, lifts up the mace, bringing it down on Kimi's left
tit. In her rleft hand she is holding the axe, and she lifts that up to smack it down into Kimi's right
boobie, before yanking it out, and smacking down again on the fat tits. Right, left, right, left, over and
Kimi K watches helplessly in horror, her hands bound, her legs weak, flailing and slipping in the shit,
as Sonia stands abover her, her massive breasts rising and falling with her heavy, ragged, breath, as she
brandishes a heavy looking mace, and a sharp looking axe. Kimi cries, as Sonia begins to massacre her
beloved breasts, pummeling and punturing her left tit with the spiked mace, and leaving deep, painful,
gouges with the axe. The axe cuts into her breast meat and almost cuts through the bag of Kimi's
implant, the mace similarly almost puncturing it, as Sonia wails away, determined to completely
destroy Kimi's beloved breasts. Kimi can do nothing but shit and piss and vomit in futile protest.
Slutty Sonia eyes are wide with malice as she brings the mace down, slowly turning Kimi's left tit into
a pulpy mess, destroying the nipple and skin, as fat starts to flying about with each pounding strike,
reducing the volume. The axe though, she uses to slice open several deep gashes, eventually forming a
large uneven hole. She drops the axe and mace, and instead puts both her tiny fingers in the hole,

scooping out tit fat, muscle and gore, before shoving it in Kimi's face* HERE! SINCE THIS WAS SO
Kimi K cries, tears streaking through the blood and shit, as Sonia forces her to eat her own breasts. She
thinks about how proud she was when she's first started developing at age 5...a big sexy set of D-cups
on her kindergarden aged body. She remembered how she'd bullied the lesser girls with her big baby
tits...and the shame and jealousy she felt when she saw a girl bigger than her. She rmemebered asking
her Daddy to make her bigger...the biggest, and how sweet it felt to beat that girl to death with her new
tits. So good she did it again...and again...and again. And now she was the one being beaten. Her mouth
worked slowly as she mashed up the fat, blood, and gore of her ruined tit, choking it down and shitting
it out, crying in sadness.
Slutty Sonia pulls out the bags that were used to make Kimi's tits bigger, chucking them away behind
her into the filth pile until all that is left of the axed tit is just a deflated load of skin, like a giant balloon
that has had the air let out. Grabbing the mace, she finishes off the other fat tit, so all it is is a mound of
pulped flesh and blood mixed in with the bags. Sonia however is weak from all the fighting* Haha.
Thats what...You get...Keep this shit...Piggy...So you can...Roll in it...Like the are *She moans
out, before getting up and moving to the door, looking back at the wreckage of the room and stepping
out, leaving the door open. Kimi is left in the room on her own, tits destroyed, hands locked behind her
back, and a barbed wire double dildo in her ass and pussy. Sonia wanders around the halls, leaving
trails of shit and footprints, til she finds a large plush shower in a bathroom. Not bothing to close the
door, she turns the shower on and steps in. The hot water is agony on her bruised body, and she faints in
the shower, water still running, as the shit is washed off.*
Kimi K's father returned home to find his household in chaos. Kimi had done it again...she'd lured
another busty little girl into another deviant, grotesque, fight...only this time she'd lost. It wasn't the
first time he'd had to clean up his beautiful, bratty, daughters mess...and he could tell it probably would
not be the last. Money was spent in large quantities to silence Sonia and her family. Sonia's medical
bills were paid in full, the best care possible, and the best plastic surgeons to reconstruct her mangled
body. A similar, if not greater, amount was spent on revitalizing and restoring Kimi. Sonia's family was
moved away to the adjacent town to avoid a scandal, and they were beyond well well
as threatened.
But Kimi would never forget Sonia. She saw her every time she closed her eyes, and her pretty little
face would scrunch up in bitter hatred, "I'll get her..." she would growl to herself, "If it's the last thing
that I do, I'll make her PAY."

