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Poornima Group of Institutions, Jaipur

Branch: Civil Engineering
Sub./Code: Bulding Material & Construction/3CE02
Unit – II
Submitted By: Kamal Kumar (Lecturer, CE)
1. Quick lime isa)calcium oxide
b)calcium carbonate
c)calcium hydroxide
d)none of above

2. Hydraulic lime is obtained bya)burning of lime stone
b) burning of kankar
c)adding water to quick lime
d)calcination of pure clay

3. The main constituent which imparts hydraulicity to hydraulic lime is
a)calcium oxide

4. The main constituent of cement which is responsible for initial setting of cement isa) dicalcium silicate
b) tricalcium silicate

the maximum final setting time for ordinary Portland cement should bea)30 minutes b)1 hour c) 6 hours d)10 hours 8.As per IS specifications. The main ingragients of portland cement a)lime and silica b)silica and alumina c)alumina and silica d) none of these . The initial setting time for ordinary Portland cement as per IS specifications should be less thana)10 minutes b)30 minutes c060 minutes d)600 minutes 7.c) tricalcium aluminate d) all of the above 5. Le chatelier device is used for determining thea)setting time of cement b)soundness of cement c)tensile strength of cement d)compressive strength of cement 6.

9. The ratio of cement . To produce low heat cement. Weight of a cement bag generallya)30 kg b)40 kg c) 70 kg d) 50 kg 11. it is necessary to reduce the compounda) di-calcium silicate b) tri-calcium silicate c) tri-calcium aluminate d) tetra_calcium alumino ferrite 10. Soundness is due to excessa) lime only b) magnesia only c) sulphates only d) all of these 13.the grade of cement denotesa) tensile strength .sand mortar for general brick worka) 1:6 b) 1:2 c) 1:10 d) 1:4 12.The ratio of cement-sand mortar used for brick-walla) 1:5 b)1:3 c)1:7 d)1:1 14.

the grade of cement written on bag a)cube strength b)cylinder strength c)fibre strength c) none of these .b) compressive strength c) shear strength d) bending strength 15. the puzzolana is added to cementa) increase the heat of hydration b) increase the plasticity c)increase the workability d) reduce the heat of hydration 16. lime content in cement is approximatelya) 60-70% b)40-60% c)10-40% d)70-90% 18. gypsum is used in cement at time of manufacturinga) to decrease alumina b) to decrease silca c)to prevent from flash set d) to decrese lime 17. hydraulic lime is obtained froma) marble b)kankar c)wood d)none of these 19.

d 13.b 5. 1.a 12.c 16.b 15.d 3.b 7.c 18.d 8.a 14.c 4.a 9.20.b 2.c 10.b 20.the lime used for white washinga)hydraulic lime b)fat lime c)slaked lime d)none of these Ans.a .a 6.d 11.b 19.