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COMPLETE 02/08/2010

Civil Engineering







Dimensional formula for young’s modulus of elasticity is:
a ML-1T-2 r
b MLT-2
c M-1L-1T-1
d ML-2T-2
The deformation per unit length in the direction of load is called:
a Lateral strain
b Shear strain r
c Linear strain
d Volumetric strain
Which amongst the following substances is most elastic?
a Brass
b Glass r
c Rubber
d Steel
Young’s modulus of elasticity for a perfectly rigid body is:
a Zero
b Unity
c Infinity r
d Some finite non zero constant
The possion’s ratio for most of the material is close to
a 0.5
b 0.33 r
c 0.25
d 0.2
Which material has the highest value of possion’s ratio
a Rubber r
b Wood
c Steel
d copper
Bulk modulus is measured in terms of
a N/m
b N/m2 r
c Nm/s
d Ns/m

8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Which of the following is a dimensionless quantity: a Shear stress b Bulk modulus c force d Possion’s ratio r Percentage elongation during tensile stress is indicative of a Ductility r b Malleability c Creep d Fatigue strength Toughness of a material signifies a Strength r b Softening c Brittleness d ductility lack of toughness in a material implies a Brittleness ] b Plasticity c Ductility d Softening Brittleness is opposite to a Toughness b Plasticity] c Malleability d Creep strength The percentage reduction in area during tensile stress on cast iron specimen is a 5% b 10% c 15% d Negligible] when mild steel is subjected to tensile loading. its fraction will confirm to a star shape b granular shape c cup and cone shape] d fibrous type The impact strength is expressed in a N b N/m c Nm] d N/m2 The charpy test is conducted to measure a Toughness] b Creep strength c Fatigue strength d Elastic strength of a material Pick the odd one out .

0] c 1.a Stiffness b Resilience c Endurance limit] d Elastic strength 18 Brinell number of a metal or an alloy is a measure of its a Tensile strength b Toughness c Malleability d Hardness] 19 creep : rupture strength :: fatigue : a time b endurance limit] c deformation d hardness 20 when a wire is stretched to double in length .5 b 1.CIVIL) (PGI) .the longitudinal strain produced in it is a 0.0 Answers 1(a) 2(b) 3(b) 4(c) 5(b) 6(a) 7(b) 8(d) 9(a) 10(a) 11(a) 12(b) 13(d) 14(c) 15(c) 16(a) 17(c) 18(d) 19(b) 20(b) Kamal kumar (TUTOR.5 d 2.