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Lesson Plan

Subject: English Language
Class: 2 Bestari
Enrolment: 44 pupils
Date/Day: 15/4/2015 Wednesday
Time: 11.30 a.m. -12.30 p.m.
Theme: World of Knowledge
Topic: Delicious Food
Module: Writing
Content Standard: 3.1 by the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able
to form letters and words in neat legible print including cursive writing.
Learning Standard: 3.1.1 Able to write in neat legible print:
c) Simple sentences
Behavioural Objective: By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:

Rearrange 5 out of 6 sentences on how to make a


chocolate milkshake correctly.
Rewrite 5 out of 6 sentences on how to make a
strawberry milkshake correctly.

Educational Emphasis: Contextual learning & ICT.
Language Content: Vocabulary
Teaching Aids: Video, Worksheets
Previous Knowledge: Pupils know what a milkshake is.
Anticipated Problem: Pupils may have difficulty in speaking.
Solutions: Teacher picks a few volunteer.
Set Induction


(3 minutes)


Teaching-Learning Activity
1. Teacher tells the class that they To arouse
will play a game.
2. Teacher starts the hangman game.
3. Teacher introduces the topic for
curiosity on
the day.
what they
going to



1. Teacher shows a video on how to

learn today.
To give input


Teacher summarizes the lesson by asking To reinforce (2 minutes) they learn several questions. 2. 3. Teacher will discuss the worksheet together with pupils. the teacher will ask simple Whquestions. Teacher discusses the worksheet with Closure Recap what pupils. 2.g. memory. chocolate milkshake.Is the video interesting? . 3. 2. pupils (rearrange the instruction on how to make chocolate milkshake) 4. . Pupils receive Worksheet 1 from To enhance teacher.: . Production Individual (20 minutes) work: Worksheet 2 1. After showing the video. 4. For e. pupils memory in steps making a chocolate milkshake. make chocolate milkshake. Pupils complete the worksheet 1. Pupils receive Worksheet 2 from teacher. Pupils will rewrite the steps on how to make strawberry milkshake correctly. To apply what they had learn. Pupils work in pairs.(15 minutes) How to make chocolate milkshake.Do you want to try chocolate Practice Pair work: (20 minutes) Worksheet 1 milkshake at home? 1.Who like a pupils on how to make a chocolate milkshake. . Pupils work individually.