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Personal Details
Date of Birth


Contact Number
Email Address


24 May 1977
Matraman Salemba III/9
Jakarta 13150 - Indonesia
+62 81 777 666 3

Executive Summary / Self-Description
Indonesian, young and energetic, mature, strong interpersonal and communication skills,
excellent health, able to work independently as well as in a team, multi-tasking and
multi-function, attractive and cooperative, creative, have a knowledge of office
management procedures, assist in other administrative tasks, excellent command in
English and proficient in computer software application.

Educations and Professional Qualifications
2008, Completed training in Key Performance Indicators for Measuring Gender
Mainstreaming in Ambon - Indonesia
2006, As part of Tangguh LNG Project team of achieved 1,000,000 Man-Hours Lost Time
Injury Free
2005, Completed The Team Building Training at Leighton Contractors Indonesia, Jakarta Indonesia
1998, Graduated from Academy of Secretary/LPK Tarakanita, Jakarta - Indonesia
1995, Graduated from SMAN 68, Jakarta - Indonesia
1995, Passed English level Advanced 2, at LIA, Jakarta - Indonesia

Computer skills


MS Office, Internet, E-mail

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transfers. and safety and recreation programs. Mgr. and absenteeism rates. including dealing with understaffing.  Analyze and modify compensation and benefits policies to establish competitive programs and ensure compliance with legal requirements. firing employees.  Perform difficult staffing duties. supervise.  Plan and conduct new employee orientation to foster positive attitude toward organizational objectives.  Liaise with engineers working on projects. dealing with enquiry’s and routine correspondence. making queries and running reports). office management and maintaining the project archive. interview and select applicants. and coordinate work activities of subordinates and staff relating to employment. labor relations. general purchasing  Administer compensation.  Understand and perform document control functions in accordance with on-site policy and procedures. Ltd. compensation.  Attend project coordination and client/contractor/engineer meetings as required  Assist with the development and coordination of projects and activities. performance appraisals. arranging and confirming site visits and meetings. language training and health and safety programs. direct. and administering disciplinary procedures.Working Experiences Position : Assistant to Proj. and opportunities for promotion and employee benefits. wages.  Assist the Project Manager with the maintenance of the organizations database (to include data input. Project : Pertamina RFCC Refining Project Period : Mar 2012 Job Duties / Achievements :  Assist in evaluation and solution of potential field problems. working conditions.  Analyze training needs to design employee development.Analyze Page 2 of 7 . photocopying and collating. job duties.  Perform additional assignments and responsibilities as assumed or requested by supervision.  Serve as a link between management and employees by handling questions. and recommend needed changes. referring them to Project Manager.  Maintain records and compile statistical reports concerning personnel-related data such as hires. ensuring appropriate matches between personnel.  Allocate human resources. Advisor & HR Company : Foster Wheeler Asia Pacific Pte.  Assist external project managers as required and act as a day-to-day liaison General assistance. refereeing disputes.  Identify staff vacancies and recruit.  Undertake general administration including word processing. and employee relations.  Assist with the daily management of projects paying particular attention to maintaining good working relationships and adherence to budgets and timescales.  Provide current and prospective employees with information about policies.  Undertake general administration.  Advise managers on organizational policy matters such as equal employment opportunity and sexual harassment.  Ensure that project files are up to date. benefits and performance management systems.  Assist with the coordination of events promoting projects.  Plan. interpreting and administering contracts and helping resolve work-related problems.

