Ukraine media partnerships

Amplify independent media voices from Ukraine in France.
Following discussions over recent weeks and background research, the media relationships
concept for OSIFE's Ukraine in Western Europe project has evolved further. In brief, the project
strategy is to introduce more diversity into media narratives in Western Europe regarding
Ukraine, particularly among left leaning media outlets (formal and informal). This will be done by
establishing media partnerships between Ukrainian and European outlets allowing content
syndication and other collaborative opportunities.
We have established contact with Hromadske International, an emerging media outlet in Ukraine
combining broadcast and online content. The style, tone and substance of their content have the
potential to resonate well with our target audiences. Hromadske is interested in developing
international partnerships (they already have some underway in CEE) and early discussions
indicate that the aim of this project – to introduce diversity of voices and points of view into
existing narratives rather than develop "counter-propaganda" - is something they understand and
For credibility and journalistic independence, it is better that OSF not remain interlocutor
between Ukrainian and European outlets—capacity is also an issue. Given this, we propose
starting small scale to begin with. This involves focusing on Hromadske as the potential Ukrainian
“incubator” for the project. Our support might take two forms: one, supporting an “international
partnerships” role within Hromadske whose responsibility would be to seek out and cultivate
international partnerships with relevant outlets in Europe, prioritizing our target audience to
begin with; two, supporting the production of content that would facilitate these partnerships, for
example engaging, digital content with strong production values, allowing full editorial control
for Hromadske at the same time.
Mediapart in France is one potential media partner that we could approach with this proposal.
The good potential synergy between Hromadske and Mediapart (similar editorial approach and
organizational background) offers an opportunity to launch this project by OSF enabling an
introduction between Hromadske and Mediapart. This would allow Hromadske and inroad into
France, an opportunity to begin a partnership early on and a Western European partner to help
inform their content strategy. We hope that Hromadske would also expand their media
partnership network in France beyond Mediapart as part of this first phase. We would hope soon
after, depending on performance during this proof of concept phase, to expand the project remit
to the other four key countries in addition to France.
Next steps would include:
· Find out more about Hromadske, their make up, current capacity etc.
· Approach Mediapart to assess their interest in the proposal.
· Formalise details for Phase I of project, based on partnership between Hromadske and
Facilitate meeting between Hromadske and Mediapart to further develop concept – a certain
degree of flexibility will be needed in the concept to allow both entities to engage fully and to
respect journalistic independence