Slutty Sonia looked out the window of the plane as it came into land in the foreign island. It had been
two years and little Sonia was now eight years old. The plane journey was odd. She kept getting lots of
looking from pervy people enamoured by her bust. She was wearing a white maids outfit with pink
thrills. Her family had decided that, since they were getting alot of money from a mysterious source for
transgressions past, that it was time to go on holiday. Sonia's parents hadn't been able to be angry at
Sonia for disobeying them. They had managed to get a new house with no mortgage, new car, nearly
new everything, even though both parents still worked, nothing else had happened. Sonia though kept
up the facade of being a happy little child, but underneath she still thought about what had been her
most traumatic part of her life. And the most exciting.
She and her parents departed the plain, got their luggage and headed off to where they were staying, a

small little Japanese tourist towns in the mountains, close to Tokyo so they could spend some time
together and soak up another culture. Sonia was sort of looking forwards to it.*
Kimi K smiled as she looked at her I-Pad and saw that Sonia's plane had touched down. In the past two
years Kimi had become obsessed with her rival, and had waited patiently, preparing her revenge, and it
was finally time. Her turned to her personal valet, "Send the limo." Kimi was wearing a yukata that
clung to her huge, reconstructed, breasts. It had taken time and money, but she was fully recovered and
ready for Sonia. She surveyed the oppulant onsen room, and walked up to the steaming bath...turning
around she flipped up her yukata and grunted, taking another shit into it, topping off the bubbling,
stinking, bath, "I'm ready for you Sonia, you filthy Piggy-Peasant!"
Slutty Sonia helped her parents pull in the luggage as best she could. It was a small Japanese house
made of wood with sliding doors. Three roms down, kitchen, living room and dining room, and three
rooms up, one bathroom and two bedrooms. The view was gorgeous and there was a small winding
path to the house through the trees that Sonia was looking at as she saw the limousine park up. A flash
of memories broiled up inside of her from the last time she got in a limo, and a thought pierced through
her imagination. Why was there a limo here? Thinking hard, she wondered about it. Surely...Yes, it
would be 'her'. Sonia was about to rush out but stopped as she looked in a mirror. Memory played a
card of how snobby Kimi was, and she was about to rush out to meet her in a maid outfit. It was just
begging to be taunted. Squirming out of her outfit, she looked in the drawers, and sure enough there
were several sets of kimonos. She picked out one that was a pick of plum red and pinks with lotus
flowered patterns. Hwever her bust was too big to fully go over it, so she had to settle with nearly all of
her cleavage showing, with her fat nipples barely being covered up as she struggled to tie the bow.
Picking up her handbag and purse, she raced outside to the car. Luckily for her, her parents were in the
garden relaxing near some cherry blossoms*.
Kimi K Kimi's phone pinged, alerting her to Sonia's arrival. She hid behind a folded partition, wanting
to surprise her rival, to watch her reaction to the 'arena' she'd set up. The door opened, and Sonia
walked in, wearing one of the Kimono's that Kimi had provided, her huge, fake, tit's barely fitting into
it. Kimi felt a rush of excitement as she grit her teeth...she could not wait to confront have her
Slutty Sonia the driver explains to Sonia that Kimi had sent him,and she gets in the limo without
question. It's a short 15 minute drive, and she is there. Thedriver just tells her to go in and leaves her
there. It's a remote hot spring bath house out in the mountains, no one else is around. Sonia moves
closer to the door and the smell hits her. But it makes her drool slightly. She'd gone to therapy at her
parents insistence to help her get over the traumatic events physically and emotionally while she
healed. It had been easy to fool the psychiatrist that she was ok, but the fight had kick started her
journey into puberty early. Every day she masturbated to the same sick stuff she'd gone through,
imaging all the stuff she'd want to do. She'd found solace in some of the more extreme hentai manga,
thanks to using her phone on private mode, but it wasn't enough. As she opened the door, she drooled
heavily onto her exposed cleavage at the sight. It was more than she'd imagined. Steam floated about
the air, giving the place a mystic quality, without obstructing her view as she moved closer to inspect
the pool, walking past where Kimi is hiding*.
