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Science: Sample Paper
CLASS-V-------Name……………………………Date: 22.05.2016
Time…. 1Hour

M.M- 25 marks

Q1. Choose the correct option.

5 marks

1. Which of these animals is not found in the polar regions?

b. Walrus

c. Penguin

d. Dolphin

2. Which kind of adaptation is depicted in the given figure
a. Hibernation
b. Migration
c. Adaptation

d. Camouflage

3. Ram wants to move a heavy box into the truck. He is alone and not able to lift the box.
Which is the most appropriate tool that will make his work easier.
a. Wheel and axle

b. Inclined plane

c. Screw

d. Wedge

4. Observe the picture on the right and identify the simple machine.
a. Wedge

b. Pulley

c. Lever

d. Screw

5. Out of the following which one is not a simple machine?


2 marks

……………………………. Is an inclined plane wrapped around a pole.
…………………………… are wetlands which are flooded for long periods of time.
Bamboos have closely ……..……………. roots to prevent soil erosion.
………………… are built from two or more machines put together.

Trees specifically found in swamps. Q6. Pulleys are often used in elevators or lifts. b. 2 marks 3 marks There are some situations given below. A see-saw is a lever with a fulcrum on the left side. Few roots of this tree grow vertically upwards to take in air. Their heads using and turning beaks their preening body their clean to their turning this ducks do this by called is. Q5. 3. a. Q7. ( 2 points). Q8. c. Differentiate between Hibernation and Camouflage. Give One Word a. Think and Answer. State True or False and correct the False statements. Ridges on the screw. d. The Arctic Tern is called the champion of migration. Body shape of fishes which help them move easily and quickly through water. An aquatic animal which breathes through lungs and gives birth to young ones. Justify your statement. Cactus grow in a desert as they have the adaptive features to survive there. Girl sitting on a chair A boy is standing at the bus stop. Movement of animals from one place to another. c. b. How come then a cactus plant is able to grow in a pot kept in our home? . c. 1. b. 3 marks 2 marks Ridges on the screw. 2.Q3. Leaves are reduced to spines. waxy stem. b. Plants with thick. 2 marks a. Rearrange the jumbled words to make a proper definition. 2 marks a. A reptile with a shell on its body. Q4. a. Boy pushing a ball. The Sunderbans in the West Bengal is the World’s largest desert. In which situations work is not done. b. d. Identify the plant or animal whose adaptations are given below. To be done when we cause it to move and apply force work is said on an object. d.

c. Picture talk 4 marks Look at picture and answer the questions that follow: a. d. Ms.B. C in the picture. B. b. Duhita Parmar .C. What type of machines are these? State one use of these machines A.Q9. What type of a machine is it? Identify the machines shown by A.

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