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Day to Day Dialogues


Are you ready?
Are you free now?
Are you Mr.Murthy?
Are you angry with me?
Are you afraid of them?
Are you tired?
Are you married?
Are you employed?
Are you interested that?
Are you awake?
Are you awake of that?
Are you a relative of Mr. Mohan?
Are you not well?
Are they your relatives?
Are they from abroad?
Are the shops open?
Are you satisfied now?
Are you joking?
What is your aim in life?
What is your hobby?
What day is today?
What date is today?
What station is it?
What is his name?
What is your sister’s name?
What is the name of that girl?
What is your opinion?
What do you think of him?
What do you do on Sundays?
What do you want?
What do you do?
What did you say?
What did he ask you?
What did you buy?
What did you do?
What will you do?
What are you?
What are you doing?
What have you decided?


Thank you.
Thanks a lot.
Thank you so much.
Thank you very much.
You have been a great help. Thank you very much.
I will never forget your timely help.

. I am sure it was not your fault and everybody knows it. I will stand by you. Get lost. Don’t try my patience. Don’t worry. Why fear when I am here? Why fear as long as I am with you? Don’t worry.            It was nice of you to arrange everything at a short notice. Everybody makes mistakes sometimes you know. No problem. Everything will go off well. I don’t know how to thank you. How are you concerned with my affairs? Get out of my sight. Don’t lose your temper. … How dare you talk to me like that? Were you out of your mind to do such a thing? Stop telling me what to do and mind your business. Don’t mention it. I don’t find words to express my thanks to you. Why do you worry? Look. Whatever is destined to happen. Stop worrying. Tears don’t solve any problem. Everything will be alright. That’s OK. Nothing can be achieved by feeling depressed like this. FEELINGS & EMOTIONS                                    Hey. There is no need to worry. Go to hell. That’s alright. It was nobody’s fault. Through thick and thin I will stand by you. I too have the same problem. will happen. There is nothing to get nervous about. Are you trying to make a fool of me? I have come to the end of my patience. I really don’t know how to express my thanks to you. Thanks for calling. What the hell do you want? You are always complaining about something. Thank you for reminding me. otherwise I will neck you out. Don’t worry. Nothing like that will happen again. There is always a solution to any problem. I am very grateful to you. Life is not suffering all the time. Rain or shine. What the devil are you doing there? Do you think you are very smart? Do you think I am not aware of it? Behave yourself. You are welcome.

30. Your tuition miss called . She asked us to be there by 4’o clock. Dad. I think it rain today.v. serials I don’t like sitting idle PASSING INFORMATION       Daddy . . They will not listen to me. He said that he would leaving for Madurai this Monday. I like people who are frank I like people who speak the truth I like people who work hard.CASUAL DIALOGUES                They are giving the bonus next week. I will take you there one day. My friend Surya is getting married next month. I am leaving for Salem tomorrow night. I have to take her to Kumbakonam. I don’t think they will come. Your aunt called this morning. Next week my cousin is coming from Mumbai. Mala rang up this morning. You just wait there. He said that he wanted to talk to you something important. I am leaving for Bangalore tonight and I will be back after 10 days. I will come and pick you up. Nobody will believe that.. She has asked you to come to her house tomorrow. He could not come today.She said that there would be no class tomorrow. I hope they will win. somebody came from your office. Our driver Kumar rang up. Said that his mother was not well. They won’t mistake me. Her sister is getting engaged this Friday. I don’t like travelling by crowded buses I don’t like waiting in queues I don’t like watching the TV. It is already 8. They are vacating the house next month. Ravi came here yesterday. Hereafter I won’t go with them. ENTERTAINMENT              I like reading books I like getting wet in the rain I like walking in the morning sun I like travelling by train I like playing cricket I like watching t.

