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and the time we spent together in study groups on finishing this project work .for giving me their full support in this project work . Cikgu Ng Peck Kuan for guidance me and my friend during the process in finishing this project work. wisdom. I would like to thank my Additional Mathematics teacher.They gave me moral support when I needed it . Thank You ! Objectives The aims of carrying out this project work are : 1. I would like to thank God for His much-needed guidance and for granting me the knowledge. Last but not least. She taught us with patient and explain to us that question we does not understand. To promote effective mathematical communication 3. I really appreciate all the help that I got.First and foremost . I would like to express my highest gratitude to all those who gave me the possibility to complete this project work. I also want to give million thanks to my beloved parent . To improve thinking skills .Not forgotten my lovely 5 Akaun 1 friend who had helped me in finding the information that I’m clueless of .financially and mentally . intuition and resourcefulness throughout this project. To apply and adapt a variety of problemsolving strategies to solve problems 2.

4. To develop positive attitude toward mathematics 5.Different Polygons Heptagon-shaped . To provide learning environment that stimulates and enhances effective learning Part 1 Question A .

shaped Pentagon – shaped Cubiod-shaped Triangle –shaped .Decagon .

Rectangular –shaped Question B –Definition and History of Polygon Definition for Polygon Polygon is defined as a closed 2-demosional shape made up of three or more straight line segment connected end to end . The sum of the interior angles is (n-2) x 180 for n sides . These segments are called its edges or sides. The interior of the polygon is sometimes called its body. A regular polygon has all its sides and angles equal. The regular polygons were known to the ancient Greeks.pentagon . a triangle is a 3-gon.hexagon …. Specific polygons renamed according to number of sides . the sum of the exterior angles is 360 . A polygon is a 2-dimensional example of the more general polytope in any number of dimensions. An n-gon is a polygon with n sides. such as triangle . with the pentagram. and the points where two edges meet are the polygon's vertices (singular: vertex) or corners. for example. History of Polygon Polygons have been known since ancient times. a non-convex regular .

appearing as early as the 7th century B.C. Question C – Different methods of finding the area of triangle : Method 1 : Area : 1 x base x height . where each real dimension is accompanied by an imaginary one.polygon (star polygon). to create complex polygons. found at Caere and now in the Capitoline Museum. In 1952. Geoffrey Colin Shephard generalized the idea of polygons to the complex plane. The first known systematic study of non-convex polygons in general was made by Thomas Bradwardine in the 14th century. on a krater by Aristonothos. 2 Method 2 : Area : 1 2 x a x b x sinC .

Method 3 : Area : s(s-a) (s-b) (s-c) Method 4 : Area : : Method 5 : Area : Part 2 .

Question A.628m Question D (i) – the range of values that is valid for p&q 45 < P < 140 .The cost that needed to fence up the plantation RM 25 x 300m = RM 7500 Question B p (m) q (m) Using Cosing Rule : Area = 2 2 cos θ=a +b −c 2 1 ab ×sin θ 2 Question C Maximum area : 4018. 45 < Q < 140 .

Calculation to compare the different areas obtained from different shapes . X + Y = 150m 2x + 2y = 300m Rectangular .Triangle Inequality Theorem Part 3 Question A .Question D (ii) –the relationship between the three sides P + Q >100 Question D (iii) – the name of the theorem and description The sum of the length of any 2 sides of the triangle is greater than the length of the third sides .

3013 t 25 .2915 Area = ½ (41.m Regular Hexagon 6a = 300m a = 50 tan 60 = t = 25 (tan 60 ) = 43.2915 x 60 )x 5 = 6193.X (m) Y (m) Area m 10 140 1400 15 135 2035 20 130 2600 25 125 3125 30 120 3600 35 115 4025 40 110 4400 45 105 4725 The Maximum area is 4725 m Regular Pentagon 5a = 300 a = 60 t tan 54 = = 30 t = 30 ( tan 54) =41. 73.

