Miss Engelking 6-8 Vocabulary & Word Study


8th Grade Science, History, Religion
Welcome back to another exciting school year! I’m
thrilled to have the opportunity to explore, discover,
and grow with all of you! This year, we will be
navigating the wonderful world of words through an
exploration of Greek and Latin based vocabulary.

Areas of Study




6-8th Grade:
Greek & Latin
roots, prefixes,

8th Grade:
Physical Science

Tests & Projects


Class Rules:
• Be kind.
• Be respectful.
• Be prepared.

You w
• Jou
• Pos
t-it No
• Hig
• Pen
s/Penc s
• Inte
rnet a s

Late Work Policy
Max. 80%
(1st day late)
Max. 72%
(2nd day late)
(3rd day late)
(4th day late)
Major Grades
Max. 80%

(1st day late)
(2nd day late)

All assignments are considered
late if they are not ready at the
beginning of the class
period. No exceptions.

Devices will, on
occasion, be used
within the classroom.
Devices are to be used
strictly for the
assigned purpose. Any
deviation, will result
in confiscation and, if
necessary, further
consequences as
decided by the
teacher and the

Project Research &
Technology Usage
Many of the projects and assignments that we will complete
this year will require the use of technology. With limited
access to computers at school, students will b expected to
make arrangements on their own time in order to
successfully complete assignments. As we begin the journey
to high school, problem solving is expected where access to
a computer or the internet is limited.
Students are responsible for speaking to Miss Engelking
at least 3 days in advance for technology support.

Most of the work we will complete in this class will be done in a composition
notebook. These “journals” will serve as a running record of our progress and
development throughout the year.
Students are expected to come to class with their journal everyday. Failure to do so
will result in a lowered grade. Journals will be turned in throughout the year and
graded for a test grade.

Digital Portfolios
Each student will be creating a digital portfolio to upload his or
her work and projects. We will be creating websites through
an online program found at education.weebly.com
If you have questions regarding digital portfolios & security, please email me.

Turning in Work
Miss Engelking will not accept work that does not display pride and
true effort. Work that displays pride and effort is:
•Neat (If I can’t read it, I can’t grade it!)
•Original (It must be your work; not a friend’s, not a parent’s, not
another author’s, not the internet’s. It must be your work.)
•Correct (I need to know that you tried your best.)
•High Quality (Neat+Original+Correct=High Quality)
Note: This does not mean that your work will always be perfect. In
most things, there is always room for improvement. For this reason, a
grade of 100% is reserved for truly extraordinary work. If you want a
100%, you must demonstrate pride and effort. If you truly tried your
very best, you will have something to be proud of.


I will use this site to post updates,
assignments, and extra resources.

We will follow the SACS middle school discipline policy. Inappropriate
behavior will result in infractions and a lowered conduct grade.

Gmail Accounts:
Students are expected to use their

school provided gmail accounts, those
without an account should notify

Miss Engelking immediately so that they

Contact Info:

can obtain one.

email: eengelking@staugustinecs.org
Follow our class on Instagram!


Remind is a an application and website that allows for direct communication
between teacher and parent without the exchange of personal

information. All parents must be registered as it is a primary form of

communication used Miss Engelking. Please follow this link for instructions

on how to register: http://edventureswithmisse.weebly.com/resources.html

I’m really looking forward to our year together!
“Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world ablaze.”
St. Catherine of Siena