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Garlic Oil for Treatment of Paralysis

This is an oil preparation to massage on the affected areas along with a drink that should
be drank before going to bed. This will relieve the tightened muscles and help the blood
flow easily to the affected areas. Massage the whole body with sesame oil and take bath
after an hour to avoid being affected with paralysis.

Sesame seeds oil – 250 g
Peeled garlic cloves – 50 g
Black pepper powder – 20 g
Camphor – 20 g

Boil the sesame oil on low flame and add chopped garlic cloves slowly. Heat the oil until
cloves turn black. Filter the oil and add black pepper powder. When it becomes
lukewarm, add camphor. Store in a glass bottle.
Take the required quantity of oil and heat it to lukewarm. Massage it on the affected


Cow milk – 1 cup
Peeled garlic cloves – 3 or 4 pieces
Candy sugar / misthri – 1 spoon
False Black Pepper, White-flowered Embelia / Embelia ribes / Vidanga
(Sanskrit) / Vayu vidang (Hindi) / Vayu Vidangalu (వయవడడగల), Vayu
Lavangalu (వయలవడగల) powder – 1 g

Add a cup of water and chopped garlic cloves to the milk and boil it until one cup
remains. Filter it and add candy sugar and false black pepper.
Drink this before going to bed.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Paralysis
Paralysis happens to a person due to the problem in the nervous system and it affects the
muscular function of the body. It can partially or completely affect the body and can
happen to grownups and children. Generally, there is a loss of muscular function. The
disease is known technically according to the area it had affected. Like when it affects
one side of the face along with corresponding arm and leg it is called Hemiplegia, when it
affects a single limb it is called Monoplegia, when Diplegia to total paralysis and
Paraplegia is paralysis of both sides.
Some reasons that contribute to paralysis include nerve diseases, diseases related to
autoimmune diseases, exposure to serious health condition due to tumor, stroke or
hemorrhage, trauma directly related to nerve or spinal cord disk, or exposure to toxins or

resulting in Paralytic condition. which result in the dysfunction of certain body muscle that are controlled by those blocked nerves. In Paralysis Ayurvedic treatment.  Grind the Akarkara root and mix it with mahau oil massage it twice-thrice daily in the affected area. The whole body massage might result in faster recovery of muscle strength. . The patient should only consume freshly prepared food and avoid pungent and bitter foods. To cure the distorted face of the person consume this concoction twice or thrice per day. home remedies for Paralysis treatments can help cure the patient. With these remedies and a doctor’s constant attention can cure the patient. Millet and Rye regularly strengthens the muscles and can help in treating the condition.Ayurvedic Medicine for Paralysis Paralysis treatment in Ayurveda involves Herbs like and Bala (Country Mallow) and Ashwagandha (Winter Cherry) are highly effective in treating paralysis. The disease by nature is very difficult to treat and recovery is very slow. Paralysis can happen due to stroke or trauma resulting in hemorrhage. This clot can disable nerves. red meat and dry fruits are completely prohibited as they tend to increase the fat and make paralyzed muscles bulkier and thus the possibility of treating the condition reduces greatly.  Drinking 20-40 ml of radish oil twice a day. daily helps to cure the condition  Mix 625 milligrams each of black peeper powder and sunti powder with honey. But. This massage would reduce the muscle dryness and tension. leading to softness and reduction of muscle tension and regaining its tone. Consuming Barley. which leads to the blood clot formation.