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UOL IFP Sociology Assignment

McDonald's Corporation is the world's leading food service organization. The
corporation started out as a small drive-through in 1948 by two brothers, Dick and
Mac McDonald. In addition, McDonald's opens a new restaurant every three hours. 'Big
Mac' is the biggest attraction and backbone of the corporation. The quick-servicerestaurant (QSR) giant has built an entire process over the years for managing a
sophisticated delivery system, starting on the live-animal production side and running
all along the supply chain until products reach their final destination as McDonald's
customers' favourite.
The game is a simulation and parody of McDonald's where you are in charge of
creating profits for the company by managing the four sections of its business:
Agriculture, The Feedlot, Fast Food and Headquarters. The Agriculture Section is where
soy is grown for fodder for the feedlot and where cattle are raised to maturity. The
Feedlot is where mature cattle are fattened up and slaughtered for hamburger. The
Fast Food Section is the actual restaurant itself where you control employees and
sandwich production. Employees are at on time and clean and neatly dressed. They
must be following certain standards operational procedures that is why customers
always receive good and quality able service. They always keep the smile up, when
they are servicing. Headquarters is where the executive decisions are made in relation
to advertising, public relations and profits. My job is to balance all areas of production,
make profits and keep the business running smoothly for as long as possible.
Occasionally consumer and public problems pop up for you to deal with due to your
business decisions. The game ends once you have accumulated a debt of around
After playing the game for several times, I acknowledged that a good strategy for this
game is 4 cows and three fields. Each time you create a pasture, lower it to one cow
to avoid over-grazing, which also prevents the need for crop/pasture rotation. You can
control the restaurant traffic by starting and stopping marketing campaigns. I ended
the game at $191,200 in October of 2030. I avoided genetically modifying crops,
adding waste to the feed or meats. I keep a close eye on my employees and fire them
whenever they look unhappy. Everyone is being bribed and I rotate my ad campaigns
just to keep my restaurant full.
Just as globalization has two different aspects of effects on human beings, in the
process of McDonald's globalization, McDonald's impacts on consumers are also
different, including positive effect and negative impact. After going through the game,
I acknowledged profoundly that the profits of the fast food chains have been made
possible by losses imposed on the rest of society - notably obesity, food poisoning,
rural poverty and environmental degradation. Obesity and food poisoning are growing
faster than at any time in our history. Criticism on fast foods especially on McDonald’s,
among the critiques were allegations that McDonald’s are using their political
influence to increase their profit at the expense of people’s health and the social
conditions of its workers
Notably, as shown in the game, cows are being injected hormone. The hormones are
administered through an implant under the skin of the ear and deliver measured
amounts throughout the animal's life. Implanted beef cows convert feed into muscle
faster and more efficiently, leading to quicker maturity and leaner beef. However,
growth hormones can cause early maturity in humans. In the late 1970s, the U.S.
banned a growth hormone (DES) known to cause cancer

other smaller company will follow the McDonalds same footstep. Furthermore. and norms of the past are being lost in their McDonald’s party packages and Big Macs. McDonald’s exploits this cultural change to market party packages to children who want to celebrate this new occasion. As one character of a modern world is the demand for good and efficient services.The fast food chain like McDonalds should primarily concern reduction of the waste. The social performance of McDonalds in relation to the environment has tremendously contributed in the term of waste management practices. McDonald's has contributed in giving greater access to a global marketplace of goods by its strong economic influence as they encourage many enterprises to offer them different services in order to keep up with the demands of people. children in these countries are recognizing the potential for celebration of individual birthdays. and control over individuality and autonomy. That is why many people love it: it’s a predictable product delivered to you efficiently. it will bring the greater harm to the environment and society. In the context of globalization. global culture.000 restaurants in 120 countries. However. We can see that McDonald's influence on the fast-food industry not only in America. McDonald’s has become not only the largest fast food restaurant organization. If the large fast food company like McDonalds does not control the waste produce from the restaurant. which are bring environmental friendly to society. rationality. in the same amount. has led to the establishment of dozens of clones in just about every branch of the retail industry and has led to other social institutions adapting McDonald's principles to their operations. you know you will always find the same food. collide and merge with each other. and at the same value. Each and every process of the business is organized to ensure that everything happens at . McDonald's invests and supports initiatives to adapt its products and services to different locales to ensure its global brand. The process by which these principles are coming to dominate more and more sectors of society. as we become trapped in an impersonal world that values efficiency. they are also having an influence on some East Asian cultures with the corporation’s entry into those countries. McDonald's waste management practices are not effective unless McDonalds find out other alternative ways in manage the waste. it also shock the culture of different countries. Critics claim that the rapid spread of McDonald’s and its fast-food rivals undermines indigenous cuisines and helps create a homogenous. Weber was concerned that capitalism and industrialization were fulling a world where our individual freedoms were being eroded. When you go to any McDonald’s in the United States or around the world. but increasingly across the globe. but is a symbol of globalization. which increases global economy. With the presence of McDonald’s restaurants in Asian countries. It runs more than 28. This can be related to the case of McDonald. and the accompanying American cultural norms. different cultures around the world communicate. Thus. He warned that we were increasingly living in an iron cage. literally changing eating habits around the world. Ultimately. McDonald's is a clear sign of globalization as everywhere you go there will be a McDonald's. permeate. When McDonald's affect the eating habits of consumers. Basing analysis on Max Weber's theory of rationalisation. not only do McDonald’s products harm individual and environmental well-being. Weber introduced the concept of rationalization to explain how Western society has shifted from a mystic or traditional orientation to a more rational orientation. McDonald’s emergence in Asia is permanently altering culture. Rationalization is the process of replacing traditional and emotional thought with reason and practicality. In many respects.

and globalization can give a beneficial effects on consumers as well as adverse effects. into a huge corporation using mass production methods to produce and sell their products. promoting the rational allocation of resources and boosting human civilization. while it also affects eating habits of consumers. Its positive impact refers to promoting the development of innovation. In a nut shell. Its negative impact focuses on the human living quality and environmental issues. McDonald's can bring enjoyment for consumers. . the globalization of McDonald’s has raised many debates on both sides of the issue. globalization has a great impact on human worldwide. and its impacts can be demonstrated from two aspects: positive impact and negative impact. globalization is an irresistible trend. causes cultural erosion and has an impact on contemporary way of life. In contemporary. All in all. Globalization can be understood well by the process of McDonald's globalization. Over the past four decades McDonald’s has been transformed from a local burger shack serving fresh beef patties.the right time and the right place so that the maximum gratification for customers and the max profit for the company are ensured. The Mc Donaldized social institution has really spread across continents giving rise to a number of indigenous fast food chains.