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The context of urban reinvention can be discussed in different manners, wherein some may lead
to the development of further studies involving the topic. “Professional Squatting” is really
becoming a huge problem, not only for developers and local government, but also for urban
planners whose dedication involve sensitive and holistic approach in development, wherein
everyone may benefit.
For the imminent study to be more comprehensive, it is recommended that the scope will be
broaden, but will be more focused on point-specific topics. The study may also include an
extensive research on the possible ways of urban reinvention, which will target the needs of the
people, as well as the demand of the site. It will also beneficial to have a concise understanding
about modern approach, in terms of sustainable vertical development, especially with the
integration of vertical farming. The research may also lead to some quandaries, which may
suggest confusion amongst possible developers. If time permits, a more widespread study is well
recommended, in which topics like profitability, applicability, and the feasibility of the study
should be reflected.
On the other hand, the introduction of massive and integrated “vertical farming” may arouse
inquisitive minds, in criticizing the idea of the induction of the topic in the Philippines. In line
with this dilemma, a detailed study about the appropriateness of the development in the country
may suffice in supporting the idea of “vertical farming development” in the country.
Due to some time constraints of the study, the research was more focused on presenting
supportive idea for the development of the project. In line with this problem, it is well
recommended that a different study will be done, in which the topic will be dedicated in the
advances of the possible effects of the impacts of the project with the people, the site, and the
local government in longer span of time.