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COMPLETE 26/09/2010

Poornima Group of Institutions, Jaipur
Branch: Civil Engineering
Sub./Code: Bulding Material & Construction/3CE02
Unit – III
Submitted By: Kamal Kumar (Lecturer, CE)
1.Which of the following trees yields hard wood?
c)shishum 7
2. In which of the following pairs both trees yields soft wood?
a)deodar and shishum
b) chir and sal
c)sal and teak
d)chir and deodar 7
3. The disease of dry rot in timber is caused by
a)lack of ventilation 7
b)alternate wet and dry conditions
c)complete submergence in water
d)none of the above
4. The moisture content in a well seasoned timber is
a) 4% to 6%
b) 10% to 12% 7
c) 15% to 20%
d) 100%
5. The trunk of tree left after cutting all the branches is known as
a)log 7
6. The age of a tree can be known by examining
a)cambium layer
b)annular rings 7
c)medullary rays
d)heart wood
7.Which of the following timbers is suitable for making sports goods?
a)mulberry 7
c) sal
8. Which of the following is the purest form of iron?
a)cast iron
b)wrought iron 7

The limit of proportionality is applicable more in the case of a) concrete b)wood c)cast-iron d)mild-steel 7 19.2 litre b) 0. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a a) thermosetting material b) thermoplastic material 7 c)elastoplastic material d) rigid-plastic material 17.Lime mortar is generally made by a) white lime b) fat lime c) hydraulic lime 7 d) quick lime 15. of revolutions over which concrete is required to be mixed in a machine is a) 10 b)20 (7) c)50 d)100 18.Distemper is used to coat a) external concrete surface b)interior surface not exposed to weather 7 c)wood work d)compound wall 14. The optimum no.8 litre 12. Which one of the following pair is correctly matched? . The vehicle used in case of enamel paints is usually a) linseed oil b) water c) varnish 7 d) none of above 13.c)mild steel d) high carbon steel 9.4 litre c) 0. Paints with white lead base are suitable for painting of a)wood work 7 b)iron work c) both wood and iron work d) none of the above 11. Which of the following stresses is used for identifying the quality of structural steel? a) ultimate stress b) yield stress 7 c) proof stress d) none of the above 10. The amount of water used for 1kg of distemper is a) 0. Seasoning of timber is required to a) soften the timber b) harden the timber c) straighten the timber d) remove sap from the timber 7 16.6 litre 7 d) 0.

c 12.a 11.b 7.b 3.b 9.a)sandstone………………igneous rock b)limestone……………….b 17.Which of the following mortar is most suitable for construction work in water-logged areas? a) lime mortar b) gauged mortar 7 c) cement mortar d) mud mortar Ans.d 4.c 13. 1.c 2.b 10.c 15.a 20.a 8.d 16.b 14.sedimentary rock 7 c)basalt……………………metamorphic rock c) none of these 20.d .b 19.b 6.a 18.b 5.