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Admission essay for PHD in Human Resource Management
In the current age of information, economic globalization has subjected the whole world into an
irresistible and all-encompassing transformation. Every country now has the likelihood of
transcending the boundaries of domestic market, as well as its human and natural resources to
achieve an optimum allocation of resources at the international arena. In this regard, optimum
competency in the field of human resource management has become an integral component of
business leaders across the world as companies strive to develop the best human resource
managers for managing the dynamic workforce.
My desire to pursue a business-centered career started ever since my childhood and it has always
been my dream to become a leading scholar in a business-related field. It is due to this earnest
desire that I enrolled for a bachelors of Management (Accounting) degree at the Finance &
Economic University in China), emerging among the top five students in the university rankings.
This exemplary performance facilitated my admission into the AACSB Business School,
Canada, for MBA degree in Human Resource Management, graduating as one of the top three
graduates with a mean G.P.A of 85%. The above excellent performance in the field of business
education has reinforced my desire that the future of my career lies in the field of international

My work experience at some multinational companies such as Coca-Cola has heightened my

comprehension of what its takes to excel at international business management. I have
acknowledged just how complex the structures of multinationals are, and I was especially
impressed by how well they were managed regardless of their involved natures. These
experiences have emphasized to me that human resource management is fundamental to the
success of any organization.
Apart from working in global companies, I have had the opportunity to work in several crosscultural organizations such as Carrefour Group in Paris, D Mobile Inc in Dallas, U.S.A, and
Billboard Music in Shanghai. I would like to acknowledge that this exposure to various business
environments in diverse countries has accorded me sufficient exposure to multi-culture
organization and its HR management dynamics as well.
During my tenure as a Human Resource Generalist at Coca-Cola, I got involved in a training and
development project for various employees across several departments within the company
under the guidance of the Human Resource Director. The project gave me a platform to learn
about evaluation guidelines and flexibility, and also enhanced my understanding of the
organizations team-based culture. I got to understand the beauty of social research and its
balanced application of both qualitative and quantitative methods. Most importantly, I gained
precise insight into many organizational theories and ascertained that human resource
management is more of a science than an art. The experience elicited in me a desire to pursue
PhD in Training and Development so that I can gain a succinct understanding of human resource
management and enrich my jobs effectiveness and meaningfulness, both in terms of
organization and reaching other people. I realized that MBA course in Human Resource
Management was more practical, and not sufficiently deep research oriented for a changing

global business environment. In order to lay a firm foundation for my PhD program, I have
involved myself in several research projects such as Person-Centered, Latent Profile Analysis of
Psychological Capital research project in conjunction with fellow human resource practitioners.
During the research projects, I got gained a deeper understanding of the critical importance of
cross culture in the research topic, especially in Human Resource Management. I believe that the
PhD program will deepen this understanding and prepare myself for a consultancy career in the
industry so that I could apply my knowledge & experiences into realm of human resource
management on a global scale.
My choice for the university stems from the fact that the institution is the first one of its kind to
offer a PhD in human resource management in Canada. In this regard, I believe that the vast
range of invaluable resources and renowned human resource scholars such as Prof. Monica
Belcourt and Prof. Marie-Hlne Budworth are just what I need to develop a wide perspective of
my profession and make my dream a reality.