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Clarke, Instructor
Dr. K. Wicks, Principal/Executive Director
T. James-Moss, Assistant Principal
Royal Live Oaks Academy
2016-2017 School Year

Course Name: English Language Arts
Notes from the Instructor:
This course seeks to build on the sets of skills students acquire in their previous
grades. Students will read and analyze pieces that include; fiction and non-fiction,
short stories, essays and articles, poetry, and drama. Grammar and Vocabulary
lessons will also be incorporated into the daily drills.
An exciting learning
experience is waiting to unfold this year, as technology will be incorporated and
utilized like never before! You can also expect to demonstrate mastery of the different

writing styles, demonstrate the rules of grammar, and the ability to express themselves orally.
Purpose of the Course
The purpose of this course is to provide students with the skills they will need for
college and to prepare them for life beyond school.
Class Rules
- Arrive on time for class each day.
- Raise your hand to speak.
- Respect every person’s space and property, including ideas.
- Maximize your time on task.
- Encourage learning; do not be a distraction.
- Drinks and food products should be left out of the classroom.
- Keep your area clean and tidy.
Required Materials:
3 Composition notebooks
Loose Paper
Black Pens and Pencils
Handheld Pencil Sharpeners
Project Materials (On Supply List)

What Should You Expect To Do in Class?
Expect to:

● Work cooperatively and independently
● Read! Read! Read!
● Stay on task and complete work in a timely manner

Home Enrichment (optional) . and roots and affixes vocabulary  Write objective summaries  Comprehend complex texts  Analyze arguments  Conduct Research  Compare texts ___________________________________________________________________________________ Contacting Your Instructor: .Tuesdays & Wednesdays .Extra Practice Worksheet Authentic Assessment Classwork . spelling and word study  Present research findings orally and confidently  Read a variety of literary works  Build academic.Group Work .Bi-weekly Quiz .Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday Notebook checks – Every Friday What Should You Expect to Know When You Complete This Course? You will be able to:  Identify literary elements in various pieces of literature  Write essays with well-developed thesis statements  Build on your knowledge of the traits of writing in your essays  Answer open response questions using evidence from the text to support your reasoning  Build upon vocabulary through literature.Independent Work Close Reading Workshops . content.Revision through Flocabulary . discussion.● Manipulate the tools of learning ● Complete given assignments Assignment Types (by Category) Class Participation .Bi-weekly -Vocabulary Lab Days on Friday Assigned lessons from text Pearson Literature - Tests/Unit Tests Notebook Check Projects Benchmark TE21 Additional Notes on Frequency of Quizzes/Tests: .Activity Involvement/Participati on .Bi-monthly.IXL .Oral Participation -Attendance and Punctuality Enrichment/ Acceleration .

via my Google Voice number: ----. You can already access previous assignments at this . projects included All voice messages are automatically stored and categorized by telephone number.patricka. Through Google Voice.There are many ways to contact me both on campus and after school. time and date. Tablet/laptop use is acceptable if and only if: . projects included All text messages are automatically stored and categorized by telephone number. You Can… But Remember… Text a question or concern about a homework assignment.Email: --.The principal approves your device use request .Your parent/guardian signs a release form exempting the school and I from device security .You have a means to submit your class notes and all related work completed on the tablet daily . Please remember. the principal and your parents or guardians prior to bringing any electronic devices into the classroom. specifics about active and completed assignments and even rubrics will be found at this Web site.Arranged Student-Teacher or Student-Teacher-Parent Meetings .m. time and date Have a parent call and ask about a classroom concern The phone may go to voicemail first and the call will have to be returned Leave a voice message about a question or concern regarding homework.clarke@rloacs. time and date On some occasions you may be able to get immediate text responses from the Google Voice Some Notes on Google Voice I can be contacted at any time between the end of the school day and 6 p.Google Voice: -. all messages (text or voice) are automatically stored and categorized by telephone number.(Pending) . Using Technology Successfully: You must make prior arrangements with me. Your options include: .Your device is free of materials deemed inappropriate by school policy or local/federal law We will employ the use of technology a number of ways in support of the face-toface classroom: Access the Class Website: Lecture notes.

Class/School Grading Policies For Nine Weeks’ Grading Authentic Assessments Classwork 30% Enrichment/Acceleration 20% Participation 10% For Semester Grading Semester One Weights: 1st 9 Wks Grade 40% nd 2 9 Wks Grade 40% Midterm Exam 20% Semester Two Weights: 3rd 9 Wks Grade 40% th 4 9 Wks Grade 40% “Final” Exam 20% Final Grade: Semester One 50% 40% . Web Address: http://rloacsclarke. It is important to note that: .link for your review. Vocabulary notebooks should contain the words from the vocabulary lessons for that particular week.the highest grade you can have for a make-up is 80% Portfolios (Binders) or Notebooks: Your notebooks must be perfectly maintained and will be checked every Friday. Reviewing past assignments can be a handy way to improve your pre-portfolio ___________________________________________________________________________________ Redemption Opportunities: Under some circumstances.weebly. Notes must be in your best handwriting and have header indicating what the notes are about. Your notebooks should be set us as follows:    -All pages where note taking begins should contain the basic header used in ELA class. you can redo assignments that you fail.

Semester Two 50% .