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This is school is a fantastic place to be a part of, and it is because

of the amazing students and teachers who selflessly serve them.
-Each group of four will have the opportunity to share what makes
Moore such a great place to learn and excel.
-It is the responsibility of each group member to define what each
letter of the mustang must stands for. Include each group
members definition of each letter on the poster board.
-Also, each group member needs to give examples of what each
letter looks like in school, classroom, and community. (Example:
Mustangs are motivated and come to school ready and prepared
to learn.)
-After each persons definition and examples there must be the
hashtag #EducationMatters and #MooreMatters
-The poster must reflect what the hashtags mean to you.
-As a group, there needs to be a narrative story that uses all of
the MUST words, definitions, and examples of these expectations
throughout the poster.
-This is your chance to be creative with how you incorporate all
the pieces of the MUST, pictures, drawings, etc. Keep using the
hashtag #EducationMatters #MooreMatters
-These posters will need to be decorated to reflect the pride in
which we have for our school. Therefore, it is recommended that
students bring in pictures from magazines, newspapers, pictures,
google image, etc. that portray our expectations.
-Finally, the posters should have vibrant color and artwork by the
students that highlight these high expectations that we live out at

-Posters will be presented and explained as a group on Friday of

this week August 19th, they will also be shown in the room and
hallways to represent Moore.
-Each student will receive a grade as an individual contributor and
as a group member.