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Q1 Define exchange Mechanism?

Q2. Is Marketing is same as selling?

Q3 Define standardisation?
Q4 customer support services are considered to be the key to marketing success of
an organization in modern days. Explain how?
Q5 Define Floor price?
Q6 Name the channel facilitates the direct link between the manufacturer and the
customer.its market offering.
Q 7 50 g extra with this pack of toothpaste is an example of one of the techniques
of promotion mix. Name the technique.
Q8 Name the term used to describe the combination of variables chosen by a firm
to prepare
Q 9 Beauty products ltd is a natural and ethical beauty brand famous for offering
organic beauty products for men and women.The company uses plant based
materials for its products and is the No.1 beauty brand in the country. It not only
satisfies its customers but also believes in overall protection of the plant. Identify
the marketing management philosophy being followed by Beauty Products ltd
Q10. Apple Inc. is about to launch its new phone. Name the department which will
plan the launch. What activities it will perform before the launch?(3)
Q 11 you dont close a sale, you open a relationship, if you want to build a long
term successful enterprise Identify the communication tool used by the marketer.
State any two features of this communication tool. (3)
Q12 Rohit,a sales manager always has some or the other excuse to postpone
meeting with the customer. He usually reads the product specifications and avoids
product demonstration. Do you think Rohit is a good salesman? Support your
answer with appropriate reasons what qualities Rohit must inculcate in himself.?(4)
Q13. A soft drink manufacturing company uses dangerous stunts in the
advertisements claiming that its drink make the user fearless and stronger.(4)
(i)In your view what could be the bad effect of this?
(ii) How it can be stopped?
Q14 Manufacturer of electronic product produces such products which need special
care while using it. But the company has not given the instructions to consumers. If
you are the manager of that company what steps you would take?(4)

Q15 Mansi, a shoe manufacturer for school students, decided to maximize her profit
by producing and distributing at large scale and thereby reducing the average cost
of production.

Identify the marketing management philosophy adopted by Mansi

Explain this philosophy on the basis of : (a) main focus (b) menns and
ends (4)
(CBSE D 12)

Q16 Though advertising is one of the most frequently used medium of promotion
of goods and services , yet it attracts lot of objections. Explain any such
(CBSE OD 08)
Q17 Haryaram is a famous chain selling a large variety of products in the Indian
market. Their products include chips, biscuits, sweets, and squashes. It charges
comparatively higher price than its competitiors as it sells quality products. Besides
it offer regular discounts to its customers and easy credit terms to its retailers. It
has five of its own retail shops. It also sells its products through various grocery
stores so that the products are made available to customers at the right place, in
the right quantity and the right time. It regularly uses different communication tools
to increase its sales. The above para describes the combination of variables used by
hayaram to prepare its market offering. Identify and explain the variables. (6)
(CBSE D 15)
Q 18 Pricing of a product is an important and effective competitive weapon in
marketing which depends upon various factors? Explain the factors(6) (CBSE D 14)
Q19 Choice of appropriate channel of distribution is a very important marketing
decision, which affects the performance of an organization. Explain any five factors
which affect the choice of channel of distribution. (6) (Cbse D 12,12c, 14)
Q20 Generally consumers prefer to buy goods directly from the producers but is not
always possible Give reason why is it so by explaining four different factors
responsible for this? (6) (CBSE D 10)
Q21 All Advertising is a social waste. Comment (6)