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UP Asian Institute of Tourism

2nd Sem 2015-2016
Charmielyn Cabigas-Sy, DTTM
Tour 112: Information and Communications Technology in
Guide to Requirements
The Critical Review Essay
The purpose of the CRE is to develop a solid understand of and a
position on a particular issue or topic that is related to Informations
and Communications Technology, its development and its implications
in the Tourism industry. It should aim to provide students with a
deeper grasp of the importance of the subject (ICT and Tourism) by
providing a comprehensive and thorough evaluation and analysis of an
issue that is affective of both the subject matters of the course. It
should enable students to share their understanding of the importance
of this development in the future of the tourism industry.
The CRE is akin to but not completely similar to a book report, in that it
should be built in the following manner: Introduction, Body and
Conclusion. The beginning should set the tone of the student’s stand.
It should be able to identify what the essay is all about, why it should
be interesting and important enough to read in case of the ongoing
trends and changes IT is bringing about. It should be able to situate
how ICT is commonly used in Tourism and how the article presented a
new approach in the utilization ICTs. It should also include a “thesis
statement”, the idea that will provide the thread and argument that is
going to be carried out in the entirety of the essay. In short, it should
be the organizing principle of the paper.
The body should contain the necessary salient points to support the
statement. It should be a series of short reviews of the articles in
consideration, taking into account the purpose, the approach, the use
of evidence and perhaps the major contribution the article have made
in the industry. It should be more than just the summary of the article,
but a concise presentation of the similarities between the author’s and
the reviewer’s (student’s) perspectives. Additional research on the
same topic made by other authors that can provide similar arguments
or counter arguments are welcomed.
The conclusion ends with a reminder of the importance of the issue on
hand, while providing a final evaluation of the article and their
contribution to further understanding of an issue that is and will
continue to change and shape the tourism industry over time.

The review should be a minimum of 1000 to a maximum of 1. 12 font size with normal spacing between lines. Use arial or Calibri. This requirement is to be submitted on March 10.250 words in length. with proper citations and referencing (not included in the word count). 2016 during class. Late submission will be given the necessary deductions. Kindly print it on a letter-sized bond paper with 1 inch margin on all sides. .