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Lesson plan

Subject: English Language

Class: Year 2 Azalea
Enrolment: 28 pupils
Level of proficiency: Low
Time: 2.00 p.m 2.30 p.m
Date: 8th March 2016
Day: Tuesday
Theme: World of Knowledge
Topic: Unit 6 Delicious Food
Module: Writing
Learning Standard and Content Standard:
Learning Standard
3.1 By the end of the 6-year primary

Learning Standard
3.1.1 Able to write in neat legible print:

schooling, pupils will be able to form letters

c) simple sentences

and words in neat legible print including

cursive writing.

Behavioural objectives:
By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:
1. write the correct verb based on the pictures given.
2. rearrange and write the steps on How To Enjoy Mamee Monster accordingly.

Educational emphases:
Values and Citizenship: Keep the city clean, do not litter.
Multiple Intelligences: Linguistic, Musical, Spatial and Bodily-Kinaesthetic

Language content: Verb words (toss, crunch, shake, munch), idioms (get your groove on)
CCTS: sequencing
Teaching aids: Video song, PowerPoint Slide, Realia - Mamee Monster snack and worksheets.
Previous knowledge: Some pupils may have found and see the Mamee Monster snack before.
Anticipated problems: Pupils may not remember the steps on How To Enjoy Mamee Monster.
Solutions: Teacher shows a set of pictures to show the steps.
Lesson Plan




2 mins

1) Have you seen

this food before?
2) Where do you
always found
this food?
3) Is it a delicious

Teaching and Learning Activity

1. Teacher shows the Mamee Monster
snack to the pupils.
2. Teacher asks questions to the pupils.

1. To arouse
pupils interest
towards the
2. To activate
pupils relevant
schemata based
on their prior

Anticipated answers:
1) In the kitchen
2) In the market
3) any possible

Back part of the


10 mins

1. Teacher shows the back part of the

packaging to the pupils using the
PowerPoint Slide.
2. Teacher highlights the most important
part of the packaging.
3. Teacher explains several important

1. Munch
2. Crunch
3. Shake
4. Toss

verbs and idiom to the pupils using

4. Teacher plays a video song to the
pupils to further explain the verbs.

1. To instil moral
value to the
2. To help pupils
with multiple

Get your groove on to
enjoy yourself by
dancing (Cambridge
Dictionary of American
Idiom, 2003)

1. Pupils are divided into groups of three.

2. Each group will be given a Worksheet.
3. Pupils need to discuss the answer in

5 mins

their respective groups.

4. In groups, pupils need to hold different
colours of pencil.
5. Each pupil writes the answer in the

1. To prepare
pupils for the next
writing activity.
2. To teach pupils
to work in group.

worksheet given using their different

colours of pencil.
1. Each pupil will get a new Worksheet

10 mins

from the teacher.

2. Pupils need to rearrange the steps on

1. To further
enhance the
pupils writing skill.

How To Enjoy The Mamee Monster.

3. Pupils write the answer on the
worksheet given.
3 mins

Moral Value:
Do not litter, keep your
city/house/school or any
places clean

1. Teacher highlights moral value of the

1. To instil moral

2. Teacher asks questions to the pupils

value to the pupils.

about what they have learnt during the

3. Teacher shows the video song again.
4. Pupils do the actions of the song.

2. To evaluate
understanding of
the lesson.

Worksheet 1


In your own group, identify and correct the punctuation errors in this story.

Fisherman and the Magical fish

once, there was a kind fisherman and his rude wife. the fishermans
wife was never happy They lived in a small hut by the sea.
one day, the fisherman went out fishing He caught a Magical fish
but he threw it back into the sea. when he went home to tell his wife, she
was angry. she told the fisherman to find the fish and ask for a wish. the
wife wished to live in a pretty cottage.
the fisherman called the Magical fish in the sea.
Magical fish in the sea,
Magical fish please come to me,
My wife wants a special wish,
Will you grant it magical fish?
the magical fish came out from the sea and said,
What does she want?