how much would i lose if i cancelled the ticket? It is very cold.  You could have come by auto. it’s midnight.  It was my mistake. Where is the immigration check counter? May i take the passport please? How much us dollars (or british pounds) will i get? . i stand to a great loss. so she would not be coming to temple tomorrow. Would you mind closing the window? Sir. I should not have invited them to the party.i would have come there.  You should have replied to his letter.  Whatever it may be. He said that a part of last month’s bill is still due.  If you had called me.i would have given it to him. i must be in delhi this evening to attend an important meeting. I feel sleepy.  The postman came again today.  I could have come by auto. I need your help in this regard. Could you wake me up if you are awake? Sir. i would have caught the thief.have we crossed jolarpet? Sir. please switches off the light.i have to be in delhi by this evening before 5. it would be sent back. He said that if we didn’t collect the parcel by tomorrow.  If he had asked me. She said that her mother-in-law had come. You should have attended the wedding.  The grocer came this morning.  I should have joined this course last year. i would wait for you. CONVERSATION IN AERODROME          When is the next flight to delhi? Is there a jet airways flight to delhi? When does it land at mumbai? When is the sahara flight from delhi expected? Sir. If i miss it. There was a call from Vasanthi. you should not have beaten him.but who would pay the fare? CONVERSATION IN RAILWAY STATION                   On which platform is the brindavan express? What time does the brindavan express leave? Has the brindavan left? Has the brindavan arrived? Will the train halt at arrakonam? When does the train reach bangalore? Why is the train delayed? Where is the ticket counter? Where is the reservation counter? Is reservation available for 16th on brindavan? What is the waiting list number? Could you allot a seat near the window? Can I get the return ticket here? Sir.  They came all the way to invite you.  You should have told me yesterday. Please help me out sir.30 .  I should not have wasted my time. I am to get down at amber.  If i had been awake.  You should not have talked like that. Sir. Asked us to clear it this month.  If you had told me.

would you like to speak to his assistant? He is not available . Where to check –in for indian airlines flight to delhi?  I’ll handover some of my stuff to my baggage?  Where to ask for prepaid taxi?  Can i keep this with me as hand baggage? CONVERSATION IN BANK               Where can i get the applicaton from for opening sb account? Can i have an application form forsb account please? Whom should i meet to open the account? Is introduction a must? Sir. This is my identity card. Suresh please? Can i speak to ….? Could i speak to …. travels? is it prasad’s residence? Is it…………. Is it S..M.residence? Can i speak to Mr. Will this card do to open the account? How many photos are needed? What is the minimum amount to be deposited to open an account? What is the minimum balance i should keep to have cheque book facility? When can i collect the pass book? do you have atm facility? What are your working hours? Do you work on sundays? Last week i deposited a cheque . I am kala calling from mother computer graphics I am kala from mother computer graphics Can i speak to Mr. Has the amount been credited to my acount? TELEPHONE COMMUNICATION                             Hello .? Could i speak to suresh please? Please connect me to extension 2434 May i know who is speaking? May i know who is calling? I am ravi calling from Madurai. I am working in kaveri chemicals. i am new to this town. I am…….i’ll be glad to help you Please ask him to call my residence .suresh please? Yes. is it 2434 7034? Yes.. speaking Any message please? Can i take any message? Anything to convey? Would you like to leave any message? Shall i ask him to call you back? Shall i ask him to contact you? Please tell to call me as soon as he returns He is not available .

may i come in?  I am Mrs. How is he doing?  When will the school be over today?  When does the vacation start?  How has he done at the exams?  How has he performed in the exams?  When do you reopen the school?  Have you announced the entrance test results?  When is the last day for paying the fees?  When is the sports day?  Where is it going to be held?  Do you have a school bus?  Is he coming regularly?  Is he regular to the classes? OFFICE CHATS     What are your working hours? When is your weekly off? Does Mr. Radha . coming from K.  How is Suresh studying?  I have come to enquire about my son's performance in the class..M asking me to meet him.  I am Mrs………………. He has my number Your number please Can i have your number please? May i know your number please? I am saravanan calling from singapore.  Does the school work this Saturday?  Could I meet the class teacher?  I would like to meet the class teacher.? DIALOGUES USE IN SCHOOL  Excuse me madam .would you please call Mr. Sadhasivam still working here? .Chennai  He studied in…………  Why is he leaving that school?  His father has been transferred to this place  Have you taken a TC from old school  Of course madam I have it here. I got a letter from the H. Standard  How old is your son?  He is 10 years old. Pandian . Radha .K Nagar work here? Is Mr.i have come here regarding my son mahesh’s Admission in your school. Raja yourneighbour.       Ask him to call me .  I would like to admit your son in which standard?  I want to admit him/her in …. He knows my number. mother of Suresh.  Where did he study earlier?  He studied in BharathiyarSchool.  I am Mrs.

