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WORD PROCESSING SOFTWARE allow users to efficiently create, edit print text


SPREADSHEET SOFTWARE for documents with complex mathematical equations

PRESENTATION GRAPHICS SOFTWARE allow users to create visual


DATABASE SOFTWARE allows users to store and organize vast amounts of data
and retrieve specific information when needed

KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS-is a sequence or combination of keystrokes on a

computer keyboard which invokes commands in software.
- Require the user to press a single key or a sequence of keys one
after the other.
Ribbon new feature of theMs word 2007
-consists of tabs
Tabs- contain the groups of related commands
GroupsGallery- displays sets of options that can be selected for a particular feature
Command buttons
Dialog box Launher- opens dialog box for the groups
Help Button- launches the help system
Quick access toolbar displays the most frequently used commands

Font color (Black)

Font size (11)
Font face or type face (Times New Roman) collection of text characters with a similar
Font style ( Bold/Italics/Underline)- refers to the formatting that adds features to the text
Font (Calibri, 11)- all characters in a particular font face and font size

Three types of help/ ACCESSING HELP

1. Table of contents uses the table of contents just like how a book uses it.
- When topics are selected, it displays the corresponding help
2. Browsing method same as the table of contents method, but it makes use of hyperlinks
- And it functions just like a web page
- Each time a topic is selected, it opens a new page containing
3. Searching method allows you to search for help topics using key words or phrases