 Have to make effective decisions that will not only help the company run smoothly but also serve to prevent difficult situations in the future.  Manage the day to day operations in Indonesia area. Purchase Order and Service Order and do the procurement.  Prepare program budgets. facilitates several programs around the company. such as Visa.  Serve the clients to provide the products and services that will retain clients. or relocation service. hotel and transport allowance.statistical data and reports to identify and determine causes of personnel problems and develop recommendations for improvement of organization's personnel policies and practices. Bhd. KITAS.:  Manage the day to day running of the office. per diem. Office Management & HR Admin.  Contract with vendors to provide employee services. controls inventory. Page 3 of 7 .  Perform other related duties as required.  Ensure conformance to office procedures. etc. Period : Aug 2009 to Jul 2011 Job Duties / Achievements :  Procurement and General Affairs & Administration.. Maintain all office equipment. Position : Representative Operations Company : Atlas Merger Sdn. RPTKA.  Provide terminated employees with outplacement or relocation assistance.  Review and approve supply requisitions. reservation of air and land transportations and preparation of accommodations and arrange some advance payments for some expenses. IMTA. etc.  Handle company’s operating budget in Indonesia area to determine how much the company has spent and what in can purchase in the near future. insurance.  Liaise with the agent for expatriates’ licenses.  Negotiate bargaining agreements and help interpret labor contracts. Travel Permit.. handle logistics.  Investigate and report on industrial accidents for insurance carriers. such as meal allowance. such as food service. Position : Office Manager Company : Air Drilling Associates Inc.  Provide assistance and coordination regarding company meetings with some projects.  Create standard operating procedures.  Conduct exit interviews to identify reasons for employee termination. include scheduling mob and demob crew to and from location.  Make Material Request.  As a spokesperson for the company and discuss the various objectives and plans the company has in store to make its business more successful. Period : Jul 2008 to Jul 2009 Job Duties / Achievements : General Affairs.  Procurement and General Affairs & Administration. dealing with all the suppliers for office requirement. Position : Assistant to Operations Manager Company : PT Energi Tata Persada Period : Aug 2011 to Feb 2012 Job Duties / Achievements :  Contribute in increasing company’s efficiency by giving support both operationally and administratively. Bluebook. transportation.

preparing modules. Page 4 of 7 . • Contribute to preparation of training materials including printing.  Monitor security personnel activities in order to avoid any disruption for company’s asset both from internal or external. Office Girl. meeting and training venues and all other logistical tasks required for the smooth running of the project. recruiting suitable personnel and assisting with the preparation of tender documents. including medical care services. KITAS.  Organize the mobilization and demobilization crew changes back and forth to the project/location. Maintain good relationship with all related parties. building management. IMTA. and others company related. IT support & maintenance. ensure filing systems are maintained and up to date as well as protecting and securing of files and records. company registrations. agreements. arrange and take care of all requirement needed for the BHBEP project execution. in the area of manpower and labor.  Liaise with the insurance company. etc. Drivers for their timesheets.  Contribute to the preparation of proposals and expressions of interest for projects being tendered for by PTAN.  Assign and monitor clerical and secretarial functions. Travel Permit. such as Visa. Position : Project Coordinator for BHBEP Project Company : PT Austraining Nusantara Period : Nov 2006 to Jul 2008 Job Duties / Achievements :  Organize and manage all filing and provide administrative support as required by the Project Director.  Direct report for all the activities to the Managing Director. • Provide support to Indonesian and international consultants and trainers as required. faxes. including but not limited to formatting CVs. Position : Project Coordinator for IASTP III project Company : PT Austraining Nusantara Period : Jan 2008 to Jul 2008 Job Duties / Achievements :  Coordinate various project activities of PTAN. etc.). Bluebook. Monitor House Keeping Program in all business area. etc. travel agents.  Manage and design filing systems.  In the role as Project Coordinator of various projects (including.  Direct report for all the activities to the Project Manager and the Director. • Contribute to the preparation of project reports and the collating of the data required for these. • Administrative tasks relating to the smooth running of the project.  Manage.  Liaise with the agent for expatriates’ licenses. binding. accommodation. RPTKA. contracts. Office Boy. government. Receptionist. Manage the company correspondences (letters.  Manage workforce personnel in company and to handle Industrial Relations. include: • Manage consultant’s mobilization and demobilization to and from the project. organizations and groups. as required and directed by the Director and Project Manager. Supervise and coordinate Secretaries. Control and monitor insurance for company assets. but not limited to IASTP III activities and the BHBEP project) undertake the following: • Logistical management including booking travel.  Manage the HR administration except payroll.