3013 x 50 )x6 =6495.20 m Square Perimeter of square = 300m 4x = 300m x = 75 m Area of square = 75 x 75 =5625m Trapezium Perimeter = 300m 3x + y + 2 = 300m (x)(x)(m y (m) ) 900 70 (m) 3x (m) 300 30 300 60 3600 300 90 300 200 Area (m ) 450 65 175 1050 8100 60 150 1800 120 14400 55 125 2700 300 150 22500 50 100 3450 300 180 32400 45 75 4950 300 210 44100 40 50 6300 300 240 57600 35 25 7800 The maximum area is 7800 m z(m) .Area = ½ (43.

and a vegetable . commonly known as rosemary is a woody .Question B (i) Herb can grow together as long as you remember 2 rules: . pink.perennial herb with fragrant . native to the central Mediterranean region. naturalized elsewhere in Europe. needle-like leaves and white. a spice. evergreen. and widely cultivated as a herb.With those that like a well-drained soil Rosemary Plant Scientific Name : Rosmarinus officinalis Details : Rosmarinus offcinalis. purple or blue flowers .native to Mediterranean region Parsley Scientific Name : Petroselinum crispum Details : Parsley or garden parsley is a species of Petroselinum in the family Apiaceae.Avoid mixing those like plenty of water .

with opposite leaves 1–4 cm long. Oregano is a perennial herb. Oregano is a and the Mediterranean region.Oregano Plant Scientific name: Origanum vulgare Details Origanum. . It is temperate western and southwestern Eurasia and the Mediterranean region. growing from 20–80 cm tall. a native to : Oregano is a common species of genus of the mint family.

relatively dry climate. olive-green leaves. as it often does not survive the winter. It prefers a hot. the plants being spaced 30 cm (12 in) apart in fairly dry soil. Oregano has purple flowers and spade-shaped. although it is grown as an annual in colder climates. Oregano is planted in early spring.Question B (ii) Chosen herb : Oregano Plant Product Name : Herb Description of product : Oregano is related to the herb marjoram. sometimes being referred to as wild marjoram. It is a perennial. with full sun. but does well in other environments Logo : .

The rectangle is used in a number of applications .answering question .so essentially reduces coats and mixizes profits in a business environment . The triangle .I found that usage of polygon is important in our daily often used in construction becauses it shape makes it comparatively strong .The use the polygon shape reduces the quantity of materials needed to make a structure .Another polygon is the rectangle . Such as television.Conclusion Polygon tend to be studied in the first few years of an introduction to basic geometry and mathematics .But after doing research . . completing table and some problem solving . It is not just widely used in fashion design but also in other fields especially in building of moden structures.due to the fact our field of vision broadly consists of a rectangle shape .for instance . mobile phones are rectangle to allow for easy and comfortable viewly .

which I was given about a month to complete this project and pass up to my teacher just in time. Therefore . It is also encourage student together information from the internet.polygon is a daily life necessary. Without it . I also learned to be more discipline on time. I have learnt how polygons appear in our daily life. this project encourages the student to work together and share their knowledge. Apart from that. I had learned some moral values that I practice. a lot of information that I found.we should be thankful of people who contribute in the idea of polygon Reflection While I conducting this project. This project also had made me felt more confidence to do works and not to give easily when we could not find the solution for the question.In conclusion . Not only that. . human’s creativity will be limited . This project hadtaught me to responsible on the works that are given to me to be completed. improve thinking skills and promote effective mathematical communication. I also enjoy doing this project I spend my time with friends to complete this project and it had tighten our friendship.

I proposed this project should be continue because it brings a lot of moral value to the student and also test the students understanding in Additional Mathematics Introduction All of these shapes are polygon .Example of .and they are all connect . then it cant be called a polygon .All sides are straight . Polygon in our life A polygon can be seen all around us . such as smart phone & television & in architectures .Besides.If the shapes had curves or didn’t fully connect . The orange shape is still a polygon even it looks like it has an arrow .Last but not least. the beauty and variation offered by polygons are also practical which can be untilized for example in stability of a building . Notice now all the shapes are drawn with inly straight line ? This is what makes a polygon .

polygon that we usually can saw around us are Square .Triangle & Rectangle .