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Due to poverty, less fortunate member of the society has no any better option but
to settle illegally on slums and be stagnant. This eyesore disarrayed sprawl of
structures impairs the growth of the city and stifles the utmost opportunities for
both the people and the community. Illegal settlers might be regarded as scums in a
general view, but these so called ‘squatters’ must not be oppressed otherwise
should see as a strength and a source of manpower. Through proper design and
planning with the integration of an advance architectural innovation, highly-dense
nasty housing area could transform into a self-sustaining community which would
offer a higher level of lifestyle and a more convenient way of living.
Maximizing the height of the site by means of designing a housing units stacked
vertically helps avoid overcrowding and urban sprawling. At the same time, the
design helps provides better wind circulation and source of light. On the other hand,
vertical urban farming serves as a way more practical form of vegetation which
does not only creates vital environment but could also generate employment and
income. Combining these two, relocation site for the illegal settlers won’t be the
same again. Residential-Vertical urban farm innovation would help squatters to be
more productive and efficient.