o Collect pre-mobilization information such as Volunteer's accommodation details provided by HO.  Make preparation of Business and Dinas Visa documentation. flight bookings. correspondence. Position : Administrator for AYAD/VIDA Company : PT Austraining Nusantara Period : Jul 2006 to Nov 2006 Job Duties / Achievements :  Organize and manage all filing and provide administrative support as required by the RM (Regional Manager) and ACM (Austraining In-Country Manager).  Arrange meetings as required. etc.  Collect volunteer monitoring reports and leave forms. from and within the project location. Position : Secretary to Associate Manager (Temporary) Company : McKinsey & Company • Page 5 of 7 . private educational consultant/agents. promotion organizations and other companies in Indonesia.  Prepare projected expenditure. Training Coordinator and consultants during their travels to. accommodation. travel budgets. the Australian Embassy. • Prepare all information needed for the project execution.  Assist in filing. o Ensure all volunteers have provided emergency contact details after their arrival at the assignment location.Arrange and confirm travel ticketing.  Assist in public relations activities and liaise with the Indonesian government department/agencies.  Direct report for all the activities to the Project Manager and the Director. Car Rental bookings. providing a variety of services and support to PTAN and Austraining International.  Confirm: o Details of arrival and flight schedule to HOs Host Organization).  Arrange. include:  Prepare ICO Material packs. o Bahasa Indonesia training and accommodation during Bahasa training for volunteers. Indonesian and foreign educational institutions. Austraining International and the project activities.  Provide three accommodation options for volunteers based in Jakarta and surrounding locations.  Provide support to the RM and ACM in preparation of all In-country Orientation Programs. goals and objectives. transportation and logistics for the Project Director.  Assist in the development and implementation of annual project strategies.  Direct report to the Project Manager and the Director.  Update all current files in relation to project activities and develop reference documentation needed to support PTAN.  Organize promotional and other special project activities to improve the marketing image of PTAN and Austraining International.  Prepare emergency contact numbers and information for all Assignment Locations.  Arrange company's petty cash for the project. administrative support and other assistance as required by the President Director in the implementation of projects.  Organize accommodation options with the HO (if the assignment is out of Jakarta and HO does not provide accommodation). Travel Authority and summary expenditure report for the training delivery of the project. o Hotel bookings. prepare and execute requirement needed during the workshop.

Position : Travel Coordinator for Tangguh Project Company : Leighton Contractors Indonesia Period : Nov 2003 to Mar 2006 Job Duties / Achievements :  Coordinate for all traveling matters for big mobilize and demobilize especially to the projects or other countries.  Follow up weekly programs from all Account Executives to be distributed to all departments and clients.  Direct report all the activities to the Project Manager. meeting. application forms. meeting. correspondence.  Handle all secretarial duties.  Handle all secretarial duties. typing.  Assist the Associates with recruitment process.  Manage filing systems. Period : Jul 2001 to Mar 2003 Job Duties / Achievements :  Assist the Marketing Manager for business purpose. indent and debit note and put it in database. filing.  Prepare management monthly report.  Be the mediator between suppliers and buyers.  Arrange schedule. Position : Secretary to Account Manager Company : BBDO/ Komunika Period : Apr 2000 to Apr 2001 Job Duties / Achievements :  As the assistant for the Account Director.  Maintain a good relationship between company and travel agents. English tests. typing.  Make purchase order. Period : Oct 1998 to Apr 2000 Job Duties / Achievements :  Make purchase order.Period : Mar 2006 to Jul 2006 Job Duties / Achievements :  Follow up everyday calendar for the associate and keep it updated.  Handle all secretarial duties such as responsible for all incoming faxes.  Make travel arrangement for visitors and employees.  Assist all foreign buyers to all the textile and garment factories and meet all the prospectus clients.  Follow up all travel logistic matters. indent and debit note and put all the information in the database. registration and distribution.  Assist all Account Executives to prepare documents for clients. including preparation of job advertisements. Page 6 of 7 .  Arrange all schedules. Position : Assistant of Representative Marketing Manager Company : Revelate (Indo) Ltd. filing.  Assist and provide secretarial and administrative support. such as arrange meetings.  Arrange meetings. correspondence. minutes meeting to and for the clients.  Maintain Jakarta HO general files. letter of response to applicants.  Follow up all documents from sales contracts until all goods arrive safely FOB in buyer's warehouse. Position : Executive Secretary Company : Revelate (Indo) Ltd.

correspondence.  Assist all foreign buyers to all the textile and garment factories and meet all the prospectus clients. Page 7 of 7 . Maintain and update news with both suppliers and buyers. such as incoming and outgoing telephone calls. arrange meetings.  Handle all secretarial duties. filing.  Follow up all documents from sales contracts until all goods arrive safely FOB in buyer's warehouse. typing.