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System Power = $IMPPOT$
Economic Report

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$IMPNOME$ - Economic Report - pag. 1

GENERAL INFO System installation site System identified as Address Town Postcode $IMPNOME$ $IMPINDIRIZZO$ $IMPCOMUNE$ $IMPCAP$ Commissioned by Name and Surname Tax code VAT Nr. $COMNOME$ $COMCOGNOME$ $COMCF$ $COMPIVA$ Address Town Postcode Phone Fax E-mail #BLK_START_B_RUOLCOM# Role $COMIND$ $COMCOMUNE$ ($COMPROV$) $COMCAP$ $COMTEL$ $COMFAX$ $COMEMAIL$ Company name Tax code VAT Nr.Economic Report . 2 . $B_RUOLCOM_RAGSOC$ $B_RUOLCOM_CF$ $B_RUOLCOM_PIVA$ Address Town $B_RUOLCOM_INDIR$ $B_RUOLCOM_COMUNE$ ($B_RUOLCOM_PROV$) $B_RUOLCOM_CAP$ $B_RUOLCOM_TEL$ $B_RUOLCOM_FAX$ $B_RUOLCOM_EMAIL$ Postcode Phone Fax E-mail #BLK_END_B_RUOLCOM# $B_RUOLCOM_RUOLO$ Designer Company name $TECRAGSOC$ Name and Surname Qualification Tax code VAT Nr. $TECNOME$ $TECCOGN$ $TECQUAL$ $TECCF$ $TECPIVA$ Address Town Postcode $TECINDIR$ $TECCOMUNE$ ($TECPROV$) $TECCAP$ $IMPNOME$ .pag.

pag.Phone Fax E-mail $TECTEL$ $TECFAX$ $TECEMAIL$ $IMPNOME$ . 3 .Economic Report .

The site of installation is described as follows: $IMPDESCR$ System technical datasheet General Info Responsible entity Address Postcode Town $COMDESCR$ $IMPINDIRIZZO$ $IMPCAP$ $IMPCOMUNE$ Latitude Longitude Altitude $LOCLATSEL$ $LOCLONGSEL$ $LOCALTSEL$ Annual solar radiation on horizontal plane Shading coefficient $LOCIRRANNO$ $LOCCOEFFOMBR$ #BLK_START_B_DTIMPMONOFASE# Technical Data Modules total surface Total number of modules Total number of inverters Total annual energy Total power Power per kW BOS $IMPSUP$ $IMPMODULI$ $IMPINV$ $IMPENER$ $IMPPOT$ $IMPENERKW$ $IMPBOS$ #BLK_END_B_DTIMPMONOFASE##BLK_START_B_DTIMPTRIFASE# Technical Data Modules total surface Total number of modules Total number of inverters Total annual energy Total power Phase L1 – Power Phase L2 – Power Phase L3 – Power Power per kW BOS $IMPSUP$ $IMPMODULI$ $IMPINV$ $IMPENER$ $IMPPOT$ $IMPPOTL1$ $IMPPOTL2$ $IMPPOTL3$ $IMPENERKW$ $IMPBOS$ #BLK_END_B_DTIMPTRIFASE# Energy produced $IMPNOME$ . Its rated power is of $IMPPOT$ and its annual energy production is of $IMPENER$ (equal to $IMPENERKW$).Economic Report . 4 . is a grid-connected system type and is connected to the main grid with a "$IMPCONN$" type connection.SYSTEM PRODUCTION CAPACITY Description of system $IMPNOME$ The system. resulting from $IMPMODULI$ modules that cover an area of $IMPSUP$ and consists of $IMPNGENER$.pag. identified as "$IMPNOME$".

high income earners could see their rate of return be as high as 10% or more per year and is government backed and guaranteed for up to 25 years starting from the entry into service date. In fact.pag. REVENUES Tariffs #BLK_START_B_FEEDINGB#The Feed in tariff scheme was introduced to encourage the installation of renewable energy systems in properties. you are guaranteed to recoup your costs far quicker than was previously possible. The chart below shows the monthly energy values produced by the PV system: $IMPIMGENANNUA$ Consumptions The total annual consumption is $REDCONSUMI_INT$. because income tax on tariff revenues was waived. By legislating on what you get paid for the energy you generate.Economic Report . 5 .#BLK_END_B_FEEDINGB# Description Feed in tariff for $FEEDINDUR_INT$ years Energy import tariff Energy export tariff Amount £ $FEEDINTARIFF_INT$ £ $IMPORTTARIFF_INT$ £ $EXPORTTARIFF_INT$ $IMPNOME$ .The total annual energy produced by the system is $IMPENER$.

Economic Report .pag.COST ANALYSIS System installation costs Total construction costs The total cost of the system can be summarized as follows: Description Construction costs – Materials and Labor ($PREVCOSTOKWP$) Design fees ($PREVPERCSPESE$) Other costs $PREVALTREDESC$ Amount $PREVLAVORI$ $PREVSPESE$ $PREVALTRESPESE$ Total $PREVCOSTITOT$ Expenditure commitment Description Total Cost $REDTABFINANZ$ Expenditure commitment Amount $PREVCOSTITOT$ $REDIMPSPESA_INT$ Running costs #BLK_START_B_COSTIUNAT# One-off costs These are the technological type costs that are necessary for a precise Financial Analysis: $B_COSTIUNAT_TAB$ #BLK_END_B_COSTIUNAT##BLK_START_B_COSTIPER# Periodic costs The following periodic costs also contribute the best possible system running criteria: $B_COSTIPER_TAB$#BLK_END_B_COSTIPER# $IMPNOME$ . 6 .

Economic Report . 7 .pag.FINANCIAL ANALYSIS Parameters The following reference parameters have also been considered in the Financial Analysis: $REDTABPARAM_INT$ $REDTIPOTABBUDGET$ $REDTABBUDGET_INT$ $IMPNOME$ .

8 . both incoming and outgoing and considering a system lifetime expectancy of $REDANNI_INT$ years. is equal to $REDVAN_INT$.pag. is equal to $REDTIR_INT$. NPV (Net Present Value) The Net Present Value or Net Present Worth (NPW) of the time series cash flows.Financial indicators Payback period The number of years necessary to compensate the investment through positive cash-flows is equal to $REDPBP_INT$.Economic Report . used as an index to measure and compare the profitability of the investment. considering a system lifetime expectancy of $REDANNI_INT$ years. $REDIMGVAN_INT$ IRR (Internal Rate of Return) The Internal Rate of Return. $REDIMGTIR_INT$ Income $REDIMGUTILE_INT$ Cumulative cash flow $REDIMGFLUSSOCASSACUM_INT$ $IMPNOME$ .

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