Kimi K played with her pussy as she watched Sonia drool into her huge cleavage, her hands drifting up
to her massive, fake, tits and pinching her nipples...even with the reconstruction her nipples are still
numb from Sonia's attack, and she can barely feel anything from them. Kimi has to manhandle them,
hurt them, to arouse them now. Kimi glares as Sonia approaches the shit pool...the bubbling, huge, tub

that she'd shit it for a whole week to fill up. Kimi move slowly and quietly from behind the partition,
and snuck up on Sonia, "Like the smell, Piggy? Get closer!" she screamed as she pushed Sonia in, face
Slutty Sonia is right by the edge of the pool. Her little pussy is getting ridiculously wet from the scene
as she remembers the last time. It was the start of her realising how much she liked hurting someone,
and being hurt, and degrading the person. Finding someone else to talk about though was a no no, in
case they put the psychiatrist back on her, so she bottled it all in. And now was going to be the time it
all got released. Sonias head turns round somewhat as she hears the voice, completely not realising
Kimi sneaking up on her and she goes into the pool. Arms out to the sides and forwards, desperately
circling around to try help her regain balance, but she runs out of room to move forwards on and goes
right into the pool of filth, ruining the kimono and getting her face covered in shit again.*
Kimi K slips off her yukata, revealing her naked body to Sonia. She smirks at the filthy little girl as she
sputters int he filthy pool, and thrusts out her huge breasts, "I know how big your tits are LITTLE
Sonia...only 2000 CC...only a K cup!" Kimi stepped into the pool, feeling the slick, slimey, warm shit
on her legs as she stepped towards the surprised Sonia, "I made sure Daddy got me BIGGER tits...I've
got 3000 CC implants...I'm a 28-M cup...BIGGER AND BETTER THAN YOU!" Kimi shivers as she
submerges her hot cunt into the steaming shit, feeling it's warm, filthy, embrace, and picks up a handful
of shit in her hands, grabbing Sonia by the hair, and shoving it into her mouth, "EAT IT SLUT!"
Slutty Sonia knees sink down through the sludge to the floor underneath and she is able to get herself
up into a kneeling position. It's so weird, it's harder than walking through water and everything she
does is slowed down. Finally she manages to spin round, only to get a mouthful of filth which she is
forced to swallow as Kimi holds her hand over her mouth. She eats it down almost eagerly at the
thought of being so disgusting. Angry, she scratches as Kimi's clean boobs with her filthy fingernails to
try get her away, still wearing the kimono which is now much heavier with shit*.
Slutty Sonia knees sink down through the sludge to the floor underneath and she is able to get herself
up into a kneeling position. It's so weird, it's harder than walking through water and everything she
does is slowed down. Finally she manages to spin round, only to get a mouthful of filth which she is
forced to swallow as Kimi holds her hand over her mouth. She eats it down almost eagerly at the
thought of being so disgusting. Angry, she scratches as Kimi's clean boobs with her filthy fingernails to
try get her away, still wearing the kimono which is now much heavier with shit*.
Kimi K grabs Sonia by her blonde hair and slams her flithy face into her huge, hard, breasts. She does
this three times, pushing her advantage as Sonia claws at her breasts with her filthy fingernails. Kimi
hold Sonia's face against her tits and starts to swing her shoulders back and forth, battering her with
ther breasts, "I'm going to beat your to death with my bigger boobies, Sonia!" Kimi growls, "I'm going
to make you eat shit like the pig you are and pay for what you did to me!"
Slutty Sonia head gets bang about constantly, and she wasn't prepared at all for just how angry Kimi is.
Of the two, Kimi did come out the worse off, and who knows how long she'd had to endure the agony
of being handcuffed with the barbed wire dildo ripping her insides apart. As Sonia is bent down into
Kimi's larger bust, her fat breasts are forced into the pool of filth. Furious though, she gets from her
knees onto her feet, and then jumps forwards, headbutting Kimi's fat tits as she tries to knock her
Kimi K falls back into the steaming shit, feeling it against her back, as Sonia drives her forward. She

maintains her grip on Sonia's head, just barely, and shoves her deeper into her cavernous cleavage,
trying to smother her as she kicks her feet in the thick sludge looking for purchase, "Gah!" she shouts,
Slutty Sonia feet come off the floor, and she is nearly flat on the top of the sludge pile, her body poking
downwards at a 30 degree angle. Without any grip on the floor, both girls slowly start to sink into the
filth and Sonia is nearly completely covered in it. Her head however is burried right inside Kimi's bust,
getting sweat in her face, as well as her shit covered face getting Kimi's cleavage dirty. Her head hurts
from the hair pulling, but she lifts her arms up and pounds them down over and over again on top of
Kimi's tits, the force of it making them sink a bit more each time.*
Kimi K Kimi struggled to keep her head above the surface of the shit pond, as Sonia hammered her into
the rancid ooze, and finally had to let her go, flailing to catch the edge of the bath and pull herself up,
her body now covered in shit. Wading forward, she grabbed the struggling Sonia by her hair and tried
to push her head face first into the shit, determined to drown her.
