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How to change the booking class and date of a segment

Below is a guide on: "How to change the booking class and date of a segment"
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You can rebook existing segments in a PNR to change a:
● Class of service in 1 or more segments
● Date in 1 or more segments
● A flight number in 1 or more segments
● Combination of both class and date
You cannot make changes to:
● Open segments
● Information segments
● Non-participating airline segments
● Memo segments
● Group PNRs
The rebook entry cancels and resells the segments in one transaction. If the class
of service and/or date is not available, the System displays a warning message and
a new Availability display from which you can sell space.
When you are changing segments that were booked with action codes UM
(unaccompanied minor) or ST (stretcher), the original SSR is canceled and a new
SSR is created with the new information. If the segment was booked with the FF
(Frequent Flyer) action code, the System generates a message to the airline with
the NN action code.
The System deletes all elements that were segment associated to the segment
being changed. If the segment was booked through Direct Access, the System
rebooks it in Direct Access.
You use the SB transaction code followed by the new information and the segment
number you want to change. The following table describes the entries: