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Suzannah B. Troy is a New York City-based artist, activist, and citizen journalist, who has appeared in print, on the radio, and on television. Her prolific body of YouTube videos have drawn immense controversy, including possible censorship.

1 Artistic career 2 Activism 3 Citizen Journalist 3.1 Blogging 3.2 Mobile computing 3.3 Media
1 Artistic career

1 Artistic career

2 Activism

2 Activism

3 Citizen Journalist

3 Citizen Journalist

3.1 Blogging

3.1 Blogging

3.2 Mobile computing

3.2 Mobile computing

3.3 Media and political reaction

3.3 Media and political reaction

4 Censorship

4 Censorship

5 References

5 References

6 External links

6 External links

4 Censorship 5 References 6 External links Suzannah B. Troy Suzannah B. Troy in New York

Suzannah B. Troy

Suzannah B. Troy Suzannah B. Troy in New York City.

Suzannah B. Troy in New York City.

Suzannah Troy, multi-media artist (in print and on the web), has had some of her artwork included in the archives of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. [1][2] In 1999, Troy was a speaker at the Fifth Annual New Jersey Book Arts Symposium. [3][4] In 2001, Troy was a key person in the international public debate raging at the time about the disputed ownership of artwork by Holocaust victim Bruno Schulz. [5] Indeed, The New York Times selected Troy's opinions for publication in its editorial pages, [6] and Troy's letter to the editor was later cited in an essay published in 2005 by The Journal of Textual Reasoning. [7] In 2009, Troy created a poster, "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York, Is Democracy for Sale?" that she donated to the New-York Historical Society and is now part of the collection. The New York Historical Society continues to grow to reflect NY's past and present [8] And Troy has also used the popular video sharing website YouTube as a platform to create and broadcast original videos. Beginning with her first YouTube, October 2 2008, Suzannah B. Troy created "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York" . She stated mayor Bloomberg has decided he is going to be king of New York. He is not going to break any laws to do it, just just change the laws.

Troy led the on-line resistance against Mike Bloomberg in sheer volume of YouTube and blog posts. May 4,2009 Troy warned her YouTube viewers don't believe what the media is saying. Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger. and she was correct. The night of the election Troy pointed out at six pm the press had to go "off script" and report the election was too close to call.

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A fervent believer in term limits for politicians, Troy has

A fervent believer in term limits for politicians, Troy has been a vocal critic of members of the New York

City Council and Mayor Michael Bloomberg; [9] some councilmembers and the mayor campaigned for controversial third terms in political office in the election of November 2009. On October 2, 2008, the same day that Bloomberg announced that he would seek a controversial third term in office, [9][10] Troy posted her first YouTube video, "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York," in which she took on the mayor and city council for their goal of changing the New York City term limits law without a voter referendum. [11] On October 13, 2008, Katharine Jose of The New York Observer first reported Troy's early opposition to extending term limits. [12] When the journalist Azi Paybarah reported about the growing opposition to extending term limits, Paybarah singled out Troy's activism. "And then there’s East Village artist Suzannah B. Troy, whose preferred medium is YouTube." [13] In his article, Paybarah also described the style of Troy's videos. "Ms. Troy speaks straight to the camera in videos, usually a minute long, that feature little more than her face, shoulder-length hair and background noise from whatever café she films from." [13] In November 2010, when New York City voters once again approved a voter referendum to reinstitute term limits, the Columbia University journalism website NY City Lens interviewed Troy for her perspective about term

limits. [14] A related video report included Troy's commentary and was produced by Columbia Television



In a YouTube documentary, Troy described the conditions that lead her to become an internet activist; in the

video, she described the importance of iPhone, MacBook, and Google technology in fostering her

activism. [16]

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artistic ca reer. If anyone knows how to repair please help. In many of her blog

In many of her blog postings and YouTube videos, Troy has made the observation that the mainstream

media has not reported or emphasized political scandals, news stories, or investigations about the governments of New York City and New York State. Consequently, Troy has used her blogs and YouTube

account to collect and report news and information, to try to create increased transparency in government. Troy has also had many letters to the editors published in major newspapers. Her first letter ever published was in The Financial Times weekend edition, June 4, 2000 "Image at the Cutting Edge". She praises William Packer's description of Lucien Freud's "Naked Portrait" and the FT's courage to run the image of an older woman, nude with legs akimbo and used a comparison of her art to Freud's to make the points that women are lagging behind men from basic human rights to economic power as well women's sexuality often viewed

in the most negative ways and shame based. Following the FT, Troy has had her letters published in The

New York Times, The New York Daily News, The New York Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

She has either remarked on news stories about the arts that have been published in previous editions of newspapers, [6] expressed concern about the dangers of rapid over-development, [17] or she commented on current events, such as the controversial firehouse closings in New York City, [18] and a powerful letter on 4/27/2005 "Betrayal at Ground Zero" in The Wall Street Journal, respectively. Troy has been notable for, among other things, having had to date nine letters to the editor published by The New York Times. [6][19]


Maverick consultant and journalist Gary Tilzer, as described by Michael Powell of The New York Times, praises Suzannah B. Troy's citizen journalism. He writes, "In One Generation Reporters Have Gone From Seekers of the Truth to Press Agents to Pols" and he describes Ms. Troy's confrontation with Christine

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Quinn by writing, "Unlike reporters, blogger Suzannah Troy questioned Quinn forcefully about issues the speaker does not want to answer. Blogger Troy has made it her mission to expose Quinn and other corrupt pols. She has attacked the speaker for allowing a St Vincents Hospital located in her district to close and then taking money from the Rudin family who will make millions by building condominiums on the site of the closed hospitals." Tilzer goes on to praise Rafael Martínez Alequín along with Troy and points out Bloomberg banned Alequín from his press conferences and blocked a renewal of his press pass, until civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel brought a lawsuit. /ms-quinn-you-work-for-people-of-new.html


