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Submitted to: t. Lecyl cabading
Submitted by: Faith Viloria
Date: February 20, 2015

Igneous rocks

Olivine is a mineral that is with not often used in industry. cut and polished for dimension stone for building facings. foyers olivine Green etc. and black fill etc. . white Most olivine is used in metallurgical processes as a slag conditioner. fill etc. Olivine has also been used as a refractory material. High magnesium olivine (forsterite) is added to blast furnaces to remove impurities from steel and to form a slag. as aggregate. It is used to make refractory brick and used as casting sand. foyers etc. cut and polished for dimension stone (called black granite) for building facings. in the construction and roading industries.names diorite picture color White uses can be used as aggregate. in the construction and roading industries (often not ideal for concrete aggregate because of high silica content). Both of these uses are in decline as alternative materials are less expensive gabbro black and easier to obtain.

. paving stone Dark greenish dunite Sedimentary rocks gray used to sequester CO2 and help mitigate global climate change via accelerated chemical rock weathering.dolerite Violet Building material. concrete aggregate. The resulting products are magnesite and silicawhic h could be commercialized. This would involve the mining of dunite rocks in quarries followed by crushing and grinding as to create fine ground rock that would react with the atmospheric carbon dioxide.