My throat is a bit dry. I have a very bad earache. I am a B. graduate. I am basically a commerce graduate and I have completed my advanced diploma in computers. I have a dull feeling.           What is your go down /warehouse? Sir. Doctor. and now I am doing my computer course. I am a commerce graduate with a diploma in computer applications. Have you any previous experience? . I am a paper supplier. what is your father.. Sir. Sir. Sir. Whom should I meet to collect the cheque? Who does your printing job? How is your manager ? Is he a Keralite? In which department is Latha working? How many people work here? Is your office fully computerized? CONVERSATION IN DOCTOR CLINIC                       Doctor.Com. I am a B. I am Ramesh Kumar from Alpha Agencies.Com. We were informed that our cheque is ready. Whom should I meet in this connection? Do you have your branch in erode? Who are your bankers? How long is he on leave? Sir. I have a burning sensation in the eyes I have a bitter taste in the mouth. what is the problem with me? What exactly is the disease? Is it serious? What should be my diet? How long should I take rest? Can I take rice and curd? Can I travel? When can I get the medical report? When can I collect the X-Ray? Can I go to work next week? How much should I pay? CORPORATE DIALOGUES           What is your name.Sc. It seems you wanted some papers.. There is a numb feeling in the leg. I have a severe headache. graduate. I feel feverish. I have a sense of giddiness. I have done my B. I have mouth sores. which is your home town? Could you tell us something about yourself? I am a graduate in commerce. I have a bad cold. I have done my B..Sc.

It was my mistake. CONVERSATION IN SHOPPING MALL                I would like to buy a doll within Rs.  Sir.years of experience in………. Sir.. but don't make it a habit. I am so sorry. That is okay. No problem. I have been in the field of marketing for 5 years. . I am sorry I am late. 200/I am looking for a gift. It doesn't matter. I like the job that involves marketing. I have disturbed you.. How do you expect us to give you the job?  Sir. I have a complaint to make. I missed the bus.  Are you working anywhere at present?  Yes sir. No.. But I am a fast learner sir. Sir I have ……………. I am sorry. I apologies. It sometimes happens like that. And I am good at it. may be a doll within Rs. I am sorry it is wrong number. APOLOGIZE                Sorry I am late. Here is the bill. I agree with you I have no experience. I am afraid. I have broken the cup. not at all.  How do you think you are fit for the job?  Sir. You can post it tomorrow..200/Can you suggest a nice gift for a 2 year old female child? How much does it cost? How much is it? Do you have metal chiffon saree? Have you got designer saree? What is the difference between these two? Where can I collect the material? Can I return the chudidhar if it doesn't fit? Don't you have it in shades of blue? I bought this shirt yesterday.I have put in ……………. Please pack it up neatly.  Why do you want to leave your present job?  I want to leave that job for better prospects. I have three years of experience in computer accounting.  Sir. Can I have a replacement? Is there nobody here at this counter? I have been waiting for half an hour? I would like to meet the manager.  You have no experience at all. I have been working in……. I am sorry. I forgot to post the letter. It's okay.years of experience in …………  I am afraid. I have necessary qualification and a lot of experience in this field. but I am working as an accountant and the job is not to my taste. I am sorry. I become experienced in just a very short period. I am basically a science graduate. I apologies for talking to you like that. I can't come on Sunday. I have no experience.  I am looking for a challenging job sir.  I pickup very fast. so I am looking for anew job. I could not return the book yesterday.

You should read a lot. Can you complete the work in two days? I may go to Delhi tomorrow. This is all entirely my fault. but don't let it happen again. I would rather go hungry than eat this food. Do you know any hardware engineer? I think a virus has infected our computer. I am glad that you have come. It might rain today. Very nice to have you here. Okay. He has to appear for an entrance test. You had better consult your father. Nice of you to make it. I am pleased to have you here. You ought to wear a helmet while travelling. Are you familiar with DTP and multimedia? Is there any browsing centrecloseby? Come to the chatroom on Sunday at 3.                  I am terribly sorry. I must return this book today. shall we? . Can you write it on a CD for me? Is it a copy righted CD? Do I require installation for opening the CD? On what format have you sent the file? WELCOME MANNERS             Please come. The police ought to control the traffic. Why don't you do some computer course? CONTROVERSY SHARING THINGS               Do you have a computer at home? Do you have internet connection? Can I have your e-mail Id? How frequency do you check your mail? Have you received my e-mail? My floppy drive is not working properly and at times my computer keeps freezing up. You are supposed to complete the work by this evening. You should take care of your health. Please have your seat. You had better carry something with you to eat. You must not come in with your shoes on.I'll be online. Please be seated. it doesn't matter . Make your self comfortable. Would you like something to drink? Shall we adjourn for dinner? Shall we start? I think it is time for dinner. You may feel hungry on the way. You should rather have milk than coffee.

