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Katniss Everdeen wakes up in the day of

Katniss lives with her mother and sister
in the poorest area of District 12
She meets her friend Gale in the woods.
They discussed about running away.
They catch some fish, then stop by the
districts black market, called the Hob.
They go to the mayors house to sell
strawberries they collected and talk to
the mayors daughter, Madge.
Prim and Katniss walked up to the stage
and shouts that she is volunteering as
The boy tributes name was loudly
announced. It was Peeta Mellark.
Katniss and Peeta said good bye to their
parents and friends.
The tributes ride on a train headed
towards the Capitol.
When Katniss arrives at the Capitol, she
was for the first time introduced to her
stylist Cina.
Cina designs some clothes for Katniss
and Peeta to wear for the opening
In the morning, Katniss, Peeta talks to

Haymitch about how to train themselves.

In a training, shoots an arrow at an apple
in the barbecued pigs mouth in front of
the game makers.
Katniss is afraid that either her family or
herself may be arrested.
Haymitch told Katniss that Peeta wishes
to be coached separately.
In the interview begins and Peeta said
that he loved Katniss.
Then, the 74th Hunger Game began.
A girl tribute from District 2 throws a
knife, luckily Katniss blocks it with her
orange backpack.
Katniss slept after drinking water, when
she waked up, she saw the forest is
Katniss starts to run away from the
forest fire.
When Katniss wakes up, she hunts for
rabbit with her new bow and arrows.
While she was eating her newly hunted
rabbit, she discovers that Rue was really
close to her hiding in the trees.
They discuss about each other district
and realize how all the districts are

They decides to completely get rid of

food supplies for the career tributes.
she shoot open a bag of apple with her
bow and arrows. The falling apples
caused the explosion around all career
tributes food supplies.
The explosion pushes Katniss away to
the ground.
When she reached where Rue was,
Katniss realizes that Rue is captured in a
Katniss shoots the male tribute from
District 1.
Then Katniss cuts open the net in an
attempt to save Rue, however it was too
One day later, she found Peeta hiding in
the mud by the river.