Troy publishes or contributes to several blogs using the Blogger service. [27] Aside from her political and artistic blogs, Troy also films, edits, and produces videos that she posts onto YouTube; many of these videos are political in nature. In her original journalistic YouTube videos, Troy has interviewed such important politicians and notable citizen-activists as Henry Stern, [28] a former New York City Councilmember and former Commissioner of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, as well as Clayton Patterson, [29] a New York City artist and photographer. As of September 2010, her body of YouTube videos have been viewed more than 200,000 times. [30]

Troy has filmed and posted on her blogs confronting Mayor Bloomberg from the steps of City Hall shouting "Oust the king". Mayor Bloomberg's response was to give Ms. Troy the thumbs up signal. She has also confronted Dave Paterson, Christine Quinn, David Dinkins, and Bill Rudin, filming them on her iPhone and then directly posting to YouTube and her blogs. Dave Paterson was confronted as he entered WOR and he denied Troy's charges that he protected his best friend and employee Dave Johnson keeping him on the payroll as long as possible. Six foot 9, Dave Johnson would later plead guilty to spousal abuse. Troy yelled down Christine Quinn which got her a meeting at City Hall with Norman Siegel at her side regarding St. Vincent's Hospital and the Rudin Luxury condo conversion. Both Dave Dinkins and Bill Rudin also refused to answer Troy's hard hitting questions.

Some journalism websites have reprinted excerpts of Troy's blogs. The SoHo Journal featured some of Troy's writings about the CityTime payroll system scandal. [31]

Mobile computing

Troy has used Mobile computing, such as Smartphones, to be able to create live videos during political events and post them from the street directly onto YouTube. By using Mobile technology, Troy has reported news events over the Internet almost instantaneously. [32] One such example of her use of mobile computing was a series of YouTube videos Troy created outside a debate for New York City Council on August 13, 2009, where Troy used an iPhone to report about controversial activities used by New York University and The Villager newspaper to limit the size of the debate audience. [33] The Huffington Post later reported that, "NYU security closed the doors, barring dozens of people in line from entry, including several credentialed members of the press." [34] The Huffington Post reported that activists, "many equipped with iPhones and video cameras," helped to get a wheelchair-bound man into the debate, in spite of the controversial audience limitations; [34] among the activists was Troy. [35]

Media and political reaction

In 2002, Troy's artistic and civic activities were photographed and mentioned in a German news magazine article about New York City in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. [36] As a result of her agitation in respect of certain social and civic issues, such as responsible development, [17] Troy has become a notable spokesperson, or pundit, on these issues. In May 2007, for example, when a water main broke in the East

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Village section of Manhattan, Troy was interviewed by NY1, to provide a prospective on the crumbling infrastructure of New York City. [37] In October 2007, Troy confronted Mayor Bloomberg on the John Gambling radio show (at 29:58) about over-development in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan. [38] On October 2008, one of Troy's YouTube videos was mentioned in The New York Observer newspaper. [13] During 2009, she was further mentioned by The New York Observer. [39][40][41] Some of her original journalistic reports and videos have been reposted on the websites of mainstream media companies. For example, her 2010 interview with Stern, the former Park Commissioner, was republished on the website of the public radio station WNYC. [42] Other times, Troy's activism has been the subject of news that have been reported about by the media. On January 1, 2010, Richard H. Cohen, who contributes photographs and images to the Corbis news service, photographed Troy at a one-woman protest of the swearing-in ceremony of New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. [43] Troy's YouTube videos have also been rebroadcast over the Internet by journalism sites, such as the SoHo Journal. [44][45][46][47][48]

Troy has used her blog to post her YouTube videos, which protest Mayor Bloomberg's change of term limits. [49][50] For his part, Mayor Bloomberg has made remarks to the press, expressing his dislike of bloggers, who have been critical of the mayor ; the mayor has called such bloggers, "lawless partisans." [51][52]

"lawless partisans." [ 5 1 ] [ 5 2 ] From September 22 through Septembe r

From September 22 through September 23, 2009, one of Troy's primary platforms, her YouTube account, was suspended by YouTube. [53][54][55] Upon reporting the news of the YouTube account suspension, Paybarah wrote that, "The YouTube account for one of Michael Bloomberg’s most prolific, and eccentric, critics has been suspended." [55] According to Paybarah's article, Troy said that she believed that the suspension was a violation of her freedom of speech. [55] After the intervention of New York City-bloggers and legal advisers, including attorney Norman Siegel, Troy's YouTube account, which included over 300 videos, was restored. [56][57] According to the examples listed on Wikipedia's own page about Criticisms of Google, very few accounts suspended for alleged political reasons by YouTube are ever resolved with the resumption and full restoration of the formerly suspended YouTube account. [58]

Direct quote from March 2011 "Bloomberg's Bubble Burst " article written by Fred Siegel and Sol Stern published in both The Commentary and The New York Post

"Both sources of revenue, private and public, were used to co-opt and silence his opposition and thereby allow the glamorized portrait of an indispensable manager and the guardian of the public purse to be drawn without countervailing criticism".


Ms. Troy suffered further censorship in September 2010 when this Wikipedia page was removed. Two Wiki accounts demanding immediate removal for “lack of notability” were subsequently exposed as sock puppet accounts by a Wikipedia editor.

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