Slutty Sonia places her hands on top of Kimi's tits and pushes them down, forcing her head out with a
loud 'plop' sound, and she breathes in the air deeply, it was very difficult to breathe in the fat bust.*
YOU! Because of you, my perfectly natural boobs were ruined! *Sonia shouts out at Kimi's back as she
pulls herself up from the side of the bath. The slude is pleasantly warm to the touch, making her whole
body sweat, her face going red underneath the filth that covers her. However Sonia isn't prepared to go
down easily, and she grabs hold of Kimi's shit covered hair, yanking her downwards as well, so both
girls are bent over. Sonias face is forced downwards into the shit pool again, mouth open in a scream
that gets muffled*
Kimi K is pulled down, face first into the steaming shit pool, as Sonia forces her head under the
surface. Kimi's mouth opens in surprise, and she gets a mouthful of steaming, vile, shit, choking on it
as Sonia holds her under. Kimi releases her grip on Sonia, scratching desperately at ther wrists, trying
to force her to let go of her hair, as she is forced to swallow shit, her mouth moving like a grotesque
Slutty Sonia head whips upwards and she breathes in again, chewing down the filth in her mouth rather
than spitting it out. Determinedly, she keeps her fingers in Kimi's hair, though her wrists get lots of
scratch marks as she moves forwards slowly through the sludge, and pushes Kimi down with her tits,
grinding her lower*.
Kimi K feels Sonia's huge, heavy, breasts grinding her down inot the sludge, her own breast buried in
the warm shit, her mouth and belly full. She moves her hands through the thick sludge, groping
helplessly...until she feels Sonia's cunt. She digs her nails in, clawing at it, desperate to free herself.
Slutty Sonia squeals out and let's go of Kimi's hair, falling backwards in her haste to try and get away.
For a moment, she is sitting on the shit pond, until she slowly starts to get enveloped in it. Although it
hurt her, secretly she loved the pain and it makes her drool. The Kimono she is wearing is wripped
slightly and completely ruined.* You started this! Stop being such a brat and take your punishment! I've
been wanting to beat you again for what you did to my body for two years!
Kimi K wades around in the shit filled pond, grabbing the ripped remains of Sonia's kimono, ripping it
off of her. The thin fabric is soaked in shit and piss, making it tight and tough. Kimi growls, "What I
did to YOUR body?" she rushes Sonia, plowing into her with shit covered tits, bowling her over. Kimi

punches her surprised face, "What about what YOU did to ME!?!" Kimi wraps the kimono scraps
around Sonia's neck and pulls tight, putting her foot on her cunt as she leans back, constricting the
fabric from both sides of her neck.
Slutty Sonia can't respond as her throat is constricted. She looses footing underneaht her and plunges
forwards, face first back into the pool of filth. There was some minor parts of her that wasn't covered in
shit thanks to the kimono, but now what she is completely naked that soon disappears. Her mouth is
open as she tries to talk and she ends up swallowing more of the thick sludgy filth*
Kimi K leans forward and grabs a handful of the shitty muck, shoving it into Sonia's gasping mouth,
"EAT SHIT, PEASANT!" she laughed, forcing more and more shit into her mouth, her huge breasts
pressing against her little back as she humped against her ass in the shit. Kimi started to piss herself
with joy as she dominated her rival, spraying against Sonia's anus as she slammed her little pelvis
against her.
