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Learning Oracle 11g - Real Application

Clusters Training Video
A Practical RAC Training Course That Teaches Real World
In this Oracle 11g RAC training course, expert trainer Steve Hamilton explains
Oracle's Real Application Clusters (RAC) and provides a detailed look at installing
and configuring Oracle's RAC environment. This course is designed for an aspiring
Oracle database administrator (DBA) or a currently practicing DBA.

This RAC training course starts out by teaching you the system, Oracle, and host
requirements. You then jump right into learning how to install ASM and Grid
Infrastructure Software, create disk groups, and tuneing RAC. Steve will take you
through RAC diagnostics and how to identify potential RAC problems and
troubleshoot. He will teach you about the RAC and Cluster utilities, RAC architecture,
and how to add and remove nodes.

By the completion of this video based training course, you will have a fundamental
understanding of how to install, configure, and maintain Oracle's RAC environment.
Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout
the lessons.

00. Free Videos From This Course
What Is Real Application Clusters
About The Author
Define User Equivalence
Identify CRS Components
Define The OCR
Create The RAC database
Identify ASMCA

Identify RAC Components Configure RAC Backups With RMAN How To Tune The RAC Environment Identifying Potential RAC Problems Using RAC With Enterprise Manager RAC Availability 01. RAC System Requirements 0201 System Requirements 0202 Oracle Requirements 0203 Host Requirements 03. Establish User Equivalence 0301 Define User Equivalence 0302 Establish SSH 0303 What Is SSH Used For? 04. Identify Voting Disk And OCR 0501 Define The Voting Disk 0502 Define The OCR . Oracle Real Application Cluster Overview 0101 What Is RAC? 0102 Why Use RAC? 0103 What Are RAC Requirements? 02. Install Grid Infrastructure Software 0401 Define CRS Requirements 0402 Install CRS 0403 Identify CRS Components 0404 Review: Configuring ASM 05.

Use SRVCTL 1001 Identifying The Uses Of SRVCTL 1002 How To Use The SRVCTL Commands 1003 Start And Stop RAC Components With SRVCTL 1004 Using SRVCTL . Install The Database 0701 Install The Database Software 0702 Create A RAC Database 0703 Identify RAC Database Specific Components 0704 Review: Installing Database Software 08. Install ASM And Configure Grid Infrastructure Software 0601 Define ASM RAC Needs 0602 Install ASM For RAC 0603 Create An ASM Database 0604 Configure The Grid Infrastructure Software 0605 Review: Installing The Grid Infrastructure Software 07. Create Disk Groups 0801 Identify ASMCA 0802 Use ASMCA To Create Additional Disk Groups 0803 Solution For Creating Additional Disk Groups 0804 Review: Creating The Cluster Database 09.0503 Voting Disk And OCR Locations 06. RAC Listener 0901 Define RAC Listener 0902 Create RAC Listener 0903 Start And Stop RAC Listener 10.

RAC And Grid 1701 Using RAC With GRID . RAC Diagnostics 1601 Identify Potential RAC Problems 1602 Diagnose RAC Issues 1603 Correct RAC Problems 17. Identify The RAC Services 1401 Identify The Location Of The RAC Software 1402 Identify Grid Infrastructure Services 15. Tuning RAC 1301 Identify RAC Performance Tuning Needs 1302 How To Tune The RAC Environment 1303 Initialize RAC Specific Tuning Parameters 14. Backup RAC With RMAN 1201 Identify RAC Backup Needs 1202 Configure RAC Backups With RMAN 1203 Configure RAC Channels With RMAN 1204 Review: Backup RAC 13.11. RAC Components 1101 Identify RAC Components 1102 Start RAC Components 1103 Stop RAC Components 12. Configure Transaction Application Failover 1501 What Is TAF? 1502 Configure The TAF 1503 Define The Different TAF Components 16.

ora File 1803 RAC And ASM Files 19. RAC And Tools 1901 Using RAC And ADDM 1902 Using RAC And AWR 1903 Using RAC With Memory Advisors 1904 Review: RAC Tools 20. About The Author 2201 Learn About Me . RAC Architecture 2101 Use CRSCTL 2102 Cache Fusion 22. RAC Utilities 2001 RAC And Cluster Verify Utility 2002 RAC Availability 2003 Post Installation Steps With RAC 21. Shared Devices 1801 Establishing Shared Devices With RAC 1802 RAC And The init.1702 Using RAC With Enterprise Manager 1703 Configure RAC Databases Using Enterprise Manager 18.