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BasicIntermediate Advanced

Lesson Plan
Huckleberry Finn, Chapter
titled Exploring the Island
Excerpts from the chapter

Lesson Objectives

Students will show their understanding of

the text by answering closed and open
Students will be able to guess the setting,
plot development, and characterization by
making predictions based on cues in the

Warm-up and Objective Discussion

Ask students
Have you ever camped alone or with others?
What was the occasion?
Where did you go?
What things did you need?
Did you experience any problems?
Did you enjoy it? Why?
How old do you need to be to camp alone?
Objective Discussion:
Explain that the class will read a small chapter from a famous novel. The chapter
will be about a boy who goes camping, away from home. Students will be able to
make predictions about the development of the plot, using cues in the text, and
the lesson will try to solve the mysteries of who the boy is, why he is away
camping, where he is, and what the date of the episode may be. Explain that in
works of literature, the writer does not always answer all these questions, but
gives enough information to understand the answers. With enough practice,
students may build up this skill and use it in all their reading.
Instruct and Model

Read the first excerpt (Huck Finn 1) aloud, projecting the
text on the screen. Then ask:
Where is the protagonist, how do you know?
What else can we know about him?
Get answers from students, and write them on board. Ask if the others agree.
Read the second excerpt (Huck Finn 2) aloud, projecting the
text on the screen.
Then ask:
Where is the protagonist?
Who is he?
What is he doing?
What is happening?
How old is he?
Get answers from students, write them on board. See whether previous answers
are validated or negated.
Have a discussion about possible answers, what can be inferred from the text,
and give your ideas on answers and your reasons.
Guided Practice

Ask students to form triads and project the third excerpt, Huck Finn 3 on the screen. Have
them go through the same questions and see what additional predictions they can
Independent Practice

Project the fourth excerpt, Huck Finn 4 on the screen. Ask
students to go over the text and see what else they can learn from the text.
Have them write down their predictions, and have a discussion.

In triads, write a few sentences about:

The main character, what kind of a person he can be
The historical background of the story in which years was the story told,
why do you say so

Why you may like the main character

Give reasoning from the text