Slutty Sonia face first in the filth, she can't do anything to stop herself from sinking and her body
disappears underneath. She can't breathe, and struggles for breath. Her thrashing limbs, slowed down
by the thick muck, finally touch the floor, and she is able to push herself upwards and backwards,
topping over backwards right into Kimi. However her slim body actually slides and slips inbetween
Kimi's over sized tits, but her own tits get elongated outwards, unable to follow her in, creating a weird
like effect and hurting her chest*.
Kimi K laughed at Sonia's attempt to escape, and used her hands to press her huge, firm, heavy tits
together around her head, compressing them painfully, crushing her skull. She did this repeatedly,
smashing her huge breasts together like a trash compactor, trying to crush Sonia's skull, "HA HA! Your
inferior titties are stuck in should be used to that, piggy!" Kimi picked up a big, thick, log of
shit and shoved it into Sonia's mouth, like a big, shitty dick, shoving it down into her throat, and then
pressing hre tit's together and holding them there, leaving her unable to breath.
Slutty Sonia head and shoulders are stuck, with the top part of her arms strapped inside, she is starting
to loose her ability to fight back, and is trapped thanks to both of their massive breasts. Her arms below
the elbow are still mobile, and she grabs at the underside of Kimi's massive boobs, digging her nails in
hard and scrtching through the slime. Her little stomach is getting fuller and a bit fatter from all the shit
she is being forced to eat*
Kimi K squints as Sonia digs her nails in her tits, but holds steady, smothering her entire head in her
shit slicked cleavage, "P-pass out you bitch..." she moans. Kimi reluctantly releases her hold on one of
her breasts, and grabs one of her metal hair pins, letting her shit covered blond curls tumble free.
Raising it up, she stabs it down into the flesh of Sonia's stretched out tits, penetrating deep, "GO TO
Slutty Sonia the sludge offers no resistance at all to the hair pin and pierces into Sonias tit like a needle.
Without the other tit squashing her face she gets a glimpse of air and breathes in heavily before
screaming out in pain. She leans her head to the right, to the tit Kimi has let go, opens her mouth and
bites down hard on the inside of her tit. She is forced to swallow some of the shit yet again, but it
leaves Kimi's breast more clear for her to open up and bite down harder again, breathing through her
nose before it gets envoloped in tit flesh again. She can't turn her body at all with her large breasts
keeping her pinned inbetween Kimi's*.

Kimi K screams as Sonia's eats a bit of her tit-flesh, and stabs into her breasts multiple times, like a
pin-cushion, "Y-YOU...DON'T...EAT...MY...TITS!" she shouted as she took her frustration out on
Sonia's trapped tits. Kimi looked down between her breasts and vomitted onto Sonia's face, covering
her in shit and stomch acid, as she stabbed her tits.
Slutty Sonia eyes screw up in pain, and she makes moaning noises onto the tit flesh in her mouth,
vibrating over it. The constant stabbing at her tits though make her jaw clench and she bites through the
flesh, her teeth tearing through it and she gulps it down greedily like a hungry zombie, finally able to
speak* LEAVE MY TITS ALONE! *She shouts out stuck between the much larger mammaries, her
feet stuck in the sludge, unable to use them to kick at Kimi*.
Kimi K pressed forward with her chest, pushing Sonia's face into her own cleavage, as she continued to
stab her tits with the hair pin, "I'm going to suffocate you in your own tits you little freak!" Kimi cried
out, tears in her eyes as she felt her breast bleed from the chunks the savage little girl had ripped out.
Kimi snuggled the massive weight of her chest onto the back of Sonia's head, pushing her into her shit
covered cleavage, painfully bending her neck and spine.
Slutty Sonia through their struggle, they've reached one of the walls of the hotspring, having gotten far
away from the entrance area. Sonia is bent over forwards, head forced down, her ass pressed against
Kimi's pussy, and she can't breathe again, a situation that she is finding very annoying. The Kimono is
still wrapped around her neck as she head butts the wall. Placing both hands on the surface, she gets as
close as she can, and then pushes backwwards, slamming her ass into Kimi and forcing her onto her
back. However the force means she slips back inbetween the huge melons, with her on top, unable to
get out, but slowly the wight pushing kimi back into the muck*.

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