How about you?" Person A: "I'm pretty busy at work these days. It's a pleasure to meet you. everything is great. It was kind of you to have invited me. It's nice to meet you. I really enjoyed it." Person A: "Hi Nancy." at the gym working out. it's been a long time. It was a nice evening. "The same as usual." Person A: "What do you do for a living Jack?" Person B: "I work at the bank." Person A: "What was that again?" Person A: "Hey John. my name is Steve. Would you like second serving? You seem to be a poor eater. what have you been up to?" Person B: "The same ole same ole. I just finished taking a big examination." GENERAL STATEMENT QUESTIONS “How are you doing?" "How is your day going?" "What are you doing now?" ANSWERS "I'm "I'm "I'm "I'm enjoying the beautiful weather without any worries in the world. It is quite tasty." Person A: "What is your name?" Person B: "Jackson. I haven't seen you in a long time. It was so nice of you to have brought your family." Or. FORMAL GREETINGS Person A: "Hi. Steve. How have you been?" Person A: "I'm doing very well. how have you been?" Person B: "What a surprise. but I don't come on a regular basis.       Please help yourself. How have you been?" Person A: "Do you come to this restaurant often?" Person B: "I've been here a couple of times. why so? Thank you for attending the party." at the grocery store buying ingredients for tonight's dinner." Person A: "Andy. Please try this dish. and I'm so relieved that I'm done with it. How about you?" Person B: "I finally have some free time. but otherwise." Person B: "I'm Jack. It was a nice evening." playing a video game on my computer because I have nothing to do. I haven't seen you in a long time. how are you man?" Person B: "What a surprise." SIMPLE TALK .

JERRY: Yeah." A: "I know what you mean. every day! FAY: Oh. If it wasn't a requirement." A: "Have a good night. Some days it seems ok." B: "I'll see you in class. Bye. I'm searching for a job now. It has been pretty gloomy for sometime now. Lee's history class?" B: "It's so boring. you're in my English class right?" A: "Yeah." B: "Yeah." A: "How have you been man?" B: "Not too bad." B: "The weather has been pretty terrible recently. come on Jerry." A: "Tell me about it. Do you have any plans for the summer holiday? JERRY: I'm planning on sleeping all day." A: "Thanks." A: "I'm really hoping the weather gets better. I'm going to go down to Guizhou Province." PLANNING FOR SUMMAR VACATION FAY:Hi Jerry." A: "I could always take a low end job." A: "You're John right?" B: "Yes. Oh." B: "How about you? What have you been up to?" A: "I finished school last spring. FAY: Really? Why would you go to Guizhou? It's not a very popular tourist site." B: "Well it's good to finally meet you. I'm just pulling your leg." B: "Do you have something coming up?" A: "To tell you the truth. good luck to you. but I'm slacking off. but I'm not that desperate yet. . The school year is almost over. It was good seeing you again. it's just depressing seeing so much rain. What are you doing here?" B: "How's it going? I'm meeting up with a friend here." B: "I heard the job market is not that hot right now. I'm still in school and having a little fun. you must be kidding." A: "This is my stop. I'll catch you later." B: "Well. Actually.A: "Hey Paul." A: "How are you enjoying the class?" B: "I'm not sure." A: "How are you enjoying Mr. I'm Martha." B: "I don't blame you. I wouldn't have taken it. Do you know what is wrong with the weather these days? I haven't seen the sun in 2 weeks. but other days I am totally bored in class. I'll see you later.

