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Welcome Back

What’s in My Packet??
Important O.W.L. Binder information
Homework Policy & Expectations
Behavior Policy & Expectations
Grading Scale & Policies
Conference and Communication
6) School Information
3rd Grade Daily Schedule
8) Attendance Policy & Expectations
Field Trip Information
10) Volunteer & Acknowledgment Form
(to be completed, signed & returned)

Students are more successful when their learning environment
is one that upholds the tenants of safety, respect, and
perseverance. It is our goal to provide the best learning
experience for each child in our classrooms. In order to
achieve this goal, we hold our students to the following
Please RESPECT Yourself, Others, and Materials in the
Please make choices that PROTECT the SAFETY of all people
in the classroom.
Please always be the best you can be, EVEN WHEN it’s difficult

-Math baseline testing will be on Monday, August 8th.
-ELA baseline testing will begin on Tuesday, August 9th
and conclude on Thursday, August 11th.
-Science baseline testing will be on Friday, August 12th.
-Other initial course assessments will happen within the
first month of school.
-Test taking strategies will be directly taught weekly.

Students will take 3rd Grade portfolio
assessments approximately once a month
(Aligned with Pinellas county), to provide
alternative documentation and support for
grade promotion.

Learning Goals
*Ask and answer questions - referring explicitly to the text for the answers
*Explain how the lesson, moral or message is conveyed through key details
*Explain how characters contribute to the sequence of events
*Use the text to determine the meaning of words
*Describe how each part of a story builds on the next
*Distinguish your own point of view from that of others
*Explain how illustrations contribute to what is conveyed by the words
*Compare and contrast themes, setting, and plots of different stories
*Determine the main idea of a text and explain how the key details support it
*Describe the relationship between a series of historical events, scientific
ideas or concepts, or the steps in technical procedures in a text using
appropriate vocabulary
*Compare multiple texts

Learning Goals
~Writing Process
~Narrative Essay
~Informative/explanatory Essay
~Opinion Essay
~Taking Notes
~Citing Evidence from Text

Learning Goals
*Two-Step Word Problems using the four operations
*Multiplication Facts 0-10 by Memory
*Fluently Multiply & Divide Whole Numbers within 100
*Addition & Multiplication Properties
*Division Facts
*Represent and Interpret Data
*Understand Fractions as a number on a number line & as part of a
*Fluently Add/Subtract within 1000 using strategies and properties
*Area & Perimeter
*Time, Capacity, & Mass
*Measure and estimate liquid volumes and masses
*2-D Shapes

Learning Goals
Nature of Science

Earth & Space

~Science safety, tools, & the Scientific Method


~Raise questions and investigate


~Compare observations


Life Science
~Structure of Plants and their roles
~Classification of lowering and nonflowering plants
~Classification of animals by physical characteristics
& behaviors

Physical Science
~Forms of Energy
~Energy Transfer & Transformations
~Properties of Matter
~Changes in Matter

Learning Goals
Social Studies
~Maps (use, features, locate, & identify)
~Identify, label, and understand each region
~Identify and Label each of the 50 States
~Natural Resources
~Identify natural and man-made landmarks
~Civics and Government (Political
Participation, Structure & Function of
~Primary & Secondary Sources

Homework Expectations
1) Homework may be based on current or prior lessons taught.
2) Homework should not take your child longer than 20-30 minutes nightly and
parental guidance is appreciated when necessary.
3) Students will have a Math assignment due each day Tuesday-Friday. (They will
be given all assignments for the following week on Friday and will write down the
assignments on their weekly plan sheet.)
4) Science and Social Studies homework will be given periodically. Students will
have at least one week to complete any Science or Social Studies homework
5) Students are expected to read for 30 minutes daily and will be kept accountable
for their reading through student-teacher conferences and in class activities.
~Late homework (1 day or more) assignments will receive a 50% reduced score.
~Homework not submitted will receive a 0% score.
~Students with incomplete homework will be required to work on it during recess.
It is each parent's responsibility to notify us if your child is struggling with
homework assignments. Once we receive this notification a designated conference
time will be set up to discuss and create a plan to help your child.

If a student is

absent, it is their responsibility to check with us for missed assignments.

Please refer to email from Mrs. Turro to
gain access to your students grades and

Please refer to email from Mrs. Heilman &
Mrs. McGovern to set up your lunch
account with Students
MUST have an account and funds to
receive a school lunch.

Why order from
Scholastic Books??
1) Every time you order a book for your child it gives our
classroom points so we can order FREE books for our
classroom library.
2) Typically the books are significantly cheaper than
anywhere else.
3) FREE shipping on all online orders!
4) You can search 1,000s of titles and books can be
searched for by level, series, author, or genre!

Our class code is FMMC4, please order often!

Volunteer Opportunity
~Weekly Classroom Church breakdown
~Weekly Copies
~Back to School Carnival
(Organization, setup, and execution)
~Monthly Scholastic Organization

In case you were wondering…
**Despite an environment of high expectations and
rigor, students will have A LOT of FUN!
**We will always make time for a student in need.
**Our door is open. Email is the best way to contact us,
and our website is the best place to find information.
**Our team is working together to design the best
possible educational experience for your child.

We are extremely excited to be working with your
children this year!!

~Mrs. Heilman & Mrs. McGovern~