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Saturday, January 09, 2016




By Shubha Shastry | ENS



Published: 14th June 2014 08:38 AM Last Updated: 20th June 2014 12:48 PM

BANGALORE: Nisha Pahuja’s The World Before Her has won

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rave reviews from critics and film enthusiasts from across the


ED Chargesheets Marans in Money

world, it saw a nationwide release in June. City Express spoke to

Laundering Case

the filmmaker about the documentary and her experience after a


positive response from audiences.
Jallikattu: This Pongal, Tamil Nadu Hits


What is more problematic in your opinion, the beauty pageants


or the training camps?
Air India Passengers
Face Brunt of VIP

Both the systems are exploitative and seek to control women,

Sharif Responds to India, Asks Pakistani

Culture of Politicians

but the brainwashing at these camps that teach women and

Intel Wing to Probe Leads

Ropeways Soon for
Uttar Pradesh

young girls to hate people from other communities is what struck
me as directly problematic. There are a lot of forces that govern

In a First, French Army to participate in

Religious Circuits

our lives and it is not black and white. They simultaneously

R-Day Parade

No Muzzling of

empower and disempower them, but how profound is the

Freedom of

empowerment that these women get? That is the question really.

Expression: Delhi
Minister Kapil Mishra

Governor's Rule Likely in JK Till PDP
Chief Takes Oath

Did you at any point try to educate the girls on how their goals
were probably disempowering?

UP Chief Secretary
to Spend Night

My job as a filmmaker is to tell a story, trying to educate them is

Among Villagers

not what we as storytellers do. It is up to the audience to decide

Five Sena Activists

what they feel about these stories. I do ask Prachi in the film,

Chargesheeted for

and she knows she is fighting for a system that aims to restrict

Violating Prohibitory

her. We all have various belief systems and everyone is

Security Heightened

different. What I learnt was that I’m not any superior because my
belief system is different from theirs. I’m a humanist and I believe

in Pathankot Airbase

in equality for everyone, but my values were shaped by the way I

Ahead of PM Modi's

was brought up. I cannot expect everyone to have the same


opinions as mine.

ED Chargesheets
Marans in Money
Laundering Case


Big B, Ranveer Share
Best Actor Award

1ST T20I
Afghanistan Beat Zimbabwe
By 5 Runs
1ST T20I
New Zealand Beat Sri Lanka
By 3 Runs

What are the contradictions that Prachi (the member of Durga
Vahini) grapples with in comparison to Ruhi (a beauty pageant

New Indian Express



Prachi is aware of the fact that she is being controlled by the
very system that she is fighting for. Her empowerment comes
from the oppression of other women and that is a very difficult

Anti-Saudi Protests in Iran as Row Smoulders

situation to be in. Her story is poignant because of this very fact.


Ruhi, on the other hand, comes from a supportive family, is from

The New Indian Express

a small town and has a lot of aspirations. However, her thoughts
after losing the crown were about how she would have to limit
her ambitions since she would need to marry, settle down and
look after her kids. This seemed very interesting to me, how

Big B Perfect Choice for

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09-Jan-16 12:07 PM

Probe Against Babu important for the movie to further the dialogue on women’s Bullish TN Villagers Race Ahead in rights in India. The police.. TryBut to avoid hyperlinks inside comment. the law and other factors. and he was very appreciative Vedic Hymns at Karunanidhi’s Ministry Removes Khan of the film House and decided Tourism to promote it.'Beauty and Religion are Equally Oppressive' . • — Very True . It was emotionally taxing. thing for me Mother has been the response Sees Failure. Game Changer? Science Takes Backseat at 'Rehash I was never planning on releasing the film in India. honestly. The Arduous Task of Clearing the Visa Applicant's Test How has the response been? Mehbooba Has Her Task Cut Out Van Gaal: United My intention THE NEW Players Need to INDIAN EXPRESS Change Congress Action is to tell a story and let the audience decide for themselves. The documentary gives us a glimpse of the moral dilemma that contemporary Expand Indian women face. BJP SwiftThe biggest Perarivalan's Hopes to be With from young men. 1At the end. belief systems teach women to restrict their ambitions. The experience taught me not to judge Can bodies and using them to control their lives. stand and pose in particular ways. Pak Ever be Normal Neighbours? people and understand where they were coming Pongal Stop The Circus. a Hindutva wing. happened. in Odisha What should people take away from the film? I want people to really examine their own lives and the choices that they make. How did Anurag Kashyap come into the equation? the end of Nehru-dynasty ? A : Nehrusome politicians are shedding crocodile Fitnessfamily Fillip in Olympic era to rule over India has … tears on rajiv killers and projecting … Best of States I met Anurag through a friend. Women are oppressed in every society. (PTI) Expand The story of two worlds The World Before Her juxtaposes two worlds that are seemingly Xpress_Sports @Xpress_Sports 37m polar opposites. he makes time for the things he believes in.plz has the journey been? check press release justification by DMKHow followers. both of them are thinking about the changes their lives Read more 3h would undergo after marriage and the compromises they would New Indian Express need to make. So I started the crowd funding campaign last year and we Revellery 2 BSF Men Die in Maoist-triggered Blast executed the plan in March 2014. It became a responsibility to make that happen. haddopotential I passed on it. afteroutside the incident. I also had my own set of prejudices while going into the making of the film. Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines.newindianexpress. Abstain from posting comments that are obscene. Follow Tweets New Indian Express 24m @NewIndianXpress Prime Minister Narendra Modi reaches Pathankot air base to take stock of the situation in the aftermath of terror attack.The New Indian Express 2 of 3 0 Comments Sports http://www. and not indulgebut in personal attacks.. writing in to telling us how they have a Son byus. The question arises as to why we as human beings allow oppression to happen. But it is more pronounced and acceptable here because there is a system that condones it.. I was by someone who thought the film All the comments will be moderated by the NIE editorial. Before the Delhi gang rape Government Told to File Report on Graft Disclaimer: We respect your thoughts and views! Butapproached we need to be judicious while moderating your comments. It Retweeted by New Indian Express Xpress_Life @Xpress_Life 39m takes us to the backstage of a beauty pageant where young women are trained to walk. Despite being Quest • Festive Blues: Private Bus Operators Fleece Passengers • busy. but are nonetheless commodifying women’s Meghalaya to Boycott Executive Committee Meeting of SAG bit.. caught between a culture opposed to their independence and a strong will to accomplish their goals.Q : Is Raul finally — rajiv killers deserve no mercy. Retweeted by New Indian Express Tweet to @NewIndianXpress 09-Jan-16 12:07 PM the same time it shows girls being indoctrinated to restrict their Expand lives to domesticity at Durga Vahini. It was shown in many community screenings though. Stick to Science Right to Expression Vs Right to Take Offence • different perspective towards women after watching the film. At Big B Perfect Choice for 'Incredible India' Campaign: B-town bit. it wasthe defamatory or inflammatory. TRS Double Bedroom House Scheme a — Political — Incorrect information. It’s very Congress' difficult to release a documentary in India. He has a huge Aamir fan base in Trigger Controversy India and it has helped as India’s Brand … us Incredible gain a wider audience. Wenger Hoping for Arsenal's Lucky 13th Win in Succession + @NewIndianXpress Full Screen Social News Crowdynews Was the tone of the film intended to be non-judgemental? It was a process for me as well.

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