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Dear Friends,

Greetings to you from Usha Ravi, a resident of Melbourne, since

1996. Having left Bangalore, India in 1992 to Chicago (USA), have
served as a stepping platform to arrive in Melbourne (Australia)
and continued to serve in the health care industry till date. I
strongly trust there is a reason behind this journey of my life. I
would like to share a related reason in the simplest and practical
way possible.
The humblest project of serving humanity with utmost dignity to
the most deserving and helpless blood relatives and friends of
ours, whom we have conveniently left behind in India. Being
there for those people at the end of their life's journey, who are
battling any of kind illnesses with no positive outcome, but being
used as a revenue source by the health care delivery system all
across India.

This is what I am keen on addressing. Sounds too hazy and

Trust me, I am today writing this to you after three long years of
incessant effort in making progress towards such an initiative.

Unfortunately, the inspiration was after seeing my Mum through a

similar situation and beating myself over guilt of not being there
for her at the time of need and letting the corrupted system play
with her life.
I have since made much needed ground work and now have
gained appreciation of many NGOs in joining hands with me. We
now have a core team of working committee members and
volunteers from across many Indian associations joining hands, in
the conduct of activities that are not only geared towards
palliative care services but also activities such as conducting
blood and bone marrow donor drives. This has taken our project
to yet another level in the society, where in various social projects
have lined up for the benefit of wider community.
Various activities that we have so far focused on:

Local awareness forums on palliative care among many
Indian associations

Conducting bone marrow donation awareness session


Conducting bone marrow donor drive camps

Activities on upcoming agenda:


Creating special interest groups to assist Pallium India.


Fund raising events to support Pallium India


Providing youth of today an opportunity to participate in

P.A.R.T.Y (Prevention of Alcohol Related Trauma in Youth, a
program run through Royal Melbourne Hospital

Creating mass media presentations on availing palliative
care in India

Developing extensive network to expand the services in

various other states in India


Joining hands with Pallium India in its ongoing efforts in

reaching out to the needy


Creating a platform for the like-minded to contribute towards

the promotion of activities that would assist support Pallium


I would request your kind support in dissipating this message

and would appreciate the community of like-minded Indians
coming together. Together we will be able to make that
switch and change to our submissive culture. A way to serve
our friends and family back home, who and when are in
desperate need of end of life care.

Look forward to hearing from you.

My contact number is 0423 763 224.

Kind regards
(Team Achintya)