The New House 14. there's the beautiful natural scenery. I'll be able to eat very delicious. It's where Mao Ze Dong first became the leader of the Red Army. I've seen some pictures on the Internet. but won't you get bored just looking at the scenery? JERRY: Come on Fay. Wall. I'm sure you've heard of the Huang GuoShu Waterfalls. so it won't be too crowded. I wouldn't mind getting away from the Beijing heat myself. is there anything worth seeing in Guizhou? JERRY:Sure! For one thing. a very historical city. visit Miao villages in the southeast. it sounds really interesting! JERRY: And that's not all.JERRY: Exactly! It's not very popular. My Laptop Is So Slow 12. but let me give you some advice. FAY: Yes. there's lots of things to do. FAY: Well. I think it spoiled the atmosphere a bit. the best hotel in the province. I wonder. Be sure to hold onto your wallet AND your heart! JERRY:We'll see what happens! FAY:Do you have a place to stay in Guizhou? JERRY: Yes. Still. I enjoyed my trip to the Great were so many people there. I'm looking forward to seeing your photos when you get back. I Live in Pasadena 2. Walking the Dog 5. even in the capital city of Guiyang. according to one of my students. FAY:That's great. but there FAY: I'm sure Guizhou won't be so crowded. I'll stay in a Miao village or maybe buy a tent and go camping. The New Mattress 11. I have heard of Huang GuoShuPubu.. FAY:Gee. spicy food. Fish Are Everywhere . and I know you've heard of Zunyi. I'm very lucky. He said it is "naturally air conditioned".. There are mountains everywhere in Guizhou. when you describe it like that. it's really nice! But I think outside Guiyang. that sounds good. it's very cool in the summer. Going to the Beach 7. DAILY LIFE DIALOGUES 1. I can go hiking in Qian Ling Park in Guiyang. and my student told me I can meet some very beautiful women there! FAY:I'm sure you'll have fun Jerry. But won't it be too hot in the summer? JERRY: No. A Nice Place to Live 10. What's on TV? 9. My student's sister is the manager of the Guizhou Park Hotel. Do You Have a Girlfriend? 4. Borrowing Money 6. I Have a Honda 3. How about a Pizza? 13. Jerry. My Wife Left Me 8. drink world-famous maotai. There's also the Maling Gorge which is said to be spectacular.

23. 51. 57. 32. 48. 21. 46. A Bad Boyfriend Talking Animals Housecleaning Day A TV Lover Write to Your Grandma Are You Sleepy? God Is Watching Feed the Cat Shave Your Face Two Polite People Give Me a Puppy Kittens to Give Away Happy in Heaven His Line Is Never Busy Friday the 13th Do You Love Me? Dad Has a Girlfriend What's That Smell? They Deliver A Lost Button Did You Say Something? Washed and Folded Talk Radio A Bad Diet A Ham Sandwich Time for Your Bath A Black Screen A New Hard Drive Your Email Address Time for a Nap Thinking about His Funeral The Elephant You Can Have Some of My Friends If You Cheat. 34. 22. 28. 53. 44. 45. 38. 60. 33. 64. 47. 27.15. 61. 17. 43. 37. 20. 19. 55. 63. 40. 18. 35. 42. 31. 50. 36. 49. 59. 39. 24. 62. 29. 54. 16. 26. 52. 25. 56. You Will Die Let's Not Go Out Fill Out the Form The Animal Shelter Is It Raining? It's So Hot A Snowman The ATM Move the Blue Bin Digital TV Just Shoot Me Don't Be a Racist Use a Tissue Two Little Ones But Is It Art? Life Is for Living A Tough Choice . 30. 58. 41.

it's been a long time since we last met? Jason: Oh. 73. Sarah: Well. How about you? Sarah: Not too bad. David:A sorry. 74. what do you for a living? David: I'm also an English teacher. hi Sarah I'm have got a new job now and is going great. It was a great pleasure meeting you. but am currently out of work. 72. How about you? Bob: Not too bad. my name is David It's nice to meet you.65. . What have you been up to? Jason: I have been so busy with my new job that I have not had the time to do much else. Bob:Hi Jason. David:Yes. 68. Jason:How often do you eat at this cafe? Sarah:This is my first time my friends kept telling me the food was great. Jenny: Sorry to hear that. Jason:Yes you too. I'm doing good. 67. it's great seeing you. I'm Jenny. so tonight I decided to try it. How long has it been? It mostbe more than 6 months. it's great to see you again. It's my please to meet you. what was your name again? Jenny: Jenny. It has been really nice talking to you. but otherwise. 77. Conversation about two people asking each other what they do for a living. how are you. 71. Jason:Wow. Patch It or Sew It? What's So Funny? Spanish Spoken Here It's the Only Earth We've Got No Time for Rhyme Dumb and Happy Live from NBC 4! Life after Death Wipe Your Feet Mother's Day A New Flag Work up an Appetite Dialing for a Dollar Conversation about a brief conversation between 2 old friends meeting by chance at a cafe Sarah:Hello Jason. David:So Jenny. What do you do for a living? Jenny:I work at the local schoolteaching English. 75. 66. Jenny:Hi. How about you? Jason:I'm going to watch Terminator 4. Jason: What movie are you and the family going to see? Bob:I came here to see the Simpsons movie. 69. 70. Conversation about two friends meeting by chance at the movies. me and the family are all fine. I hope you and your family have a lovely meal. David: Hello. 76.

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